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Morten Gamst Pedersen our Reyes replacement?

Posted by James Dall on 3, June 2007

I know I promised a blog yesterday but after possibly the warmest drive home ever I was not in the mood.

I am in the mood now though. Back down in the sunny south. I played some footy earlier and I think I lost around 4 stone in water.

Even though there has been no blog for a couple of days I am glad to see I do not have too much to catch up on. Three main stories really. Numero uno – more Braca/Henry crap.

The second story reports that Jeremie Aliadiere could well be heading to Middlesbrough. Hardly a surprise. He was linked with them in January and now it seems they have renewed their interest. Unluckily for him he was injured a hell of a lot for us and when provided with his chance, never really took it. One excellent display at Anfield and one great run at Bolton was all he could muster. Good luck to the lad though.

The final story is that apparently the ‘big five’ have been linked with Morten Gamst Pedersen. Now before I get excited there is a huge possibility that his agent is simply trying to attract interest.

His agent said:

All the big five follow Morten’s situation. We are in contact with the clubs. Morten plays in a special position on the left and can play as well both in 4-3-3 and 4-4-2. The big ones might not have space for players of his type and we might see players in that position leave some of the clubs the coming week

Reyes is leaving for us, there is clearly space for a left footed winger. I would be very happy with the signing of Morten. I am not going to get carried away though as right now it has as much substance as the whole Henry thing. He is an excellent player though, one that scores goals from midfield and creates.

Believe it or not, that is pretty much it.

Things will return to normal with a blog tomorrow morning.


33 Responses to “Morten Gamst Pedersen our Reyes replacement?”

  1. Goofle said

    I would take him.

  2. Valentin said

    MGP is a very good player, but not one that stay on his wing. He tends to drift inside and then shoot.
    Rosicky already fill that role for us. We need a more orthodox left winger a la Reyes.
    I cannot AW paying in the region of 10 millions pounds (which is what Blackburn wants) for a player that nobody can rate as currently exceptionnel or with an exceptionnel potential.

  3. Neal said

    We need MGP and with a buyout clause of £9m, it’s a good price for someone already settled in the Premiership!

  4. Gamst is not good enough for Arsenal. Take it from someone from Norway.

  5. Orerod said

    Sorry..I’m a norwegian and Gamst Pedersen is defently not the right man. What about Robben, seems to be “on the market”. Pedersens has his left foot, but that is all. Played for the national team yesterday, got taken off and got massiv critic for his display.

    Would also prefer a swap between Eto and Henry. Seems that Henry has been bigger than the team, I think the other players would raise with him away. Henry is of course a lovely player, but some times these things happens. You can see that most of the players look for Henry when they attack and that stops the progression for players like Van Persie, Tomas R and Hleb

  6. Viking Gooner said

    Helt Enig m Orerud,If Henry wants to leave.well let him,good luck to him,he will never be the same player in another club,we just have to get ready for another chapter in our Arsenal life, we will never Die!!Bring in Ribery and a class striker and we will be champions next year, Morten Gamst Pedersen is simply not good enough for AFC! Says another Norwegian!

  7. jarl-g.boe said

    Buying MGP would be a disaster!!He is simply not good enough for Arsenal.He is more cocerned about his hairstyle than his career!!!Buy Ribery/Sabrosa who is class act!!!!Eto*o wouldn’t be wrong either……..

  8. ethan_gooner said

    1. henry is leaving .. its quite obvious !
    did you really think he was injured ?
    the fee will probly be in the region of 15 mil .

    2. jeremy WHO is leaving ?! hes been at arsenal 8 years and probly never played 8 1st team games ..who cares?

    3. MGP will never join us as we havnt even replaced baptista/reyes .. also if the top 4 are interested we will get outbid .. I mean we seem to spend no more than 5 mil on a player ..
    and hes certainly worth more to blackburn than OUR chump change we’d offer. all we do is buy young talent and hope like hell that they develop into top class players by sending them out to 2nd class clubs.. only for our youth to get disolusioned and jump ship to the likes of birmingham etc .for 1 or 2 the time you add up their wages its basically non – profit…
    we’ve lost viera-pires-lauren-sol-cole
    AND freddys not the same player he was…
    and it looks like henry will want some silverware before he retires and arsene isnt the type to hold him at arsenal if he desides to leave. its a french thing and unless we match the spending of man U , chelsea and liverpool we are only going to loose more ground. remember man city are probly going to get a cash injection
    and newcastle with fat sam will be a wild card.and you got portsmouth and westham pushing!. and i hate to say it but spurs have recruited better than us the last 2 years ALSO..
    re: OREROD
    We would love to see eto swap for henry but it simply wont happen as eto is only 26 not 30 ..
    eto would be valued at 25 mil +…
    FROM THE COACH AND PLAYERS HENRY MUST ALMOST FEEL GUILTY IF HE DONT JOIN THEM .. ALSO IM SURE ITS THE WEATHER PLUS MONEY INCENTIVES AS WELL AS SILVERWARE , in some ways i hope he does leave as it seems his head isnt in it anymore .. and that might have to do with the veira saga or pressure and guilt of the captaincy and who he took it from …

  9. Goofle said

    Ethan. You are a nob head.

