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A video to help ease the boredom

Posted by James Dall on 6, June 2007

An afternoon blog. Simply because I have been waiting to see if anything happens.

Has something happened? Has it balls.

I am going to provide you with a few bullet points and then a nice little video.

  • Gilberto has got behind Lampard and Gerrard.
  • Gilberto will be missing for us at the beginning of the season due to the Copa America – enter Diaby.
  • Various sites say we are in the running for Malouda. Many thought he was heading for Liverpool. I spoke to a Liverpool fan the other day and he reckoned Simao would be arriving at Anfield. So Malouda could well be an option for us. Until there is some further speculation, I will resist writing thoroughly about the Frenchman.
  • Oh and there is thewhole hysteria about the white shirt.

Onto this video then. I was flicking through youtube earlier and stumbled across this moment from last season. Turn your speakers up loud, click play and feel the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.



22 Responses to “A video to help ease the boredom”

  1. gazzap said

    I would like to see a top 10 compilation of best goals scored both for and against us last season. there were some crackers. how many shots from 25+ yards did we concede? I liked Henry’s versus Blackburn and RVPs versus Charlton but that one above has to be the best moment of the whole season.

  2. AJ said

    The white shirt was gross yesterday, it’s gross today, and it’ll be gross tomorrow. Balls.

    Never mind.

    Malouda’s a decent player, I think, and could do well for us. He’s not worth Ribery-type money, but then nor was Ribery so we’ll see how much he costs. Should be a little less, methinks.

    I wrote a little about that potentil transfer on my own blog this morning, if anyone’s interested – don’t have any insider goss though, only what the usual sources tell us.

    Hope you guys don’t mind me linking that here.

  3. AJ said

    Oh, and I don’t know why Gilberto needed to get behind Lampard AND Gerrard – there should be more than enough room to hide behind Lampard on his own.

  4. Jimmy said

    I know it’s a pre-season friendly but this would have to be near the top.

  5. AJ said

    That wasn’t even this year was it?

  6. Jimmy said

    yeah my mistake. That was last year.. Still a good goal though

  7. AJ loves a blog of his blog doesn’t he!

    Oh well, harmless I guess.

  8. AJ said

    Sorry Arsenal News, just trying to spread the word – you know how it is 😉

  9. Soumyajit said

    Why does that feel SO good. It was one game. Three points. Worst season in years. But if I ever feel down about the Arsenal, that goal, that thing called a cross which we think is too ugly for us to do more than once a game, well……after hearing West Ham are probably going to outspend us this summer, and with Cesc and Henry talking about us like we don’t matter, I turned my hi-fi up and even that stupid dance that Henry and Adebayor can’t stop the sheer esctasy and the stupid smile on my face. Thanks.

  10. Louisa said

    So look, it’s our worst season in a decade. But STILL we got moments like this one. With all that quality in our team, for what it’s worth, just how could it get worse? Not much downside huh? The best is yet to come!
    Thanks Arsenal News. It really serves as a good reminder of how great the team is. And that alone is a good enough reason for us to keeps our hopes up. 🙂

  11. AJ said

    You’re certainly right about that Louisa, I reckon. You can’t let one or two games mask just how bad the season was overall, but there were certainly some really memorable moments. We’ve got somewhere to build from, no doubt.

  12. frenchgooner said

    Isn’t that a cross from Eboué? He clearly would be a very decent winger, so signing Sagna at right-back makes sense. Here’s hoping.

  13. Anon 1 said

    Is it Henry’s sudden turn away from RVP in the celebration which finishes off his metatarsal? Our season made and ended in a few glorious moments

  14. […] A video to help ease the boredom An afternoon blog. Simply because I have been waiting to see if anything happens. Has something happened? Has it […] […]

  15. AJ said

    A winger?

    Mais non, mon ami!

    Eboue is not a winger, and shouldn’t be used there – if we want a right-winger, Wenger should buy a right-winger. There’s a little piece about it on my own blog, but I’m sure you know the address by now 😉

  16. umair said


  17. It is interesting AJ that you are frequently on here commenting and Arsenal News Blog is not even listed in the sites that you like. Shame on you.

    I feel hurt.

  18. AJ said

    You only had to ask 😉

  19. Can i have more?, we fans in Africa rarely have access to it

  20. Video Blog is the next generation of blog ,we even call vblog ! Armand Rousso

  21. Amidu p mansaray said

    we are always proud when we score against man utd, chealse,but we want to see more goals coming season

  22. Amidu p mansaray said

    score more goals next season and be on top of the table is what we want, I am sure of it

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