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Henry, I love you but you are beginning to really frustrate me

Posted by James Dall on 12, June 2007

There is a fair bit to cover today and time is against me so I better get cracking.

After a ridiculous kerfuffle with my degree classification yesterday, I finally got my results… <drumroll>

I got a 2:1 – HURRAH! Thank goodness.

Moving on then. Where to start? I guess with Henry’s agent. He has categorically denied any talks with Barca and has threatened legal action. Good on him. Barca are always stirring things up. Henry had a chance to quash any speculation of a move but left things pretty vague again.

He said:

At this moment I am an Arsenal player and in the same situation as I was last year. Last season people were announcing all over the place that I was leaving. Some people wrote that it would happen for sure but at the end of the day I stayed at Arsenal. It could be the same this year.

Right, now as much as I respect Henry and appreciate all the things he has done for the club, he has annoyed me here. I have highlighted in bold the bits that frustrate me greatly. His comments are so hazy and do not confirm anything either way. I would be much happier if he just said ‘I am definitely staying’ or ‘I am considering leaving’.

Now before some of you get on my case I want to make it clear I want him to stay. He is a terrific player. I just wish he would put a stop to this merry-go-round of rumours. It is really detracting from interesting/fun rumours such as who we might bring in. The fans are beginning to get pretty fed up of it. The only possible circumstance I would not mind him leaving is if we had a guaranteed world class replacement such as Eto’o – highly unlikely of course. If someone is not happy at the club, be it Henry/Almunia or whoever, they should leave.

I hope though that this will soon all be cleared up and we can all look forward to seeing our captain lead us into next season.

Big Phil has been linked with Zaragoza. The only quote is form the chairman and is “Nothing is decided yet” hardly an indication that Senderos is on his way then. As many have pointed out Toure will be absent while playing in the ANC so we will need all of our remaining centre-backs at our disposal.

The 16 year-old Norwegian defender we have been linked with has said that his club are asking too much for him. He is young and it is reported that United were once/still are interested in him. I am sure Arsene will not pay over the odds for the lad. I am hardly jumping out of my seat at the news. Let’s be honest, he is not going to be ready for the Prem for about four years and while I admire Arsene’s future policy right now we need established quality.

Speaking on a new Arsenal DVD, Arsene has backed the current crop of players to deliver next season. Sound familiar?

Justin Hoyte played last night for the England Under 21’s, while it was a pretty dull game he played solidly and I was chuffed with his performance.

Our new keeper, Fabianski, has talked about his determination to be number one. I really like his attitude.

He said:

Lehmann and Almunia are very good, but I’m not afraid of anyone. I’m confident of my skills. I want to be first choice at Arsenal as much as they do. My message is clear – I’m ready to fight from day one.Of course I can wait a little bit for my chance, but I’m not coming to Arsenal just to be there. I want to become a regular first-team player. Hopefully I’ll do it from the very beginning, because I’m ready for this. That was my goal from the start. Being at a club and playing are two different things, I want to play. Now I will focus on working hard every day and competing for the number one jersey. I want to be at Arsenal from the start of the season and learn everything about my new team and team-mates. I need to get accustomed to training at Arsenal and the atmosphere in the locker room. That’s how I see my future at this club. However, being at one of the great clubs in the world won’t mean much unless I will start to play for Arsenal and show my abilities.

He sounds very cool. Good luck to him pushing Jens for a start.

That is your lot. See you tomorrow!


54 Responses to “Henry, I love you but you are beginning to really frustrate me”

  1. GunnerPete said

    Totally agree…TH, stop playing games with us. We pay your over the top wages mate. We have suffered to many childish games manufactured by you PV4, Anelkas bros & your agents. This is the greatest club in the world…no not the richest, but by quality alone the greatest. So make it plain that you are staying or pioss off asap please.

    Arsene, I think its time you made it clear who is in charge at AFC…you or the agents + the press ? Just come out and say who is playing games and who is staying loyal!

    After that, it would be nice to sign a couple of brits, like young Nugent + Barnes. Then we can stand another influx or 9/10 year old from the North Pole etc.

