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Another of my favourite moments of the season

Posted by James Dall on 22, May 2007

Er, well, um, today is quiet. Quiet in the sense that news is hard to come by. Not quiet in the sense that next door decided to drill into a wall at a ridiculous hour this morning. An obscenely loud noise which woke up everyone in the house. It went on for a good hour. Cheers.

Chairman Peter Hill-Wood will meet with Stan Kroenke in the next “two or three weeks”. I am astonished they still have not met. Clearly they are both very busy men but buying a share in a football club and then not meeting with the chairman of that club shortly after is hardly showing enthusiasm.

The Guardian reports that we have apparently joined the Spurs and United in the race to sign Gareth Bale. Hardly new news. Arsene has openly admitted his fancy for Bale. I am just unsure. United have Evra, Heinze and Silvestre who can play at left back so I am confused as to why United would want him. We have Clichy and Gallas who can play at left back. Traore is still very young and I doubt that defensively he is ready for the prem, he did show promise last season though. Spurs desperately need a new left back. I guess we shall have to see how the whole thing materialises, once again I will reiterate that a winger is our priority.

Our fucking huge striker Adebayor has signed a new long term deal with the club. I think we are all pretty pleased about that. I certainly am. Some still give him a hard time but I reckon he is improving all the time and yesterday’s blog shows how important he can be. Long may his progression as an Arsenal player continue.

Henry has backed Becks to get back into the England squad. I would like to see Becks at least back in the squad too but that is hardly Arsenal News.

To finish off I shall draw upon another of my favourite moments of the season. The clip is of a goal, Walcott’s goal against Chelsea in the League Cup Final. Sure we went on to lose the match but it is what the goal represents. It symbolises a simply brilliant run of performances from the youngsters. The way they bossed Chelsea’s experienced midfield in the first half and the way Walcott scored a breath taking goal. Sit back and admire…

Have an above average Tuesday.


2 Responses to “Another of my favourite moments of the season”

  1. optamistic said

    Its as about as optamistic as i can get to think that most of Arsenal stars (Fabbrigas Henry Toure etc) will go for plenty of money in the summer.Its obvious to everyone Arsenal hav,nt got a pot to piss in.
    Its sad to see the demise of such a well established club as Arsenal Another Leeds right in front of our very eyes

  2. Tim said

    After what Hill-Wood had to say about Kroenke I would hardly want to meet him either. Regardless of what Hill-Wood thinks of him personally Kroenke is now a major shareholder and deserves being treated with professional respect. Hill-Wood has behaved like a child in this manner and the conversation between the two of them will be very interesting.

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