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Spanish and McClaren nonsense

Posted by James Dall on 26, May 2007

Afternoon, I hope you are enjoying the first day of this bank holiday weekend.

My second day at was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed it and wrote quite a few articles. They were mainly on Rugby but I did not mind. I have been invited back to conduct a one month internship, I cannot wait!

I got back home very late and was knackered so hence no blog, my apologies.

At least there was no flourish of news that I missed out on. Everything is very quiet at the moment. There are even few rumours linking us with players.

I shall start with Mr. Wenger.

Our Frenchman responded to the nonsense about him being in Spain to discuss the sale of Cesc:

I met with the directors of Atletico Madrid, nothing else. Cesc is going to spend the next year with Arsenal. I have not offered myself to Real Madrid. I am going to continue at Arsenal.

Good. That puts a sock in the mouths of the Spanish media who pretty much spout crap 24/7. Athletico Madrid eh, one can only guess as to whether he was simply chatting, discussing Reyes moving there or enquiring about one of their players. All will be revealed pretty soon I imagine.

Apparently we showed an interest in Bolton player Andranik Teymourian but he said he is currently under contract so will not consider a move.

Barcelona sporting director Txiki Beguiristain is keen on trying, once again, to bring in our man Henry. Right, I am sure Arsene is keen on bringing in Kaka, Cannavaro and Christiano Ronaldo but he does not bother telling the media about it. A pointless comment from the Barca man.

Umm what else? Bale has gone to Spurs. Hardly a surprise, I did say earlier on in the week that I could see him heading there.

We seem to be continually linked with Darren Bent at the moment. Many saying we will bring him on loan for the season. I actually think that would be a really good signing for us but for all I know it could well just be speculation.

Just a quick note for Steve McClaren – what a jerk. Beckham has been recalled, which I do agree with. Beckham is top quality. Steve dropped him as a statement of intent but now has gone back on his initial efforts. His reasoning?

He said:

We have to win that game

Sigh… like we did not have to win against Macedonia, Croatia and Israel. Sure Beckham’s form was a bit off back then, and now he is playing very well but you cannot tell me Becks is not one of the best twenty English players on offer. Steve you are a prat with no side-burns.

Enjoy your Saturday.


The official Arsenal site have confirmed the signing of Fabianski. Not really new news but it does confirm he is 190cm tall which is 6.2335958 feet.


9 Responses to “Spanish and McClaren nonsense”

  1. Neal said

    Beckham is a player who can cross and take free kicks. He has no pace or strength, can’t run, tackle, head, pass short, or use his left foot. I’d rather have someone who is slightly worse at crossing but can do something else instead of Beckham. He’s always been a waste. Get Lampard out, that’ll get the team winning again!

  2. zak said

    “… you are a prat with no side-burns.”


  3. rik said

    Beckham may be a player with no left foot, short pass, pace, strength or anything like that…still if he can cross and take free kicks better than some of the crap that gets in the england squad

  4. in all honesty-who gives a monkey’s toss whether the bryl cream boy plays for england or not-leave this blog to rational discussion of “the arse”we have far more important matters to consder ourselves with such as “the arsenal & sir wenger’s plans for world domination!!!

  5. charlie said

    How often do you watch Beckham play? He set up Real Madrid’s first goal tonight with his left foot, before going on to assist the second as well. As for a lack of pace, does Gilberto or Fabregas have outstanding pace? As for saying he cannpt pass short that is obviously untrue, how can someone you can smash outstanding cross field balls with pinpoint accuracy not be able to pass short? And i’m not too sure that Lennon is much of a threat in the air.

  6. […] Spanish and McClaren nonsense Afternoon, I hope you are enjoying the first day of this bank holiday weekend. My second day at was […] […]

  7. Mike White said

    Maybe Arsene plans to lure away Torres or get a cheap price for Maxi, who showed his skill at the World Cup but was injured for most of Atletico’s season.

  8. Valentin said

    According to reports in Spain Hleb and Ljunberg were offered in part exchange for Fernando Torres.
    I think that what Arsenal needs is at least one left sided midfielder: a real winger not a converted 10 (We already have Hleb and Rosicky for that) and not a converted 9 (Walcott, Van Persie).
    In short, somebody who can do Reyes job bow that he is leaving for Athletico.
    Reyes + Lunjberg + 3 millions against Fernando Torres looks like a good deal to me. Athletico Madrid may disagree.
    I would like to see Nani of Portugal, Ribery of France to bring some threat on our left side.
    I like Jimmy Briand a hard working decent striker, but I am not sure that he is what we need. He is another 9 1/2 type of player better behind the striker.

  9. Valentin said

    Despite his media image Beckham is a talented player.
    He is no Ronaldinho or Zidane, but neither was Makelele. It did not stop him from being a world class player.
    His role is going forward to bring danger and assist, which he does very well. Defensively, he is one of the few right sided midfield who does not neglect that part of the game.
    Ask the Tottenham right back if they feel protected with Aaron Lennon, and the same question to Blackburn right back with David Bentley. I do recall a lot of game where Bentley was dropped and brought toward the end when the game was stretched.

    Mind you, I am not sure that recalling Beckham will solve all England problem. IMHO, England problem is not the midfield player, but the management/tactic and the strikers.
    England does not have the personnel suited with the kind of game that they would like to play or used to play.
    Play the old way with a dominant striker in the penalty box, a real 9 who attack the Beckham crosses (still effective ask Ruud Van Nistelroy and Madrid).
    Nor Defoe, Rooney, Crouch (despite his height), the former liverpudian now geordie midget have that in their game. Darren Bent, Andrew Johnson lack the necessary quality.
    Play a more continental style at a slower pace, then you need a proper 10 and a quick pacy striker. The closer to a 10 is Rooney, who is in fact a 9.5.
    I cannot see a single English player with the skill or vision necessary for the role.

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