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Eto’o plus £17 million for Henry, would you be tempted?

Posted by James Dall on 30, May 2007

I know I know, no blog yesterday. Shame on me. There really was nothing to discuss though.

Motivation was low. When there is a big story going on I cannot wait to write the blog but when things are this quiet and slow I struggle to to click ‘write post’.

Usually I would have written around the goings on of my life but since that is pretty quiet and mundane at the moment, I think I would have just bored you.

Today things are really spicing up though – I have booked a haircut.

I am off out for officially my last night at the student union. It is ‘drink the bar dry’ night. I can invasive that my mates and I will arrive and it will be pretty dead. Most students have gone home now. Ah well, either way we plan to get hammered and reminisce.

Onto news then. There are a few things to cover.

Marseille president Pape Diouf said:

Ribery will leave for a significant fee that is good for L’OM. But that doesn’t mean we want him to leave.

We are all none-the-wiser as to whether Arsenal are even tracking him. Some people who read the blog would be excited to see him arrive, others say he is overrated. I would hardly be disappointed with his arrival. Whatever decision Arsene makes, I trust.

The general consensus seems to be that we should either sign Ribery, Babel or Quaresma. Knowing Arsen, chances are we will not sign any of those.

One of our many teenagers, Carlos Vela, looks set to spend another season on loan. The lad has been on loan for two seasons now and it seems he will naturally progress by being loaned out to a team in the Spanish top flight. That makes sense to me.

I have heard big things about this boy but we seem to always hear big things about all of our youngsters. Only time will tell as to whether he will cut the mustard for us.

Robin reckons we lacked luck this season. He is confident in the manager –

We played some fantastic football but there was something missing with the finishing. It’s hard to work out why the ball wouldn’t go in. We have been very unlucky this season. I’m sure that if we keep playing the way that the boss thinks, the way most of the players think, we will be successful – maybe next year and certainly within two years, as long as we stay together.

The ‘as long as we stay together part’ is key. If this set of players matures together we could have something very special.

Henry is peeved at having to answer the same question over and over.

Henry said:

For now I am an Arsenal player, so that’s all I can tell you.

I do not know whether am I succumbing to the speculation but the ‘for now’ part is hardly filling me with confidence. For ages now I have banished any rumours but that comment has just put a fragment of doubt in my mind.

I am still fairly confident Arsene will not sell our star man.

Although apparently we are in ‘advanced negotiations‘ with Barca in a swap deal with Eto’o for Henry plus £17 million coming in our direction. The Spanish media are reporting this so chances are that it is utter crap.

Would many fans be tempted by that offer though if it we true?

Just pretend for the moment that you had recieved tht offer, what would you do?

Of course at the moment it is all speculation but if it were an official offer, it might have to be given some thought. Especially as Eto’o is 26 years-old and Henry is 30 this summer.

On the other hand Eto’o is proven to be a bit of a moaner and is not proven in the Prem.

Hmmm – a puzzler!

Enjoy your Wednesday.


66 Responses to “Eto’o plus £17 million for Henry, would you be tempted?”

  1. James said

    I’d bite their hands off. And their arm.

  2. Hugo said

    I’d have to think of it the other way round, why are they so desperate to get rid of Eto’o for a player nearing the end of his career? Because he’s a disruptive, moaning tosser who’s never had the talent of Henry and never will.

  3. Geekov said

    Hmmm…very interesting, but if Barca want rid of Eto’o, then lets buy him to play WITH Henry.

    Easy, job done, goodnight Vienna.

  4. otariq said

    NEver, it will take ETO three years to get use to the style of play in the premiership. This means we are back to square one.

  5. pops said

    You do all know about the problems barca have with their hierarchy? I would not blame Etoo… He is just trying to do his thing on the pitch.

  6. I’d bite their arm of…

    Henry is a top top player… probably better than Eto’o will ever be. But Eto’o is 3 years younger, one of the best finishers in the world and a dynamic player.

    Also Titi’s a crap captain… and has been for 2 seasons…

  7. hary said

    it is worth suggesting it…then letting wenger destroy the concept and tell the lying fuckersto go stick there ofer where the sun dont shine and go fuck themselves…..henry ays for now i am a gooner….he also recently said that he would wear a t shirt and say he was staying…..we dont ow whether his comments are just crap or not like bayern officially signing ribery….wait and see…i hope henry stays as he has passion for the club and he knows the potential of the kids….

    btw who is fed up of spurs fans saying the gap is closing…and they will break the top for..fuck of spurs ure shit…..

