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Some info on this Bakari Sagna fella

Posted by James Dall on 4, June 2007

This story just emerged.

I thought I would do my best to try and shed some light on him.

He currently plays for AJ Auxerre.

His manager is keen for him to stay but it seems he will leave.

Jean Fernandez said:

The ideal thing would be for him to stay another year but that appears difficult.

Bakari turned 24 in February.

From Wikipedia -“He received his first call-up for the senior France National Team on May 24, 2007 for the Euro 2008 Qualifiers against Ukraine and Georgia.”

He is just under 5ft 8″ tall.

It seems his natural position is right back. According to Football Manager (I know, I know!) he can also play at left back.

£6 million is the fee being mentioned.

Now let’s pretend we do bring him in – we already have Hoyte and Eboue, both who signed long-term contracts recently. Eboue will of course feature in the African Nations Cup.

My question to you is, do we need him? Surely a winger is our priority.


69 Responses to “Some info on this Bakari Sagna fella”

  1. Pete said

    My answer would be no. I can’t see why we’d spend six million of a limited budget on a position where we could be sewn up for years. It makes no sense.

    Probably the old trick – they like to sell papers off the back of having at least one story about each of the top clubs (aim for their target market). But there’s precisely zip going on right now, unless they wanted to make up a new number for Thierry’s price tag to Barca….

  2. Northern Gooner said

    If we bring in a new right back, then maybe Eboue could be pushed further up field and play on the wing? His ability to defend isnt great, but going forward is his strong side. Hi could become our new right side midfielder

  3. Lanky10 said

    May be paper trash talk but Eboue was used on the wing at Portsmouth. Maybe AW sees him as our new RW with this bloke coming in to challenge/cover hoyte. Not beyond the realms of possibility. Or maybe AW will make him a striker/goalie?

  4. An excellent suggestion Northern Gooner. I do agree that could well be a possibilty.

    I do think we need to sign a left sided midfielder though. One who naturally hugs the line.

  5. gp said

    The African Nations Cup aside perhaps AW thinks that neither Eboue or Hoyte are up to it. Eboue is very suspect defensively and his temperament is very poor. Hoyte is better defensively but offers very little going forward.

    I also read that Sagna used to be a striker……. perhaps he’s the ultimate utility player !!!!

  6. Gp I read that too!

  7. Lanky10 said

    And there was me taking the p*ss

  8. Steve said

    From all accounts he was a striker in his younger days and was moved to full back.

  9. Franny Jeffers said

    Yeah and I heard that we’re getting Titus Bramble in to cover for Toure.

  10. Steve said

    And Franny Jeffers back to cover TH14 Franny Jeffers????

  11. Dsurg said

    Seems like we get linked to every French player that gets a first call up…We should all have seen this before. Alou Diarra, Briand, Bodmer, Kaboul…it always happens

  12. Pete said

    I don’t buy the Eboue moving forward argument – it’s got merit, but Wenger likes his full backs to roam forward and most of them learn the attacking side of the game before the defensive side. Years ago, Cole couldn’t tackle.

    Eboue could be a superb right back if he sorted his positioning and his head out, whereas as an out and out winger he’d have to be an attacking matchwinner, which I don’t see.

  13. ethan_gooner said

    theres a reason for 15 million or 20 million transfer rumours surfacing about henry leaving, and its called negotiation ..
    so it means its happening, in my opinion.
    i mean think about it, henry injured for the last 3 months of the season ( a trial run alone without the man known as the great HENRY), also no
    press conferences from arsene stating henry IS STAYING 100%!
    i aint heard anything from either arsene or henry to deny his departure rumours this season.

    plus rosicky seems to be leaving too .so that means arsene with 20mil + 6.8 (rosicky)+
    poom & muamba.that leaves arsene with about 30 million to spend . 6 million for a right wing back is good money spent if he is an ‘arsene picked frenchman’ . eboue is still very green and would give us a stronger back line with the addition of Sagna. But i do see a problem .. GALLAS.. if henry leaves im sure he will be on the next plane out also .. sounds like gallas wasnt happy about last season as it was..

    remember cashley cole who pushed up the wings and lauren also .. do you really think it was just our midfeild wingers that got the ball up 1 end and created chances??????
    gael is a good player but really the counter attacks on the wings where created just as much by our wing backs. and this is a possible reason for replacing eboue, hes a little hot headed and DOESNT have the EXPERIENCE everyone is saying arsenal lacked last season
    he and another GREAT central defender is what we need , ( a much needed replacement for sol )a leader at the back. We need more players in so many areas we will just about have a brand new team if you look at the team 2 season ago .
    other than freddie who has seen better seasons there aint many orginal players left…
    ill just be happy to see some fresh faces come into the club instead of leaving ! 🙂

  14. Pete said

    Ethan, you haven’t heard anything from Arsene or Henry denying his departure rumours? Both have come out and catagorically said he is staying. And the numbers are appearing because newspapers make estimates. Do you read the Sun and decide what you read must be true?

