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Arsenal linked with 19 players

Posted by James Dall on 15, May 2007

Morning, morning and morning. How are you today? The weather is still drizzly and grey here. My apologies for there being no blog yesterday, I travelled to Harrogate for that interview with so by the time I got back I was shattered. The interview went well and I have a two day trial next week. If that goes swimmingly then I might be doing a month there. Of course I am not counting my chickens.


There is very little to cover as one might expect. Most blogs appear to be churning out their season reviews, clearly this is something I need to do at some point this week and somehow try and make it better than the average review.

Just in-case you have not read it already, Arsene’s reaction to the Pompey result can be read here.

Spain played England in the Under 17 European final on Sunday. Merida was involved for Spain while Rhy Murphy, Henri Lansbury and Gavin Hoyte represented England. Spain pipped England to the title with a one nil victory, Merida got the assist for the goal. Merida has been a real feature of the reserve team this season. He is left footed and the boy can operate on the left side of midfield as well as through the middle. After a season in the reserves might he be promoted into the first team next season to compete for the wide left position? While the lad has promise I think we would all prefer someone a bit more extablished to puch Rosicky. Furthemore, if he can operate centrally is he going to be prone to coming inside? Our lack of natural width this season has been a real issue.

I have been scouring the Internet to find something to discuss. One thing that did intrigue me is how ridiculous the whole transfer speculation is. According to this site we have been linked with the following players this season –
Ryan Babel (Ajax Amsterdam, £6m)

Arouna Kone (PSV, £4m)

Yoan Gouffran (Caen, £2m)

Kyle Bartley (Bolton Wanderers, £500k)

Colin Doyle (Birmingham City, £?)

Lukasz Fabianski (Legia Warszawa, £?) – amazingly, this one is true.

Yago Fernandez (Valencia, £?)

Matteo Ferrari (AS Roma, £?)

Craig Gordon (Hearts, £?)

Andrew Johnson (Everton, £?)

Jean Makoun (Lille, £?)

Rio Mavuba (Bordeaux, £?)

Havard Nordtveit (FK Haugesund, £?)

Lester Peltier (San Juan Jabloteh, £?)

Loic Perrin (St Etienne, ?)

Franck Ribery (Marseille, £?)

Javier Saviola (Barcelona, £?) – apparently available on a bosman this summer.

Gilles Sunu (Chateauroux, £?) – on his way, super fast striker (apparently)

Carlos Tevez (West Ham United, £?)


Micah Richards (Manchester City, £?)

Samuel Eto’o (Barcelona, £££?)

Florent Malouda (Lyon, £?)

Quite remarkable eh? That is 19 players in all. Most of these links will have been through the press just making things up or an agent trying to develop attention toward one of their players. When I did a work experience day at a well known paper I remember watching this shadey looking journalist sit there and make up transfer headlines. One was Cahill to Arsenal the other was Crouch to Arsenal. When I asked him where he had got his information from, he simply replied ‘I just like the Tim Cahill as a player, I think I have linked him with almost everyone’.

The summer has not even begun yet and we have already been linked with an obscene amount of players.

Right well at some point today I will make a start on my season review. It will probably begin all upbeat and then slowly through the middle become depressed but then finish off with the classic ‘I have optimism for next season’.

Have a good Tuesday.


76 Responses to “Arsenal linked with 19 players”

  1. SurreyGooner said

    We have signed Sunu as well.

  2. Hazza said

    we apparently have signed yago…he sed he is looking forward to working with wenger…bartly has played for us…but the scum from shite hart lane are trying to poach him and you forgot malouda

  3. Michael said

    Anyone going to the Emirates Cup?

    I’m a red member and tried to get tickets this morning but couldn’t, either the website isn’t working or my computers fluffed!

  4. Mark said

    You forgot Eto and Micah Richards

  5. I shall add them to this list Mark.

  6. Gommit said

    Forgot Malouda and Eto’o

    and some 19 year old playing midfield at Marseille
    (He would be nr 15 in line for the midfield slot at the Grove).