  8. dan said


  9. lc said

    Eto’o is the kind of player who doesn’t need enough time to adapt to any league. He is highly committed, hard worker, instinctif and always want to win. He is not just a striker, he is a natural finisher.
    At the moment, it’s only speculation. I doubt barcelona will want to make such deal.
    I can’t wait to see it come true.

  10. Geekov said

    Why would Eto’o adapt so quickly? How can you possibly state that as FACT? It maybe true, maybe not, NO ONE can say for sure.

    For fucks sake, lets get rid of a player who is Arsenal thru n thru shall we? Bring in a player who in the past has caused ructions. Sure he’s quality, so lets have em both, ta!

    As for spuds, as far as I can tell, the gap is bigger aint it? Never even looked like troubling us this year did they? We will be at least 15 points better off, thats a fact, I can state categorically as I have a Crystal ball, thanks.

  11. aj said

    We would be absolutely stupid to go for that.

    Henry has proven year after year that he is really the best player on the planet. So, he had a difficult year last year due to fatigue and injury but he still has many good years left in him yet.

    It seems that seem people want to believe that disaster is just around the corner, so let’s get rid of him now but I don’t believe that is the case. Also, what guarantee is there that Eto’o would fit in? Many have come and failed and Eto’o seems to be someone who is a bit temperamental. He might be worth a punt as a straight purchase, if the price is right, but it would be madness to let a truly great go in the hope that his replacement might turn out to be good too.

    Geekov and Otariq make good points above.

  12. nightmook said

    Well it sounds a lot more tempting than the paltry £15m that Inter will be testing the club’s resolve to keep him with. Both stories are a clearly a crock of shit.

  13. Victor Solomon said

    Sounds a bit iffy to me i dont mind Eto coming but henry leaving NO WAY JOSE, he’s the Man and anyway there’s unfinished business to be accomplished with regards establishing himself and the gunners as Numero Uno in the EPL. A word of caution concerning Eto, he’s a trouble maker who thinks he’s shit dont stink, else why would barcelona want to get rid of a 26yr old for a 29yr old though both exciting players

  14. TerenceNo14 said

    Henry has given us 8 fantastic years. I doubt Eto’o would give us more than two. He’s a fantastic player, but he’s a mercenary. For me it it’s got to be either TH + Eto’o, or just TH

  15. Céline said

    I DON’T WANT HIM TO LEAVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. AJ said

    Eto’o eh? Well, he’s a good player, but worth giving up Thierry for? I don’t think so…

    Anyway, a bit of shameless self-promotion…

  17. Danish Gooner said

    Utter Crap.

  18. Danish Gooner said

    With all the rest Henry will be devastating next season.Expect a season from him like in 2004.

  19. hus said

    I would take it without a doubt. Henry has been immense for us and would still be for another 2-3 years, however, Eto’o is very quick, nearly 4 years younger and can finish. With the way we play I am sure he would bang in 25 goals a season in the premiership and is perhaps more of a focal point up front than Henry is who drifts all over the place.

    There is no place for emotion in football management, I’d get what i could for the likes of Gilberto, Senderos, Ljungberg, Aliadiere, then bring in someone who creates and scores from the wing, an experienced defensive midfielder..Mavouba? and one more centre half and a forward ideally. Cant afford another season of nothingness.

  20. Mark said

    I doubt if this would ever happen, how much do Barca value Eto at then? 8 mill? How much do they value Henry at 25 mill? The same as last season?

    Do we need another striker? Henry, Van Persie, Adebayor, Bendtner, Walcott?

    No we need a winger with pace and a final ball ala Ribery or Babbel, would Eto play in a three man forward line on the left? No.

    How about Almunia, Aliadere and Flamini for Messi?

  21. korab said

    why not? Next season TH14 will be 30year old . for me eto’o would be a the man who can replace henry

  22. lc said

    I don’t think there is any fan who wants Henry out of the club.
    It’s important as fans, we need to put things into prospective. since three years now that we are no longer a title contender with the same strikers.
    All the statistics have shown that we need a top striker if we are to challenge for the itle next season. Personally, I won’t be please if we were to lose Eto’o to any of the TOP four, while we are given the opportunity to get the man, plus cash.
    I actually rate Henry above Eto’o; but when a player is moanning from time to time about having too many kids, this means something to think about. I would be happy to have a comitted Henry than a moanning gallas and henry; because this unsetle the dressing room. That was the same reason why Fergie sold Vanisteroy and Manu won the Premiership.
    Why will AW be automaticly wrong to try something on TH14?

