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Arsenal stand still as United improve

Posted by James Dall on 31, May 2007

News? There are a few bits and pieces. Nothing riveting though.

A late night of drinks, laughs and emotional goodbyes has resulted in an extremely late blog. My last ever night out at uni over then – depressing. We have just come back from a housemates meal out. There were grumblings about hangovers and in general morale was low due to the nearing exit of many of us over the next day or two.

Our man Rosicky has been to the dentist and is now right as rain.

There is a summary here of the which of our players are involved in internationals.

Our pre-season fixture list can be found here.

Lehman says he is still Arsenal/Germany’s number one:

nobody can match me for experience.

Obviously – you are 37-years-old.

Onto my main talking point then.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am worried. The team we finished 21 points behind have pretty much secured the signatures of three quality players. Hargreaves is in and now it looks as if attacking midfielder Anderson and winger Nani are on their way.

Now I am know that we are all completely unaware of what is happening behind the scenes at Arsenal but I am concerned. United have just got even stronger, which means we need to sign at least one shit-hot player. Clearly the team will naturally progress after another season of experience but I fear that will not be enough.

Please Arsene, can we see two quality signings arrive this summer. Preferably in the next seven days so I do not have to worry myself sick that no-one will arrive at all.

Our internet connection is due to be disconnected tonight. This means there will be no blog tomorrow.

The next will come from my room at home back down in the sunny south. See you Saturday afternoon.


36 Responses to “Arsenal stand still as United improve”

  1. Goofle said

    Calm down. Go on Vital Arsenal and you will se we are signing 2 players next month and we are all happy!

  2. Kaka said

    who we signing?
    Marek Liklkishki from Bosnia who is 17yo and Stan Smilovichi from Croatia who is 16yo?

  3. Jimmy said

    I hate to sound like Michael Winner, but calm down… it’s the last day of May so there’s plenty of time. Man U have strenthened but with three players we wouldn’t have been interested in, so i for one am not too concerned.

  4. mjc said

    Do me a favour – based on Ferguson history at least one of these three will be a complete flop, and Hargreaves only looked good for a fortnight when playing for England (which isn’t difficult!).
    I wouldn’t want any of those three playing for us, and in fact, aside from Ronaldo (who Wenger would have signed if ManU hadn’t tripled our offer), I honestly can’t think of a single ManU player I’d want in the Arsenal squad. I’d even rather have van Persie to Rooney. So relax….

  5. Loki said

    no he is right guys i’m getting sick and tired of AW buying infants or second rate stars while manure and chelsea buy fork out for all the talent (and don’t kid yourself Mjc it is talent you don’t win the league with just luck), i totally agree with this statement and condone every word of it. I mean for christ sakes even our skipper Henry said it himself we need some proper investing in this club or heaven forbid fall lower than 4th place.

    And someone please tell me why the hell Alluediere (or however u spell his bloody name) is still in our squad he’s been here as long as henry and stunk up the feild every time.

  6. Danish Gooner said

    Stan Smilovichi…………..Nice one

  7. Fabian said

    Sorry guys but Anderson is the next big one and Nani is a fantastic prospect. Nani will be the new Cristiano ronaldo or Quaresma. Anderson is already i very good player maybe not as good as Cesc but for sure better than all the orders we have (denilson, Merida, diaby,…). The only thing is will he adapt to england.
    Hope wenger will buy a winger Malouda or quaresma would do the job but please not Ribery he isn’t that good at all.

  8. mjc said

    Like I said, Wenger signed Ronaldo, but he then got poached by ManU. He hasn’t tried to sign Nani or Anderson. And I’m sorry, Ferguson doesn’t have ANY record of bringing through excellent young players (with the exception of CR) for TEN years.

  9. Alfonso Smith said

    So Saf thinks he has the title in his hand .Think Veron and Forlan.I do hope AW signs a quality player and stops playing the beautiful soccer.Enuf has been said abt the pretty soccer.Now to get to business which means winning matches and scoring goals not weaving intricate patterns around the opponents goalmouth and for that you do not eeven have to spend a euro.

  10. Loki said

    you don’t need to bring through good players if you’ve got the recources and the will to pay for allready good players and as much as i hate Man U and furgy i have to admit he has put together a mix of good hard working players and quick technical flair players, all AW seems to like is the light weights for example we’re about to lose Flamini (if he hasn’t already gone i’m not sure) and he’s done a lot for this seasons campaign to keep us in it he works hard and scores some very important goals, yet he is overlooked and will prob leave just like Edu who i still reckon was a great asset

  11. mjc said

    Flamini is a journeyman. No loss to us.
    And back on the topic, strange that both the ManU portuguese signings have the same agent as Ronaldo. Strikes me that Ferguson was railroaded into paying the money so he wouldn’t lose out to Spurs. And if these guys were in the slightest bit serious about signing for Spurs, then they MUST be shit….