  7. Important to note that the players mentioned above the dotted line are those from the site I stumbled across.

  8. Franny Jeffers said

    You forgot Franny Jeffers on his comeback.

  9. Ah… the fox in the box, was it eight million we initially paid for him? Deary me…

  10. Rex said

    Silly season – every team linked with every player. Can’t be arsed to go to the Emirates cup – watching Eboue and Walcott put in the shop window isn’t worth £35.

  11. gazzap said

    you forgot charles N’zogbia

  12. gazzap said

    and yohann pele the goalkeeper from Le Mans.

  13. gazzap said

    oh and Bruce Lalombongo as well

  14. you have also forgotten Lorik cana from Marseille ..

    There are Eric Abidal, Reo-coker, alou diarra, Frédéric Piquionne, Alessandro Rosina from Torino & Tiago Motta as well ..

    Those whom I could remember & I’m sure there are more others as well ..

  15. funchyman said

    we should by muhammed zidan from mainz 05, give him 1 year in arsenal, and we will have one of the best players in he world… no doubt.. they got him on loan from werder bremen, and he has scored 14 goals in 15 games, and he has a technic almost as good as ronaldo, he just need adjust to the premier ship, and i would imagine, that it would take a year for him to do so…
    he is brilliant

    by him for the furture…

  16. t.murrey said

    we are always linked to so many players,
    the big ones never materialise…
    its usually the unknown or ordinary, who take time to become class acts.
    GET USED TOIT if you’re a gunner.

  17. the ‘out’ list on the site is ridiculous!

  18. amiripz said

    As far as Lorik Cana from Marseille is concerned, I think that would be a fantastic signing.
    He is one of the best and most hard working midfielders in circulation.

  19. mick said

    you forgot stephan Appiah

  20. Lanre said

    you also forgot Gareth Bale, Sidwell, jonathan Woodgate (but we all know about him now).

  21. Lanre said

    i think it would be ridiculous if we dont go hard for Saviola, Ribery or Malouda (cant have the enter french national team, one or the other will do), and Micah Richards. and Eto’o if he is serious about leaving barca cos if we lose him to a team like chelski or manure then its going to be a harder life in the premiership next season. by the way, is Carlos Vela coming in or what?

  22. Lanre said

    cant we even chase Kerlon?

  23. Mutiu said

    We need to give all we can to get Eto’o. We will surely regret it if the Chavs or the manure beat us to him. I will love to see him in our shirt next season. The fact that drogba plays for the chavs is enough motivation for the cameroonian. What does everyone think of the dimunitive nigerian, Martins? I think we need strikers who are hungry in front of goal.

  24. Mutiu said

    Our bane this season has been players that not willing to take responsibility in front of goal e.g. Hleb. And those who take responsibility irresponsibly e.g. JB.

  25. Dave said

    If we could pick up Ribery I would be thrilled. He has come back in to form the back half of the season (the World Cup took its toll on way too many) and hhe hasn’t been shy in front of goal what so ever. If you watch OM’s last two league games, his performances have been off the chart.

    Add him and some depth at the back (damn you African Nations Cup!!!!) and next year will be special.

  26. tom said

    mate you forgot ronaldinho and messi and cristiano ronaldo and maradona and pele.. stop making stuff up its all rubbishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  27. gunnerman said

    I think Wenger needs to start looking closer to home, we need a core of british players where possible, these are the players that would be on wish list:
    Mica Richards, Scott Carson, Darren Bent, Samuel Eto,Gareth Bale, SWP

    Reyes, Baptista, Sendoros, Flamini

  28. optamistic said

    Ribery is going to Man UTD, Eto… well dont make me laugh he is going to cost at least £30 mill and that is money you just dont have. you will be lucky to get away with not selling a few of your best players, then at the end of next season Wenger will be off. Mid table beckons for your lot and adminastration, relagation, hasbindom….Eto for goodness sake get REAL

  29. marcus said

    arsenal rock forever wicked website

  30. TIMMAL said

    toss my salad optamistic. c’mon ARSENAL c’mon ARSENAL

  31. marcel said

    i’d love to see van der vart in arsenal shirt

  32. jack said

    I can tell you through my relatives in France that there are a couple of players close to signing for the Arsenal. 16 year old twins called Bete and Tutu Van Vega. They are on Paris St Germain’s books and are being billed as the future of French football. Bete is a midfielder in the Viera mould and Tutu is a left back in the attacking Ashley Cole style. C’MON YOU ARSE!!