  10. Cnut the Viking said

    MGP is fucking shit,I’m Norwegian by the way.

  11. Forny said

    Morten Isn’t good enough for arsenal.. If you’ve every seen the norwegian national team you would think the same thought.. MGP Sucks there.., I could agreed he had a good run at blackburn from the middle of last season, but that’s is not good enough, to be an arsenal player..
    He is very alike Thomaz R, and in my opinion, Thomaz i s much much better.

  12. I miss the Ice Man! said

    I don´t think “Gamsten” is so bad, he´s always good in the games against us. But it is true, buying him does not give us anything new. He is not “supersub” material.

    I saw Denmark play Sweden yesterday, and Sweden were lucky Nicklas Bendtner didn´t play from start. He looked good when he came on, and had several shots from both inside and outside the box. He can be good for us next season, he is big and he has a babyface, so he could be the supersub we need.

    Another attacking player, who played for Sweden yesterday, who I would love to see in an Arsenal shirt is Johan Elmander (scored two goals). He has the same heart and fearlessness as Freddie, but he is bigger, stronger, faster and he can score goals with both his feet and head. He can give something new to Arsenals game that we lost when Freddie got old and injured. He plays for newcomer Toulouse in the French league and he was picked in the French league “team of the year”. He was also nominated for the player of the year award. So please Wenger, go to France and buy a Swede!

  13. optamistic said

    Ethan you do not sound very optamistic about the new seaon old chap. I have to agree on most points you make though

    There is one other point i would like to bring up, is, Wenger will go too

  14. augie said

    Our standards are dropping if we think mgp is good enough to play for The Arsenal. Alright he looked good at times for blackburn but surrounded by the rest of hughes’s thugs that wouldn’t be so hard. I too am convinced that henry is off and i think all gooners would admit that if his heart isn’t 100% with us (which it clearly isn’t) then his departure would be for the best. Call me a dreamer but I am convinced that we will sign either eto or torres this summer – wenger met with ath madrid officials last week and may have suggested a deal for torres which would see reyes & cash go to them ? This summer isn’t about matching the spending of manure,chelski or the mickey mousers but it is about adding 3 quality additions to our team/squad. Here’s also hoping that DD doesn’t go to the toon

  15. Daran said

    MGP is not the man we need at Arsenal – not that AW seems to care but Baptista was crucified by the fans from Brazil – they couldnt believe clucbs in Europe were chasing him!! Its the same for MGP – I trust the “home” fans judgement on this!!

    I think Thierry should go now – he has had his day and in a years time he wont be worth anything – a swap deal with Eto’o would be nice but I think 15 mill is the best we can expect.

    I would guess we might get Owen and/or martins from Newcastle – especially if Henry goes – 20 million would get both those 2 as Owen has a 9 mill buy out clause and its well known AW has wanted him for a long time!!

    Other than that expect the odd 5-6 mill player to come in from eastern europe but thats about it –
    Arsenal just dont have the finances to compete unless we get a wealthy backer- come on Stan!!

  16. xfancier said

    everyone has been talking about bringing in MGP bla bla bla but i dont think we need him as we already have rosicky, like some other guys said before. Rosicky is a very very goood player and i dont think we should dislodge him. now that we are lacking width, we should look for a wide player to play on the right wing. plus hleb is fairly inconsistent so i thought bringing in ribery would be ideal. we do not need any more left players. if no one is leaving, we do not need any strikers too. eto’o coming might be tempting but remember that will leave van persie out of the squad and i certainly don’t want that to happen to our “Dennis Bergkamp in the making”. We might need another defender to fight for a place with eboue/hoyte and the only one i can think of is micah richards. so if arsenal were to bring in 2 players, ribery and micah would be perfect for us.

  17. […] Morten Gamst Pedersen our Reyes replacement? I know I promised a blog yesterday but after possibly the warmest drive home ever I was not in the mood. I am in the […] […]

  18. mad dog lehmann said

    will give away my season ticket and sue arsenal for compensation if that ever happens!!
    plus arsene is not senile yet to go for someone like owen with his wages and arsenal being no 4 on his commitments list behind
    2.sponserhip deals.
    3.other commitments and horse racing!!
    so mr plastic if you reading this F**K OFF WE DON’T WANT YOU EVER AT ARSENAL!!!!