  12. Loki said

    Flamini no loss!!!! i have no doubt in my mind that if it where not without his efforts we would have finished lower then 4th i can count a couple of matches in which he scored match winning goal (shock! and they where from outside the penalty box) and if he goes who’s the main candidate to go in his stead Hleb (oh i’m exited now i can’t wait). Plus have you even watched Anderson he’s absolutely brilliant (true whether he’s good in EPL only time will tell) he’s already far better than C.ronaldo when he first came to the EPL from what i’ve seen he’s got a hell of a lot to offer.

  13. Magneto said

    I really can’t believe the sheer number of hissy fits that some Arsenal fans are currently having simply because Man Utd have been active in the transfer market a few weeks after winning the title.

    So what? That doesn’t guarantee anything next season or any season thereafter.

    There isn’t alot wrong with the current Arsenal squad nor the first choice team, and now is not the time for Arsene and especially Arsenal fans to panic.

    Relax, calm down, get some medication from the chemist if need be, but don’t sweat the small stuff.

    Trust Arsene to get it right and be patient.

  14. Jimmy said

    When he said Flamini was no loss he meant in the grand scheme of things not in relation to specific incidences last year… And he’s right, Flamini is an eminently replacable player….. And really i hope it’s not the same people who were crying out for experience a couple of days ago who are now throwing their toys out of the pram due to the fact we didn’t spend £30m+ on two teenagers! You can’t have it all ways..

  15. the boss said

    well actually we kind off need 2 strengthen our squad, there r great players out there. our squad is exellent expet for some players who i really think hav 2 go our of the emirates stadiun this summer. Baak 2 players signings, well there are a lot Babbel Ribery QUARESHMA a great player its just that the boss has to do some right decisions and choose the best for the club and i also think goin and lookin for some young lads is not a bad idea there are lots of teenage talents all over the world

  16. Franny Jeffers said

    Relax baby. We don’t need anyone I tell you.

    Nobody will make us better because we are the best and we will be the champions.

  17. DJ said

    sign ANELKA and we will be back . henry and anelka now thats a proper forward line. get ribery and henry will be all set.

  18. woody said

    so what an optimistic bunch. or naive, or stupid. i wonder

    so we have.
    we are already the best
    trust arsene (oh fucking pleeease)
    dont need to sign anyone

    yeh, right. 20+ points down , two years runing. all major rivals signed big last year, doubtles do same again. but hey, we dont need to

    we were lucky to get 4th last year thanks to food poisoning
    lucky again this year as bolton fell away and spuds made run too late

    just what mushrooms you lot on

    just cos a fan (since 1956, myself) moans or complains they are slapped down as anti fans. when in fact we are sick of seeing us lose ground for no good reason

  19. optamistic said

    Wenger will have to pull some kind of rabbit out of a hat this summer,Arsenal have got a very stretched £10mill to spend this summer,you hav,nt got a pot to piss in. That lovely new stadium is ripping the guts out of you.Midtable beckons

  20. mjc said

    Woody – this whole 21 points thing gets on my goat. We were, by my reckoning (but hey, this is after a half-dozen cuba libres), 32 goals away from winning the league. With a fully fit Gallas and a more disciplined approach from the defence generally (Keown will be back in the summer to assist here) we should save a good 8 goals over last season. A fit Henry is worth at least an extra 12 goals, and a fit van Persie another 5. Fabregas will, I believe get 10 next season – so that’s 8 more. Albeit I don’t expect Gilberto to score as many, but with Walcott developing, a few from Bendtner and Hleb bagging a mighty season tally of 3, then I think we can get those 32 goals and win the league (even without Flamini’s mighty scoring rate!).

  21. mjc said

    Optamistic – firstly can I point out that the word is spelt “optImistic”.

    Secondly, can I commiserate with you for the sad fact that you are obviously a Spurs fan.

    Thirdly, if you check the numbers, Arsenal are now the third richest club in the world, based on income, after Real Madrid & ManU. In 12 months time the figures will show Arsenal to be above ManU and level with Real.

    The debt that every Spurs fan dreams of turning Arsenal into the next Leeds is “only” £15m a year. On £200m+ turnover, that’s quite affordable, and substially less that ManU’s at an estimated £67m a year.

    We had a guaranteed £15m for transfers based on worst case scenario (80% attendance + no European qualification + old Sky dividend). In fact, with 98% attendance, ECL qualification and the new Sky/Setanta deal & the windfall from the Highbury redevelopment, the Arsenal board could happily free up £60m for transfers. They won’t though. But they could.

