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Garth Crooks loves Emmanuel Eboue

Posted by James Dall on 16, May 2007

Today is an unsurprisingly quiet day for talking points, one did catch my eye though – see below.

I have two bits of news to discuss. Both relate to players extending their contracts with the club. Hardly something to get excited about. Here goes anyway…

Emmanuel Eboue has joined his fellow right back, Justin Hoyte, in signing a new contract with the club. After a season marred with diving and cheating many have called for his head (by that I mean his exit from Arsenal Football Club). It is of course clear now that he is in Arsene’s long term plans. Going forward he certainly gives us power and pace, and even has a final ball – unlike Clichy. Defensively he is poor. Positioning and concentration wise. After a hell of a campaign last season, this season he has been inconsistent, at times even lazy. He would have been easy to sell as he is rated highly by many but for me next season he really needs to prove his worth. He is 24 years old in June. Hardly one of the youngsters anymore. His defensive work needs tightening up and he needs to cut out his cheating. If this does not happen I can see even more Arsenal fans calling for his departure.

I guess this closes the door for Kerrea Gilbert? I hope not. I suppose the twenty year old could maybe go on loan again next season? This time to a Premiership team? We shall see.

Something worth mentioning about Eboue is the fact that somehow/amazingly he made it into Garth Crooks’ team of the season. I think this reiterates how much of a prat Garth is. Garth said –

Emmanuel is a prodigious talent, one of the best right-backs I have seen for some considerable time.

He is audacious in attack and uncompromising in defence. There are not many full-backs who can defend and attack with the same intensity and he has displayed that time and time again.

We are not used to seeing a player like this in the Premiership.

Good grief. ‘Uncomprimising in defence’ – really? I am not sure Garth has seen many of Eboue’s performances this season. We are not used to a diving cheat in the Premiership I think is what he means. I get really annoyed when I read people who are in the top of their profession in football talk utter bollocks. Highly frustrating – good old Garth ‘Paxman’ Crooks.

Moving on from Garth and Emmanuel, Nicklas Bendtner has signed a five year contract with the club. Arsene obviously sees some real quality in him. I am unsure about how much he will play next season. With Henry and Robin hopefully coming back 100% I imagine Nicklas will have to be patient. His time will come though.

There we have it for today’s blog. I am going to have some Coco Pops and then head to the gym around lunchtime, followed by the Student Union this evening, I think this is will be the last one for me after a three year stint at uni. I plan to get hammered and emotional. What are your plans for today?


39 Responses to “Garth Crooks loves Emmanuel Eboue”

  1. AusGunner said

    While Crooks probably goes a bit over the top I think you’re selling Eboue a bit short. He really is an excellent player and can do good things for us without question, his delivery from the right has lead to some memorable goals and we really need his crossing ability as an attacking option. He definitely needs to cut out the histrionics completely and he has a bit lately, but I’m happy that he’s signed a new contract.

  2. Do not get me wrong, Eboue has the potential to be a very good player for us. As mentioned he needs to improve in a lot of areas though. I think we are all aware that this season he has been a shadow of the previous, hence my bewilderment at good old Garth.

  3. I do agree that Eboue is “audacious in attack and uncompromising in defence”, but his main problem lies in lack of consentration and underestimating his opponents and maybe too much relying on his pace to pick up an attacker.

  4. Robert said

    What Garth says about Eboue is absolutely spot on. Isn’t it just last season he was hailed as “probably the best right back in the world”? Weren’t we all besides ourselves when he reduced the great Zizzou to a rash and frustrated player? Don’t we drool at the memory of how he made Ronaldo and Rooney constantly switch sides in a “your turn to try him” when we beat them over two legs?
    Every player is entitled to a season of injuries and poor performance. Henry, Hleb, Galas and even Toure and Rosisky didn’t fare any better, so what’s this bleating about Eboue? This slagging off of players who need our support is what is killing the team, so get off his back and let him get on with it. And by the way Eboue is a million times a better player than Hoyte. That’s why he is a an Africa cup silver medalist and a world cup player. I don’t support Garth ‘Paxman’ Crooks’ analyses very much but in this one I support him 1000%. Eboue a cheat? I never heard any of you bleat about Pires diving to preserve our unbeatable status in 2003.

