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Ramblings of a tired-man

Posted by James Dall on 13, May 2007

Is the weather terrible where you are? It is here. The miserable weather very much mirrors what can only be described a disappointing season. There are many ifs and buts that I could touch on but why bother? We did not deliver.

This afternoon’s football certainly was gripping. With West Ham and Wigan escaping relegation, Sheffield United joined Charlton and Watford in their exit from the Premiership. The drama of the relegation battle was coupled with Manchester United lifting the Premiership trophy in front of their fans – I was jealous. Fourth place for us. We did not really deserve anything higher.

I did not manage to catch any of today’s encounter with Pompey. Baptista apparently missed a pen and a sitter, while Portsmouth had a goal controversially disallowed. I guess I will have to wait to see snippets of the match on MOTD. Thank goodness the poorly produced MOTD2 is not on.

I am not going to harp on about Baptista, he has not lived up to my expectations. I remember being on holiday and reading the newspaper which confirmed that he had signed. When my brain finally registered that the big Brazilian was on his way the word ‘yes!’ came from my lips. I was excited. A couple of seasons ago he was dubbed the replacement for Vieira. A box to box physical player. The majority of his appearances have been as a striker. He has not lacked effort, he has lacked technical quality really – a player with a poor first touch and a disability to put the easier chances away. I would be amazed if we signed him on a permanent deal. Please do not amaze me Arsene.

I am writing out of boredom and tiredness really. I am still yet to fully recover from my summer ball. Tomorrow I am up extremely early to travel to Harrogate. I have an interview with Sky Sports Online for an internship. The interview is only the first hurdle so I am not going to get ahead of myself. Fingers crossed that it all goes well though. The blog therefore will probably be written in the afternoon. Goodness knows how I am going to deal with the lack of news for the next 3 months. I guess I am looking at feeding off transfer speculation scraps. Hey, maybe if I do land a bit of work experience at Sky Sports Online I might have a bit of an edge with hearing some of the rumours.

I plan to write a blog this week which will go through my highlights, low points and general thoughts, feelings and conclusions of our season. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

2007/2008 – will this be the season where everything falls into place? Can we win the title? Can we even win a trophy? These questions are not easy to answer. A lot will depend on who comes in and how much the players have learnt from this season. I am excited and optimistic.

I am finished rambling now. Enjoy the rest of this dreary Sunday.


14 Responses to “Ramblings of a tired-man”

  1. woody said

    wengers selection and lack of initaitive to seize third sums him up

    past it

  2. Lin Shi Meng (HK) said

    If this is what Arsenal are going do about their business in 2007-08 season you can say sayonara to the cl qualification let alone fight for the title.

  3. pezzer said

    Grow Up,

    This team will fulfill all of its potential next season….

    We now have the strongest squad we have ever had….AND we will sign 2 more players….

    Support your club and watch the classiest team ever win everything!!!!

  4. James said

    This team has potential, but not the potential to win the league at this stage- today could have been yet another dominant 1-0 defeat, with the now standard missed chances. This season has been characterised by one thing-wastefulness in front of goal, and this seems unlikely to improve next season without some serious transfer activity. It’s up to wenger- sort it out, or ship out!

  5. Dermo said

    I thing Arsenem has run his coure and himself anf TH should go. A new regime is required as. Out with the old and in with the new

  6. Yiddo said

    the only real Nth London Club will be No.1 next season. Cmon the Yiddos

  7. Gloomy Sunshine said

    Blimey Pezzer,

    What a load of twaddle about a nothing game.

    At least you can see what we have got!

  8. Gloomy Sunshine said

    Thank god at least Pezzer can see what we have got.

  9. mad dog lehmann said

    yiddo when spurs were No1 your grandaddy was in short pants!
    like the bully on the beach
    we came we saw and we kicked sand in the faces of the tiny totters and took over North London

  10. Dave said

    The negativity I am hearing from alot of Arsenal fans is cracking me up. The finishing problem will take care of itself with a healthy TH14 and RVP. Both players would have outscored Drogba given a full healthy season. Plus I see the midfield picking up alot more goals next season as Fabregas and Rosicky are not afraid to shoot anymore. A winger and some depth at the back is all that is needed since the GK situation has been sorted.

    Arsene is a genius, let him do his work and all will be well. He is building a team to dominate for a half a decade or more, not one that will win every other season. Just remember where the team was before he came along.

  11. Quartz said

    Huntelaar and Ribery will do us nicely.

  12. Kah yoong said

    Ribery will make the best partner for Rosicky .

    both have got speed and skill for the quick kill meanwhile Henry remains a treat to the Opponent’s defence .

    i am not quite a Arsenal fans actually . i am a Hard Core Red Devil’s supporter ..
    but i am impressed with the Master Mind ( Arsene Wenger ) ..
    Do not underestimate The Gunners in the coming season .

    sorry for my poor English . ^^

  13. Wenger showed us a taste of things to come adopting the 4 3 3 formation.

    Eboue and Djourou in midfield played well.

    There is a lot of strength in depth in this squad more than a lot that you may realise. Especially the doom merchants amongst a lot of the supporters!

  14. hboy said

    Excellent to see that there’s some sane comments on here, the blogs are full of absolute twaddle today, I don’t know where these people are coming from. We have a fantastic squad, it makes me sick to here the crap being talked. Why can’t the fans just listen to Arsene and believe him. The future is incredibly rosy, we’re on the verge of the greatest period the club has ever had, if we can just keep Arsene beyond next season. Baptista will leave, hopefully Ribery will join to give us more natural width / pace and allow the excellent Hleb/Rosicky to go more central which is what they’re wanting to do. We just need minor minor tweaks to a team which has so much going for it. We don’t need more experience, we need less. Get rid of the moaning low-morale Gallas, and let a much more impressive talent like Djourou come through.

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