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Ribery heading to Germany for no Champs League football, why?

Posted by James Dall on 5, June 2007

Morning to you all. Isn’t the weather just delightful.

I am getting bored of writing the same intro to my blogs, but once again there is little news about.

The main story is that The Guardian is reporting that Ribery is in advanced negotiations with Bayern.

From the Marseille website:

The executives of both clubs have agreed to meet again in the coming days to confirm a possible agreement over the player’s transfer to Bayern. If an agreement is found, Olympique Marseille will authorise Franck Ribery to undergo the medical that is needed for him to sign.

The fee mentioned is just under £17 million.

None of us know exactly how much Arsene has to spend his summer. Although one can be pretty sure that that sort of fee would eat up the majority of our funds, if not wipe out all of them.

As much as I would have welcomed Ribery’s arrival I just can’t help but think that 17 mill is just too much. We always knew he would be pricey though so this price tag should not really come as a shock.

I do recall Franck saying countless times that the German league did not excite him and he wanted Champions League, so in that respect I am a bit confused.

Any thoughts?

In other news Merida is being linked with a loan move to Athletico Madrid. I am pretty excited about eventually seeing this guy in an Arsenal shirt (whether it be red or white, I do not mind).

When it says ‘according to Spanish paper’ in the article, I am always less than convinced. I doubt he will head back to Spain. If anything a loan move in England would be far more sensible.

Xavi has some weird obsession with Henry and seems almost certain that he will be arriving at Barca. I do not think anyone can be that confident on Henry’s future, apart from Arsene and Henry – they know what is really going on.

That’s about the gist of today’s news. So with Ribery looking likely to head off and us being linked with a right back yesterday, things are hardly looking good. I will remain optimistic for now, there is still plenty of summer left.

Have a superb day.


27 Responses to “Ribery heading to Germany for no Champs League football, why?”

  1. Sniff said

    It is a hefty fee.

    Does this mean Bayern have not/will not sign Quaresma?

  2. mjc said

    Sounds to me like Marseille are using Bayern Munich to drive the price up, especially with Real Madrid being diverted by the small issue of actual football. OM must know that Ribery will not agree personal terms with Bayern, but if Wenger has said: “Look, I’ll pay £12m and not a penny more!”, then OM are going to try on a bit of brinkmanship. Stick to your guns Arsene!

  3. gazzap said

    I agree. I thinl Bayern are a fall back option and really ribery is still hankering after the move he wants. it all seems a bit rushed so early in the transfer window

  4. Donaldo said

    Are you saying our transfer budget is less than £17million? We are getting £30 million form Sky where is that money going? We cannot go in to the season with the same squad as last year two or three injuries and we will be fucked.A centre half a winger and a goalscorer are essential.

  5. mjc said

    Donaldo, I would guess that our possible transfer budget is £30m-£40m. But Wenger will not make a request of the board for a player who he thinks is overpriced. And at £17m, Ribery is overpriced. I can’t agree that we need any defenders, unless you expect Wenger to offload existing players. The only striker option I can see Wenger going for is a very experienced playmaker/striker who is willing to mainly sit on the bench. Personally, I’d be happy this summer with a seasoned left-winger and a younger left-winger for backup.

  6. Pete said

    It is irrelevant whether our transfer budget is above or below 17m. I would imagine it’s considerably above, but if Wenger thinks a player is overpriced, he will not buy him.

    Much as people want one or two signings like this, he will not make them if it wipes out the budget without providing value for money. Because if those players don’t work out, people will demand more signings.

    We’re where we are because of his budgetry bargain hunting, so let’s leave him to it. 17m is massive for a player I’m still not convinced about.

  7. macleoud said

    Bayern is greater football team, it is simply smarter to join arsenal than bayern

    you want to compare facts and figures, then go ahead, you want to compare even 1 on 1 bayern-arsenal duels in champs league then go ahead too. Arsenal is in no way better than bayern. So if he may join Bayern now and play one year UEFA then invade the champs league next year with a better team, this is called long term planning.

    you just want to find an excuse for dropping your arsenal

    face the fact, BAYERN is greater than arsenal

  8. Iceman1976 said

    @sniff Quaresma has mantioned SPain or England as an option but he has openly stated he does not want to play in germany.

    As for Ribery, the only way he is going to Bayern if they break the clubs wage budget for him. If he heads to Bayern it would be more for the money, than anything.

  9. macleoud said

    TYPING MISTAKE, Simply not so smart to join arsenal rather than BAYERN

  10. frecnhgooner said

    I’m not surprised by Ribéry going to Bayern: already at the week-end after France beat Ukraine he said he would either go to Bayern or Real Madrid, or stay at Marseille.

    Another news from France is that we are apparently linked with Malouda (who was voted best player of Ligue 1), altough Liverpool seems also very keen. Price tag set by Lyon is “at least £17m” (Lyon had good deals in the past few years with Essien to Chelsea for £26 and M.Diarra to Real Madrid for £26, so they won’t allow any bargain).

  11. shooy said

    It was more than the typing that was a mistake Macleoud, believe me.

  12. Danish Gooner said

    We should take babel and Huntelaar for a combined fee of 16 million.