  5. Hmmm, Robert. If you actually read the points I am made I think you wll find they are all justified. Do I say he is a good player? yes. Do I say he can be a great player? yes. Did he have a poor season, well yes, as did many of our players.
    The fact of the matter is that he is in Garth’s team of the season. Not team of last season.

  6. gaya said

    if we continue to see the negatives of Eboue’s play we will absolutely forget what he can do (the season before the last).
    i think it is about time we encourage our young players so the can develop into what is expected. Am sure that is what AW does daily and that is what is required of us all.
    if not we can as well sell all, sack the manager and take the post ourselves. I doubt that.

  7. this season, eboue was with with several injuries,
    I think you are wrong about eboue,
    If we see his performance early of this season,
    in the match against united,
    he realy done a brilliant work in closing down ronaldo,

  8. toni said

    Garth talks about the quality of his game, you talk about his diving which i admit affects his game,but i thinks these are 2 different views.Eboue does dive, yes but he is a quality right back.All players do dive,but u can’t ignore the quality they have.I won’t mention names here.

  9. Mmusi said

    Its idiotic to even think we have a better rightback in our team letalone think we can get a better fro elswere. Ebuoe is the best rightback who has been featuring in a team that was in transition PERIOD.

  10. Deary me, where do I say Eboue is a crap player? We all know defensively he is poor. We all know going forward he is very good. To be a great full back he will need to work on his defensive game.

  11. By defensively I mean positionally. One v one he is sharp, as you have mentioned… Christiano Ronaldo was kept very quiet. His awareness and concentration needs work. How often have we seen someone ghost in at the back post?

    That said, the whole of our defense needs to take a good look at themselves. Bring back Keown the coach.

  12. Jonas said

    Eboue is a diving cheat, end of story. If you’re fine with that, stop bitching about Rooney and Ronaldo’s constant diving against us. For the rest of us, it sticks in the craw. Besides, defensively he IS a liability. RB of the year? My arse!

  13. mo said

    what the fuck is up with the eboue hating from these arsenal bolggers…yes he might have suffered from ‘second season syndrome’ desensively but he’s suffered with injuries & hleb (who he’s linked up well with last season’s) form has totally deserted him for most of this season…us gunners should appreciate that we truly have a rare talent here…i swear he’s hit the woodwork about 10 times this season if he was just a tad luckier & a few of those went in that would’ve shut u cretins up because he truly is one of our MAIN attacking outlets! hleb doesnt go wide but he does which is why he’s vital for us! he can cross too & we’ve been crying out for a player who can cross for yonks! his diving has pissed me off too but he’ll learn & to be honest he has far far too much talent to just call for his head to be axed!! replace him with justing! are you lot bloody stupid! eboue can genuine;y beat players on that right hand side! he’s the closest thing to those legendary brazilian full backs(cafu..carlos alberto et al) we’ll ever see on these shores! thats once he’s matured up of course! but the potential is there we should give our players some support & not get on the back of them because sure as hell cursing him 24/7 & totally dismissing his amazing attacking ability! as far as defensively last season he showed he can handle the world’s best (rubinho was tucked in his pocket…so was an aging zidane..apart from one minor incident ronaldinho didnt get a sniff at all in that final!! y do u think he didnt show up!!!) neway lets give the guy some support maybe that’ll AID him to probably cut out the crap & go on to become not just our best right back but prob the best fullback in the premiership ever! he can get 10 goals a season & thats no joke

  14. mad dog lehmann said


  15. Thomas said

    You’re going to get some cocoa pops and head to the gym? How about some protein, dude? A fruit and a glass of fat-free milk might do the trick. No wonder you’re so cranky.

  16. I get the strange feeling a lot of people go onto blogs and do not actually read the blog itself. More they just read the comments. So it just takes one person to misinterpret what is being said and then someone reads their reaction, resulting in them jumping on the band wagon.
    Read the actual blog post, I have a little jibe at Garth.
    My criticism of Eboue is constructive.

  17. gks said

    Garth Crook’s praises our player. And you laugh at him for it.

    Meanwhile, ManU fans proudly proclaim Ronaldo as the best player in the world.

    There in a nutshell is why, Arsenal and our team get rolled over every time in the media. No wonder Henry hasnt won the World player of the year award.

    As a fan, I always try and see the best of Arsenal players.
    Why do you insist on seeing the bad side of him?
    Thats what I dont understand.

