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I just heard a rumour about Thierry

Posted by James Dall on 8, June 2007

About 10 minutes ago I had a phone call from a mate. He explained how one of our other friends goes to uni with Al Green’s (from Five Live) son. I am already aware this sounds like one of those “my friend’s, dog’s, mother told me…” type fiasco’s.

His son told my pal that Henry is due to have a medical at Liverpool on Wednesday. The people at Five Live are being briefed for it now apparently. Hmmm.

My immediate reaction was one of disbelief. I dismissed it immediately. Either he is having me on or one of the people in the chain has taken gossip as fact.

Why would Henry move to Liverpool. If he did ever leave us surely it would be for a club abroad – Barca or AC Milan.

Right now I am prepared to say that his murmur is nothing but nonsense. Liverpool now have a strong financial backing but surely Arsene wouldn’t sell him to a rival. I am not worried but I did get a bit of a sickly feeling when my mate told me.

So just another rumour it seems, no more credible than the Barca fabrications. I just needed to share what I had been told.

A summary of other (factual) stories to follow.

Just to reiterate that I do not actually believe the rumour. It is something I heard and I am simply letting you all know what I heard.

Furthermore, there is one thing saying what I am saying – I heard something but I do not think it is true (plus my title indicates it is a rumour) and it is another thing doing what this blog has done.

They cunningly went with the title ” Breaking News: Fabregas signs for Real Madrid” – blimey.

One of the most sensible comments so far is Tristan’s –

I think the biggest blow for us will be if we lose wenger cos if we do will lose the best player arsenal have(fabregas) ( for me ) i think van persie can one day be good as thierry Henry for me this season he already showed us hes better if henry wants to go i don’t see why should we stop him …… we need players that love arsenal ) like gilberto )


162 Responses to “I just heard a rumour about Thierry”

  1. les said

    come on, who wouldn’t wanna play with kuyt and crouch up front? they so are the players that henry would wanna play with…….

  2. Precisely my point Les

  3. Alec said

    If Henry signs for Liverpool I will go naked to work the day after. Wil never happen ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Anonymous said


  5. mike said

    Liverpool are second favourites to sign him, first favourites are that he will stay with us, someone must know something up there in scouseland !!!!!

  6. Ramsay said

    Just had that sickly nausea feeling too, Cant be true, Thierry can’t be that stupid. He has said he is looking forward to next season etc

  7. Jimmy said

    we could do a part exchange for Crouch

  8. dave jones said

    Mate of mines sister works at anfield and they text me at 1pm on tuesday and told me Henry and his agent were at Anfield…. thought she was lying until i started reading these stories!!

  9. Ramsay said

    oh dear

  10. Jimmy said

    I hate Liverpool

  11. aj said

    You must think we are incredibly gullible to fall for that one.

    If you want to wind people up, you should at least make your story slightly plausible.

    There is a 10% chance Henry might leave but, from what HE has actually been saying, it is very unlikely.

    Arsene Wenger said that he guarantees Henry will be at Arsenal next season.

    If Henry did decide to leave, Liverpool wouldn’t even come on his radar screen, when you consider that Barcelona and Milan both want him.

    Liverpool are perennial under-achievers. They have spent huge amounts of money each year on ‘greats’ like Pennant, Bellamy, Crouch and still have a crap team. So, who would get excited that they are going to waste even more money next year.

    You know what scousers are like. They love a wind up and you have been taken in by this one. April fool! – except it’s June.

  12. Jimmy said

    I’m just racking my brains thinking who we would replace him with. Eto’o has come out and pledged his future to Barca. Quite frankly what world class striker would come to a club who’ve just sold their best player?… I’m not usually one to panic but i feel this is as good a time as any to change that habit.

  13. Why would I make it up AJ? fool

  14. If anything I am acknowledging that is is more than likely buillshit. I am simply telling the Arsenal public what I was told.

  15. dave said

    I F ing hope not, surely he will go abroad rather then Liverfool. It can not happen.

  16. Brett said

    Henry is very goods friends with Gerrard, Liverpool will spend big this summer and maybe that’s helped him make a decision

  17. King Olly said

    He did come out earlier in the season and say he would love to play in front of the liverpool fans, and they do win the big games in europe, maybe he just see’s the fact that Arsenal are gradually getting worse and worse each season and use the same excuse that they are building for the future.

  18. Jimmy said

    you say that but wasn’t one of the reasons that he signed a new contract with us was the fact that his wife didn’t want to leave England.

