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Posted by James Dall on 12, May 2007

Afternoon. I am particularly tired and ropey today. Last night’s summer ball was a brilliant evening but now I am feeling the repercussions of much drink. Anyway there are quite a few stories to cover so rather than babble on and moan I shall get cracking.

Mr. Wenger has drawn some conclusions about our season

Our conversion rate is not the best in the league. It is mid-table. Our aggressiveness is a little bit lower than the others. We hear about the number of fouls, which is much lower. The number of tackles we made is much lower and that is linked with the conversion rate as well. On the other hand we have shown qualities that nobody else has shown. We are the only team that has scored 21 goals in the last 15 minutes. We have a mental strength and a technical quality that can really be predominant.

Arsene the stato. I don’t think we even needed to look at the statistics to establish our goal to shot ratio was crap. There has been much talk this week about the lack of aggression in our team. It is one thing being aggressive and another being a fighter/ball winner/leader. It is the latter we have lacked. We have players with heart but not so much a Petit or Vieira-esque player. That is where Diaby comes in next season. If you recall his crunching challenge which lead to the goal against Man City – that is what I am talking about. In midfield we have players who are excellent on the ball but maybe lack defensive attributes such as tackling. Fabregas has always acknowledged the need for him to improve. It is players like Hleb and Rosicky who also need to work on their tackling. His comment about how this is linked with conversion rate – I think he also means defensively. I would love to see a stat of how we rate with shots against and goals against. The amount of teams who score with their first or second shot is ridiculous. I am not entirely convinced with his reference to the point about how the late goals we have scored show the character of the team. I agree that it takes mental strength under pressure to score late on but most of our late goals have been needed due to a slow start to a match. If we had begun the game with the tempo we finished with, we might not have needed the late goals. There is no doubting that we possess some brilliant raw qualities but certain areas need some real work. Whether that is on the training pitch or through new signings, or both. Arsene also draws on the glaringly obvious issue of the lack of wins against the ‘smaller teams’.

Arsene has once again confirmed that Bendtner will be returning to the squad this summer. He also makes some interesting points about Fabianksi’s arrival –

We will assess him when he joins the squad to see how mature he is. We have to be open-minded, it is down to performances.

I guess that really keeps Jens on his toes. We all look forward to seeing Fabianski make his first appearance in an Arsenal jersey.

Arsene says he is still on the lookout for a replacement for the Deinster. Also he says that finding a successor might well be harder than initially thought. Ken Friar will help him out in the meantime.

It has been confirmed that Muamba has signed permanently for Birmingham. Arseblog reports that the fee is around 2 million then 2 million on top of that depending on appearances etc. If that is the case, it is not a bad bit of business. I heard really good things about the lad but personally never got to see much of him. I wish him all the best in his career.

Nothing has been decided in the whole Baptista Reyes fiasco. Madrid are too busy to talk to Arsenal right now as they are still battling for the title. Fair enough I suppose. I guess it is not a priority at the minute. Getting rid of the Bap is a priority for us though.

Team news for tomorrow –

Rosicky is out, Aliadiere is out and Flamini is out. Adebayor is a doubt with a groin problem but Ljungberg is available. I will rest Gilberto because of some niggles and I will rest Jens Lehmann because I want to play Almunia in the last game. Apart from that everybody is available. Baptista should play and maybe with Ljungberg.

My thoughts on who will play in tomorrow’s blog. I am off to drink some water.


16 Responses to “News, news and more news”

  1. mike said

    all i can say is that with wenger around its just getting worse and worse

  2. fuckoffmike said

    fuck off mike. i’ll kick your fucking teeth in if you say one more ting about arsene.

  3. Thomas said

    its time to spend some money on good players.not only young players

  4. Anonymous said

    You mindless moron Mike!!

  5. mike said

    y do you say that
    weve won nothing the last 2 years im not a glory hunter but the goal ratio is diabolical

  6. mike said

    weve let in more goals this season then bloody watford

  7. mike said

    watford have kept more cleansheets than us

  8. devvil said

    Mike, you are a douche bag, plain and simple. Arsene is one of the top 3 managers in world football. You’re just a twit.