    Roberto Carlos, Zambrotta etc are even worse cheats and divers. Ashley Cole was hardly a paragon of virtue.

    Eboue has overcome Ronaldo practically in every one on one situation. Which not even Gattuso and co could do. He has stoped Robinho,Zidane,Nedved etc.

    He has scored a champions league goal, and provided crucial crosses in matches this season.

    Of course, if a player keeps making mistakes like Senderos or Reyes, you have to be objective and criticise them.

    But for a young player like Eboue to come on the scene and do so much in just 2 seasons is almost unheard of. And what does he get? Nitpicking fans who want to probe every weakness of his.

    Take a look at yourself. Try to look at the best of our players.

    If we dont look at the best, we can hardly expect other fans to.

  18. Gks, you make some excellent points.
    As a fan we have a right to complain and moan. If you take a look at my previous entries 9 times out of 10 I am behind the players. Doing so is a key part of being a supporter. Eboue has talent. I have mentioned that countless times. He nees to iron out certain vital aspects of his game. I have never called for him to be sold. Others have, including arseblog, but I merely have acknowledged where he needs to improve. I have done this with every other Arsenal player throughout the season.

  19. gks said

    Sorry then.

    I just commited the sin of grouping you with the others.

    But your points about his positional play and concentration are spot on. He definitely needs to be more focused on his game.

    But considering this is just his second season, I feel he will improve.

  20. Oh there is no doubt he can improve. Every player in the world can. Fingers crossed over the summer Arsene really addresses our defensive frailties, which cannot solely be blamed on Eboue.

  21. lc said

    Garth Crook’s loves E. Eboue. Me too!

  22. Everyone has the right to criticise as long as it is done in a constructive way. Irrespective if the player plays for Arsenal or not.

    Eboue has had an indifferent season. But he has been injured for some of the time.

    He is a very good right back who will improve when he can get his positioning right and his anticipation.

  23. Anon 1 said

    Garth crooks praises one of our players…somebody lynch him

  24. Anonymous said


  25. Anonymous said

    and thanks for taking all this time to reply

  26. Anonymous said

    yep hell of a site this hell of a good team forming recond will be good enough for champions leque final NEXT YEAR

  27. smithy said

    I like eboue he provides natural width and has shown in a couple of ocassions how good his end product is.(2.1 against united)I think niggling injuries have prevented him from really kicking on as he has nt really had aq real run yn the side. with more focus on the basics like positioning and concentration levels he could turn into one of the best right backs of his generation

  28. […] Garth Crook’s loves Emmanuel Eboue Today is an unsurprisingly quiet day for talking points, one did catch my eye though – see below. I have two bits of […] […]

  29. Anon said

    lol i found another link with eboue in a team of the season

  30. sam said

    am always surprised whenever i read arsenal writers on the clubs popular “blogssites” attacking eboue. every player has his bad side but in the case of eboue these people keep hammering it out as if he’s the worst offender in the world. they forget the guy is just two seasons old with the gunners, still young and learning. garth is right, eboue is a fantastic player, give him time to mature. do not forget so easily the memorable moments he produced for us or we shall forget about your comments on him. we love eboue, and well done the boss for signing him long term.

  31. chungu said

    EBOUE is a modern day defender, nothing less, nothing more, thats all his got to be!
    Even denfenders will have to dive time and again and often it is the only option worth considering or concede a goal.
    Him in attack is simlpy fantastic-a real gun.
    He is the future nad every true gunner knows so.

  32. grimandi said

    very well written article. all totally valid points. shame a lot of these morons don’t seem to understand you’re arguments.

    Eboue-great player; even greater potential; great season 05-06; indifferent 06-07 (due to many things); certainly not RB of the year last year, but almost certainly will be next year.

  33. […] Garth Crooks loves Emmanuel Eboue […]

  34. […] Garth Crooks loves Emmanuel Eboue Today is an unsurprisingly quiet day for talking points, one did catch my eye though – see below. I have two bits of […] […]

  35. John Bosa said

    Ebue is a fantastic player, he only needs to concentrate and defend more. I like his attacking play, which gives us options upfront. Perhaps Arsene can consider playing him as a midfielder (outside right) and lets see how he performs in that role. He has not had a wonderful season and yes, he needs to dive less.

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