  19. arsenal news is a FOOL said

    please shut up arsenal news, you clearly know nothing…

    you even start off with

    “I am already aware this sounds like one of those “my friend’s, dog’s, mother told me…” type fiasco’s.”

    and end with “So just another rumour it seems, no more credible than the Barca fabrications. I just needed to share what I had been told.”

    if you get a sickly feeling in your stomach its cos ur a dumb f***

  20. Steve said

    Thierry wouldnt swap Hampstead for Bootle.

  21. Jimmy said

    hey but Dave Jones’ sister has backed this up..

  22. Brett said

    I honestly reckon he’ll be off to Barca and i’ll be fcuking gutted…..

  23. Jimmy said

    I blame David Dein

  24. arse&nose said

    dave jones sister is the key to this, this rumour is so absurd but it doesnt go away,why?

  25. …sigh.

  26. Rocky said

    I have heard its a dead cert …

    Apparently its a swap deal, they are paying us £10m and giving us Gerrard for Thierry Henry.


  27. Rocky said

    I heard David Jones’ sister isn’t that reliable … fairly active behind the bike sheds but not that clued up on transfers.


  28. Gooner76 said

    A mate of my Dad’s who is a scouse had a bet with my Dad last November that Henry was going to Liverpool at the end of the season…no smoke without fire

  29. King Olly said

    I think the question is not why he would leave. It is why would he stay? What has been said since Dein left, What has been said around rebuilding for next season, with poor runs in the cups and 4 th in the league were is the finacial backing coming from if they want some experience to challenge the top 3?

  30. Jimmy said

    those cheeky scousers. They love a bit of optimism.

  31. thenry said

    if he leaves it will be for barca or milan. he has already stated that he could never play for another english club. can you imagin living in liverpool URGHHHH!!!!!!!!

  32. Jimmy said

    why would he stay? We’ll the fact that he’s under contract might play a part.

  33. King Olly said

    can he buy his way out of it?

  34. Basars said

    I think the board should resign. They are at fault for why it has come this far…

    Let´s bring Stan K with his USD in, DD back on the board and let´s start BUYING some players instead of selling

  35. Jimmy said

    good bit of overreaction Basars. that’s what we like to see.

  36. Rocky said

    Anyone got any pics of Dave Smith’s sister ?

  37. Jimmy said

    no he can’t buy his way out of it as he only signed it last summer. The fact is that we would never let him leave for any price.

  38. Gooner76 said

    Can’t buy his way out as he has three years left, he has also said he would never leave Arsenal but it is increasigly obvious that he wants to, so why should we take his word that he would never play for an English club?

  39. Jimmy said

    who’s dave smith?

  40. AJ said

    Eh? My post vanished!”

  41. Jimmy said

    i can’t see he would ever have the choice. we would never accept a bid from liverpool

  42. Rocky said

    Dave Jones’ mate …. oops !

  43. Sorry AJ wordpress has been a bit funny recently. My comments have not been coming up.

  44. ed said

    Well Henry is the new face of Reebok and Liverpool do have them as the kit sponsers maybe its like Rooney and Nike and him going to Utd. I did hear a while ago that Fernando Torres would only go to another Nike sponsered club like Utd we will have to wait and see may Reebok have put some money in to the deal to bring the face of their brand to a Reebok Club ?

  45. AJ said

    We all know this is garbage, seriously…

    Take heart bloggs, I still love you!

    That said, I can see Thierry MAYBE leaving, but honestly, would we sell him to the scally scousers? Not in a billion trillion years.

  46. Hence me saying that in the blog…

  47. dave jones said


  48. Eric said

    Bad news boys!
    I was picking up carpets for cleaning at Anfield and saw Henry there, went out and bet all my savings on the transfer, don’t even doubt it.

  49. Dan said

    According to a few websites, William Hill were quoting odds of 10/1 for Henry to join Liverpool 2 days ago. There has been so much betting activity that the odds have been slashed to 3/1.

    Smoke without fire?

  50. tone6 said

    ur just making things worse with this inane rumour spreading

    any chance of an intelligent blog???