  19. Daran said

    @Mad dog!! – Arsene has a real habit of buying players that need “one more chance” look at henry – after his Juve experience everyone thought he was finished? Owen fits the Wenger mould perfectly – pace – plus that all inportant “fox in the box” role that he has been craving for years – remember Jeffers? He wouldnt be my first choice either but its a case of whats available at the money we can afford – I would love to say we are getting Eto’o but unless its a swap deal for Henry its not going to happen. But if we get £15-20 mill for Henry I can see him spending it on Owen and Martins as a joint bid!!

    Lots of talk about Tomas R going to Athletico too – something isnt right at the club?

  20. ethan_gooner said

    Goofle you are a knob head !!?
    cant even leave any constructive critism..
    IM A RED AND WHITE arsenal gunners fan .. UNLIKE YOU !

    and im conserned..stick your head in the ground dipSH*TE
    but you probly think in the past 2 seasons we are doing GREAT RIGHT?

    we have lost cole-sol-patrick-pires-dennis-lauren
    bently-pennant(muamba,stokes, larsson, jeremie soon also).
    Thats alot of experience lost .too much to regain in a season. and if we loose rosicky and henry id say we are in the shite.. Im stating the obvious not being a knob head.
    goofle i think you should become a spurs fan .
    as you have all the qualities required to fit in well.

  21. ethan_gooner said

    hey optamistic,
    your probly right arsene will probly leave, DD will be a big reason for that happening.

    but you know the man unlike goofle :), ARSENE has morals and intelligence and i dont think he would leave the post until his young team wins something ( or it would be an admission of failure on his personal record ).. and if henry does go which it looks like he will (rosicky too) im sure we wont have that much success this season. You know a team takes along time to get the chemistry right and with all this choppin and changing im not sure our youngsters will be too happy with henrys leaving

    I honestly think it will be hard to recover this season if we loose henry from a moral perspective,we REALLY need to keep the players we have and get 3 GREAT PLAYERS with the correct chemistry to fire straight away , and we havnt even got our 1st big name player yet and 2 are leaving already..
    and i tell ya, gallas will follow suit as he doesnt sound happy

  22. ethan,ethan,ethan.stop please.i have no doubt you are a loyal arsenal fan.however,you are only supplying that”spud”optamistic with more shit stirring ammo-I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT SIR WENGER & the great th14 are staying,no doubt about it!i agree the last 2 yrs have been uncomfortable with no trophys but we don’t have a divine right to them every year-we’ll be back on top next year-hasta la vista-arsene knows!

  23. jghg said

    yes ethan he was hobbling around against psv so he didnt have 2 play again this season.

    u plonker

  24. taiye said

    gamst will be good for the club because already in the league with coming signing namely ; frank[ribery] reo-coker ‘. eto,o or cisse and one pafect difender duo to nationcup assingment in january.

  25. larry said

    henry has to go.he is already bigger than d club.i wld luv 2 c him play 4 barca.he will surely recapture his prolific form again but not in an arsenal shirt.he could even win d ucl n world best in barca.th14 farewell.ur gr8st fan larry

  26. Mark said

    News just in via news now is that Pedersen has signed for Tottenham!

  27. I think its better for Arsenal to sell Jeremie Aliadiere. Although he played with Arsenal for eight years, it obvious that he is not making any improvements. I am sure Teesside with be his new home.
    I just want to know from the norwegian fans, why Gamst Pedersen is not the right man?

  28. Quite a similar post to mine lol but I’m really quite interested in this Pedersen business, would be brilliant if we got him

  29. ethan_gooner said

    arsene did say he will not risk him the rest of the season SO WHOS THE PLONKER?
    basically that says to me we could risk playing him but we have nothing to push for so F*** it we will rest him, ready for a start next season. as for some other GIT/twat who said it was written in the sun that henry denied moving to barca that was from last years statement re-vomitted..

    I dont think he will move now either
    providing we start buying players but the transfer window isnt closed yet..
    so we shall see..

    also rosicky knocked back 3 big named clubs to make a statement to the public/fans stating ‘he is staying’ .

    only news i heard about henry prior was today cesc stated arsene said henry is staying..

    NOW IM HAPPY! fresh news not re-vommited crap from before he signed his 4 year deal

  30. ethan_gooner said

    another good blog i read makes alot of sence read this …

    Henry is club captain. As such his words mean something. THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING. “I am an Arsenal player, for now.” How fantastically inspirational. Never heard Tony Adams saying that.

    (that was taken from a statement from him in korea over the weekend)

    so if you slow learners dont think something is up find a bucket full of sand and keep stickin your heads in it…

  31. ethan_gooner said

    king gooner . are you still sure???

  32. jack mack said

    u lot hu think morten gamst pedersen ent good enough are bloody mad, im a spurs fan and probly the biggest gamst fan there is!! hes class i luv him, if i cud choose any player in the world to have id pick him!!! gamst to spurs 🙂 cum on

  33. chis said

    he is not good enough 4 arsenal and we dont need him

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