  9. rico said

    Mike – you really need to wake up an stop being a fickle fan – no doubt a few years ago, when we won the double, went the whole season unbeaten you couldnt stop praising our team and our boss – well no, nor could i….
    Difference is, i still do – we have lost a few important players through one reason or another and Arsene needs time –

    everyone says how bad this season has been and yes i agree, but we have still come 4th, maybe 3rd yet….

    the boss will do what he believes to be right, and i trust him – i also believe he will stay, as will the kitten who will prove to truely be a Beast….

    have faith, OR… go and support a different team and get used to seasons like this each year…the only difference is you wont be watching Champs league

  10. […] News, news and more news Afternoon. I am particularly tired and ropey today. Last night’s summer ball was a brilliant evening but now I am […] […]

  11. William said


    Dont ever blame wenger. Seriously, think about this. If we are going to buy big players, we cannot complete with Chelsea, Man Utd and Real madrid in terms of financial yet. Chelsea can easily pay 10 mil more to get anymore. Therefore Wenger buys young. He has establish a trust and commitment which attracts top young players. Imagine u get a young ronaldina, zidane etc..? Wenger have a great reputation of grooming youngsters so if all the good youngsters wants to come over to Arsenal, they will have no lacking of continous success.

    Think about this. Buy (Totally cannot compete) or Groom?

  12. I reckon Wenger desperately needs to sign at least 3 top drawer players and he knows it. Whether he can with the money available…….who knows? Can’t think of any other manager who I’d prefer to have at the helm but in defence of Mike, he is entitled to his opinion without being threatened with having his ******* teeth in.

  13. Wenger buys young for various reasons: developing a young player appeals to him more as a challenge; it creates loyalty from the player himself as he will owe a lot to Wenger for making him a star; in these days you have to splash out silly money just to buy an average player and you then have to compete with Russian roubles; and it allows Wenger to school them properly as they are young and impressionable.

  14. Glo said

    Wenger to be honest doesn’t need to sign any player if Reyes comes back or buy a striker that can play on the wings. We started the season without Henry in a new stadium and lost only 1 game in all competitions.

    Next season would be like we signed 4 news players Nicholas, Henry, Theo, and RVP will be back and fit to start the season. That means only one thing we will scores goals and goals and win trophies. If you take a good look at Man Utd, they have really rebuilt the team; Rooney and Ronaldo isn’t rebuilding. Our team is very young and they need time.

    I think the good thing about this season is that it is a failure and in a way that is great. It is our season ever because we didn’t win anything. Now this team are expected to win trophies and I expect that. Diaby, Theo, Djourou, Denilson, Clichy, RVP and Adebayor; that is rebuilding. I really think Arsene should make too many changes because if we had taken our chances we would have won everything because this season sometimes we played football that was from another dimension not universe.

    Last season the team over-achieved getting to the CL final. Now whatever the win won’t be a suprise…

  15. thenry said

    mike the MORON,
    how many teams could have coped with the loss of players like HENRY and gallas as well as RVP for most of the season as well as blooding so many youngsters.
    why dont u fuck off and support spuds u fuking LOSER. WENGER is GOD as far as ARSENAL fans are concerned.
    he does not ahve the budget of the others yet he has performed miracles and given us the bst football in the PL and most of europe. lose wenger and we really will fall apart.
    get lost and take your PLASTIC support somewherelse u muppet.

  16. Onur said

    We need to keep Wenger as long as he wants to stay.
    He is building a great team, they have held their own against the top teams. Where they have failed is against the lower teams.

    I do believe however that he needs to replace our beloved Thiery.

    Thiery’s heart has not been with the team this season.
    I don’t think his average form has all been down to fitness. I reckon it’s something in his head.
    His captancy has been poor. He’s lost a yard of pace and does not fit in with the style of play since Viera left.

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