  33. jack said

    What about hairzinmy tagliatelle from Italian Plato? Great keeper

  34. Grahame of aus said

    Harrrrrrrry Cooooooooooooooool is coming,i have contacts @ scouseland……..

  35. […] Arsenal linked with 19 players Morning, morning and morning. How are you today? The weather is still drizzly and grey here. My apologies for there […] […]

  36. Chris said

    Ahh, I remember the good old days when we were linked to Roberto Baggio every single summer…

    One of many reasons I don’t read the Sun anymore 😉

  37. osinaga said

    i think arsenal should consider to get 1 or 2 new striker too.. n i think dutch striker vennegoor of hesselink is good enough.. 🙂

  38. onesorryblog said

    I’m an American who saw Henry score against Fulham in a 2-1 win at Highbury on Boxing Day 2004. I have my Scottish girlfriend to thank for my interest in football. We get the occasional Arsenal game down here at our current home in Buenos Aires. Tevez and West Ham are of course on TV quite a bit. Regardless of whether his joining Arsenal is a possibility, would he be a good fit? Perhaps someone with more knowledge can answer this. And what nicknames has he earned in England?

  39. YID4LIFE said

    i think arsenal should forget about champions league football next year as they are clearly struggling to show regulated consistent form and hardly show any signs of significant improvement in the off lot should stop supporting a wanking team like arsenal and recognise that north london is ruled by spurs

  40. Alex said

    This is a bit off-topic but I wish Arenal would come to Los Angeles and play the Galaxy rather than Chelsea FC.

  41. samson said

    i also wonder if AW is going to get any of the players, but am sure we are going to add one or two players,. but most of these players want to playe under arsene, am pretty sure…..

  42. Johnny Depp said

    Ah, and Nasri (or something) from Dortmund..the 16 years wonderkid. Dani Alves from Sevilla too. Buffon?.. I think him too. 🙂 I hope for a defender too..left back if possible, Gael is tremendously poor player. 3rd division average club.

  43. Chris said

    All this speculation is silly, very little has been accurate in the past and alot of opinions regarding proposed players are based on either limited viewing or the opinions of others.

    For a set of fans that constantly request experience, what is the point in suggesting ten under 19 year old’s?

  44. message for “optamisic”-piss off back to your man ure websites & stop crapping yourself that we’re going to be top dogs from next season on… for a very long time!!

  45. peter1313 said

    bloody hell

  46. Sticky Sweet said

    Whatever Arsenal does in the Transfer market I am sure that it will be positive. Arsenal needs to see itself as among the best in England and go for the goal.

  47. 7maestro said

    To my mind, you need a striker more than anything. The midfield is already very strong; Ribery wouldn’t really add a lot. And Clichy is not that bad.

  48. Robbz said

    We do need a real striker who can force the ball into the net, but maybe I just say so because of Henry and van Persie. I mean, they have been gone for a long time and we haven’t scored as much as we want, which have been amazingly frustrating.

    If we’re gonna buy a new player, I think a centre back would be very good. Touré is the best defender in the world (centre back) and yes, Gallas is a good player in the best days, but I think it would be great to buy a world class defender and put Gallas on the bench.

    …then it would be great to get Senderos sold.

    My opinion 😉

  49. John said

    I know a reporter for the sun newspaper and there is this new wonder kid coming in his name is Stephen Sears, hes faster than thierry and only has eyes for goal. I cant wait to see him in an arsenal shirt and his lucky number is 9.

  50. Anonymous said

    I really want da gunners to get ribery, malouda, Samir Nasri and sum otha gud sik kid who cud help us win da treble next season.

