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Thursday Round-up + fixtures

Posted by James Dall on 14, June 2007

Morning all, I presume most of you are waiting on the preliminary fixtures which are due to be released at 10.00. The blog is all typed up and ready to go so at the moment it is just a case of patience before I push the ‘publish’ button.

As you may have noticed there was no blog yesterday. News was pretty minimal plus I was a busy boy. . I had to do the rounds with a grandparents visit and then work my way through a list of things-to-do. My day was rounded off with a viewing of The Apprentice Final. Did you manage to catch it? What on earth was he doing hiring the fella? Silly bearded Spurs fan.

I shall begin today’s blog by catching up on the couple of bits I missed.

Lyon’s chairman, Jean-Michel Aulas, has slapped an outrageous price tag on Florent Malouda. Transfer fees right now really are just plain silly. Unless Arsene can negotiate that fee I doubt we will go in for him.

Aulas said:

I’m waiting on a call from an English club so we can sort out a meeting. The transfer could move forward if there is an offer that comes close to the price I’ve fixed. On players’ values, I seldom get it wrong: today Malouda is [worth] £17m.

Looks like we might have to look elsewhere, that is even if Arsene is/was in for Malouda. Arsene is a cheeky fellow, one who keeps is cards close to his chest. We really do need a wide man. Babel has been mentioned in the past. He can play wide or up front and would reportedly cost £6 million. I will trust Arsene’s decision on who he goes for. If he does not venture in for anyone then I will begin to worry. I said before the summer that a keeper and a winger are priorities.

According to The Sun, Arsene will bring in Trezeguet in order to convince Henry to stay. I am pretty sure David has peaked. His wages would be a fortune and I am not sure he would settle for a place on the bench. Personally I strongly doubt this rumour is true.

We are still yet to secure that Norwegian youngster. They are really pushing for extra money. It is reported that we had a £1.8 million offer turned down.

The club’s director said:

Havard wants to join Arsenal, but Manchester United, Bordeaux, Ajax and clubs from Italy and Spain are also following him.

I guess the key factor is that he wants to join us, therefore the player is bound to start grumbling about an offer being accepted. I am sure we will bring him in, I am hardly excited but if Arsene reckons he is good he must have the potential to be pretty awesome.

After a rocky season with us Baptista has been recalled to the Brazil squad for the Copa America. I am concerned that he will now go on to be some sort of world beater and we will regret letting him go. I presume Real’s asking price was just silly though. I certainly look forward to watching some of the Copa America over the summer.

Rosicky has given an honest summary of where we went wrong last season:

It is strange, you beat the title contenders and then you fail to beat teams that are in the bottom half of the table or below us. It is extremely frustrating. Even in the games which we lost, we were clearly the better side. We were conceding silly goals. In general we conceded way too many goals from set-pieces. These are things we can improve in the future. If we remove these mistakes, then we will be fighting for the title.

I think we are all pretty certain that Tomas can be a huge player for us.


Sat 11 Fulham (h)
14/15 UEFA Champions League Qualifier 1st Leg
Sat 18 Blackburn Rovers (a)
Sat 25 Manchester City (h)
28/29 UEFA Champions League Qualifier 2nd Leg

Sat 1 Portsmouth (h)

Sat 15 Tottenham Hotspur (a)
18/19 UEFA Champions League Matchday 1
Sat 22 Derby County (h)
Sat 29 West Ham United (a)

2/3 UEFA Champions League Matchday 2
Sat 6 Sunderland (h)
Sat 20 Bolton Wanderers (h)

23/24 UEFA Champions League Matchday 3
Sat 27 Liverpool (a)
Wed 31 Carling Cup 4th Round

Sat 3 Manchester United (h)
6/7 UEFA Champions League Matchday 4
Sat 10 Reading (a)
Sat 24 Wigan Athletic (h)
27/28 UEFA Champions League Matchday 5

Sat 1 Aston Villa (a)
Sat 8 Middlesbrough (a)
11/12 UEFA Champions League Matchday 6
Sat 15 Chelsea (h)
Wed 19 Carling Cup Quarter-final
Sat 22 Tottenham Hotspur (h)
Wed 26 Portsmouth (a)
Sat 29 Everton (a)

Tue 1 West Ham United (h)
Sat 5 FA Cup 3rd Round
Wed 9 Carling Cup Semi-final 1st Leg
Sat 12 Birmingham City (h)
Sat 19 Fulham (a)
Wed 23 Carling Cup Semi-final 2nd Leg
Sat 26 FA Cup 4th Round
Tue 29 Newcastle United (h)

Sat 2 Manchester City (a)
Sat 9 Blackburn Rovers (h)
Sat 16 FA Cup 5th Round
19/20 UEFA Champions League K/O Round 1st Leg
Sat 23 Birmingham City (a)
Sun 24 Carling Cup Final

