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8 million for Robin van Persie? Try trebling that

Posted by James Dall on 23, May 2007

Happy Wednesday Lunchtime. The reoccurring theme of ‘bugger all news’ continues.

I mentioned yesterday how I saw Bale as more of a Spurs target rather than one of ours or United’s. According to Spurs have agreed a fee with Southampton for the young left back. Of course there is still plenty of time for other clubs to come in, including us. We shall have to see how things develop.

Speaking of Tottenham, it seems their new 8 million pound signing considers them a slightly small club. Younes Kaboul, a French 21 year old centre back said –

I don’t want to join too big a club.

I think he has found his perfect match. Just to rub further salt – he apparently dreams of playing for us.

Nicklas Bendtner has spoken about about signing on the dotted line. I think he makes a key point –

The other [strikers] may have an advantage over me, but when I restart training and get some good matches under my belt, I am sure I will get my chance and I will take it.

I admire his confidence. The vital thing is that he does take his chance when he is presented with it. That does not necessarily mean scoring but showing good signs that he can bring something to the team. I think the majority of us are excited about seeing him in an Arsenal shirt next season.

There is a ridiculous story here. Bayern, who had a terrible season, are looking to undergo a huge change over. Many players will leave and many will come in. Robin van Persie is one of the players mentioned. The figure, would you believe, is 8 million pounds – absurd. This lad will not be sold and even if he were, you would be looking at a ridiculous amount of money.

Robin will go on to be a world class striker for Arsenal Football Club.

That is it from me. I am off to Harrogate this afternoon. Tomorrow I begin my two day trial at – I am excited but of course a little nervous.

I think in the Hotel I am staying there is Internet so I will try and do a blog tomorrow evening and one late on Friday. My plan, as well as working my nuts off, is to dig deep for any transfer rumours surrounding Arsenal.

Enjoy the rest of your lunchtime.


15 Responses to “8 million for Robin van Persie? Try trebling that”

  1. BlazinGuns said

    Henry to Barcelona, Gilberto to Juventus, Fabregas to Madrid, Rosicky to Inter, Djouru to Birmingham, Lehman to Dortmund, Hleb to Spain, Denilson to Italy, Senderos to XYZ, Ljunberg, Almunia, Poom, Gilbert on sale, Aliadiere to Boro, Gallas to Milan, Flamini to France, Song to Reading, Walcott, Connolly and Traore on loan… Now Van Persie to Bayern. Ha ha ha.

    Next year probably Wenger, Rice, Brady, Lewin, Primorac, Bould, Banfield and Akers along with PHW will play in the premiership.

    Byaern hasn’t even qualified for Champions League and Van Persie is not a moron to go there.

  2. jock said

    The Djourou to Birmingham farce is the funniest one for me.

  3. Goofle said

    Hahaha! RvP is already world class and 8 mil is just a joke! I think RvP is worth more than Henry as he is younger and i honestly believe he could go on the be one of the great players. His goals are just pure class! he would have been the top scorer in the prem had he played all season. 11 in half a season!

  4. kservik said

    van Persie is top class striker and after succeeding in the premiership you dont go off to Bayern Munich playing in Germany.

    Maybe a bid for van Persie is what the fans need to wake up and see what a great team we have for next season.

  5. […] 8 million for Robin van Persie? Try trebling that Happy Wednesday Lunchtime. The reoccurring theme of ‘bugger all news’ continues. I mentioned yesterday how […] […]

  6. amiripz said

    Good luck with the trial at SkySports mate. All the best.

    And no, RVP isn`t going anywhere soon.

  7. optamistic said

    Everyone wanting to go? the words Sinking, ship, deserting, and rats spring to mind> Midtable beackons

  8. 0i!!”optamistic”-told you b4 bog off back to your man ure,chav & spud web sites-everyone wanting to go??-i don’t think so!only the dillusional& wishful thinking of the gutter arsenal hating media- in par-ticular “the sun”,the express,daily mail & “talk shite radio”-who would love the arsenal to implode because they are already wetting themselves that we’ll be back on top next season-leave the serious discussion to true gooners…

  9. optamistic said

    Yes the summer tranfer window has every fan from each club fretting,which of there top players are going to leave.
    Its just in Arsenal case looking from an outsiders point of veiw,is that most of your top player seem to be have there heads turned by the romours and are jockying into posission to get out as fast as they can, Wenger included.
    If you look at the top 4 or 5 teams in the Prem

    Man U…. just won the Premiership
    Chelsea… just won 2 domestic cups in 1 season
    Liverpool… Got once again to the C League final but just failed at the last hurdle
    Arsenal… Won nothing, out of all the cups by the begining of March, 20 points behind the top 2 at the end of the season. Players wanting to leave, the bourd in dissaray. Financialy ham strung, possibly have to sell there best players in order to pay the intrest on the loan for new stadium. Manger wanting out.
    Tottenham… improving under Jol every year, Many experts expect them to gate crash the top 4 next season

    does,nt sound very optamistic for Arsenal does it

  10. optamistic or should i say “pessamistic”-you do not have an unbiased outsiders view-because you are a spud or at the v.least a closet man ure fan-none of our players-repeat”none”are leaving-that’s the shit stiring from the gutter i was refering to-& if you think the chavs are happy with the two 2nd rate domestic cups after spending £300 MILLION you are dillusional-oh sorry!you’re a spud.what would you know except 1961!!NUFF SAID

  11. optamistic said

    King Goon, were you not cheering from the roof tops when, a few years ago Arsenal won the FA cup. on penalties? were you not cheering from the roof tops when you went 1 0 up against Chelsea in the Carling cup this year.Only to end up having 2 players sent off for petulance after going 2,1 down. Getting to the finals those 2 2nd rate cups in the near future is about the very best Arsenal can hope for

  12. yes optamistic-i was cheering & v.loudly too i might add.but once again & not for the first time you’ve missed the point-unlike man ure & the chavs we’ve won these trophy’s on a budget of buttons compared to their outlay…hasta la vista baby!!!

  13. optamistic said

    No NO NO King GOON… the last time you won the FA cup in the Arsenal side was Veira, Henry, The diver Pires, Edu, Ashley Cole And others, all players with experience and cost a fair bit of money too. That Arsenal side was not put together on a shoe string. the players were all on big wages to keep them there. Now Arsenal have no money and are losing ground on the other top 3. The fact that the other sides have money, buying better players and winning is not there fault. If you have no money to buy better players, say like Scunthourp thats where your end up, playing them most weekends. Wenger lets face it, has shot his bolt and knows it. he tried to be to clever bringing the youngsters through and they ai,nt good enough. its midtable for your lot, and another Leeds right in front of your eyes, the reason being your too much in dept for anybody to take you over. The board want too much money to sell, and the squad to light waite. Thats as optamistic as i can get

  14. Mike said

    Of course we would all like to see a couple of big signings, but it aint gonna happen. The usual shite about Henry being unsettled is very boring, but there can be little doubt he has become de-motivated. Lets hope he can regain that spark for next season.

    It looks as if Reyes will be sold back to Sevilla. It`s a pity he couldn`t settle here, or fully mix in with the rest, as I still think he`s a major talent. But in the end he couldn`t be bothered, so good riddance.

    As for some of the others, I`m glad Aliadiere is finally going. He`s talented but lightweight, and he`s been here for so long I`ve felt embarrased for him. Flamini has been a good squad player, but won`t be missed if he moves on. Finally a heartfelt plea to Arsene. Senderos is a useless tosser, so please get rid of him before he can do any more damage.

  15. EDSA said


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