  2. “arsenal news”-i’m with you on this one-i know he’s(th14) sick to death of these stories(aren’t we all!!)-however if he was less ambiguous with his replies it could be put to bed once & for all-he clearly chooses not to do so either a)he enjoys all the ferore & media circus(look at me how wonderful i am)or b)is trying to put pressure on theboard to buy big with the threat i’m off if you dont or c)he is angling for a move & would sooner be pushed for ex paddy viera-take your pick…

  3. RobM said

    Of course, he could have meant:

    At this moment I am an Arsenal player and in the same situation as I was last year. Last season people were announcing all over the place that I was leaving. Some people wrote that it would happen for sure but at the end of the day I stayed at Arsenal. It could be the same this year.

    So why so sad? Don’t listen to rumours, and whatever happens get on with life?

    You know, we managed before he joined, and I’m fairly sure the club won’t actually implode and turn into a supermassive black hole on the day he leaves, be it this year in a transfer or 5 years time when he retires.

  4. willow farm said

    I just posted this on AWIMB :

    Conspiracy theory

    Football France is by all acounts a respected footie rag and it’s certainly not a moutpiece of any club cf Marca & AS.

    Well it seems that the whole thing has been leaked by someone who doesn’t want TH to go to Barca ( AFC or other interested clubs like Milan ? ). We haven’t heard Anderson treatening to sue Laporta and his lot even though they were mouthing off about having ‘almost’ signed our captain. Wtf does ‘almost signed’ mean anyway. This looks like a preemptive shot across the board. If it’s true that Barca has an agreement with him already Titi wouldn’t be any better than Cashley and I doubt his ego would be prepared to take the fan’s ire quite as stoically as the little prick who used to be our leftback.

    Imo Henry is as good as gone.

    Well done on your exam results

  5. Anonymous said

    He’s going to Liverpool

  6. Bitter N Twisted said

    well done on exam

    fully agree with you, one more point though,

    he is meant to be our CAPTAIN! LOL

    give the armband to toure next year, done.

  7. Robert said

    Hey folks, try to put yourselves in his shoes. Henry has been innundated with reports of his going this way and that, he has said time and time again he’s going nowhere. The problem with us fans is that we are so insecure that each time a useless rag with ambitions of selling copies prints some drivel about him going somewhere, we hold our collective breaths and bombard the websites for his “categorical” denial if it’s not forthcoming we start calling him names, wondering and even saying he’s annoying us! Give him a break! Let him get on with it! Does he have to answere all shit that thrown from the media just so we paranoids could sleep easy?

  8. Dave said

    I am willing to bet Arsene is close to signing Malouda. Lyon is waiting on a call from an un-named English club ( ). That along with Wengers cryptic “that is a secret” line makes me think it will happen this week. After the deal goes through I bet Henry will be singing a different toon.

  9. he’s going to liverpool-HA!ha!ha!,ho!ho!ho!-“anonymous”you cheeky chappie mickey mouser always up for a jape or two-why would he want to get burgled every week?..

  10. Mr T.Henry said

    Hello Arsenal scum. Yes this is your God speaking. I am sick of you, your shitty little team and most of all, the child-snatching paedo that is my manager Monsieur Wenger.
    I have therefore decided to harness my talents elsewhere, namely Liverpool, who I believe have far and away more potential than the scumbag team I am playing for now.
    I very much like Steven Gerrard, (he has nice legs) and so I will be joining the Rafalution within the coming weeks. Thankyou for your loyal suppport over the years. Goodbye.

    P.S, Sorry x x x.

    P.P.S, Va-Va Voom. Non.

  11. Mr T.Henry said

    I also forgot to mention that i masturrbate regularly to bestiality porn. Since horses and dogs have more Va-Va Voom than chicks with dicks, non?

  12. woody said

    no one else has said it …so… Mr T. Henry…..was that your sense of humour. gosh you musta been up all ight thinking about that one

  13. dan said

    robert, do me a favour, in his shoes, i would be loving life on my 110k a week, would stop moaning at ever possible moment about the team and dein etc. he is club captain and should act accordingly. the dein thing is ridiculus, it has got nothing to do with him. never have we seen when a board member left that such a fuss was made. if TH is unhappy then he should speak to wenger quietly, he has an obligation to all the fans full stop. he is totally out of order. having just finished a season in which he contributed near enough nothing and picked up 5.5m he should keep his head down and get on with it.