    Quite where you get the story that Rosicky is leaving I’ve no idea.

    I doubt there’ll be a major overhaul this summer. A new keeper (which has already happened), a new left winger who can potentially switch sides – preferably a true winger rather than a central midfielder playing wide, and a squad striker to cover for injuries and the African Nations.

  15. Steve said

    Blimey ethan, you’re a little ray of sunshine aren’t you. I was just looking forward to a pint, now i feel like topping myself.

  16. AusGunner said

    Ethan_Gooner you git, Rosicky’s not going anywhere and neither is Henry. Wenger and Henry have denied his supposedly imminient departure several times throughout the season. Just a few weeks a go in fact, Wenger was asked ‘can you guarantee that Henry will be playing here next season?’, Wenger replied ‘yes, of course’.

  17. ethan_gooner said

    pete : your kidding right ? the english newspapers are going to tell you that a SPAINISH CLUB are negotiating a deal based in spain ? henry is currently in korea doing a reebok sponsor GIG over the weekend. and he was approached by the press and he dodged the question .saying he was an arsenal player for NOW !
    .. im hoping the transfer negs break down based on the fees,that will be the only chance of him staying at the club in my opinion. i do agree we need a left winger and pretty much have needed it since pires left

  18. Tozz said

    Rosicky rumour was Tribal Football shite – absolutely zero credibility. It said that Arsenal could recoup their £7m outlay – so bollocksy what!

    Henry rumours won’t die down because I am sure that TH14’s agents are looking at options – that’s what the bastards are paid for. Equally I agree that both Thierry and Arsene have said he will stay – and he probably will (if some new faces come in).

    As to Sagna – I agree that Eboue/Hoyte may not be good enough (much as I like Hoyte being English and a gooner). If AW has £6m to spend on a less key position (I am sure he will also bring in a winger, that bodes well about his budget being bigger than we gave him credit for.

  19. Pete said

    Yep, you definitely read the Sun’s trick of taking a quote out of context and believe everything they say. Try reading the full interview and you’ll see it in context, around sentence where he says he’s moving nowhere this summer.

    By the way, Marca is historically about as accurate as the Daily Star.

  20. ethan_gooner said

    lets see who the GIT is you stupid aussie twat

  21. Tozz said

    Pete’s right. Also see how very careful Barca are being in public. All they say is “If the player decides to go and IF the club will sell then we would be very happy to see him here” – the rest is daft PR briefings to dafter tabloid journalists.

  22. ethan_gooner said

    yes but you know that barca are throwing out a bone, everyone knows how that starts, and given how much silverware we have one for the last 2 seasons i wouldnt catigorize this rumour as TOTAL BS. i mean if you were offered a 4 year deal for shite loads more money and the chance to play with legendary players after 2 seasons of winning nothing.. you got to give this rumour some substance .
    It will kill our chances for winning anything if he does leave..

  23. Tozz said

    I agree Ethan, but it is just the first step, not the done deal that some assume it is. I agree that TH has to think we will be competitive next year, but he could have gone last year and didn’t because of 1) AW 2) he does love the club and 3) his wife wants to stay in England. None of those has changed IF we can meet his needs. To be honest, if he or RvP had been on the pitch for half the games we drew or lost I think we would have got the points and been much closer to top in any case. We do desperately need width and a bit more agression in midfield but otherwise it’s not so bad.

  24. Pete said

    A little example of how the media works when there’s few stories around:

    Q. Do you see yourself going into management?
    A. Who knows what the future holds, but for now I’m an Arsenal player and I’m not thinking about life after that.
    Q. Are you moving to Spain this summer?
    A. Absolutely not – I’m totally committed to Arsenal.
    Q. What are your thoughts for next season?
    A. We need to start better, to give us a chance to challenge for the league – we don’t want to finish fourth again.