  51. Gunner's lament said

    Henry for Sissoko and £5,000,000 – we’re a bit short on central midfielders so that could work out well.
    Sell Cesc to Barca for £20M and jettison freddy.
    Left-winger is already on the way and with RVP, Adebayor, Bendtner and Walcott up front some of the Barca money can be spent on a versatile midfielder (Hleb and Rosicky can play both wings, GIlberto/Sissoko defensive, Diaby/Rosicky offensive), a promising 16 yr old, and maybe Wright-Phillips from Chelsea. Any new players will be forewarned that Wenger will be leaving in summer 2008 so they’ll be no abandoning ship after one season.
    It may not be a Championship-winning squad, but good enough for 4th, eh?

  52. AJ said

    Is that so Eric?

    If you’re going all the way to Anfield to get your carpets cleaned though, I’d wager that your savings aren’t worth too much.

  53. Gooner said

    That’s a fact, folks. He’s in Liverpool having his balls cupped and being asked to cough right now. I know this see, and that person in Italy on the RBK tour, who was in India earlier this week, that’s Henry’s double. He’s got a double, didn’t you know, like Saddam.

    And, while I’m here, I can exclusively reveal that the Titanic was hit by a laser from a passing UFO and sank – but not before many of the people on board were zapped inside for medical experiments then put back on earth…

    They call them Liverpool fans now – they’re the best in the world – at theft, violence, sour-humoured badinage.

    Must go, Nurse is coming with my tablets. Yiou’ve no idea how she makes me take them.


  54. AJ said

    I heard that Steven Gerrard and £20m was the fee being paid.

    Bit cheap I reckon – I’d want the deeds to Anfield too.

  55. daves got a small 1 said

    my grandads friends sisters cousins nextdoor neighbour said dave jones has a small cock

  56. daves got a small 1 said

    tiny infact!!!!!!!!!!! poor sod!

  57. Tristan said

    i thinke the bigest blow for us will be if we lose wenger cos if we do will lose the best player arsenal have(fabregas) ( for me ) i thinke van persi can one day be good as thierry henry foe me this sesson he alredy showd us hes better if henry wants to go i dont see why should we stop him …… we need players that love arsenal 🙂 like gilberto 🙂

  58. you idiot said


  59. From Henry to Dave’s genitles – brilliant stuff

  60. Tristan makes the perfect point in my opinion

  61. daves got a small 1 said

    you said it tristan

  62. dave jones said

    should of sold him to barcelona last season… theres no way will get 30mil now….
    With vela, ice man2, vincent van de berg, kanu2, fran merida perez the futures bright…. the futures white and purple !! i think the new arsenal pitch was a little to big for grandpa TT…. time to move him along…. he peaked 3 years ago….!!

  63. daves got a small 1 said

    hahaha @ dave

  64. Edy said

    Wish is the father of the thought i feel

  65. AJ said


    I’m not sure how much you’ve seen of half of those youth players – I suspect very little, because if you had, you’d know that Vincent Van Den Berg is a very marginal figure, even in the Arsenal youth. We sure as heck aren’t going to built the future around him.

    Which makes me wonder how much you’ve seen of Merida or Vela either, to be honest.

  66. daves got a small 1 said

    fok u dave, titi’s the best player we ever had and u want to move him on after 1 bad season plagued with injuries what a cock u r

  67. daves got a small 1 said

    a fully fit henry next season will kill the league AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

  68. Mike said

    This is all Bull

  69. Gunner's lament said

    Remember Petit and Overmars? I think the famously judicious Wenger could decide to sell Henry and Fabregas to Barca for around £40M this summer – three quarters of which would go towards the blockbusting stadium loan, but imagine what Wenger could do with £10M and a room full of teenagers? Then next summer when he leaves we can bring in a quality manager like Glenn Roeder.

  70. AJ said

    Ho ho ho Lament.

    I’m interested in what you’ve got to say next!

  71. arse on fire said

    Well as a matter of Class. Who would want to play with Crouch and Kuyt?
    Liverpool have the best fans in the world and they are a good team.Infact a very good team but not the great team they used to be.

  72. tor said

    Why would you even write that bullshit? Off course he’s not off to Liverpool. god damn this silly season. you say that the media makes it worse, but some of you bloggers keep escalating it with this none sense.

  73. MagicHat said

    TH14 is not a hubcap. Therefore, he can’t be nicked by the Scousers.

  74. dave jones said

    ive seen enough to know hes better than sidwell !! and chelsea are buying that waste of space!! as long as the man wenger stays he could probably even turn you into a decent player…. !!

