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No news + no university = despair

Posted by James Dall on 28, May 2007

I am due to drive back home on Saturday. The four hour drive will be a painful one. Not because of the traffic but because for the reason that it is finally dawning on me that this week is my last week at university.

Usually I travel home for Easter/Christmas knowing that in a few weeks I will be back at university. Not this time though. It is all a bit depressing.

While of course I look forward to seeing my friends and family down south, I have an empty feeling to think my university life is over.

No more nights out at the student union, no more playing pro in our university house, no more trips to Tesco for the weekly shop and now more hungover Football Manager sessions in bed.

So for those of you who are at university currently – savour it. For those of you who have been and done it all before – take a few minutes to reminisce.


There is sod all news. Flamini has despaired at not being picked for a couple of the finals. He has half a point.

The Daily Mail (yes I know) reckons we are going to do battle with Spurs for the signature of Reo-Coker. I highly doubt that to be honest. I just cannot see Arsene going for him. Especially with the central midfield players we have already – Gilberto, Diaby, Fabregas and Denilson. All technically superior compared to young Reo.

If you have a spot of free time I recommend looking at is this brilliantly put together video of our season.

That is pretty much that. I plan to start my packing and put some washes on. I do not know one man who enjoys packing, I see it as a pain in the arse.

What are your plans for today?


14 Responses to “No news + no university = despair”

  1. Goofle said

    the video doesnt work. it has been removed from youtube.

  2. I shall rectify

  3. del boy said

    sorry fella, much luv 2 ur uni life…
    im in at the end of my second year, and iv been getting all nostalgic already knowing iv only got one more year of getting trashed at uni with some of my best mates.

  4. Click the Zshare option instead.

  5. Goofle said

    I am on the video. When ade scores vs bolton and he does tht dance i am the one in the grey jacket that stands on the chair!

  6. Thanks so much for the linkout. I really appreciate it and hope you guys like compilation.
    Cheers! 🙂

  7. useroz said

    i am the one who scored…

  8. Goofle said

    No, that was a black guy 🙂

  9. Antony said

    sorry dude – i left uni in 1994 and i’m missing those days – its all downhill from there on in!!!

  10. madnice said

    I don’t care for football, but I know the terrible feelings that come with leaving uni. I graduated a year ago, and still want to go back!

  11. Anonymous said

    Get your mum to do your washing!

  12. […] No news + no university = despair I am due to drive back home on Saturday. The four hour drive will be a painful one. Not because of the traffic but […] […]

  13. Yeah I will back at university again next year. Sport Psychology Honours. Eek. My life will be void for an entire year.

    Looking forward to it….. 😦

  14. No news + No University hi 3 x. This title is good for ur blog… University is a center of information and knowledge and others…

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