    Q. Would you be interested in signing Henry.
    A. We always want to bring in top players, but he is an Arsenal player and we have to respect that.
    Q. But if Arsenal were looking to sell, would you consider it?
    A. Of course, but I don’t think they are.

    Next day:

    ‘Henry leaving for Spain’

    Henry yesterday exclusively revealed that he wants to leave Arsenal, because he’s unhappy about not challenging for titles. He was asked about his future, and he said that he ‘doesn’t want to finish fourth again’, a direct barb at the current squad.

    He was cagey about where he’d be next season, saying he didn’t know what the future holds, and he was only an Arsenal player ‘for now’. It is believed Barcelona will be making a bid of around 15m, after a representative confirmed their interest.

    This is how some tabloids work. They can twist anything you say, to the point where to get any meaning out of the story you have to read the full interview. Quite often they print a story to make sales, when the know perfectly well that the opposite of what they are saying is true.

  25. Steve said

    Ethan, i would suggest that financial issues would be the least most important issues to decide if Henry stays or goes. Barca would actually pay less salary than he is getting at Arsenal. Also, by the end of his current contract he is due a testimonial (60,000 fans, you do the math). The main concern i have is the feeling amongst Henry and Wenger regarding DD’s treatment within the club. Bear in mind of course that Henry wanted DD and Wenger beside him last year when he signed the new contract, stating those 2 to be the most influencial and important men in his football career.

  26. Tozz said

    Well that answers that then!

    Is that the real transcript? If so the tabloids have been outrageous in twisting his statement.

  27. Tozz said

    DD’s loss is a tragedy, but I am not sure the board had much choice. I am a company director and if I tried to quietly tap up my fellow shareholders for a takeover without Board agreement then I have no doubt that I would have to leave! DD played his hand very badly/arrogantly which is a shame for everybody including AW/TH but I think even they can see there was little choice: ironically AW doesn’t really support the takeover either as it makes no economic sense unless it was done without debt which is most unlikely.

  28. Pete said

    Tozz – no that’s not the real transcript, just an example of how words can easily be twisted. That took me five minutes, the real media work on this all day. They can be far more clever.

  29. AJ said


    Re: DD, you have to bare in mind, at this stage, we’ve only heard the remaining board’s side of the story. It may well be that DD had no choice but to resign, but I’m not altogether confident in the bunch of board-members we’ve got left.

  30. Christhegooner said

    Pete your right the press do twist things but he WAS asked about transfer speculation and whether he would join Barca and he said since i have been in football there have always been speculation about me all i can say is for now i’m an arsenal player. The press conference was shown on sky all day long, it didn’t sound promising, although he was wearing a tshirt which said ‘i’m staying’ lol. Message is,..pete stop writing bull.

  31. Tozz said

    Pete – you break my heart! For a moment I thought that was the real transcript. So back to our old debate – it is unlikely that TH will leave, but his recent comments are more ambiguous than his previous ones.

    AJ – you are right of course and undoubtedly DD was the only football expert on the board. Nonetheless, I think that the remainder are good businessmen (the stadium was a masterclass in project management)to keep the club well run and that they are Arsenal fans at heart (more than can be said for Manu, Liverpool, Villa, Man City owners). Only Chelsea can claim to have ultra rich fan as an owner who does not seek an economic return on the investment.

  32. thenry said

    ethan you knobend you seem to be quoting crap from all the papaers.

    How many times does Hnery have to come out and say he is staying? as for rosicky what a load of crap. are you a spuds scum? the reason for us going for another defender is to cover the missing players at the African cup. when eboue goes there will be only hoyte left. we need more defenders at the club.

    eboue can play up the wing. in some games like against man u we will need two speedy players to contain ronaldo and now anderson.

    why dont you PLASTIC gooners relax and let the main man do his job.
    ARSENE KNOWS thats why hes one of the most sought after managers in the world and most of you are clerks and road sweepers masquarding as know it all football pundits.

  33. Steve said

    It is rather ironic Thenry that you appear to consider yourself far more intelligent than anyone else on here and you type like an illiterate, dyslexic gypsy.

  34. Pete said

    Christhegooner – I’m not writing bull, I’m well aware that the transcript isn’t the cause of this particular debate, it was just an example to Ethan to show how papers make stories out of absolutely nothing.