  75. Gunner's lament said

    Well AJ, I advocate a revolutionary 3-3-2-2 formation, with Gilberto reverting to CB and the dynamic power of Toure running the midfield. So:
    Senderos, Gilberto, Gallas
    Rosicky, Toure, Diaby
    RVP, Adebayor,
    Bendtner, Walcott,
    With Eboue and Clichy as pacey replacements for Rosicky and Diaby….winner!

  76. AJ said

    Van den Berg is better than Sidwell?

    I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed to hear that, whilst Ginger Steve is a CM, Van Den Berg is in fact a winger. And a pretty ordinary one at that.

    Our lack of quality wingers runs right through the club.

  77. King Olly is an Oaf said

    olly you are a prize moron. You stink of mackerel, the scent that your mum wears.

  78. Matt said

    What a load of old tut

    Even a boad as unambitious as ours aren’t going to sell their best striker to a main title rival. Just like they resisted selling Viera to ManUre for years. When Overmars / Petit were sold they were a couple of over-the-hill crocks anyway and £25M was daylight robbery.

    Serisouly. Henry won’t swap London for bindipperland just as much as he won’t swap the freeflowing attacking game that suits him here for the ugly longball shite that Liverpool play.

  79. daves got a small 1 said

    yes iot dus AJ im afraid

  80. dave jones said

    steve sidwell is 25 and iceman-3 is only 18…!! in 7 years time he will be far better than that bacon buttie muncher!! and henry aint had a good season for 3 years…

  81. AJ said

    Who’re you calling Iceman-3? Van Den Berg? Seriously, watch the kid play – even relative to kids his own age he’s ordinary.

    He isn’t even close to Sidwell’s league, despite playing in a different position.

  82. chungu said

    every gunner surely knows we have the best team in the world, why then are we shy in the face of trophys?
    The just ended season testifies that our fronline was the cause of all which the gunners should avoid next season.
    We coudnt score goals!
    Vanpersie will b back and Henry ait going anywhere but he aint stayiny as long as his contract stastes!

  83. chungu said

    Henry aint going, but he aint staying as long as his contract states!

  84. Jimmy said

    Thanks for that Arsenal News.. Light a little fire, let everyone vent for about 30mins and then everyone feels better and less stressed.. You’re doing your bit for mental health of the gunners faithful.

  85. I sense an undercurrent of sarcasm Jimmy. Oh well, I shall do my best to take it as a compliment.

  86. dave jones said

    sell Henry, shrekeros, almunia, song, Aliadiere, freddie, song, hleb, flamini, lehmann and buy one decent defender and the champions league will be in the bag….
    bit worried the african nations is happening this year…. going to lose alot of the squad to that joke cup….

  87. Matt said

    If it helps to relax people i reckon if Henry was going to go at all it would have been last season.

    He must have known then about the financial burden of the stadium and that it would mean we couldn’t compete with our rivals in terms of spending big bucks.

    He also must have known Wenger’s policy of buying young players to developing a great side for the coming years at the risk of not winning trophies in the short term.

    Despite all this he stayed because Arsenal are special to him.

    Further i don’t buy this crap about everyone leaving because Dein has gone. Surely they’d just be leaving for another club where he isn’t on the board either.

  88. Jimmy said

    not at all.. Look at the number of comments you got in such a short space of time. Just shows how much Arsenal fans are craving for something to talk about.. Venting is always a good thing

  89. Gunner's lament said

    If Henry says “Boss I want to go to Barca…” a deal will be struck.
    Henry’s decision will depend largely on who we sign in the next 2 months. Malouda is a possibility, but who else? kaka would be nice…

  90. Jimmy

    You are right, we are craving something. It would be so nice to confirm a signing and then have 80 odd excited comments.

    Come on Arsene!

  91. Gunner's lament said

    What about those who crave an unbalanced, even deranged opinion on a friday afternoon Tone6?

  92. Jimmy said

    hmmm.. looks like some people need to vent more than others

  93. Jimmy said

    calm down lads, go and make yourselves a cup of tea and grab a couple of chocolate covered Digestives. Life is ok.

  94. Sigurduk said

    vent is right…. and a good blog doesnt delete peoples entries!

    see arseblog for a good example 🙂

  95. dave jones said

    whats the championship and a cordless drill got in common?

    No leeds….

    Life could be worse… you could be a leeds supporter….

    roll on 10am 14/6/7 when the footy fixtures come out… i want spurs at home as the first match of the season….

    who does everyone else want??