  14. dan said

    he is experiance and media savvy enough to know what he says and how it will be portrayed and his comments today were a clear indication that he is currently not commited to being at arsenal next year.

  15. optamistic said

    Lets face it Henry massive Ego is loving all this crap, is he going, is,nt he going? He must kiss himself in the mirror every night. The way he celibrates his goals as if to say ” ar,nt i fantastic, and you all MUST worship me”. Must make Arsenals the opposisions fans Puke.

    Thing is you just know this Henry is going, such is his Ego.. to milk this as much as possible, and will not be sorted until the last day of the transfer window

    For me the sooner he goes the better. There is nothing worst han watch an ageing player leave after not fullfilling his hopes of C League success with a team on a downward spiral. AS Pires said,”Arsenal are at the end of there cycle. Its time to move on”

  16. Big Ern said

    TH has been awesome for us and we will never forget him, but as stated before, we’ve been here with PV4, Overmars, Petit, Cashley. When a player thinks they are too good / too big for the club, then let them leave and let’s move on. While we have players like Gilberto willing to stay and fight for the club, lets applaud them and give him the captains armband fulltime, even if TH stops prating about and decides to stay, Gilbo gives everything and should be captain!

  17. Anonymous said

    What most people forget or choose to ignore, is that Arsene has said twice in the last month that Henry won’t be sold. Henry has also said that he is staying with Wenger, and Wenger says he will be Arsenal manager for next year at least. That is probably what is meant by “for now”.

  18. Alan said

    This is what is wrong with our club. Wenger should tell Henry to fuck off, he should have done it 12 months ago. He is a bad influence. Every year a player or two at Arsenal do this. They don’t at Utd. Why, because if Ferguson gets wind of any of that kinda shite he fucks them out. Piss off you arrogant bastard.

  19. dan said


  20. NinjaYid said

    I had this perfect dream
    This dream was me and you
    I want all the world to see
    A miracle sensation
    My guide and inspiration
    Now my dream is slowly coming true

    The wind is a gentle breeze
    The bells are ringing out
    Theyre calling us together
    Guiding us forever
    Wish my dream would never go away

    Barcelona – it was the first time that we met
    Barcelona – how can I forget
    The moment that you stepped into the room you took my breath away
    Barcelona – la musica vibros
    Barcelona – y ella nos unio
    And if God willing we will meet again someday!


  21. Milot said

    I relly think that Arsenal must sign British players. They would be pleased to stay with the club and appreciate everything club does for them. Spanish players like Reyes, Fabregas they all have dreams playing for Real M., Barca etc. Why do other clubs think that they are better than Arsenal…Why Henry must go to Barca and not end his career at Arsenal ?, Sign Brits Please so we stop hearing those roumors coz all the clubs in the world know that British players dont dream about Barca,Real, Milan etc. :@:@:@

  22. NinjaYid said

    “Sign Brits Please so we stop hearing those rumours….”

    I think it’s a bit late for that now. The Arse is now basically a feeder club for Serie A and La Liga. Should have thought of it before you signed all those Francophones….

    “They think it’s all over… it is now!”

  23. daved said

    That statement makes me very happy it is clear he is staying. He has said that enough times this year anyway.

    The statement is saying that people kept saying he was off, basically he is saying it looks like the same thing is happening, i.e it could be the same again this year. i.e people are saying he is off and making up stories.

  24. Kaka said

    I think he is definetely gone. No smoke without fire and sort of stuff.

    and why not. He has just turned into a whiner anyways.

