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Malouda – pretty good on Pro Evo but is he in real life?

Posted by James Dall on 11, June 2007

Good morning. Wasn’t the weather just superb yesterday? I spent around two hours playing football in the sun – awesome. How did you spend your Sunday?

I am currently going through typical motions when forming the blog – sitting here pulling together the different stories that I wish to discuss. Unusually I have a sickly feeling in my stomach. One of of nerves I guess. Some of you may recall that I mentioned my degree results did not turn up on Saturday, this ultimately means they SHOULD be arriving this morning – argh.

Anyway, I will attempt to soldier on even if I am crapping myself (if I do not get a 2:1 I will probably go into some sort of depression). The first story on my agenda relates to the comments from Arsene in yesterday’s News of the World. He explained how he plans to honour his contract and then sit down nearer the time it expires to have talks about a possible extension. To be honest I was never in any doubt that our manager would leave. He has always said that he would stick to his contract.

Arsene said:

I’ve a contract for one more year here and I’ll complete that contract. I’ve never broken a contract in my entire career and next summer I will sit down with the board and see.

Good on him. When quizzed about summer transfer activity he once again reiterated that he was only in the marker for real quality:

There’s absolutely no need to panic. We finished fourth in the table – level on points with Liverpool – and we’ve a very young side which, I believe, can improve again this season. We’ll bring in new people only if they’re exceptional players.

Clearly he is right in the fact that the team will naturally develop after last season. I guess in my opinion we really need those extra additions in order to match Untied, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Recently we have been linked with Malouda a fair bit. It appears in the interview with the NOTW, Arsene was asked about the possible signing of the French winger. He said:

Excuse me but this is a secret… I couldn’t possibly talk about it with a newspaper.

I guess either he is genuinely interested in the him, or he is using him as a smokescreen for his target of bringing in a Brazilian human embryo. Is Malouda all that? I have not seen him play that much in real life. Maybe some of you could shed some light on him. On Saturday I played a lot of Pro Evolution Soccer with my mate and on the three occasions I was France, Malouda ran the show. Clearly this means nothing but it sure did excite me (and piss my mate off a lot)! Howver with reported competition from Chelsea and Liverpool, we might not be able to match their financial power.

There is more takeover crap. An Arab fella is interested now – sod off! That goes for you as well Stan.

Theo has spoken of his disappointment of not being able to represent England at the European Under-21 Championships (take not David Bentley).

Just a final note, there is an official wallpaper on the Arsenal website of the new Away Kit (it confirms that Gilberto’s ankles are that skinny). There is another photo here. I am not all that fussed. I do not plan to buy it and also I do not plan to get all worked up about it.

Right I am off to stare out of my window to and watch in anguish as I anticipate the postman.

Have a jolly good Monday.


18 Responses to “Malouda – pretty good on Pro Evo but is he in real life?”

  1. arse&nose said

    yes if you do a search on youtube for malouda goals, the ebst ones are the ones where people have video’d themselves playing pro-evo as him.

  2. Danish Gooner said

    Oh man, Wenger has started early with the bravado.My young squad can challenge.Excuse me mr.Wenger but didnt you say exactly the same last year.The only reasons why we shouldnt strengthen our squad is if we dont have any money available otherwise spend !!! or be left seriously behind.

  3. i disagree with u on the part of the takeover. i understand that the club is not in a needy situation for a foreign investor, but u should have clearly seen how it has taken dein away from the club. the board was strongly against a takeover, and dein lost out. had the board been a bit more lenient, things could have been much different. so what i see now is that stan outbid the arab and bring dein back to solve many problems within the club.

    oh, and it’s good to see henry and fab modeling the new away kit. it’s a good sign amidst the transfer rumours.

  4. Joshua Asante said

    I don’t agree with what Adebayor suggested”Thierry Henry to change club this time will not help him.”Henry please think twice for your future.”

  5. Goofle said

    Malouda is a lot better than Ribery and is effective if he is not brilliant so he doesnt pass a game by because he will work for the team.

