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Eboue = comedian, Ribery = greedy, Ade = not s**t and Pires = plonka

Posted by James Dall on 7, June 2007

Another day, another post.

Off I go then – Pires has been a bit of a wolly, well more than a wolly really. He basically spoke to the Daily Star (why?) and said that Thierry should pack his suitcases and head to Spain.

Bobby said:

I think Thierry Henry would be very happy at Barca. I should not be saying this as Arsenal, their manager and their fans are all very good. But it would be best for him to make a change. Arsenal are at the end of a cycle. They have signed some good new players but they are still very young.

They maybe young but Robert seems to be forgetting that people get older. If anything we are at the beginning of a new cycle and we began that cycle a couple of seasons ago. As much as I love Pires as a player, his comments have made me go off him for the time being.

He did have time to praise our Spanish hero though:

Cesc Fabregas is young but he already knows how to play. He is going to be an absolute star. The quality of his passing is right out of the Barca school of doing things.

Was that another attempt to draw an Arsenal player to Spain or simply a statement about his upbringing? Who knows, but the less we hear from Pires the better.

A story that made me chuckle is the interview with Adebayor in The Daily Mail. He explains how Eboue is a comedian:

Sometimes when he eats he puts food up his nose and when he met the Queen at Buckingham Palace he was on the floor playing with her corgis.

What a surreal image. His favourite moment though is this little gem:

It was at Gilberto’s house. It wasn’t even a fancy dress party, but there was Eboue, dressed as a tiger – with a tail and everything – waiting for me behind the door. When I arrived, he made a big noise like a tiger roaring. For a moment I was in a big panic but then I saw him and I thought, ‘Oh it’s only Eboue…’.

I am pretty speechless on the matter. Certainly entertaining none-the-less.

Breaking news as Ribery has completed his move to Bayern. I would like make it clear that Bayern have been ripped off. An absolutely obscene amount -“an initial £17.6m and an extra £2.7m if Bayern qualify for the Champions League at the end of next season”. Blimey. I would also like to say that Ribery is clearly greedy git. Why move to Germany and to a team who do not have Champions League football. A poor career decision which in my eyes can only be put down to money.

Apparently Barca are heading the chase for Toure’s brother. We don’t need him. Simple as that.

Adebayor has declared that he has improved leaps and bounds since arriving. He says that he is not ‘shit’ in front of goal and how he is improving all the time. I like Ade, he is ace.

That’s your lot you sexy things. See you tomorrow.


27 Responses to “Eboue = comedian, Ribery = greedy, Ade = not s**t and Pires = plonka”

  1. taiye said

    arsenal should go for malouda and sanga for replacement for january.

  2. notagooner said

    arsenal = fading
    arsenal players = leaving
    watching the arsenal scum making excuses = lots of belly luaghs

  3. Shaz said

    if your not a gooner why are you on here?

  4. Jimmy said

    i don’t think January needs replacing. It’s fine the way it is.

  5. notagooner said

    for the belly luaghs

  6. Dave said

    Your obviously a spurs inbred prick as you cannot even spell LAUGHS.

  7. GG said

    please get stomach cancer then

  8. Arsenal said

    you should stick to Man U “i mean Man Garbage” you are a fan of that garbage arent you ?

  9. Anonymous said


  10. AJ said


    Not much to say really – Eboue’s as mad as a bag of badgers – well, is anyone really surprised?!?

    I guess the point Le Bob makes is an interesting one – from the outside, we don’t really look like we’re in great shape, and a player like Thierry who’s only got a few years left at the top, might well want to win one or two more trophies before the end of his career. If he thinks Arsenal can give that to him, I have no doubt he’ll stay. But I think we may need to get our skates one.

    I wouldn’t say Bayern are a bad career move though – they’re a massive club, and have already done a lot this summer in the transfer market. They’ll be back faster than you can ‘Salihamidzic’, have no doubt.

  11. “not a gooner” you tosser-piss off back to your man ure are so worried about us you feel the need to spy?

  12. Mad_Man_Moon said

    How on earth are the inbreds that decide that petty, childish rivalries and insults are actually worthy of anyone’s time.