  25. Anonymous said

    Gallas is right on this. If players want to leave, they should be allowed to leave. We only need players who are happy to play for the Club. We can not afford to carry dispirited players if we are to compete with the likes of Chelsea and Man U. I personally think Henry should have been allowed to leave at the end of last season. People think Arsenal would collapse without Henry. That was not the case, He only played only a few matches in the 2006/07 session yet we came fourth. Arsenal also came fourth in the league in the 2005/06 session when Henry played in nearly all of the games but without Viera. This suggest to me that He is not indispensible to the team has probably lost his motivation to play for the Club. AW should bring in quality Strikers like David Villa or Hunterlaar.
    Is Gilberto Silva – great for all his goals this season – the best defensive midfielder around? In my opinion, no. Our defence suffers more form lack of adequate protection because of the ‘soft midfield’. We need good, strong defensive midfielders like Gattuso, Makalele, Fringe, Mascherano, Gonzales or a good box to box Midfielder like Essien to screen and protect the back four. How come we concede less when we play five across the Midfield? This system offers more protection to the back four. The way we play with attacking full backs makes paramount that we have a very good defensive midfielder. I think we should either buy a player to fulfil this role for next season or deploy players like Diaby and Denilson in this role from next session.
    We also need mobile, strong and talented wingers like Quarema or even Malounda (who for me has a good engine and generally very effective)

  26. 61 and never again said

    how many french african morrocan finish korean canadian micks bulgarians in your squad? you thicko kunt..the only time you’l play barcalona is on playstation you prick!
    next year you’l be crying when berbagone leaves as will that over rated lennon! then it will be tears at the lane..
    like when abramovich was shown the door by you lot!!not a good move or it could of been you double champs(something youv’e only achieved in your 100+ year history)thats 2 titles in 10 years not back to back..
    61 and never again!!!!!!
    now run along little boy…..

  27. Milot said

    Like Pires said the circle is finished…players like Henry, Gilberto, Ljunberg have only one or two years left. We need genuine wingers cause the pitch now is wider than Highbury, we need to cross more and i think that Henry is irreplaceable but goals can come from other players too,like RVP, the man we can rely on, and Bendtner comes too, Adebayor can score on Henry style but misses too many chances.etc. We also need a C.Back not a D.Midfielder we have Diaby, Denilson.

  28. […] Henry, I love you but you are beginning to really frustrate me There is a fair bit to cover today and time is against me so I better get cracking. After a ridiculous kerfuffle with […] […]

  29. limpar said

    henry is the greatest football player in the world at this moment. he has seen his friends and the players he looked up to leave on free transfers, and without him we can’t win.

    He is playing mind games to ensure wenger does buy those super quality players, because, quite frankly, he knows we cannot compete on all fronts without them.

    We have to do everything to keep him happy.

  30. optamistic said

    Henry has been told he will not be sold, until Arsenal football club have got the maximum return on season tickets sale for the next season

    Arsenal are already broke, the board are not going to allow Henry to go until all you mugs have renewed thouse said tickets, going like lemins thinking Henry will be putting the Arsenal shirt in the coming season. And dont forget the team he is more likly to be playing for next season has,nt finish this one yet! Whats the rush?

    Its all pollitics guys and lets face it the deal has problably already been done and your falling for it. Barca wants him, and Henry wants to go!

    How does that stand with you Arsenal fans? thinking im going to buy the shirt with the 14 on it a scarf with his puke injuceing face on it. And all the other rubbish that cost a fortune from the club shop, only for him to be playing in another country next season

    You should of got rid last year when Arsenal could have sold him for about £25 mill. now though your be lucky to get £13 mill. That will not pay 1 intrest payment on the new Stadium witch is your very dodgy hamstring.

    Get used to it guys, Henry wont be here by the end of July and I for one cant waite see the back of that Very arrogant man

  31. Dave said

    Optamistic, you are flat out wrong. There is such a long waiting list for tickets and such loyalty to the club from the fans that the board doesn’t have to worry about moves that will effect ticket sales. Would any of us stop being fans of Arsenal if Tierry left? I would venture to say no.

  32. shooy said

    I’m in awe. You all know SO much! Well done everybody.

  33. A Gunner said

    Gents, why do u believe all these stories? And why do u accuse Henry of all this. Take my word, he’ll be here next year and the year after that. There is nothing wrong with what he said. He’s a funny guy. He does like to joke. He is trying to make the newswriter look dumb. Give him a break. Lets only make NOISE once someone is gone. Not before. As we all should know these writers love a hot spin of news… lets not succumb to the pressure. Stay cool lads..

  34. Anonymous said

    l think TH should be let go. He is a great player but Arsenal at the moment does not need this kind of distraction. This team am almost certain can achieve glorly without him. Arsenal have been able to defeat the likes of ManU, Liverpool and even draw with Chelsea without his contribution and as a matter of fact TH14 is an unachiever in big games.