  96. Sigurd as explained earlier, wordpress has been being funny. Feel free to re-post your comment. Everyone has a right to express their opinion, just as I expressed mine in the blog saying I think it is a pile of poo

  97. Sigurduk said

    i see… wordpress’ fault now is it?!!

    fair do’s if thats the case…

    what blog is a pile of poo? didnt read that

  98. sig said

    sadly I think Henry is off… his body language was really weird last season – as if he’d made a mistake in not going to Barca – it looks like he’s been looking for a way out ever since – I will be gutted if he does go but why sign a new deal if you don’t want to honour it??????

  99. yer it is the case pal…
    I mean I wrote how I think the rumour is a pile of poo.

  100. Bigarse said

    Some bastard in a number14 arsenal shirt has just nicked my hub caps in Hampstead High Street.

    This rumour obviously has legs!!! LOL!!!!

  101. mark said

    i’ll take Stevie G. Done

  102. Angelo said

    Oh yeah, wenger has been talking about getting more experience in. Pt ex with Robbie Fowler then. And before someone takes this too seriously, i know he is on a free.

  103. ethan_gooner said

    Least all you slow learners are starting to believe henry is leaving now.. took you all a week to come around .. but liverpool ?
    i hope all negoiations break down and hes forced to stay another season. but on bbc sports news tells of henry stating just today .. that HE is a Arsenal player still … for now ..
    FOR NOW ? = WHY THE F*** WOULD ANYONE WHO HAVE JUST SIGNED A 4 YEAR DEAL SAY ‘ FOR NOW’ ???? Hes a very , very loyal captain..for now !

    .. NOT !

  104. Anonymous said

    Henry isn’t a hubcap, so the scousers cant steal him. end of.

  105. ethan_gooner said

    oh ps : king gooner who assured me 4 days agao henry will not leave .. are you still so confident .. your all a bunch of gits..

  106. TerenceNo14 said

    Hey lads chill, I aint going nowhere!!

    Remember, even if I did wanna disappear I just just signed a new deal last year and I can’t go anywhere without Le Prof agreeing to it. There isnt anyway in the world that Arsene would let me join another english club.

  107. ethan_gooner said

    yeah right , and whats to say arsene is staying also, past this season ?!?!
    ALSO ID CHANGE YOUR NAME .. whos knows in a month or 2 it might turn very unfashionable 🙂

  108. Thierry Daniel Henry said


    I am Thierry Henry and I would like to confirm that I will be staying at Arsenal Football Club.

  109. ethan_gooner said

    for now ?? hahaha yes what ever pilark..
    well , whilst ive got you here , id just like to tell you , your well past your used by date anyway .. and you do suck .. for now 🙂

  110. Tim said

    “So just another rumour it seems, no more credible than the Barca fabrications. I just needed to share what I had been told.”

    Nope, you’re wrong. It didn’t need to be shared.

  111. Chris said

    Throw-away line from TH about LFC fans being great (some time ago) + no meaningful football for two weeks + new owners at LFC + chinese whispers = sensational news!!! Er,.. there isn’t any.

    I remember Maradona was going to sign for Tranmere once.

  112. ethan_gooner said

    tim look at bbc web page .. thats fairly credible ..
    and he dont sound happy in his interveiw…
    and lets face it if he aint playing for us does it really matter if he’s signed by liverpoo , ac , or barca ?

    providing they hand over the cash who gives a shite ?
    we will probly have to play all those teams at some point next season anyhow!?

    although him joining liverpoo whould be worst case senario .. (it probly isnt as insane as it sounds as ETO (liverpoos former target this season) has desided to ‘turn coat’ again and back barca once more … so he’s off the liverpoo wish list..

  113. Frattonchorus said

    It’s amazing how frustrated some of you are becoming because someone has shared some information he’s been told. If its not true then you have nothing to worry about, if it is true then news blogs like this have covered a story first that is associated with your club. Some of you are way to defensive on something you actually don’t KNOW either way. Are you scared if people keep talking about rumours they may come true? If you don’t have a constructive opinion on the rumour, the player, your club then don’t waste everyone’s time on the comments page whingeing. I can’t imagine you make the effort to write to the tabloids everyday to complain about their transfer gossip?!

  114. red said

    gerrard’s coming to arsenal

  115. red said

    also, crouch has decided to play baksetball for good!

  116. 9ja Boyz said us all a favour..grab a hammer, smash your screen and keyboard…for NOW! Hahahahahaha!

