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9 out of the 11 will probably leave

Posted by James Dall on 18, May 2007

Evening, after an awful hangover yesterday I feel fresh once again. I would like to further apologise for yesterday’s poor effort. Let’s forgive and forget eh. Today I went to Alton Towers. A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all.

Well to be honest there is not much to talk about. Arsene says that Cheslea are much like a boxer, basically he explained how they grind teams down and carve out a win. Another good analogy from our coach. He is a clever chap isn’t he.

Rather than grind teams down we tend to gift them a goal and then work our nuts off trying to break down 10 men behind the ball.

No doubt you will have all read the story about how much Hleb respects Arsene but just to refresh your minds –

Wenger is a great tactician, he sees absolutely everything,. He knows how to find a key to every player – he is a coach sent by God.

Goodness. For me the best bit of the interview is where he says –

It is something I have been working on. In training, the manager often gets me doing special exercise in which I am forced to finish the attack with a shot on goal.

Pretty intelligent coaching by the Frenchman, I have to say. Also a little word in his hear probably wouldn’t go a miss. Something like “when you get near the box, fucking shoot”.

There is some transfer speculation here linking us with Rio Mavuba. He is a French defensive midfield player. I doubt there is much in it.

Freddie’s agent has poured cold water on reports that he will be leaving us in the summer –

I can confirm that it is not true. Fredrik’s intention is to stay at Arsenal.

He wants to stay but does Arsene? Do we want him to stay? This brings me nicely to this little article.

The article in question is from the Daily Mail (hmmm). It explains how Freddie’s exit will be one of ELEVEN players leaving the club this summer. I thought I would run through the list.

Reyes – yep, chances of him returning to drizzly England are slim.

Flamini – indeed, he is off. The lad wants first team football.

Almunia – it seems likely, with Fabianski arriving to put pressure on Jens, it appears Almunia will be off.

Senderos – now there seems to be plenty of stories linking him with a move to Italy, specifically Juventus. I am unsure if these rumours have much substance. I want him to stay. If he left I wouldn’t be devastated but none the less he has real promise.

Aliadiere – he is definitely leaving.

Song – I do not think any of us really know where his future lies. Is he up to the standard? Probably not.

Gilbert – with Eboue and Hoyte signing long term deals it seems he will struggle to play. On loan again maybe?

Baptista – let’s bloody hope so.

Muamba – gone.

Lupoli – gone.

Freddie – should he go? I still think he has something to offer. I really do. Look at Giggs this seosn for United.

Curtis Davies is linked with being the replacement for Senderos. To me much of it sounds like speculation. The only real exits that would make most fans take notice would be Freddie and Senderos. Aside from that the rest are mainly squad players who have left or are definitely leaving. I think Philippe and Fred will stay. Therefore I think 9 of the 11 players mentioned will be gone.

The blog tomorrow will be a late one. I am off the the FA Cup final. I hope it is a brilliant match. I really am looking forward to seeing the new Wembley. Oh and of course paying 8 quid for a burger.

Until tomorrow then.


31 Responses to “9 out of the 11 will probably leave”

  1. Shaz said

    Song has been a revelation for charlton in the last dozen or so matches of their season. Ive been extremely impressed by him and would actually send him on loan again next season and see how he does over a longer period as he only had 4 months of first team football.
    Otherwise i would like the above mentioned players to leave apart from Senderos as we need 4 solid CB and with Djorou, Gallas and Toure i think it is good enough. However, if he wants to leave then i dont think anyone will stand in his way. hopefully we can generate 20m+ from fees plus we would be saving 10m+ per year on wages, which can hopefully go into our limited transfer kitty.

  2. Song is up and down, initally for Charlton he was a hero. However I spoke to some Charlton fans who said that in the last few games he was poor. I am just not sure if he is of title challenging quality.

  3. James said

    This is exactly why Arsenal don’t win anything any more – Wenger has spent 3 years pinning his future on kids, and every year 6 or 7 of them leave because they’re not good enough. Not doubt next season, when Arsenal finish another 20pts behind the league leaders, Bendtnet, Denilson, Diaby, Djourou etc. will also be found wanting and leave as well. It’s all bollox. This team, like every team, needs top class, experienced players NOW. This youth policy is evidently going nowhere, it’s a waste of time.