  35. arsenalist said

    Henry wants to stay but there’s a funny voice in his head that tells him that Arsenal will not be competitive this year and that he’s going to be wasting another year by not winning silverware.

    The voice might even be right.

  36. Milot said

    I’m 10582 number on list waiting for season ticket…so stfu with those politics.

  37. my my “optamistic”-who rattled your cage!!- you plum sucking spud-i bet you cant sleep at night with the thought of th14 making you lot suffer next season-oh! i naerly left out our cheeky chappie mickey mouser “mr t henry”-your comments merely prove what we all know you are a bunch of inbred neanderthals(look it up if you can read..)

  38. Kano said

    Thierry should go!!!!! the guy is complaining abt Dein, this is ridiculous, before he cames to Arsenal he didn’t know Dien, now is talking shit abt is departure what a joke!!!!!! Also, if he wanna go to barca, plz tell me if there is another Dein there, plz I don’t understand this ego guy. One thing Im sure abt, you don’t mouve a club at 30 and expect to be successful at your new club( savchenko, Devor suker, Vieira)

  39. wondrinfree said

    I’m getting frustrated with Arsenal fans getting on Henry’s back over this. Every year the press make up stories and we demand Henry to prove his loyalty. Last year he signed a 4 year contract and this year he has refuted claims that he is going to Barca. What do the journos make of this – he must be going somewhere else then. Perhaps we should prove our loyalty and take him at his word.

  40. AJ said

    Henry owes us nothing more than the truth. And if the truth is he’s considering leaving, I’m perfectly happy with how he’s handling things.

    He’s well within his rights.

    BUT, we also have to ask why we, as a club, keep selling our top players EVERY summer. Every year, we struggle to hold onto our best players – is that because our players are more fickle than the rest? Or is it just because we struggle to meet their expectations more often than other, bigger clubs?

  41. you could argue we struggle to hold on to our best players because there now appears to be a hidden agenda by the media to stir up problems at afc at the end of each has become the norm.we are targetted in particular by the arsenal hating media who do not perceive us as british i might suggest.guarantee you next season it will be cesc or whoevers playing well….

  42. hantsgooner said

    look guys dont keep on moaning about the, so called, lack of comments of commitment from TH14 he has said its the same every year and no matter what he says it still happens, just how many times does he need to say that he is not joining barca, why should he comment anyway he signed a new contract til 2010 so he will only leave if AW thinks its good for the club

  43. Anonymous said

    Do you want me to run around london with a t-shirt stating am staying at arsenal ? Thats how much he emphasised he staying for life at the ARSENAL. Now an advise to my fellow gooners take a chill pill and dont stress yourself out during the transfer season there would be enuf stress during the season be4 we reclaim the title back. It would be nice though to get babel in because i think arsene would convert him in2 the leathal striker that we would need once henry’s hung up his boots

  44. Valour said

    Arsenal News, CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation,didn’t really notice anyone say that, all of them seems to be too occupied with the TH14 transfer rubbish than to send a good word to you, or maybe they all made Distinction in their degree exams and feel that 2-1 is nothing. Twats.
    As for Henry (my favorite player in the world), I wouldn’t lose sleep if he decides to leave Arsenal, someone else will definitely take his place in the team, maybe even do better. At least history has taught us that. My simple but controversial philosophy is that, NO ONE IS INDISPENSABLE, period.

  45. Anonymous said

    This is ridiculous all this hype and moaning, I bet the newspaper guys love checking the Arsenal blogs after they have published some made up story.
    I can just hear them now “what ‘story’ will really get them talking? I know a good headline….”He’s off to the pool.”
    So now instead of just Arsenal supporters getting worked up we can get the Pools’ lot talking shit too.
    Can we please stop fanning the flames by standing back and exercising a bit more objectivity.
    Because the more we talk shit the more the journalists laugh their asses off at us.
    Or if you can’t do that just think before you type….if only for a few seconds!