  23. AaronFC said

    Henry is my favourite player of all time, but we have seen the best of him no doubt about it.

    Etoo would score 30 goals in the league no problem, just think of all the chances we created this year and missed, we would have won everything.

  24. Tee said

    I would not sell HENRY, we need some consistency and he is better than Eto’o by miles. The solution if any is to buy Eto’o outright. Henry can then take his GOD #10 role and we’re back in business.

  25. James said

    Henry has lost his burning pace. I still think he can score a hatful of goals for us but he’s a bad captain and puts young players under unnecessary pressure by moaning at them. It would be a risk exchanging him for Eto’o, but probably worthwhile. Next season will either see Henry back to his best or a past it Henry struggling to be the player he once was and only scoring against the crappy teams.

  26. Anonymous said

    Guys there is need to observe a public moaning that henty is putting accross by lambasting our young team in the press like that. Dont you see he does not either respect them or trust them at all. This is not good spirit. Football is a team based game, you shoulder your collegues shortcomings not blasting them in the press like that.

  27. Geekov said

    Bet most people thought Sheva would score tonnes in the league, didnt they? Never happened did it.

    Swapping Henry for Eto’o makes ZERO sense. Get real.

    Before you slate the club captain and record goal scorer, try actually reading whta he said about the kids. He weren’t slating them, just saying we need older heads as well. Well, durrr! Aren’t we all of that opinion?

  28. mATT said

    I’d probably go for it, Henry doesnt link well with any of the strikers we currently have and its a big problem. Eto’o and Van P would suite each other better imo.

  29. DAF said

    Ever thought it might just all be a smokescreen? Henry’s going nowhere. We will not be signing any out and out strikers this summer – nor do we need them.

    Whilst everyone is speculating about Eto’o/Henry/Barca/Inter etc, Arsene will probably sneak out the back door and grab someone else we least expect. Or maybe Ribery. Or maybe not. But, no Eto’o and Henry is staying.

  30. Loki said


    Wise up guys Henry for at least the last two season has looked less and less affective whether it be that teams now know how to defend against him or just that he doesn’t even seem to want it anymore, I’d say Get Eto he’s a hard working, goal poacher who has pace and quick feet we have needed one of them since for a while now. Plus it will free up the captains armband for someone who actually has a fighting attitude (i.e. Gilberto or Toure). Fuck off Henry get Eto and the money to buy some quality wingers.

  31. Amir said

    Crap rumour.

  32. Thats just too expensive when you think about how much Arsenal earn on merchindise on Henry. If he went to Barca they would get shitloads of more sales, so it would be a super deal for them.

    Eto is a superb footballer that would make shitloads of goals in the premiership, but he is not an artist. I think Henry could come back next season as the Premierships best player again and we would be shooting ourselves in the foot if we sold him.

  33. Darren said

    Eto’o for Henry + 15 Millions? I doubt Etoo’s loyalty actually, we will have more rumors and he will talk nonsense to the press all the time (criticize whoever he doesn’t like in the team)

    I’m tired listening to all rumors surrounding our French Stars like PV (in the past) and TH (all the time).

    The sad thing is players like PV and TH, as the captain prefer to keep all the rumors spreading wildly and they don’t really sound convincing enough to pay their gratitude to Arsene Wenger. I mean they are nothing without Arsene’s guidance at first place.

    “I’m Arsenal player for now” , what kind of captain is that? Your young juniors are looking at you for inspiration and morale support, TH.

    Learn to show gratitude to the team and coach like D.Beckham.

  34. Siso said

    You people talk some crap sometimes, who the hell says Eto’o started the trouble at Barca, thats not how i remember the stories, because i specifically remember Ronaldinho and Rijkarrd havin press conferences first and Eto’o even said hinself that if you are going to criticise him tell him to his face, IMAGINE Arsene and Henry having press conferences criticising Fabregas for example, in the press not internally, I would be pissed off too, and for people to call him a mercinery, YOU DO NOT KNOW HIM, do not lie and pretend you are well versed when you know utter FA about anything you idiot. Oh and Barca would let Eto’o go because in a sense its either him or Ronaldinho. Now ask yourselves, who has a better marketing value, then you have T.Henry and Laporta will be laughing all the way to the bank, thats why they wouldnt care about the age difference. Dont get me wrong im not supporting this exchange Im jus crucifying these idiots who want to impress themselves by pretending they know wat they are talking about when they probs only support football on the internet and have no concept of reality.