  117. GBH said

    Why would Henry leave a club that is on its knees to join England’s most successful club?

  118. gooner247 said

    i live two flats down next to matty conolly in hatfield in the new builds next to the QE2 hospital and matty told me that he asked th14 b4 agreeing not to go on loan to bcfc that th14 would be staying at arsenal and that cesc would NOT leave for at least another 5 Seasons as cesc wants to be the next club captain and that he owe’s his footballing life to wenger and to the arsenal as a board, club and fans Trust me when i say now that these arsenal footballing icons WILL NOT BE LEAVING

  119. Dan said

    We can always do a swap with Crouch.

    Crouch > Henry

    remember? hahahahaha

  120. Rob the red said

    you silly gooners! he was in liverpool uni, as he is learning Spanish!!! to go barca! ye gang of cockney numb nuts. Liverpool have already had agreements for teves and et’o, so why would we want a injury prone has 30yr old has been!

  121. Rob the red said

    @ red, you can not afford Gerrard fool

  122. Molbystwin said

    For what its worth all us ‘Pool fans are getting sick of hearing this rumour. Dont get me wrong we hope its true but…. not in a million months of sundays.

    apparently he’s been seem having lunch with Ken dodd .. the lot.

    It is some very good rumour monger spreading this nonsense in the middle of a shite transfer season in which Man U have bought everyone and everybody else have bought no-one.

    If Henry is a bit miffed at the board ( believable ) i still dont see him signing for us.

    By the way if he did we would pay top dollar ( literally ) for a 30 yo who doesnt play very much anymore.

    chill gooners it aint happening.

    everybody knows we will get D.Bent on the last day of the transfer season for 20M. He wil compliment the shite we already have nicely.

  123. nick anothers hubcap cock! said

    go get urself a rat kebab you scabby scoucer

  124. Molbystwin said

    But you are right tho there is obviously no poverty in London.
    I remember fondly buying kebabs down in Lahdan, i noticed how clean and affluent it was. Not at all dodgy and grim. Holloway was a paradise that block of flats there down by the petrol station…. I felt quite intimidated by the class of the place, i almost didnt know what to do with my cutlery.

    Strangely enuff the nicest ( or at least safest place ) i lived in my 7 years there wasnt plumstead or brixton or leytonstone it was green lanes. Good kebabs there. Of course they were mainly Turkish people and as such didnt really bother being London dickheads.

  125. gooner247 said

    you are a scouser! a thieving scouser your only happy on giro day! your dad’s in the nick, your mum’s on the game so please don’t take my hubcaps a way lalalalala

  126. gooner247 said

    Molbystwin you chav whore i went to all 3 away games and not once did i feel save up in your dumb of a bandit country, HAT CAP BADGE OR A SCARF is all you fucking giro bandit inbread cunts know ( thats k n o w not no ) what to say go fuck yourself. your not ready (as lovejoy would say) for real life in our urban jungle and not your chav tower block council estates full of your fake tan future wives wannabe Coleen 2 bob scat whores

  127. Molbystwin said

    Actually me dads a watercolour artist, quite well known earns a few beers out of it, and me mam runs a nursing home after 25 years woeking for the NHS.

    I cant ever rememeber nicking a hubcap.

    I do like Kebabs tho so you got me there.

    And if ‘d been in Greece without a ticket and had had the chance to bunk in to the stadium i would have done.

    Whatever you say Henry aint going to sign for us. Mind you if he does sign for us your abuse will make it all the sweeter.

  128. Molbystwin said

    Gooner 247, although i am thoroughly non-violent type i have to say i am delghted that you didnt feel safe up in liverpool. Try eating your chips next time and not wearing them and see if that makes a difference.

  129. […] I just heard a rumour about Thierry About 10 minutes ago I had a phone call from a mate. He explained how one of our other friends goes to uni with Al […] […]

  130. gooner247 said

    is that what they told you!

  131. not a scouse hater said

    chill out molbys twin!
    my memorys of anfield was nearly being crushed whilst waiting to get in(late 80’s) and a bloke called billy carring a box of chips(true)knocking on turnstile door after being given a police escort shouting aye terry open oop the chips are gettin cold! we laughed so much we nearly got crushed!!
    and also in 85 when panathinaikos play you lot and buying a kebab! one bite and floor(hahaa)maybe it was a rat! and being pelted with mushy peas on another visit to anfield on our bus from station to the ground!!
    usually most arsenal fans from my era get on well with scousers as we are both united on hating man utd!
    so ignore these new age twats that say they follow arsenal now, most are johnny come latelys who don’t even know what happened in 89.
    that was another great night but back in north london!!