  13. Danish Gooner said

    Our spending will have something to do with fiscal year endinf and fiscal year starting

  14. ethan_gooner said

    Its like david villa and his 100 mil buy out clause,some players are WANTED and overpriced. Ribery after the world cup is wanted like henry and fabs. ribery is a big risk to take
    when you pay 17 mil for a player who is untested to the english style of game, sheva rings to mind.. 🙂 haha eat it roman spending 30+ on a git that scores 4 goals per season.. thats about 8 million a goal 🙂

    mind you i think he would fit in well (ribs), but im sure the club wont take any monetary risks ..

    but thats what is needed .. arsene coughing up the big bucks
    for the big names that win games. anything other than that and we will have another fruitless season.

    can you imagine that fallout ..lets say we have another disappointing season, then arsene is out of contract, henry ,gallas and fabs will run for the exit door also .. and we will be in the shite..and i thought we were in the transitional period now !

    So i think we need some GREAT players now!!!
    cause next season the hammer will drop

  15. notagooner said

    You muppets, Ribbery ain’t coming because your club is shite as well as tight. Your captain admits the club has no drive, because it’s just interested in keeping the money.
    You are the highest priced club to watch and don’t give me the ‘new stadium’ crap, and yet they still won’t pay good money for players.

    You carry on beleiving Wengers’ rubbish, because he lies to you all to cover the club, he’ll be gone and the muppets will be wondering what happened….Doh

  16. ethan_gooner said

    this is too the twat above
    if your not a gooner then piss orf.

    yes we have no drive thats why weve won the premiership countless times in the past got players that clubs like barca and real madrid are begging usto part with, thats also the reason your here reading OUR BLOGS is because your SCARED !

  17. AJ said

    Ribery isn’t coming for one simple reason:

    £17m is too much to pay for a winger with a history of being fickle, unsettled, and not scoring goals. He’d improve our side, but not enough to justify that kind of transfer fee.

    I, for one, am glad we’re not signing him, and said so in my blog here:

  18. AJ said

    Oh, and as for Xavi, remember what Giuly said last summer? And we all know what happened then, right?

    As for Ribery, at the end of the day, Bayern are still an attractive team who can make an attractive pitch to a player – being turned down in their favour would not be a significant dishonour.

  19. notagooner said

    ethan_gooner, you are referring to two decent players, Henry and Fabregas, RVP I’d say comes into that remit as well, the rest are just average.
    As for being scared you finished 21 points behind us, so I don’t think so.

  20. optamistic said

    Just been looking on Arsenal newsnow, and the Headlines i find are quite staggering. For example… Barca in for Henry. Inter in for Henry. Fabrigas saying Henry may leave. Fabrigas is 90% cert he will leave if wenger goes.Gilberto looking to move to Spain. Rosicki not sure he chose the right club what with all the upheavel in side the dressing room and board room. What is going on at Arsenal? I do hope they can sort it out before the start of the new season.

  21. AJ said

    In the meantime, you could always work on learning how to spell the player’s names?

    Only pulling you leg mate 😉

  22. ethan_gooner said

    you still here you nottagooner ??
    you must like the arsenal blogs..
    we have won 13 league titles and 10 fa cups , you have good reason to be fearful.

    oh yeah gallas and gilberto(brazils captain ) are crap :)RIGHT?
    oh not to forget the GERMAN INTERNATIONAL GOALIE
    and czech player of the year rosicky.
    toure ? rated top premier league defender.
    get off the grass gaylord.
    what was our record against man u this season ? hmmm
    we only finished 21 points behind as we had more injuries
    than players left standing…

    if we were still at highbury and had a fit henry things would have been different

  23. ethan_gooner said


    and 99% is rumour , the fun part is trying to seperate fact from fiction . its probly written by crappy man U supporters , as there fearful that the 50 million they spent still wont be enough to stop us this season !!!!

  24. Passenal said

    A: Money!

    If Ribery wants CL football, why leave OM who have qualified, for Bayern who have not? He strikes me as another Anelka as he seems to change clubs quite frequently (huge signing on fee everytime?). Also, just because the papers say we’re interested doesn’t mean there was ever any prospect of him coming here. I think some people are getting fact and fiction mixed up! He is a French international and if he had been right for Arsenal, AW would have known about him long before he got an over-inflated reputation and price tag to match.

  25. ethan_gooner said


    dont think arsene is the wizard of oz if he had his eyes on all young talent like your leading too we would have ronaldo too ! or even rooney from everton, and some statements do say he offered ribs 12 mil and no more , bayern offered him MORE (17 mil).

    i mean at the time henry came over from juv ,he pretty much wasnt rated either he was like a square peg in a round hole at juv . Arsenal fc made him the player he is today.

    ribery has a history of being anelka like ,stints at metz,brest,ales, galatasaray ,boulogne sur mer to name a few 🙂 seems like he’ll go where the money is . and lets face it
    bayern will probly qualify with him next year anyhow
    and he is only 24 i think . its not like hes 30 ..he’s got time and now seems like he’s got the money also . id like to see big french names like mexes or bodmer or even delporte mavuba wouldnt be bad either join arsenal ..

    one we really need to sign is yohan gourguff he can play all thru the middle and would be an excellent prospect !

  26. nottagooner-piss off back to your man ure webs i can smell your fear re next season already -why else are you trawling through our webs to see who we’re gonna get?

  27. […] Ribery heading to Germany for no Champs League football, why? Morning to you all. Isn’t the weather just delightful. I am getting bored of writing the same intro to my blogs, […] […]

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