  35. Jimmy said

    No way would we get a deal like that. Barca said a few weeks ago they valued him at £30million so i can’t see them offering another £17million to secure a 30 year old player who needs to prove his fitness next season.

  36. Gus J. said

    I have to say that I am quite surprised at the support Henry is getting from the comments.

    Okay, I guess I am a minority then. I do hope that I am proven wrong as I would love to see Thierry come back even half the player he was three years ago.

    Don’t quite see it happening though. Remember, the team appears in transition and Henry has pretty much won everything there is to win. What’s to keep him at Arsenal except his girlfriend?

    So make the case for this…TH heads off to Barca for three years and returns to London when he retires. Might even suede mrs. Henry.

    Not rooting for it, just saying…

    To all a good week.


  37. mATT said

    Ive changed my mind on this actually from what i said eariler. Why? African Nations….

  38. fitz124 said

    good move I think. Especially when reports were linking a straight move for Henry to Barca earlier this summer for around £12-15million?? £17million plus an excellent, young, striker? You could buy Curtis Davies and have about £10million left….

  39. Clements! said

    If this is true what is being saying then i think arsenal would be getting the better of the deal! i mean eto’o is a top class striker maybe not as gd as henry but he’s still 3/4 years younger and with an extra £17million thats enough to grab another great striker aswell!!! i’d do it!!! and the armband should be given to someone else co henry is not a genuine captain!

  40. frenchgooner said

    Ok, let’s play that game: suppose Henry leaves and we get Eto’o + £17m. Things to answer then are:

    1. who for captain?
    2. what do we do when Eto’o leaves for the African Nations Cup? (same question for Adebayor, Touré and Eboué btw)
    3. how do we spend those £17m?

    Here’s my take:
    1. Cesc or Kolo I guess, since Gilberto might fall behind Diaby in the pecking order at some point.
    2. we play the likes of Bendtner, Walcott and Sunu more often, but with Adebayor and Eto’o our only senior forward would be Van Persie: that can only work if we spare him the Carling and FA cups to avoid him being tired/injured.
    3. buy a proven centerback: sadly Distin just signed for Pompey, but Ricardo Osorio from Bundesliga champions Stuttgart looks ok.

    Would we be happy with that? Well, since that’s under the assumption that TH would willingly leave, the answer should be ‘yes’.

  41. Ant said

    People from what i am reading you guys are insane! Eto is a fantastic player and to be offered him and £17 mil is an excellent deal. Dont get me wrong i love TH more than most, his loyalty and commeitment to the club is second to none but with him turning 30 and realistically not having the greatest season (obviously due to injury) y would we not sell him for a great player? He is clearly picking up more injuries as he is gettin older and we cant afford to lose players like that during the season… Henryyyy your the man but arsene for a deal like that you need to sell sell sell…

  42. Passenal said

    First of all I don’t believe it and second of all Julio Baptista came here with a big reputation and bombed. We cannot afford that risk with Eto’o. I’d take him as well as, but not instead of TH.

  43. Anonymous said

    thatll b wicked if we get eto,o and 17 million for henry. henry proberly has 1 more season in him but eto’o is going 2 b so much beta and with 17 million we can buy quaresma a superb winger a bit c ronaldo, so much beter thn ribery

  44. Ant said

    Lets certainly not go on to talk about baptiste… he is by far the worst signing (loan) arsenal have ever made and that is a very bold statement!!! but yes i agree that if we could keep henry as well as signing eto then it would be ideal. However lets wake up and relise the likelyhood of that goes without saying. But more realistically an exchange of the 2 best strikers in the world could well take place

  45. useroz said

    the deal was never there i suspect; just for argument sake it’s on the table, i’d take it for sure,

    – fans can’t have it both ways: want arsenal to win and be sentimental towards players

    – it a business; and that’s why arsenal have gone through the pain for years to build stadium, carry a massive loan, etc

    – how could arsenal pass on 17m pounds plus Eto, in exchange of an aging player who had suffered a lot in recent years and has no guarantee of coming back to his peak (or close to)

    – of course taking Eto is also risking but less so given his age and winning / agreesive personality but 17m would certainly worth the risk

    – just imagine how many talented youngsters and not-so-young ones Arsene could buy with 17m, if he chooses to!