  132. Grahame of aus said

    Grow up all of you,we have always got HLEB if TH leaves!!!!!!

  133. Kopper said

    Hey fellas calm down, calm down. Now, it just so happens that my mate Gaz who’s mates with Keith the road sweeper heard from his pal Lenny that Henry was at Anfield. I would bet my own testicles on this being true!

  134. sofia L.S. said

    sometimes rumour isn´t tru

  135. Sicarii said

    I think Liverpool would be better off signing a younger striker than Thierry Henry.

    He’s a great striker and has my respect, but for the millions of Euros that Liverpool would have to pay for him, it’s not a wise investment for the long-term.

    Anyhow, like you mentioned, it’s a rumour that’s been circulating for too long.

    You’ll Never Walk Alone.

  136. Rob the red said

    # gooner247 Says:
    June 8th, 2007 at 11:22 pm

    Molbystwin you chav whore i went to all 3 away games and not once did i feel save up in your dumb of a bandit country, HAT CAP BADGE OR A SCARF is all you fucking giro bandit inbread cunts know ( thats k n o w not no ) what to say go fuck yourself. your not ready (as lovejoy would say) for real life in our urban jungle and not your chav tower block council estates full of your fake tan future wives wannabe Coleen 2 bob scat whores?????

    You are havin a laugh!!! More unemployed in london bigger crime rate, you robbin cockney reject, so buy some smack and burgle a granny…………thats what you cockney lot are good at!!!

    Sorry if i offend any other goooners that’s aimed at the small minded smack ed gooner247.

    Have you ever been Liverpool? well its a far better place than that sh*t hole :0)

  137. L19red said

    I saw him with my own eyes on Thursday in the car park behind the main stand. Might not mean a deal is done, but henry and liverpool are talking. With my own eyes I tell you!

  138. zon4 said

    Ik ben niet zeker dat dit wel terecht komt.

  139. Molbystwin said

    Nt a scouse hater.

    Ye i remember 89 too too well… no really i dont want to think about it in fact.
    I lived in around Highbury for a good few years, used to teach in Highbury grove school there and i regularly went to the Library to watch the romford pele, bergkamp wasnt bad neither, you had some useful young french player n all.

    Generally i get on well with Arsenal fans as they have a little bit more humour and general class about them than other clubs in London i could mention. To hate Man U is always always a commendation. For what it worth before the random abuse started i was just saying that howvere much i would like us to sign him and the rumours are really flying up there it seems i just cannot see him going to Liverpool. He would still be a fucking cracking signing tho even tho he is 30 soon.

  140. where have all my comments gone??????

  141. I am extremely baffled as to where they have gone king gooner. I promise you right now I am looking into it. I have not touched them. Look at my other blog articles. those still remain. a bit odd!

  142. Anonymous said

    henry and arsenal
    their love is unbreakable.

  143. Molbystwin said

    Panic over gooners …. Liverpool exciting new signing will be …. wait for it …. Diego Forlorn!!

    an 18M pound bargain.

    unconfined joy up here seeing as we will finally sign a trikeforce to better our rivals and deliver us the league after nearly twenty years of waiting.

  144. ethan_gooner said

    yes thanks for taking all my comments away also .
    and king gooner .. what where you saying to me on the 4th ? SIR WENGER WONT LET HENRY GO

    sure … in the next 48 hours it will heat up with barca ..
    i only hope we make a killing (ont the transfer)so we can get another world class striker .. then only problem is who..

  145. WEBSY said


  146. optamistic said

    Just heard that Henry is over in America talking to Hicks and the other bloke about signing for Liverpool

  147. RobM said

    Henry has been sneaking off to Liverpool every year since he’s been at Arsenal. Shock horror.

    I heard he’s travelled up there at least once a year, every season, since he’s been playing for us. I admit that the dates he’s gone up there have been exactly the same dates as those where we’ve been playing them at Anfield, but you know what they say: No smoke without fire. So the rumours must obviously mean something. Oh yes.