    I’ve seen the Henry press conference and what I saw was a man bored of answering the same question over and over. There are so many quotes from him since he got injured saying he has no intention of joining Barcelona. Barca themselves have climbed down from ‘We think we’re buying him’ to ‘He has to show he’s interested’.

    Both Henry and Wenger have categorically stated that he will be Arsenal captain next season – I can’t believe so much has been printed based on the back of two ambiguous words ‘for now’, when everything else that’s been said this summer is so crystal clear.

  35. Tozz said

    bit harsh on gypsies

  36. Steve said

    True Tozz, I apologise to all gypsies.

  37. Gypsy said

    Dear Steve

    Apology accepted. I am glad that the aggressive and unintelligent abuse of Mr Thenry will not be associated hereafter with the sensible and thoughtful discussions about the marvellous Mr Wenger and his magnificent team that we Romanies like to enjoy.

  38. Steve said


  39. AJ said


    They do bang on about being Arsenal fans at heart, but how true is that really? I mean, the only one of them we ever used to see regularly at games was DD, and he’s obviously not about any more.

    Hill-Wood might well be. In fact, I suspect he probably is, though I’ve always thought his views on football (when he comments) were about as developed as those of a Tribal-Football reading 12 year odl fan. But the likes of Fiszman & Edelman I’m more skeptical about being ‘true fans’ in the same way that Dein was. And to be honest, I doubt the likes of Bracewell-Smith and Sir Chips Keswick have any real knowledge about football at all.

    If you ask me, the board needs to have a certain amount of footballing intelligence, because even if they are as hands-off as they can possibly be (and in Arsenal’s case, the board is almost entirely hands-off), they will, at times, still need to make decisions that affect the team on the pitch.

    We’ve lost that with Dein, and if Wenger doesn’t do something about it soon (though I wish it wasn’t up to him), we might start to suffer.

  40. Tozz said

    AJ – I agree with all you say. Sadly very few clubs have total fans on the Board, and those that do are generally so bad at business they drive the club into the ground in the useless pursuit of the dream – what we have is good by comparison.

  41. AJ said

    Agree – ‘total fans’ as you put it, don’t often tend to drive success under their stewardship. There are a few notable exceptions, however – Jack Walker at Blackburn being one, or alternatively whathisface at Wigan (I forget his name).

    I think the ideal situation to be in is to have a bit of balance – we were very lucky, in that Dein was not only a visionary in many ways, but he was also a fan. But we had the balance, in the form of Edelman and Fiszman’s business smarts.

    With Dein going, we’ve lost some of that now, and I’d really like to see it replaced.

    I asked a question on my blog a few days ago (click my name if you wish to read it) of whether or not we could trust the current board to choose Arsene’s successor when he does go, and my answer was probably not. Arsene will probably be left to pick his own successor (as Myles Palmer said a few days ago) – I just pray to God it’s not Gerard Houllier!

  42. AJ said

    In fact Tozz, the link to the piece I wrote is here:

  43. PII said

    I haven’t read all the comments posted on this blog so someone has probably made these points already.

    1. I read that Wenger said that from the moment the Champions League spot was secured he was planning for next season.

    2. Whilst I saw very little of the Pompey game I understand that Eboue was played on the right wing. I also recall that Djourou was played as a holding midfield player. Reports suggest that the team played quite well despite players playing in unfamiliar positions.

    3. We will have to cope with Gilberto coming back late for pre-season due to the Copa America and a number of our players particularly in defence being away mid-season for the ACoN (although it seems as if Adebayor won’t be going anywhere!). What cover do we have for Hoyte when Eboue is away? and whilst Troare is an exceptional talent he is very young to be cover for the injury prone Clichy. (it would seem that Gallas is a very reluctant deputy in that position).

    4. Over the last few seasons it has become increasingly important to have a good start to the season; however as is well documented money is tight at the moment.

    In summary what does this all mean? I haven’t a clue but perhaps more attention should be given to the team AW put out against Pompey and how individuals in that team performed. He is clearly looking to see how flexible the existing squad is and where we really must go and splash some cash. He can probably cover the loss of Gilberto with Djourou but the full back positions could prove to be light over the course of the season.

    The key to our transfer dealings seems to be Reyes and whether we can off load him for a reasonable amount of dosh. However If you believe the Arsenal board (and I have no reason not to) irrespective of what happens to the home(sick) boy Wenger has money to spend and is waiting for the Spanish league to finish
    before addressing the squads shortcomings in the most economic manner possible.