  46. […] Eto’o plus £17 million for Henry, would you be tempted? I know I know, no blog yesterday. Shame on me. There really was nothing to discuss though. Motivation was low. When […] […]

  47. anandamide said

    Ha, you’re having a laugh. Eto’o plus 17 million? No chance. This reminds me of last summer when we were supposed to get Gallas plus 15-20 million for Cashley. In the end we got five. Which is the type of swap deal that I would actually expect to see. Henry is 30 and had a crap season last year. Eto’o is 26.

    I’d take the deal but I think this is just another summer fish tale.

  48. bradman said

    WOuld like Etoo’ but. African NAtions half the side would be absent in Jan/Feb. If Titi and RVP come back firing all we need is a goalscoring midfielder.Pires & Freddie were getting 30 between them 3years ago, and we never replaced that. To the earleri blogs\HAs titi suffered in recent YEARS or YEAR?\the latter I reckon.

  49. bibinhio said

    Hi there…
    More than Henry leavin 4 Barca its the fact tat Barca r so desperate 2 get him tat strikes me as odd…I mean, sellin Eto’o is big in itself…but plus 17million…tats askin 4 2 much 4 even Henry…

    And abt Ribery…it is almost certain tat either Arsenal or Man U will get him…and Eto’o is also bein heavily linked 2 man u…so God knows i guess!!!

  50. arserant said

    I’d get rid. I mean, sure, Henry’s great and all, but Eto’o is a player in his prime. Thierry Henry meanwhile is on his way to a slow decline. Seventeen million on top is another bonus, allowing us to strengthen the squad elsewhere. It would be an offer we couldn’t refuse.

    Of course, I can’t see Barcelona having made such an offer. That’s a high price to pay for a player who’s soon to be in his thirties and who had a troublesome last season of constant injuries. What we’d be getting is a younger replacement, and one who I could see fitting fairly easily into the Premiership, and £17M. There’s no way I’d turn that down. Shame it’s all a load of rubbish, eh.

  51. I’d get rid. I mean, sure, Henry’s great and all, but Eto’o is a player in his prime. Thierry Henry meanwhile is on his way to a slow decline. Seventeen million on top though is another bonus, allowing us to strengthen the squad elsewhere. It would be an offer we couldn’t refuse.

    Of course, I can’t see Barcelona having made such an offer. That’s a high price to pay for a player who’s soon to be in his thirties and who had a troublesome last season of constant injuries. What we’d be getting is a younger replacement, and one who I could see fitting fairly easily into the Premiership, and £17M. There’s no way I’d turn that down. Shame it’s all a load of rubbish, eh.

  52. yunus tijjani said

    Etoo is a good player no doubt. But the guy look arrogant to me. His coming to ARSENAL might affect the cordiality in the team. In BARCA he is always at loggerhead with the management, coaches and the team mates. We dont want that in our own team. Let them keep him with their money.

  53. Chet said

    Im sorry but I cant listen to this rubbish about biting there arm off. TH14 is our main man and by him linkin up with Eto at Arsenal would send a real warning to the rivals that , we too are serious about winning silverware. I dont want Arsenal to have players who have no experiience of winning any silverware with us. If Henry stays, he can explain to Eto what its like to play for us , and the joys of bringing success to Arsenal and how we hero worship these players in exchange for some silverware. All this news is seriosuly begining to affect my health. I cant sleep properly, wake up thinking of Arsenal and go sleep thinging the same. Pls pls pls pls Arsenal FC board of directors and money men, pls read this email and understand, we need some finacial injection for the team. Dont throw us lines such as ” Arsene has money if he wants it”. blah blah. We have heard all this before. Lets show the players we have and others that we mean real business this season. Pls excuse my rant, as I am one the supporters who has been telling fellow gooners to have patience with Arsene and the club, that we do things properly and that we will have a great team again. Pls pls pls prove me right and all the other moaning gooners wrong!!!

  54. eto FOR henry? hell no.

    eto WITH henry? maybe. but most probably in your dreams or winning eleven soccer game.

