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I spy with my little eye…

Posted by James Dall on 4, June 2007

That’s right, I have had to resort to tedious games to assist me in my desire for some real quality news.

I am hungry for a link with a big player.

Today I plan to trawl through the obscene amnount of things I have brought back from uni. Packing is pretty bad but unpacking is simply a nightmare.

The frustrating thing with regards to news at the moment, is the distinct lack of quality talking points. Currently we are not even being linked with anyone. I suppose once the internationals and la Liga is over we might see the start of some speculation.

Clichy has finished fourth in the vote for player of the season. Slightly surprising I must say. Clearly Gilberto should win it, and then Fabregas should be top three but I really thought Clichy would be top three too.

Milan manager, Carlo Ancellotti, has spoken of his interest in Thierry:

There are lots of big-name strikers, but there is nothing concrete as these players are playing for big teams. Henry is a great player and he could be of interest to us.

Precisely Carlo, there is nothing concrete. The only thing we have to go on is the Spanish press, who resemble a bunch of gossipping teenage girls. I can tell you right now though Carlo, there is no need to play coy. If Henry were available you would be interested, not could.

The story about Anelka possibly moving to United is pretty old but I have yet to mention it. That is quite a frightening prospect. Would many of us welcome him back? Quite possibly. He is a top player. I guess that we would not be able to guarantee him many starts though. I do hope he does not head to United. I bet even if he doesn’t they still end up signing someone shit-hot.

We really need to get our arses in gear and match them.

That is pretty much it. Oh the something beginning with is the letter is ‘T’ (a clue is that I can see it outsite my window) all will be revealed tomorrow – how exciting.


18 Responses to “I spy with my little eye…”

  1. Shaz said

    Supposedly close to signing Bakari Sagna from Auxerre for 6m…….he is a full back and was recently in the France Squad against Ukraine. I don’t know if he is a left back or right back..but dont think thats the area that needs strengthening. Maybe its cover for eboue when he goes for African Cup of Nations.

  2. Steve said


  3. Fab4 said

    My guess is that RVP would be one of the others in the top 3 for Player of the Year. Before his injury he was on fire.

  4. Steve said

    My guess is still tree.

  5. wiki said

    He’s a RB according to wiki ( )…so yes cover for eboue…

    heard abt figo joining hottentam…he should be joining us…still class and just the winger we need…

  6. aj said

    Interesting you say “Clearly Gilberto should win it.”

    Everybody I have spoken to has voted for Fabregas. In the current Arsenal magazine, Lee Dixon, Charlie George and Kenny Sansom all said that Cesc was our player of the season.

    Maybe not so clear as you think!

    I don’t think there is any question that both should be in the top two, however, with Van Persie third, I would guess.

  7. Fabregas has been outstanding but I can’t help thinking Gilberto really grew into his captain’s role this season. Scoring 11 goals was pretty impressive too.

    Therefore I reckon Gilberto should just pip our wonerkid.

  8. gaya said

    a thot just got into me.
    maybe Sagna is a right back not for cover cos at 6m thats some cover.
    maybe Eboue is not a right back anymore, maybe he is the winger we r crying for.
    what a thot

  9. Steve said

    what’s a thot?

  10. augie said

    whats the point in signing a right back less than 6 months after getting hoyte & eboue to sign contract extensions ? Methinks this is a load of bullshit. I’d also suggest that kolo will be 3rd in player of the year

  11. Harry Barracuda said

    “We aren’t being linked with anyone”? My god man, you must live in a cave. The Mirror alone have us buying almost a new squad!

  12. AJ said

    The Mirror? What on earth do they have to say for themselves?

    Apart from Eto’o (which is pointless anyway), I don’t think there’s been a link yet this summer with a player I actually want us to sign…

    We’ve been linked with Cisse this morning apparently

    And the rumours of Samir Nasri keep rumbling on over the web, without crystalising into anything in the media…

  13. HAMIS said


  14. HAMIS said


  15. Steve said

    Which language are we speaking?

  16. AJ said

    Arsen Wanger?

    You have to laugh!

  17. larry said

    arsenal news, u hardly know anything about football.if gilberto wins player of the season ,i ll become a chelsea did he grow into d f**king cpt role-by scoring eleven out of tirteen penalties?lehmann could have done as well.this weak gilberto that lacks confidence on the ball,can neither initiate an attack.too weak to slide for the ball[PSV 1 ASNL 0],gives possession away without reason ,gets easily tired ,cannot trouble the academy goalkeeper from 18 yards.its a pity.if this old and in
    effective players are not done away with ,arsenal will have to be content with the seventh position at the end of the season.think of monaco,psg .the team needs a strong, powerful ,workaholic,tough-tackling, to box midfielder like michael essien but reo coker would do plssssssssssssssss

  18. ethan_gooner said

    fabs ,toure and RVP are my pick for the top 3 ..
    fabs just missed out on young player of the year to ronaldo
    so id say hes gotta be in there somewhere..

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