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Brief summary of the goings-on

Posted by James Dall on 24, May 2007

You have one tired Arsenal News blogger on your hands. Today was my first day at and I loved it!

I am currently in my B&B room for the second night running, feeling a lot like Alan Partridge. Oh well.

I am absolutely shattered so I better get on with the stories. I think a bullet point style is going to have to be necessary (sorry) –

  • The Spanish media has reported that Reyes could be off to Athletico Madrid. Money hopefully in the bank for us, which should go towards a wide man.
  • Eto’o says he would welcome an Henry arrival with open arms- not even worth wasting my breath over.
  • Tony Adams has revealed that his ultimate aim is to become Arsenal manager. I do not think that will happen until he has proven himself at a high level. Plus I would prefer Keown.
  • It appears Baptista is definitely not staying with us. Presumably Arsene either just did not want him or did and Real’s asking price was just silly.
  • Togo have lifted the suspension of Adebayor from the national team. If Ade decides he wants back in he will not be available for us during the time of the African Nations – annoying.
  • There is a nice little bit from Theo here.

Right that is pretty much it from me. My articles today were mainly on Rugby Union/League, Cricket and Sailing. Tomorrow I have been promised a few football stories, fingers crossed one might be on Arsenal.

A blog late tomorrow evening. Cheerio.


11 Responses to “Brief summary of the goings-on”

  1. Jono said

    The longer ade’s at the african nations the better- wenger has to sign a new striker, and hopefully the lanky sack of shit will be suitably marginalised and Fuck off back where he came from. He’s shit.

  2. Bitter n Twisted said

    congrats on the job.

    hopefully you will be at the emirates when we unveil onaldiniho lol.

  3. Jono's breath stinks said

    Jono’s life stinks. He’s a tosser.

  4. Patman said

    Jono’s a dickhead. Try posting a comment when you learn something about football you prick!

  5. sherwin said

    you forgot to add that saviola is coming to arsenal on a free as he is able to play wide as and as a supporting striker

    congrats on the job!

  6. […] Brief summary of the goings-on You have one tired Arsenal News blogger on your hands. Today was my first day at and I loved it! I am […] […]

  7. mad dog lehmann said

    f ing sell out word press!!
    working for the chelsea / man u PR company AKA sky sports and all that work for them!!
    you forgot about that c**t keys the ex tv am c**t dissing us after wigan game. the good news is we gonna have a tv channel soon then more Arsenal fans can ditch sky!!!
    Like i have ..F**k them watch the highlights on u tube and afc tv online

  8. mad dog lehmann said

    or go to some games when tickets available..
    i still say should of built a 75/80000 stadium , as fans we are still not able to get tickets and sold out every game!!

  9. wizi said

    jono pls try and get sky to ditch that tosser jamie redknap when it comes to our games he knows fuck all and is a chelsea toadie

  10. jemix said

    Eto’o says he would welcome an Henry arrival with open arms- not even worth wasting my breath over.
    That’s True…. 🙂

  11. optamistic said

    What do you Arsenal fans think about the fact that Wenger was seen at real madrid. Possibly talking about Reyes and Babtista, saying Reyes proved to be a waste of money (£17mill and could,nt cut it)and ill take anything to get him off my hands. And Babtista… the man they called the beast, (but proved to be a PUP). Wenger they say was possibly trying to sell Fabrigas to Real knowing in a years time his contract is up and will leave Arsenal to take over at madrid. Is it not time for Wenger to go, its obvious his judgement has been clouded with all thats been going on. Arsenal have,nt won a thing for the last few seasons and are on the decline. Although you have had some success a few seasons ago it does,nt seem with the squad you have got there is likely to be any in the near future. Thats as optamistic as i can get

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