    Finally I have to say that I’m absolutely amazed at the comments being left on most of the Arsenal Blogs having a pop at Wenger/Arsenal for a lack of transfer activity. The window has only just opened and doesn’t close till September! The comments are similar to those left on the Manure website after we beat them at OT last season. Their ‘fans’ were calling for SAF’s head and how he should have gone years ago and that they would never win anything with the squad the had (although I too am amazed that they managed to win the league with that squad!). A bit sad I know but it was a bit of a laugh. I reckon that other teams supporters that wander into any Arsenal Blog at the mo’ will be similarly amused. Get a grip boys!

  44. AJ said


    Re: Point 2, I personally thought Eboue and Djourou played quite ordinary matches that day, particularly the former. And Pompey’s midfield that day was a complete non-event, until they brought on Pedor Mendes in the second half.

    Generally, I’m reluctant to ‘convert’ players – they usually take some time ironing out their game, if they managed to adapt at all.

  45. pete was only sighting an example of how the arsenal hating shit-stiring media-in particular the sun,express & mail work-for ex at no point has nick anelka come out & said i want to play for man ure-only mentioned all top 4 clubs & bolton still-yet the man ure loving press promote man ure-just another example…get a grip & ignore it all…

  46. Dan said

    whether he is good or not, we simply do not need him. simple as that. if wenger is going to spend £6million its going to be on a striker or a winger. the only possible sense of this story is if wenger has plans for eboue to move up to the right wing position. or play this guy at centre back. he used ot be a striker, but that is just a stupid reason for buying him.

  47. mad dog lehmann said

    message no22 from the tool called ethan saying “after 2 seasons of winning nothing” that henry would leave..
    well you have to ask mr henry about missing two chances he should of buried(especially the 2nd one)to win the champions would of been 2 – 0 game over..
    so go and keep financing the tabloids as they need gulable tools like you to exist.

  48. mad dog lehmann said


  49. Quartz said

    I have not seen Sagna play so i do not know if he is good for us as an individual (has anyone here seen him play?).

    but..A new right back is good for us

    we can use Eboue as the strong right sided midfielder we obviously need
    Hoyte and Sagna can battle for right back spot
    Hleb can be used as cover for Eboue, and also just behidn the front two in some games
    Kerrea Gilbert looks like he is not returning from loan, so we need another right back cover, and if this guy can play at left back too that’s all the better as Flamini is leaving.

    And..why is everyone so sure Henry is staying? Players say they are staying and then leave all the time. We will only know for sure in August.

  50. AJ said

    Eboue’s been ordinary as a right midfielder every time he’s played there. Just because as a right back he’s rubbish at defending but great going forward, that doesn’t mean he can just switch to playing in midfield.

    He doesn’t have the passing game to play in midfield, if you ask me, nor the composure. When you play in midfield, you receive the ball under more presure than if you get it close to your goal – there are a lot of differences, and personally, I think it’d be a bad move.

  51. ArsenalFan said

    I think that would be a great buy, because Eboué for me is not defensive enough. He is more a winger and we could use him on the right wing more often if we buy Sagna. Gives also mor depth to our squad. I would buy him!

  52. thenry said

    steve i was typing in a hurry hence the typos.

    now you plastic muppet how many games do you go to?
    why dont you know it all pundits leave it to Arsene to run the team. if you lot had any nouse about football matters you would have either been players or managers instaed your on this shyte blog spouting how well you could put a football team together even better then Wenger. are you lot at every training session? do you have access to players medicle as well as performance records? no! and on the subject of whcih players should be signed, other then watching a few clips on TV and following the tabloid crap you have no idea if a players metality will be suitable or will he be able to play in the Arsenal system.
    once again why dont all you clerks and raod sweepers give it a rest and leave it to the man who knows best.
    ARSENE KNOWS and dont you PLASTIC muppets forget that.

  53. AJ said

    So, as I understand it, Arsenal fans aren’t allowed to have opinions unless they’re positive?

  54. […] Some info on this Bakari Sagna fella [image]This story just emerged. I thought I would do my best to try and shed some light on him. He currently plays for […] […]

  55. Darren said

    Sagna for 6 millions when we have Eboue/Hoyte on long term contracts, I don’t think it will happen.