  6. frenchgooner said

    He’s been voted player of the year in France and he’s the regular left-winger for his national squad. True, ligue 1 is more like bundesliga than the premiers league or la liga: only one or two big teams and games can be very boring with no goals. But there are still many very good individuals. Also, don’t think only in terms of goals: Malouda creates opportunities by his speed, passing and link-up play. I really think he could be a good signing, plus Wenger would know how to talk to Lyon’s owner Aulas to keep the price sensible…

  7. almhml said

    I should be watching this Code
    Thank you very much

  8. Malouda would definitely be a good signing – no question about that. I’ve had my fingers crossed since the end of the season hoping that he would be brought in – he would be perfect.

    But for your assessment of him being good on Pro Evo… I’ve generally struggled with him! He’s not quick enough on Evo although he does have a good finish on him. If I play with France I’ll normally pick Govou over Malouda 🙂

  9. GunnerPete said

    Hope Im wrong but during the world cup, I said to my family several times that I hope AW is not interested in this bloke because he is a runner with no idea where his mates are. God now we are in for him I really hope Im so wrong about my memories. Babel on the other hand, will improve a lot and can score. He is another VP in the making and much cheaper too.

    One last point. I see that Nugent is available for £7 mill, and that as usual everyone else wants him but us. This was the same with Ashton & Johnson and Bent….why? Recently I found a copy of a letter I sent to Arsene in 2001 in which I asked him to look at a couple of brits I thought we could benefit by buying. One was Bent…going very cheap, another Hargreaves at Munich?? Now look how much they are valued?

  10. neil said

    Nugent, please your having a fucking laught pete.
    He wouldn’t even make it in to the arsenal reserves. saying that he wouldn’t even make it in to the sp%rs 11…

  11. optamistic said

    can someone please please tell me how much this Malouda guy would cost approx???

  12. […] Malouda – pretty good on Pro Evo but is he in real life? Good morning. Wasn’t the weather just superb yesterday? I spent around two hours playing football in the sun – […] […]

  13. ScrapingtheBarrel said

    Censorship is the lowest of the low. No free speech at the Emirates… haha

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  15. ethan_gooner said

    Henrys agent has came out and hopefully put to bed HIS JOINING BARCA RUMOURS
    ,thanks wankas .. about 2 weeks too late with the statement in my opinion. Its almost like he was toying with the idea until pre- season started. And now has came out and DENY DENY DENY !
    There were way to many rumours from too many differing sources for me to think that he wasnt half considering the move.. but hopefully
    he was reading all the blogs from us 🙂
    And now has considered he is better served staying on for the year until wenger makes up his mind..Im still not convinced thou, i mean what captain in history goes on the record saying ..

    ‘im and arsenal player FOR NOW !’
    you signed a 4 year deal sonshine !
    at 29 that almost means youve signed your life away with arsenal
    DOESNT IT ???
    so not sure what the ‘FOR NOW’ bit is ..?
    is he just trying to get DD’s job back for him ? or scare the board into buying some players?

    lets hope ..

    ps: can anyone confirm senderos rumours?
    pps : good to see henry in the photo with the new kit .
    looks like the ‘loosing henry’ rumour is squashed and confirmed that hes playing for us at least another season ..

  16. Pete said

    Firstly, I think a young side will always improve on the sort of season we’ve just had. So many are at a learning age, and having some experienced players come back from injury will make the squad stronger without making a single signing. It is a bonus that for once we haven’t lost a hatful of players.

    That said, of course I hope for a couple of transfers, and Malouda interests me more than Ribery did. But we only need a couple, and I’m happy for Wenger to take his time to get them right.

  17. mark the gooner said

    spoke to d.dien outside a west end restraunt yestersday. put it this way whilst
    he didnt tell me he is coming home he did not deny it either.
    spoke about no14 and said that it would be great if we kept him but if he went
    then at least we had his best years.
    but guys we need to buy 4 quality players c/b 2 wingers and striker who WILL SCORE 20 GOALS no a maybe ………
    d trez is going cheap

  18. I think, unless Arsenal brings Obfani Marttins and Malouda,it is very difficult to be compitant enough in priemer league and champions league.

    I even doubt for our coach why he didnot want to sign a new contrat with Arsenal.I love him and I donot want lose him in Gunners

    Thank You

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