    If there are intelligent people out there (like AJ) wishing to comment, I’m sure the guy that writes this blog would be more than happy to see them!

  13. […] Eboue = comedian, Ribery = greedy, Ade = not s**t and Pires = plonka Another day, another post. Off I go then – Pires has been a bit of a wolly, well more than a wolly really. He basically […] […]

  14. limpar said

    ey bobby, you say we’re at the end of a cycle. hmmm we got the youngest squad in the prem with the most potential i’ve ever seen in an arsenal team. sounds like he’s a bit bitter he’s not part of the new cycle. i think he’s at the end of his football cycle. in fact speaking of cycles, get on your bike old man.

  15. hey guys check out to watch the full video interview with thierry henry. he will be talking about a hell lot of things about the club’s and his future.

  16. Pete said

    Bobby’s right in a way, that we’re in between cycles, but in fairness, the end of the cycle was probably last summer, when so many experienced players left. This last season has been a baptism of fire to open the new one.

    It’s only early June and already I’m fed up with all the Henry stories, and I bet he is too. Year after year we heard Paddy was leaving and then he eventually did, but only because Wenger decided he’d lost something. Now that Henry is contracted for three more years, at which point he will have lost considerable pace, I can only imagine Wenger letting him go if again, he thought he’d lost the edge.

    And I can’t see that happening this summer. Injuries make players hungrier, why let a hungry Henry who wants to prove himself again go somewhere else?

  17. HA ha ha aha ha ha ha aha hhhhaaaa, i cant stop laughing, HA ha ha aha ha ha ha aha hhhhaaaa. what you gotta understand is that Pires is pissed oooooooooffffff

  18. Chris said

    I find it funny the Ade thought there was actually a tiger behind the door at Giberto’s house! different choice of pet.

  19. ethan_gooner said

    king gooner you quoted to me 4 days ago i was paranoid blah blah blah , sir wenger isnt selling henry?! are you still so f…ing confident now?

    oh and notta_straight go get naked with sir alex .. and stop measuring your … competition . rooneys shit ..
    and your back line blows.. van der sar is passed it
    giggs needs a walking frame .. and scholes looks like the cover of mad magazine.. ( and hes crap ) !!!

  20. optamistic said

    tch tch tch All theys Arsenal fans fighting amoungst themselves

    great is,nt it

  21. “optamistic”-YOU SAD GIT!!!!are you still here spying on us….oh & dear ethan i am 100% certain th14 is staying-all the hysteria concerns a quote or should i say an interpretation of a quote if you get my drift!the arsenal hating media inserted “at the moment”(he did not say this)which puts a v.diff slant on things…

  22. optamistic said

    King gooner you are being very very optamistic about The loyalty of Henry, He is off mate. He was on the radio this morning saying Arsenal is not the same with out Dean Blaa blaa blaa. Sounded like it was any excuse to get out, get away from sinking ship. A ship that is sinking fast. Fabrigas will be next. Then who knows, Wenger maybe? CANT WAITE

  23. optamistic said

    And another thing why do you think Ribery Signed for a club only in the UEFA cup rather than go to Arsenal a club in the C League? 3 reasons 1:Lets face it, Arsenal have no money 2: Ribery must have thought his career would be better served playing for a club who,s prospects for C League success In the future. 3: What would be the point in joining Arsenal when all the better players are to leave

  24. Gunna get cha said

    i agree we are sexy

  25. can’t you get it through your thick spud skull”optamistic”that nobody REPEAT NOBODY is leaving it is simply wishful thinking on your behalf along with the gooner hating media-now bog off back to your depressing spud sites!!!

  26. Anonymous said

    arsenal need allround improvement.d most delicate part is DM.Gilberto is shit.pls move to juve.we [need a ]miss viera’s ruggedness.diaby?he cant play whole season.we been out of reckoning along time.we have to bounce back in a big way.reo coker is the perfect answer to that

  27. Anonymous said

    arsene doesn’nt respect any player that not sure he want to sign all the top players like c.ronaldo,ronaldinho or spend and u wont regret it.if u dont i’ii b very eager 4 d end of nxt season.

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