    For eboue, i think he will become a better player next season. His crosses and tendency to move forward will create more chances for the strikers. I see more crosses and potential assists from him rather than Hleb.

    Maybe Hleb can help to cover the right flank when eboue moves forward to attack.

  56. Steve said

    Thenry, not that I have to justify myself to an inbred like yourself, but i am a season ticket holder that used to go to every away game too until my wife had a baby recently. Now answer me a question, why on earth do you go on a BLOG (check definition) to complain about people expressing their opinions? Look back and see where i have critisised Mr.Wenger or any of his decisions.

    If you find any cases I shall apologise.

    If not, I will continue to hold the opinion that you are a small minded fuckwit.


  57. Café Racer said

    This doesn’t make a lot of sense, unless

    1 Eboué will start playing in the midfield; or
    2 Traoré is not even close to making the first team.

  58. Ricky said

    Ive been reading through the comments on this blog, and im surprised that people actually think wenger is gonna buy a striker. I find this hard to believe because we have henry (who is not leaving), adebayor, rvp, and bendtner( who i think has no future at arsenal)but it seems wenger thinks he does. Oh yea i forgot walcott. anyway i think we need 2 wingers (left and right)especially on the right because hleb is poor, he is more like a centre mid and is wasted on the right. The same can be said about rosicky but he is clearly a much better player than hleb and i would love to see rosicky in the middle even though it cant and wont happen. Last position we need is a another back-up defender to shove senderos (or sandman as i call him) down the pecking order. Im not sure who is worst, cygan or sendoros. we sell cygan but he is reborn in senderos. In the swiss international he played on the weekend he was like a fish up a tree. he is just that bad.

  59. ethan_gooner said

    thenry you git , of course most people read papers
    and the internet , this is an opinion thats why its called a blog
    you illiterate, dyslexic gypsy ( i rather like that steve 🙂 )
    and ive read them all , and how many times does henry have to come out and say he’s staying..??
    id prefer to see him go on the record one more time..
    as all F***ing week all weve heard is rumours and no concrete
    statements from arsenal fc to state otherwise..
    he dodged a bullet in korea on the weekend (statement below)

    but steve the club finances have everything to do with it
    because arsene sits on the board he knows not to ask for 50 million transfer kitty as he realizes the club debt or doesnt want the club to be in debt brought on by him. where as people like jose and fergie dont give a shite about the clubs debt they dont play an active part on the board and keep out of it,
    they just get the players to WIN GAMES!
    the clubs can release as many statements as the like saying we’ll let arsene buy any player he problems.. but the real issue is arsene dont cross the line .. and by him not getting the big names will cause the effect of making our big players run to better clubs with the players ( and possibly the debts to go with it )

    this is the only quote i can find henry release since his FRESH barca rumours surfacing ..
    it dont sound encouraging .
    dont get me wrong if henry does leave i will go into mourning.
    and it will kiss any chance of our younsters this year winning
    anything .. patrick leaving was devistating enough. henry would be a disaster.

    Henry is club captain. As such his words mean something. THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING. “I am an Arsenal player, for now.” How fantastically inspirational is that?. Never heard Tony Adams saying that.

  60. thenry said

    ethan you bum basher you are the one who seems to take every word written in a tabloid and turn it around to imply that it means something else.
    why dont you get a another boyfriend u foggot and leave the footie and team management to the masetro himself.
    your views are that of a 12 year old kid, now run along your rent boy.

    steve well good on you for having a season ticket i was replying to your comments towards my posts. you also forget your views as to which players WENGER should sign as if you know about those players. as for inbred gypos have you checked with your wife if it was a gypo that fathered your kid?

  61. ethan_gooner said

    thenry ,
    arsene runs the team ?? just goes to show how little you know ..
    since DD left arsene doesnt have a boyfriend , maybe he can use your ass for a target , im sure your used to taking it up the date you illiterate, dyslexic gypsy. if the guy RAN THE TEAM LIKE YOU FOOLISHLY JUST literated.. then we wouldnt be 21 points behind man u at the end of the season you plum sucking ball muncher !
    and silverware – less for the last 2 years ..
    you green little ass fucking butt monkey , go sit in the corner and twiddle.. as you dont even have an opinion ..

    your just a blind mother fucker who must think everything is fine with Arsenal FC…


  62. ethan_gooner said

    thenry , you ass puncher maybe you should read an artical on the bbc sports page if you can operate your walking frame and mouse at the same time, youll see fab’s has about as much loyality to arsenal
    as you do .. he says if wenger goes so does he . and also another article he also says hes fearful of henry leaving .. so go put a condom on your head and whack off in front of the mirror ( like you usually do ) then visit bbc webpage .. cause im sure you think finishing 21 points behind man U is acceptable.
    and gallas plus henry bagging arsenals lack of experience is very mature and captain like ..

    just do us a favour and go blow a goat ..
    leave the blogs to the professionals with an opinion.