  46. ethan_gooner said

    hmmm king_gooner

    someone told me I CAN ASSURE YOU HENRY WILL BE AT ARSENAL THIS SEASON so stop believe’in in everything i read etc… …

    dont sound so confident now .. about the TH14 senario..
    infact you rather sounding like i was last week ..

    its amazing how things change in football 🙂

    its so hard being ahead of the curve ! but ill try to remain humble Oh king 🙂

  47. ethan_gooner said

    A GUNNER ..

    we are not quoting BS rumours that the paper has made up .. like i said to king gooner last week , we are refering to what is said out of the horses mouth !!

    as for hes a funny guy wanting to stirr them up .. well its a pretty hidden message if thats what your trying to say !!!!
    maybe he should write it in magic invisible ink also !!!

    and like i did say over a week ago , he needs to come out and commit his loyalty to the club , as HE IS OUR CAPTAIN and hes not leading from the front in this issue .. he is beating around the bush and not giving any straight answers ..

    ‘At this’ moment( 4 year contract just signed) I am an Arsenal player and ‘in the same situation as I was last year'( correct me if im wrong but there is a difference youve signed a 4 year deal oh captain). Last season people were announcing all over the place that I was leaving. Some people wrote that it would happen for sure but at the end of the day I stayed at Arsenal. It ‘could’ ( COULD sounds rather positive to me )be the same this year.

  48. ethan_gooner said


    geez are you mentally retarded ??
    we are not TALKING ABOUT WHAT THE SUN had to say in its local rag.
    the topic was taken from what LE captain said ‘OUT OF HIS MOUTH’ !

    maybe your saying your ‘NEWSPAPER GUYS’ have made a look-a- like dummy
    of henry and are using high tech voice enhancements to fabricate stories from LIVE INTERVEIWS !, that would be more believeable than the drivel your talking

  49. Rosey said

    All I can say is for now I am an Arsenal fan at this moment. We wouldn’t tolerate that from fans and so should not from players. I am Henry’s biggest fan and respect what he has done, but those comments are not what I expect of an Arsenal captain. Yes he may be trying to force the boards hand re transfers and / or may be a smokescreen so Wenger can pull of a target under the radar, but there are other ways of doing it. He could have said something like…all Chelsea left backs like cock, he would have been both accurate and the papers would’ve had a story. Truth is, if he is not off, then he is thinking about it. Not good enough Thierry, especially as you claim to think with your heart.

  50. Eamonn said

    IF he does go Wenger will after last years will he/ won’t he saga have a plan put in place just as he did with Pat V.
    Wenger admitted that not replacing Pv was a mistake so the best we could hope for in all reality is a swap deal involving one of their forwards.
    AW will test them, If they want him bad enough they will have to sacrafice Eto.
    None of us know how the financials of a deal like that would go and I won’t claim to either.
    If Barca weren’t open to that option then its is possible they may entice with a few million over the odds.
    Lets keep this sensible and try think like AW. He’s with us 11 years its about time we clicked on to him.
    I think we have some money to play around with.
    If he does go for Babel, Ljunberg might go. But from what I read Babel signed a new contract with Ajax a few months ago.
    Where are money will come from:
    Efrem -1m for both

    Now, I haven’t gone crazy with those fees have I?
    So before we buy a player there is 15m available and remember everyone this side is only 3 top players aways from been really great.
    Then if we need money Edelman is quoted as saying there is 40m available.not that Wenger will ever ever spend that much.
    And on top of that Highbury will be completed next year to give a big injection to the cash flow situation.
    But there is no hits or tabloid stories in that sense I’m talking about, is there.
    We prefer will he stay or will he go? bullshit stories.
    Stop being like sheep think logically for once.

  51. hamis said

    dear henry i like you to staing in arsenal

  52. like a true king i do like my subjects to advise me & have input & so ethan gooner i take your point & must agree that as captain of our great club-he must come out & state his intentions knowing how unsetling this sought of thing has been in prev.years i.e.paddy viera-but he gas said in the past he is sick to death of stating he’s not leaving – the afc hating media still print what they want so where does that leave us?

  53. please excuse typos in prev blog…

  54. Amidu p mansaray said

    Henry, note that fans in Africa especiaally Sierra leone are tired of your issue, dont let arsenal down, rember the days you joined the club you where not known all over the world. today a newly born baby can even call your name as the player we admire most

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