    NO eto AND henry? no worries about the former; i don’t want to hear another piece of crap like the latter.

    think everyone’s getting pretty tired ( from being irritated ) with listening to all these stupid fake reports.

  55. Games said

    Henry in Barcelona’s jersey ? It’s hard to imagine.

    King Henry = Arsenal FC

  56. Rocky said

    Though the above prospect is tempting, there are two reasons why the above proposition is implausible.

    1. Wenger, under any circumstances will not let go of Henry at this time. He has an extended contract, and AW will not forsake the trust Henry placed in him when he signed the new deal, when he could have easily left last year.

    2. Henry, by his standards, had a bad year last year and he would like to reinforce the point that he is the best footballer in Premiership history by having a great year this year. In essence, he is pissed off and wants to prove everyone wrong. And we all know how he plays when angry.

    As long as Wenger remains, Henry remains unless they agree on the parting of ways (and I don’t see that happening any time soon). It’s just that simple. So lets get a Quaresma/Ribery, grab a quality box striker (if we need one), forget this rumour and win the Premiership.

  57. well said “rocky” old chap-could’nt agree more-first bit of common sense on this subject have read all day-let’s stop all this endless speculation-we sound like a bunch of whining bitches!!!arsene knows…

  58. JP said

    Well, Eto’o, quality striker. He can grab goals from nothing and create them.

    Still do not believe that Henry will go though because lets face it, he does those things and more!

    Henry = Gooner for life

  59. optamistic said

    sorry Rocky me old China, Its rats, rats leaving a sinking ship mate your days as a so called force are over. its gone, Life is draining out of Arsenal by the day, its players looking around watching the opposision getting stronger. Then look to see where they are, and see nothing,nothing but buy out clauses, escape routes and SPIN. YouThought you were a big team but big teams need money and you dont have any

  60. toushirou said

    Eto’o is a player entirely different from Henry. Eto’o is a speedy player with good finishing,but he cant change the game in an instant like Henry can. Dont bother about it. Arsenal needs a central defender, a left-back, strong defensive midfielder and a out-and-out striker to help Henry out.

  61. Anonymous said

    look game winning ability henry is second too none, but as a captain and even team man, he misses the mark so much. he has been arsenals best but his unnassurance to his commitment after signing last year full of confidence is just getting annoying, the young lads who did brilliantly to get to fourth i think, did it mainly without henry, and the early results with henry playing were not too flash anyway, not title winning. so eto’o? i think would be well suited to our club and if it were my decision i would take it, just for sheer excitement, i think rvp and eto’o would kill it, but who knows?

  62. oi!”optamistic”you spud-you’re on here so often i’m convinced you are a wannabee gooner but then who woudn’t be?if you simply judge a big club by what they spend then look no further than leeds utd.oh & if it’s money that concerns you we have now the biggest grossing match day income in the world along with the highest club membership in the world-once the redevelopment of highbury is complete we wil be so rich we might enen by the spuds as our feeder club.cheerio

  63. ethan_gooner said

    who ever wrote a blog stating eto + 17 mil must be on some pretty good drugs. eto at 25/26 for henry 29/30. plus 17 mil .

    but can you ever see barca doing that?
    not in a month of sundays

    they are the club twisting our arm..
    arsenal will never be in the position of twisting arms back

  64. rodoya said

    i dont want look barca took theiry henry from us
    titi is our legend ,our hero,our king
    please do not do this to him

  65. jez peter said

    it would be good if eto come to arsenal henry is gone and we have to get some1 to replace him and eto is the 1 and ill think arsenal would like to have him in the club and we need some1 to get in goals and i think he is the 1 but i dont think they will give him to us but if they wanted to i think we sould take it he is fast and got skill n just like henry to me and i dont think eto can play with henry so i think henry sould do what he wants and eto do what he wants i would like henry to be a arsenal player still but he wants to go i think just let him but
    and lets just see what they r going to do init

  66. jez peter said

    and i dont think they sould give us money and just give us eto and theyll get henry but i dont no y henry wanted to go but thats what he wants let him but i think just let them give us eto and we will give them henry they r good and we dont no hu is better yh henry is 29 and eto is 26 but i still dont think eto would want to play with henry and some 1 told me that eto dont want to be a barca we was not geting on with 1 or 2 players and barca and arsenal r like the same tclub they play like the same like to pass the ball a lot so i think henry would fit in barca and eto would fit in arsenal

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