  63. thenry said

    ethan you cock suking rent boy
    OFCOURSE ARSENE RUNS THE TEAM he has for the last 10 years you anal rimmer.
    DD was his sidekick. as for CESC or any other player they have their views, so what? not everything is ok at Arsenal as it isnt with every other team in the footballing world, otherwise the barcas, madrids and milans of this world wouldnt be after our players every year. you stupid rent boy if you havnt noticed Arsene is building another team just like fungescum has done at man u and it took him 3 years to regain the title. the ruski mafia won it with stolen money. we have spent our money on a brand new stadium so that we can in the long term compete with the elite of europe. do you get it you short term rent boy glory hunter.
    now why dont you go support another team if you dont like what Arsene is doing at Arsenal instead of bitching about it you cross dressing resnt boy.

  64. ethan_gooner said

    rent boy ?? is that the best you have poo scooper ?!
    arsene wont be here next season you rim jamming junky
    and 2 players that have no fucking loyality are the only 2
    players other teams are interested in .. how do you think loosing david dean – pires- viera – sol – lauren – cole- muamba – stokes – larsson
    poom etc. is building the team for a better future .
    fuck your such a dikwad talking so much shite you need a bucket attached to your mouth !!!, how you can even say we are building
    a better team at the moment is beyond me ??

    21 point adrift in the table !!!!
    the worst finish in 10 years .. your a godamm dipshit, your a gold medalist of dipshits !!!
    all i can see that is happening is that we pay 1300 quid for a season ticket ( which is extortion) and 8 quid for a fuckin pie .
    this great new stadium your talking about which was sposed to generate 20 mil more in income , then we are told we will buy some players when we sold reyes !!!!

    grow up son .. stop shooting up then you might clear your fuckin head !

  65. thenry said

    ethan rent boy you obviously cant see the bigger picture as your too far stuck up your own arse as well as most of the worlds rent boys arses.
    the price of football is high every where not just at Arsenal you stupid fuking moron.
    the players you mention all contributed well at Arsenal. if we hadnt had the crippeling injuries to our main striker and defenders then it may have been different. the chavs withour drogba abd manshytes without rooney may have also suffered the same fate as us.
    if you cant see beyond your arsehole you cock sucking muppet go elsewhere. we dont need fair weather short term glory hunting idiots like you at Arsenal.
    so what if we finished 21 points behind? unless you end up top of the pile it dont make no difference how many points behind you are you IDIOT.

    take your half baked ideas ABOUT RUNNING A FOOTBALL TEAM YOU STUPID MORON as you havnt got a clue about football the only balls you know about are the ones you suck to make your living.
    now do us all a favour and go jump off the nearest railway bridge you cock sucking anal retarded rent boy.

  66. Hurley said

    Lol I was almost sorry to see this argument finish, come on for fuck sakes people, save the insults and passion for the new season, christ knows we could do with some fucking noise at the stadium games, if we just put Ethan on one side and Thenry on the other and let them start shouting we could whip up a fucking frenzy !!! Bring it on.

    On another note, this guy looks like a great utility player and having lost Flamini i think its a wise purchase, i also believe that Titi is staying, and we will get another winger and a striker / winger like Babel or someone else. I dont see us going for Riberry (think Bayern have got in there anyway, and im glad) and Id like to see us move for Malouda. Arsene knows..

  67. taiye said

    is a good player for wenger to sing.

  68. ethan_gooner said

    fag ass blue oyster bar owner ! who is correct about the th14 rumours hope you read this caption , and SEE WHO WAS RIGHT (me)
    and who is wrong (you) . now leave the constructive comments to me as at least im smart enough to read between the lines you crab infested a$$hole.

  69. […] have linked us with Bakary Sagna. A week or so ago it was speculated that he might be on his way, we all had a right old debate about whether he was needed. I think the conclusion was that if we could get him for a smallish fee he could provide solid […]

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