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I like Djourou, he is ace

Posted by James Dall on 9, June 2007

After yesterday’s blog which pretty much was based on a whisper, today’s post will return to the regular concoction of fact intertwined with opinion.

There are a few talking points to cover but before I get cracking I thought I would indulge myself with a bit of a run-through of my emotions today. Saturday the 9th of June, in my eyes, was considered to be a day which held much importance. Why? I will tell you why. Today my results were supposed to arrive. A letter simply stating the classification of my degree.

This morning I browsed the net while intently gazing out the window for the red post-van to arrive. It arrived around 11ish. I rushed down. Were my results there? No they bloody weren’t. All that aggro and stress for nothing. I will have to wait until Monday now. I will have to go through that silly process of worry all over again.

Sorry about that. Just needed to get it off my chest. Anyway…

The main talking point of the day is that Middlesbrough have confirmed they have agreed a fee for Jeremie Aliadiere. This hardly comes as a surprise to us fans but at-least we have something official. Jeremie is on holiday at the moment but all the loose ends will be tied up shortly. Whether we will get wind of the fee remains to be seen. I reckon a few million quid. Good luck to the lad though.

Hmm, what next? Milan manager Ancelotti reckons it will be tough to get Henry to join Milan. He said:

Henry has a contract with another club and it is difficult to buy players who have a contract.

I guess he is hinting at the price he would have to pay for our striker.

Adebayor has spoken about how we need to keep hold of Thierry. He said:

He is the best player of the team, he is one of the best players in the world. He is one of the biggest players we missed during the season and if he is there we will be happy because he is still there to score, but obviously that’s football. We hope he is going to stay.

Ade is not the only player who has spoken publicly about Henry. Djourou said the following:

Thierry has said that he is Arsenal. But we had a very hard season last year and he has been through a tough time with injury. We all hope he is going to stay.

Even Gordon Brown has had his say on the matter.

Back to Djourou then. It appears he is not entirely sure if he will be spending some of next season on loan. He said:

I have got a lot to learn still, so maybe I need to move to another club to get some more experience. I will have a discussion with the boss.

He is a quality player and seems to have a sensible head on his talented shoulders. He also made it clear that he does not wish to follow players such as Muamba by heading out on loan and then signing permanently for another club. Mystic Meg style, I see a really sound future for him at our club.

He went on further to make some really interesting comments about the forthcoming season:

This season is the one where we have to win something. This is going to be a big year for us.

A big statement from a big man. He is right though. The players will still mature and improve but next season a trophy really would be an excellent sign of progression. I said the same thing before last season but hey, football fans love being optimistic.

Have a wonderful Saturday evening.


20 Responses to “I like Djourou, he is ace”

  1. Smith said

    I think we should send Phillip Senderos on loan to get his confidene back rather than sending Djourou.

  2. Dave said

    You have to wait for the mail to get your results? Here in the States we get ours over the net, well I guess I can be happy there is one thing in the US that is better than England, not much more though=( Anyway, I agree with a blog from Arsenal Land ( ), the club is 95% there. All that is needed is a winger and some luck with injuries. I am excited to see a full season with a fully fit Henry/ RVP up front and to see if the tandem of Gallas and Toure can gel at the back. I can’t wait for this silly season to end, it seems that Arsenal always has 100 times the rumors of any other club.

  3. Smith said

    I am very optimistic about the future of Arsenal. I was reading an article on the future wonderkids of football and apparently arsenal has the maximum number of wonderkids with 7 followed by Real Madrid with 4. Look at the young players who are coming out of Arsenal.
    Carlos Vela (18)
    Nicklas Bendtner (19)
    Theo Walcott (18)
    Francesco Merida (17)
    Francesc Fabregas (20)
    Denilson (19)
    Abou Diaby (21)
    Armand Traore (17)
    Johan Djourou (20)
    Gael Clichy (21)

    and then we have
    Van Persie (22)
    Adebayor (22)

    I am optimistic about Lukasz Fabianski (22) as well.
    The future of AFC is great without spending any big money
    I would hope though AFC signs Samir Nasir

  4. tunde said

    no one should go on loan we need both sendoros and djourou…

  5. otariq said

    We need every player for the next season. Arsenal will be hit the hardest with the African cup of nations tournment coming up. My personal belief is that we don’t need to sign anyone else, Eboue could move to the right flank position giving his speed and his flare for wanting to go forward every. Please give our team time to grow, we will all be very happy in two to three years.

    As for Thierry Henry I have gotten tiried of his antics and think he should be allow to leave. No player is bigger than Arsenal. The only personal we can’t afford to lose is Arsene. Thierry needs to shut his mouth and just play football.

  6. AJ said

    How can you advocate selling Henry and not replacing him!?!? In my opinion, we need one or two signings, at least one who can score. That could get us to the top. But eboue on the right wing is a terrible idea- not only is he an ordinary midfielder, he’s worse than Hleb! So that won’t happen, though we might sign a winger, if we’re lucky.

