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-exhale- the news is beginning to fritter away

Posted by James Dall on 20, May 2007

The headline says it all really.

I went to the first ever FA Cup Final at the new Wembley yesterday. Despite the somewhat lacklustre performance from both teams, it was a brilliant day out. The new stadium is stunning. A little overview of the game – both teams pretty much cancelled each other out and defended quite remarkably. The tempo though for large spells was quite slow and I guess that can be put down to tiredness. A mention for Paul Scholes who was absolutely outstanding, what a player. I love the fact I see so much of Fabregas in him. Just as Scholes is key to United, Fabregas is simply pivotal to our play. A mention for the fans – I was in the United end and the fans were superb, the Cheslea fans were crap. They only began singing when they scored in the 115th minute. Embarrassing.

Fingers crossed we will be playing there at some point next season.

There is bugger all to discuss really.

Henry reckons if everyone stays fit next season we can really challenge for the title. With a couple of additions I honestly believe we can be a force next season.

We have been linked with Jimmy Briand. He is French – shock, and plays up front of right wing. It is impossible to say if story is even half true, we constantly get linked with French players I have not heard of.

Umm what else? I realise that I have not voiced my personal opinion on the whole white away shirt saga. I will be honest, it does not bother me that much. Before some of you express you outrage, here me out. I feel many have overreacted. Do not get me wrong, I despise Spurs and highly dislike Real/Bolton etc but we apparently used to have a white shirt, plus we have had the blue shirt for a while now and people wear those (the whole parallel with Chelsea). Right now I do not believe we need to worry too much about next seasons away strip. My anxiety is more on if anyone will come in.

Finally something that I was thinking about yesterday – Wenger’s comments about how when we have got the lead we have a brilliant record. That is pretty much due to us not playing well early on and then finally putting some decent stuff together late on, meaning we score late, meaning we have less time to concede our lead. Pretty obvious stuff really. I would prefer us to get our arses in gear early and score early.

Enjoy your sunny Sunday.


7 Responses to “-exhale- the news is beginning to fritter away”

  1. Priest said

    Shirt colour doesn’t matter at all, god we (well some of us) sound as pathetic as Spurs moaning about having a red Thompson logo. Get a grip (not you).

  2. Chisom Mbonu said

    I am getting worried with all the transfer news from all the other big and small clubs and non with Arsenal. Kind of reminds me of last season. Anyways i absolutely LOVE Arsenal and what they stand for so i’ll support them even if they are relegated. I also trust the Proffessor and there are lots of me here in Nigeria. I only plead with him to give us 3 big signings, two strikers and a defender. The midfield is perfect!!!

  3. Tripping said

    Oh there’s a load of news about players linked with us besides Briand – Renato, Sigortthosn (?spelling), Ribery (for the 40th time), Mavuba, Tuncay, etc., etc. – and just about all of it is bollocks. If you’ve followed Wenger for any length of time, many of his big signings were done quietly, without warning. I prefer it that way, as it prevents our rivals from being tipped off. Most recently, Chelsea have put it bids on just about every player we were trailing after finding out about it.

  4. gazzap said

    dont mind the news that hargreaves is joining man u. he wont improve them that much, I dont think and blows there summer budget!

    agree that if we did start to score in the opening 15 minutes of games then we’d lose a lot more leads as there is so much more time to lose them. its natural for any team to sit on a lead a bit. the stats are a bit misleading. I think teams that score early in games are the better teams in the league usually. scoring late has a huge benefit that it usually kills the other teams spirit off and its game over.

  5. tyduffy said

    Briand ends up being pretty sweet on Football Manager a few years down the road…that’s about all I know about him though.

  6. […] -exhale- the news is beginning to fritter away The headline says it all really. I went to the first ever FA Cup Final at the new Wembley yesterday. Despite the […] […]

  7. optamistic said

    with most of your top stars wanting to leave as soon as the transfer window opens, ( henry fabrigas adebeour etc) and with the board happy to concentrate on paying the emerates, is midtable reallistic for next season

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