  51. Anonymous said

    I have also heard of the young one Sears, hes only 16 and they think hes growing up to be the next thierry. He has skill, pace, and a excellent eye for goal, tell me wat u think guys.

  52. JP said

    I would love to see van der vaart in an arsenal shirt he has such a great technique plus him working alongsid RVP would be fantastic! The Dutch are always the best for technique and skill no one can really denie it

  53. optamistic said

    I am optamistic and the best you can hope for is midtable
    you have to face facts that Wenger has shot his bolt, he tried to be to clever. Slowly and surely the cracks are begining to appear.
    Dean being blown out, Wenger could,nt handle Mourino and Ferguson together, No money.The talisman is getting older,slower more injury prone. Henry with his massive ego is,nt going to hang around to be usurped as the main man in London by Berbatov down the road. Midtable, hasbindom beckons. And i am being Optamistic

  54. Anonymous said

    hi dudes we got tevezs

  55. oi!!”optamistic” i told you once already-bog off back to your “spud,chav,man ure websites & stop shit stiring-mid table mediocrity is something the spuds are well used to-& as for comparing berbatov to th14 don’tmake me laugh!-just to give you some idea as how highly rated th14 is-he was recently voted the prem’s all time greatest foreign player by over a million sky football far as i know berbatov didn’t make even the top get a life..

  56. whiz said

    Bring ribery on or malouda!

  57. jah snake said

    arsenal need a right winger because hleb is a donkey. defenders are good,midfield is superb and henry is in the head what more can i say . treble next season

  58. jimmy said

    went through tons of websites and now saw one that links us to michael owen

  59. Rhys Jaggar said

    What about who’s going?

    Henry (every day except when Arsene wenger says he’s staying and Henry says to that he wants a tilt at the title next season)

    Fabregas today to Real Madrid for £17m – don’t think so somehow: not unless Arsene’s going too! That’s less than Real were asking for Baptista!!

    Adebayor was apparently getting cold feet until he miraculously signed an extension to his contract.

    Steve Bruce actually DID

    Robin van Persie to Bayern Muenchen (the other obvious place for Arsene to decamp to if he was offski) – is that why Arsene will have him, Walcott and Henry back 2 weeks early for summer training??!!

    Gilberto to Juventus on a Vieira-style deal (so that’s the captain, the vice captain and the young star offski, is it??!! We’ll really be going for Champions League qualification next season then, won’t we??!!

  60. baba said

    what aload of crap

  61. baba said

    i don’t think we will get any of them

  62. baba said

    do any of u think we will get any of those players

    frank ribery maby bur do u really think we will get people like eto’o when people like chelsea want him

  63. Ergys_Gjk said

    I think that Arsenal needs a player such as Lorik Cana. He is very strong, smart, runs alot, and young too.

  64. julio said

    uve fogot dvid beckham

  65. charliee said

    hi hhhh……. it would be of an advantage 4 ars to shine next season if he would be able to sign Eto, Ribery and mouluda

  66. charliee said

    The problem is big spenders like maniu pool & chelci might act firster than slow ars & snartch dos gud players

  67. edward said

    arsenal should get more players

  68. edward said

    Thierry Henry should not go 2 to Barcelona because i am a good arsenal fan and we need him wb kl kl kl kl kl kl kllll kkl kl klk l kl l kl k

  69. Anonymous said


  70. rtdudgh said


  71. pravin said

    arsenal should get good players!! They have to bring big names into the squad…Arsenal can do it!!!!1

  72. Shabbaz said

    I rily believe in Arsene,he sees what we don’t. But his time ,i think we need 1 or 2 xperienced players in the mid-field and back line.

  73. bavon said

    I love Arsenal. Please substite Henry with Etoo plus money on top 4 us.

  74. saf said

    y u lot say arsenal going to sign this man this man. just weight and see.

  75. Gemma said

    OMG Make Carlos Vela play he is HOT STUFF!!!! PLay me favs cesc fabregas and aaron ramswey and ofcourse Van Persie will be mad if doesnt Happen!!!

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