  4. Neal said

    I don’t see Almunia leaving. Wenger recently said he could take over from Jens. It’ll be a battle between him and Fabianski (if he doesn’t get loaned out, that is) for a spot on the bench. Then it’ll be between the two for the number one spot the year after!

  5. bitter n twisted said

    Freddie still has something to offer, what planet are you on mate. comparing him to giggs is a fucking insult, and i am not welsh or a manc.

  6. Henryisgod said

    “”I don’t see Almunia leaving. Wenger recently said he could take over from Jens. It’ll be a battle between him and Fabianski (if he doesn’t get loaned out, that is) for a spot on the bench. Then it’ll be between the two for the number one spot the year after!””

    disagree matey hope you dont mind me saying argh, for one how can Fabianski get loaned out argh?.Hes on a longer deal but more importantly got his passport renewed and is the choice for me.

  7. Dick Splash said

    The whole show hinges on us having a new weapon next season. An injection of serious pace and skill to a flank. I hope that Walcott can be that man. The other alternative is Fred out and Ribery in unless the Arseman has another uncut diamond up his sleeve. Up the Arse

  8. Adesanwo said

    They should all go… apart from Senderos

  9. aser said

    no way!!! senderos isn’t leaving…. during january 2008, there will be africa nation cup, toure will be there, so we just have 2 centre back if he gone. i really rate him. he has the spirit who can inspire teammate… his tackle is so rough…. that what is lacking from arsenal side this season

  10. Ron said

    Hey James….
    Have some respect for the youth policy… We have unraveled many great players thanks to this policy… So unless u wanna become another borin outfit like Chelsea hold ur horses! 😛

  11. Rik said

    Has everyone forgotten Mart Poom ? He’ll be offski in the Summer, so that’ll leave Jens (playing in his final season), Almunia as No 2 and Fabianski as the young upstart trying to out-do the other two for a place in the starting 11.

  12. […] 9 out of the 11 will probably leave Evening, after an awful hangover yesterday I feel fresh once again. I would like to further apologise for […] […]

  13. smithy said

    I must admit guys as sad as it is i think freddies days at arsenal are numbered. I watched the 01 02 season and he is a completly different player now. im afraid if this football club are serious about challenging for honnors these players have to leave. how much do you think this will add on to our budget for the summer? I do agree to with some of the comments made by james about the youth policy. it dont seem to be going very far. There needs to be a balence however our spine is filled with experienced household names. jens gallas silva thierry. I think we re a world class winger short of challenging for honnors. babbel/ribury/robinhio who would you like to see relace fredie guys.

  14. krissnp said

    Hangovers are a problem. nice blog.

  15. John said

    Arsenal needs one more defender and then a proven scorer if they’re going to keep up with Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man U. They play such wonderful soccer, often making one too many passes believe it or not. If they have a forward who can score, someone like Rudd, they’ll be nearly unstoppable with a healthy Henry. That extra pass will find the right player and end up in the back of the net.

  16. smithy said

    yea to some extent i do agree. however a fit henry is going to score you goals and so is v.p ade just as he has this season will chip in as will bentner. what arsenal have lacked is a goalscoring midfielder when you consider freddie and pires used to garentuee you 25 between them now as talented and as techniqually sound fab rosicky and hleb are they dont get enough goals. however is there many on the market. baptista lol!!!

  17. xbrain said


    Nice Story..keep it up

  18. maltese gunner for life said

    out:- aliadiere , song , freddie , babtista for sure , flamini , reyes , in :- renato , ribery , tevez or eto , augusto , and a top class defender.

  19. Junior said

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  20. amiripz said

    Any idea what will happen with Gilberto Silva ?
    Will he get a contract ext. or what ?

  21. AB said

    Let’s get Berkamp back. The fans will pitch in.

  22. Victor Etim said

    Please dont let Henry go, just bring in Eto or Obafemi Martins to complement him.

  23. Victor Etim from Abuja Nigeria said

    Let Henry stay, just bring in Eto or Obafemi Martins to complement him.Henry is a true player and son of Arsenal. and we love him here in Nigeria. “Igwe to Henry”

  24. anatol said

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