  148. Anonymous said

    Alot of you seem to be asking why Henry would want to go to Liverpool. Simple answer is he wants to win the Champions League

  149. Scott said

    I spoke to Henry today, and he said he has had enough of listening to cokcneys, calling him a baldy basterd.
    And wants to go to Liverpool or grow his hair.
    Not my words, the words of Henry.

  150. Henryisgod said

    He has stated he is considering all options we will just have to hope and see what happens…

  151. Why is this blog full of jumped up 2 bob liverpool fans who dream of henry? whom, lets face it have no one in his class. Listen hard it aint happening. But why the jealousy? On paper you had a better season than us. Why not put your brain cells together and enjoy the moment whilst you can. Pls stop boring us all with preverbial bulshit!

  152. Quartz said

    I know 100% that Henry will not join Liverpool. Trust me.

  153. onlinedollartricks said

    My thiery henry can’t be that stupid.

  154. “arsenal news” thanks for the reply-bit of a mystery i guess!!nice to hear from you “ethan”but i stand by what i said”th14 will stay”-now “optamistic” you little stirrer you -if you are going to start a rumour about henry in usa talking to hicks & liverpoll at least get it right-he was actually talking to silent stan about investing £1 billion into the gooners but to keep a fiver free to by the spuds as our feeder club ho!ho!ho!…

  155. SJB said

    I would like to tell you that i am infact friends with Alans son, and i can 100% confirm that Henry has had a medical at Anfield….Yet his son is not sure if he will join.However, why have a medical if you are not gonna join???

  156. JB said

    Henry has not had a medical at Liverpool. Or anywhere for that matter.

    However, i would say this, it would not suprise me one bit if Henry’s agent had met Liverpool. Henry’s agent has around fifty players on his books and agents routinely visit clubs at this time of year.

    Arsene is being offered about five players a day right now. I would say that it would be more likely that if any meeting had taken place it would happen at the training ground as clubs always do that these days in order to avoid the “my dad brother’s dustman’s cousin works in the box office” kind of rumours that football 365 and Sky Sports news routinely peddle. It would also be where most clubs would hold a medical as the expert equipment would be there.

    Trust me on this Henry has not had a medical anywhere,yet.
    It is however possible he could leave, if i was a betting man i would offer 2/1. Arsenal will only sell for a swap or a massive offer and it is dependent on Arsenal getting a replacement.

    Barca have the best options. Arsene has been to visit Athletico, Barca and Madrid while dumping the beast back in Spain, but nothing is shaking until next week as the season is still in the balance over there.

    Arsenal are waiting to see what happens with Reyes to see if he can get £5m plus or a swap for plus cash (to the other club) for a better player. Good chance he could go back to Sevilla but that would cause all kinds of conflicts for him in the final week of the season if decided now.

    It is a article of faith for Arsenal to try and break even in the transfer market, like it or not, they will try to offload Reyes first. There is some truth in the Malouda story. Arsenal haven’t met him yet, i do know that. It depends whether Arsenal are willing to risk spending £9M plus before selling Reyes. If they don’t they might miss out. Arsenal have already raised about £4-5m from the sales of Aliadiere, Muamba, Larsson, Stokes, Poom. Arsene’s doesn’t get a transfer budget, he gets a total yearly budget for wages/staff/transfers plus any income he generates in the transfer market. So the fact that he has offloaded the above and Baptista should help a little as Arsenal were paying around £1.5m a year for Baptista’s wages.

    I don’t usually post but i hope this helps to ease the summer nerves even if it’s not all good news.


  157. Frattonchorus said

    Some good points there JB, although your point about medicals not taking part in hospitals is not true. The nature of today’s pre-transfer/pre-contract medicals necessitate CT scans, X-rays and even exploration surgery on the joints etc. All of which could not be facilitated at any club. People (essentially the fans and shareholders) are spending millions on these players, and for the sake of slowing the media storm it’s simply not worth cutting corners.

  158. JB said

    I was saying that training grounds usually have better facilities for medicals. Certainly the case at most big clubs. Arsenal try a very odd running in a see through based swimming pool, to see how players run without pressure on the limbs as part of it.Some is however done at a Harley Street Clinic(So yes, a Hospital).

    Medicals – Pre transfer definately but not prior to an offer being accepted. In the case above, Liverpool would have to announce such a move to shareholders.

    I understand your point.

  159. the only medical th14 would need if he decided to join the mickey mousers would be a lobotomy!!

  160. Ina Pruitt said

    good luck

  161. hi
    good luck

  162. 【送料無料/即納あり】

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