  7. Jjj

  8. theshelfattheclockend said

    I believe Senderos had his confidence shattered when he missed out on a CL final place to that fruitcake Campbell. It was a bad move by AW that had repercussions last season with, an at times, hesitant Sendros. Personally, I don’t like Gallas’s attitude – I was warned by chav supporters that he is prone to rocking the boat, and they seem to be right. Also, he and Toure are, together, too short to ever make a good pairing, away to Liverpool was a good example. I have had a few Gooners moaning to me in the past week or so that others have already bought (Manure) or have earmarked players, but we don’t seem to be doing anything. I know it’s AW’s style to keep transactinos quiet unril they happen but, we need a couple of signings and the grape vine seems so negative with stories about TH and even Cesc.

  9. Arsenal_4_Life said

    the 1st time i saw djourou was against middlesbro, i couldn’t believe how gd he was, he was so strong and quick for a player so young, i guess it mite be a gd idea to send him on loan but we might need him if one or 2 players get injured

  10. Arsehole said

    To all those who feel that Henry should shut up and be sold, I disagree.

    I want Henry to make lots of noises because like him, I want Arsenal to buy several quality experienced star players. If Henry doesnt make noises, Arsernal will forever buy young inexperienced players most of the time. So Henry is doing good for Arsenal. Arsenal lost out for consecutive 3 EPL titles and cups because of lack of experienced players.

    I want Hillwood out. Bring back Dein and Get Kroenk. Kroeng cant do funny idea with Dein watching his back.

  11. kerp said

    arsenal must keep their team organised..dont just sell players and made profit from its,otherwlist we will lose a lots of our fans..current team is good enough to win title next season. major buying players is not necessary. gallas also not convinced to be a central defender. he should be best in left back. we need sanderos and toure which have shown nice pairing in central defender.

  12. i hope that the arsenal board realise the mistake they have done in letting dein go, and seeing the shit that the club is in now, they should quickly bring dein back. that should really solve a lot of tensions in the dressing room, though the same cant be said of the board. but who cares, as long as the players and prof are happy, all’s well.

  13. Adam said

    Djourou is a much better defender than ‘Big Phil Senderos’. It would be disastrous to send out our third choice centre back out on loan. Moreover, Johan can play in a number of positions and is the type of player a squad needs.

  14. hear,hear dave old chap,could’t agree more wiyh your views-by the way if i’ve said it once i’ve said it a 100 times-the endless cesspit of rumours spewed out by the gutter press_arsenal haters) at the end of each season-is solely designed to unsettle our great club-but you can take it as aback handed compliment that we are the most imp/newsworthy club all others or their shit scared we’ll be back & soon..

  15. Norwegian Gooner said

    FACT: Wenger was just interviewed on tv in norway. He is there to conclude the deal for Håvard Nordtveit, a young stopper from FK Haugesund. But Nordtveit got injured and got carried off on a stretcher in his game. Noone knows how serious his injury was. But wenger is buying a norwegian!

  16. jjGooner said

    Theres no doubt that the club are suffering since deins depature,but the long summer is not helping in setteling the problems at the arsenal.The constant media hype on thierry and cesc is jus adding to the worry.Wenger not signing a new contract yet is all to do with david dein,Rumours surrounding deins future have even included him on the board at the toon.I think we need to stop worrying,Stank kronke will bid to take over arsenal soon and will bring dein back into the club,this will lead to wenger signing a new contract which is vital!.On the pitch side of things although we showed potential last season doing the double over united and reaching the carling cup final with a very unexperienced team we all know last season was very dissapointing.I am a season tiket holder and the psv game done it for me,it highlated the problems, lack of witdth and aerial presence in defense and finishing.So if we can work on these three areas with three class signings we may need not worry.We need to trust wenger as he has said he wants to make three singins of class players,he hasnt let us down much in the pass.I think djourou needs to stay this season and we can afford to get rid of senderos who i belive is a disaster waiting to happen.Hopefully we can sign a quality central defender to create competition and replacement for kolo when he goes to the african nations,also talk of a quality winger is pleasing and i think wenger will defanately sign one,who?we will have to wait and see i think it will be a suprise to us all as wenger never seems to go with what the media suggests.If theirry goes it is naive to say he can be easily replaced but without him this season we have coped and in some games looked better without him as i belive recently his hunger seems to have dissapered and this is apparent in his body language compared to someone like ade.Oviously we cannot deny his quality he can bring out of nowere but i belive if theirry does go wenger will find a world class player in his place.Fingers crossed it will all work its self out less hopeso.

  17. […] I like Djourou, he is ace After yesterday’s blog which pretty much was based on a whisper, today’s post will return to the regular […] […]

  18. realastic said

    the team that dream of for arsenal is listed below.AW needs to sign around 5_6 players and wont need to sign anybody for another 6 yrs.lehmann,almunia,fabianski,DEFENDERS=eboue,hoyte,toure,MICAH RICHARDS,CURTIES DAVIES,clichy,djorou .MIDFIELDERS=REO-COKER,diaby,rosicky, QUARESMA[OWUSU-ABEYIE],denilson,fabregas,hleb, R.DRENTHE. ATTACKERS-UTAKA[rennes],V.persie,brendter,BABEL, walcott. WITH THESE SQUAD AW WILL HAVE VERY FEW POOR RESULTS AND EXCUSES

  19. arsenalist said

    Anelka, I think he’ll be better this time around. Find Kanu while we’re at it. Seriously though, either Anelka or Pederson would be OK, although I’d rather have Anelka.

  20. AnferTuto said

    Hola faretaste

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