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Does anyone know where I can find a blog on Arsenal?

Posted by James Dall on 27, May 2007

A slightly hypocritical title I know but in all seriousness, it seems like a new Arsenal blog emerges each day.

This particular blog has been running for around eight months and is still quite a way off competing with certain well established Arsenal blogs (I am not going to bum them by listing listing them, we all know which ones have sound credentials).

It just seems to me that Arsenal blogs are cropping up all over the place. Some may argue that this symbolises the beauty of the internet and blogging itself – freedom of speech.

My main gripe is the utter crap I keep reading. I really have no problem if insightful articles are written or even a simple summary of what is going on. However I continually stumble across misleading headlines or stories which have no grounding or justification. Stories which are based on the authors imagination that have been written by someone who lacks any real football intelligence.

A classic is where an author addresses Arsenal’s transfer situation as some sort of Football Manager task. Listing unrealistic targets of which players should come in and which should leave. Yes Kaka/Eto’/Richards are all brilliant players but selling Song and Hleb are not going to raise the funds for those players.

I have moaned about NewsNow before so I shall not repeat myself. All in all a moan feels good and I think I am right to vent my frustration.

Anyway there really is little news to discuss. Poom has left Arsenal for Watford. I wish Mart all the best.

Enjoy the rest of this wet and grey Sunday.


14 Responses to “Does anyone know where I can find a blog on Arsenal?”

  1. Goofle said


    * A cultured left foot
    * Amiripz
    * Arseblog
    * Arsenal-i
    * East Lower
    * Goodplaya
    * InsideArsenal
    * Just What The Doctor Ordered
    * The Cannon

    Damr right dont bum them 🙂

  2. Well ok, no bumming directly but my links are a representation of the good ones out there.

  3. rico said

    Spot on – i get fed up with reading all the crap about who we are going to buy and who we are going to sell, and usually courtesy of the Mirror – Also i am fed up with the storyline that Barca are back for Thierry – hey, the player has come out and said he is staying, the boss has said the same, why do the papers feel the need to print such garbage

    It is difficult during the summer, speculation after speculation – i just cant wait to get the coming season under way and see then who has arrived and left – if any.

    As for Eto’ – now he is off to Liverpool!!!! YAWN

    One piece of news that really pleases me is Mr Beckham – brought a lump to my throat – love him as a man, love him as a footballer and many will argue his inclusion for England, but unlike some of the recent performances from players – Mr Beckham (SIR) always plays with his heart and its always been clear to see he loves his country –

    anyone see his performance last night – pure genius

  4. G4L_Harry said

    yeah in some ways I agree there is too many out there, but football is a game of opinions, which you and everyone else are entitled too. The ones I dislike are the ones that mislead, repeat continually (tribalfootball so annoying) or the ones that write drivel, but they tend to be generic ones ie caughtoffside, soccerblog and sportingo (the worst).
    I’d say you have missed a few links that are ok, one of your links I do like is “cultured left foot”.
    You hit the nail on the head, football intelligence, we can all have opinions but its when you really can see the issues rather than just slate players continually. Its like where some people believe we need a major overhaul and bring in 5 or 6 major players, even if we had the money, all we really need is a LW who can get down the outside and really run at defences, who can link with Gael. After that I’d only bring in someone who fits the super class bracket at the right price, but i’d wait until January, the main thing is getting all fit.

  5. It just shows how many of arsenal are nerds 😉

  6. make/shift said

    Worpress has been reduced to LoLCats and Arsenal blogs. How entertaining…

  7. intellectualbeatoff said


  8. […] Does anyone know where I can find a blog on Arsenal? A slightly hypocritical title I know but in all seriousness, it seems like a new Arsenal blog emerges each day. This […] […]

  9. LG said

    You could always try Googling arsenal blog and see what comes up! 😉

  10. Whilst I have just started an Arsenal blog (about two months ago) I do know what you mean about there being a lot of dodgy ones out there. I just hope mine doesn’t fall into that category.

    However, as with any fad or fashion or anything like that it will be the good quality ones that hang around and that people will continue to visit. You should take pride in the fact that yours is one of the very best.

    All the best with your blog, and don’t worry about the pretenders.

    PS. Tribal Football is awful.

  11. mad dog lehmann said

    stay away from the one which some tool called miles palmer writes!
    he is typical of the tools that follow THE ARSENAL nowadays, putting to shame the real Arsenal fans!

  12. jvgh said

    This is what blogs are.

  13. Rooneyisugly said

    Man u suck!

  14. fds said

    Do you realise you’re on newsnow? Gunnerblog, Goodplaya, Eastlower and Arsenal wtf are the big four in my book. Arsenalmuse if I’m feeling whimsical. But there are a lot that say the same thing.

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