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Bizarre starting eleven

Posted by James Dall on 13, May 2007

I am simply going to quickly round up the stories and then hopefully once that is done the starting line-up will have filtered through.

Arsene is extremely annoyed after his fine. He explains how he is heard ten times worse come out of other managers’ mouths compared to what he said –

If I have been punished for what I said, I know some managers who would now be in jail. I have seen and heard much worse.

Ridiculous really. I have such little respect for the FA. Arsene also mentioned how him and Pat Rice are going to take a serious look at how they approach games against teams in the lower half of the table –

Maybe we need to look at the team structure in those type of games.

That discussion is certainly for another day. A day where there is no transfer speculation for me to rant on about.

Micah Richards has revealed his desire to eventually move to a big club – Arsenal being his first choice.

Lastly Arsene says he will meet with the board next week to discuss the transfer budget. I guess much of that will depend on who will be heading out.

So here it is, our peculiar line-up -Poom, Hoyte, Djourou, Senderos, Clichy, Eboue, Toure, Fabregas, Diaby, Hleb, Baptista

My guess at how we might line-up…



Hleb, Fabregas, Eboue


Clichy, Djourou, Senderos, Hoyte


Anyone else care to hazard a guess?


12 Responses to “Bizarre starting eleven”

  1. dilly said

    Thought bendtner could play?

  2. woody said

    baptista on his way home, still gets a game, still misses
    toure in midfield. my hope for next season providnig we buy a quality c/h
    hleb again ffs
    eboue midfield. well he cant defend so might as well

    but overall the line up and subsequent result sum up wenger for me. a full strength team, or as best near it, still had a chance, and as results permed out, a certain 3rd if we had won. that would have avoided a potential banana skin qualifying game.

    wenger has lost it, the pressure has beat him, he has no idea how to pull us out of his induced decline

  3. stevus said

    Liverpool will still need to play a qualifier. All we’ve missed out on by being 4th is an extra £500k, enough to pay Thierry for 3.5 weeks! Didn’t follow the action today but sounds as though it was fairly typical of our most disappointing season for 12 years (despite CL pre-qualification).

  4. Winkie4 said

    Hello, your blog was on blog of the minute!

  5. James said

    I fear Wenger really has lost the plot – the team he put out today was one of the worst ever put out under his management. The only surprise was that we kept a clean sheet .

    The players who were missing are hardly Premiere League veterans, Henry is on the decline, Rosicky has yet to prove himself, Van Persie has “potential”, Bendtner is a nobody, Walcott is a little boy, Gilberto is… Gilberto and Adebayor couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.

    If Wenger seriously thinks this Arsenal squad can win the FA Cup let alone the Champions League or Premiership, then he’s off his rocker. This team needs serious players, 3 or 4, right through the spine. If we’re in the same position this time next year, 4th and 20 pts behind the league leaders then he might as well leave, because the club’s going nowhere.

  6. […] Bizarre starting eleven I am simply going to quickly round up the stories and then hopefully once that is done the starting line-up will have […] […]

  7. HighburyJD said

    James why w8 till next season? Why don’t u piss of and support Manure now. Wenger knows. Losing the plot indeed, the game was basically a post season friendly ffs. If he can’t try Djourou in midfield then when can he…?

  8. If that team had won against Portsmouth, what would that have said about the first team?

    I think it was cool of le Wenger to play Clichy, Djourou, Senderos and Hoyte just to let them see it is possible. And finally Poom ghot his game! Great! 🙂

  9. amiripz said

    Indeed, one of the most peculiar and strange line up I have seen so far.

  10. Ad said

    Yes Poom gets his game, just as Mannone returns for his loan and he sign Fbianski, yet another keeper. Guess Almunia & Poom will be off in the summer, otherwise we’d have 5 keepers.
    Odd starting 11 but those who have mocked Wenger should be ashamed, this game really didn’t matter, it would have been nice to finish 1 up on last season but it really doesn’t matter, and the extra prize money that 3rd gets compared to 4th is a drop in the ocean to Arsenal.
    Next season will be great and I disagree with whoever was dissing our side above. Henry had a dodgy season because of the world cup, and personally I think Rosicky has proved himself worthy already. He said himself he’s had a dogy season with injury and its true if you look back at his Dortmund career. Think I’m gonna get next seasons strip with his name on it. btw I had Cesc this year!

  11. kservik said

    I totally agree that Rosicky has been great for us this season and I can only imagine how well he will be in the future. I love the little dude and if I get a shirt next season it will be for sure be his name on the back.

  12. chris said

    that is absolutely one of the strangest line ups i have seen if arsenal are want to win the premierleague they will not win it with that starting elven it should be


    Arsenal definitley need a nw striker ater the loss of henry Wenger should bid for Trezeguet he would be a great replacment for Thierry Henry also malouda would be good as he is a speedy winger and can replace Hleb

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