    Regards pots to piss in, I guess we’ll have to borrow one of the many pots won by the Arsenal ladies team!

    Regards mid-table – Do me a freaking favour!

    But thanks for noticing our new stadium is lovely. Make yours look pretty awful, doesn’t it?

  22. […] Arsenal stand still as United improve News? There are a few bits and pieces. Nothing riveting though. A late night of drinks, laughs and emotional goodbyes […] […]

  23. mad dog lehmann said

    mjc, you forgot about the 15m a year from emirates!.

  24. AusGunner said

    You can’t say they’ve strengthened, they might all turn out like Reyes or something. Besides, will these new players be enough for United to overturn their unfavourable results against us this year? Don’t know about that.

  25. Yoda said

    YA yA YA – AW is a **at! Those of you that say the only person in Man U’s side we would want is Ronaldo are talking complete rubbish – MJC you obviously know nothing about football and little more about quality when you see it – just remind yourself – who has won the league the last 3 seasons – ArseNil does not appear – put your toys back in your pram and prepare yourself for another dismal season!!

  26. Passenal said

    These players are both young and unproven in the premiership they are highly unlikely to set the world alight in their first season. How long did it take Ronaldo to settle in?

    Also, I thought everyone was crying out for proven experienced (premiership if possible) older players? These two do not fit that bill and are therefore not what Arsenal need. We cannot buy every player that is available. Wenger knows what we need and what we can afford and he should be trusted to do what’s necessary. It’s good that ManU have completed their business early, at least they won’t be gazumping us for the players we do want.

  27. shooy said

    get a fucking grip of yourselves!

  28. Lee Saunders said

    Alright mate, hope things are going well!
    I agree with what you’ve said, I also am shitting myself at the prospect of struggling AGAIN next season, with Spurs coming even closer… Bale is a quality player, AW said he was interested in Jan, so why not jump in?!! Madness..Curtis Davies will be our only purchase over £2m this summer I predict, as Ribery bidding will get too high. Gutting!

  29. I’m a Man U fan! And I must agree with the subject matter… Arsenal stands still.

    In 2006/07, Spurs have improved tremendously with their best buy in striker Dimitar Berbatov. With a few more additions, they could get just on par (at most) with Arsenal.

    Arsenal despite not having more matured (qaulity) players still oozes class with their style of play. They solely missed Patrick Viera- a controller of the game.

  30. Bert said

    Heh I love it.

    Those Arse fans who think they still have a team capable of winning the league are in some kind of dreamland, particularly mjc. You’re a good way off now I’m afraid. (and I think maybe OPTAmistic was a play on words 😉 )

    If Henry goes you really could be fighting for UEFA next year. VP is a talent but he is one man and still somewhat unproven. A couple of decentr defenders and a decent midfielder. That’s your lot presently. AW knows it and so does TH14.

    True the Man U signings are not the type you need but Man U already have the experienced players of the type that Arse needs

  31. Anonymous said

    arsenal needs overhauling.gallas,gilberto,flamini,song,ljungberg,adebayo,henry out.curtis davies,reo coker,w routledge,babel,teves in to be at par with chelsea and man real and stop showing useless optimism in this present squad

  32. Gloomy Sunshine said

    A lot of sense there anon at least your suggestion would take away the expectation !!

  33. Gloomy Sunshine said

    If you think things are bleak for Arsenal then you are never going to be very happy !!

  34. mooty said

    Arsenal won’t threaten the title for a good few seasons yet. But once their youngsters get experience, they’ll be rocking. Hopefully Man Utd can own with their own youngsters, in absence of the Treble generation.

    I am a Man Utd fan, heh. But I like Arsenal better than Chelsea or Liverpool.

  35. optamistic’bert,yoda etc get a life & piss off back to your man ure,spud & chav webs sites or are they so devoid of any intellectual discussion you feel the need to be closet gooners..

  36. SOS said

    I see the Gunners on the knife-edge: it’s ups or downs, I’m afraid. I think the team’s none moves the past seasons, heavy debt and internal strife (Dein’s sacking) point to downs. Yet, for now, there is still Henry and Wenger so all things are possible. And Arsenal, the brand, is on the up.

    I’d package up Reyes with someone useful (but NOT Hleb—too many Arsenal fans are clueless about this guy’s potential) and whatever cash, and go get me a fellow name Torres. It’s then all hands to the pump at back—we have slipped these past two years because we’ve conceded too many goals. We’ve hodgepodged our back men for too long now. Go get some experienced strongmen that can take that sourpuss Drogba to his knees.

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