Sat 1 Aston Villa (h)
4/5 UEFA Champions League K/O Round 2nd Leg
Sat 8 Wigan Athletic (a) or FA Cup Quarter-final
Sat 15 Middlesbrough (h)
Sat 22 Chelsea (a)
Sat 29 Bolton Wanderers (a)

1/2 UEFA Champions League Quarter-final 1st Leg
Sat 5 Liverpool (h) or FA Cup Semi-final
8/9 UEFA Champions League Quarter-final 2nd Leg
Sat 12 Manchester United (a)
Sat 19 Reading (h)
22/23 UEFA Champions League Semi-final 1st Leg
Sat 26 Derby County (a)
29/30 UEFA Champions League Semi-final 2nd Leg

Sat 3 Everton (h)
Sun 11 Sunderland (a)
Sat 17 FA Cup Final
Wed 21 UEFA Champions League Final (Moscow)

To be Arranged
Newcastle United (a)

There we have it then, at least today we have fixtures to discuss rather than all the Henry bollocks.


13 Responses to “Thursday Round-up + fixtures”

  1. Michael said

    I think we’ve got a bit of luck with our opening fixtures! In the opening four/five games we are capable of taking maximum points. (fingers crossed!)

    However, we have a terrible run in at the end of March/April:

    Sat 22 Chelsea (a)
    Sat 29 Bolton Wanderers (a)

    1/2 UEFA Champions League Quarter-final 1st Leg
    Sat 5 Liverpool (h) or FA Cup Semi-final
    8/9 UEFA Champions League Quarter-final 2nd Leg
    Sat 12 Manchester United (a)

    Anyway fixtures out, now all we need is a couple of signings!

  2. Alan said

    Baptista: This guy will score a hatful of goals for someone. Whatever has been said about him [me included] he gets into scoring positions and will have a pop. Sadly, for us at least. last season he was a little off with the radar. But he scored goals in Spain and he will do it again somewhere else.

    It’s a shame that he could not have had another season here.


  3. not too bad-early doors at the spuds-bring it on”optamistic”- tricky december & april due to who we’ve got & poss champions league fixture-could cause congestion-but the omens are good “everton” at home last game & we all know what that means-CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!

  4. frenchgooner said

    I guess the pecking order between the big four could be decided on 15 december with the combination of Arsenal v Chelsea and Liverpool v Man utd.

    And then the title could well be decided by the corresponding return fixtures on 22 march, so that’s us away, not so easy…

  5. August 18. and 15. December will be one of most crucial days.
    Liverpool play against Chelsea and Manchester United have a derby against Manchester City.
    On 15. December Arsenal plays against Chelsea while Man Utd have a tough game at home against Liverpool.

  6. The Beest said

    That computer that does the fixtures is superb, imagine all the variables & it manages to pick a grand slam weekend (AFCvCHAVS, UTDvL’POOL)just like last season. Truely amazing.


  8. daviddein said

    patience please have patience

  9. daviddein said

    people, do u think wenger and i are stupid?

    i will be back, arsene will stay for at least 5 more years too, please dont tell the press though, let them keep arsenal in the spotlight, its good PR.

    in sept 2009 i will pay 75m of the 260m debt with the sale of highbury, we will put the extra £45m of the new tv money in as well leaving us owing £140m. I’ll then remortgage and only have to pay back about £8m a year for 10 years cos we’ll sell the naming rights of our stadium for another 100m which will wipe out our debt. I’ll reward arsene for saving our arses for doing things on the cheap for a few years by giving him an annual budget of £60m a season cos of all the new tv money, matchday income,sponsorship and prize money we will be making £120m + a year. Not only will i be knighted for being such a great businessman myself and Big Stan are going to make arsenal the biggest club in the world(i told him the shares would be cheap at 7000k).

    Have patience peasants for not only will I be Sir David Dein to you and be extremely rich, we will win the european cup every year and I will get a show on BBC called the new apprentice. hahahahahahahahahahaha

  10. […] Thursday Round-up + fixtures Morning all, I presume most of you are waiting on the preliminary fixtures which are due to be released at 10.00. The […] […]

  11. optamistic said

    On your fixture list above you have got all the C League and cup compitition listed so it seem like a lot game are going to be played.

    On August 14/15 and 28/29 i can forgive you for including thoughs dates after all you will have play the games. After that though you can scratch off the remaining dates in that compitition because you will not be in it after that

  12. optamistic said

    KING GOON: we have discussed it before and i told you, but you would not beleave. Looks like the mighty, the loyal, Henry has got Wenger arm twisted behind his back pleading with him to sell him. And Dont think your get ETO as a replacement. He has said he is not going to leave Barca. Wear as Henry has said he is a Arsenal player for now. A slight diffrence. Fabrigas will be next

  13. first up”david dein”.can’t wait for your return sooner rather than later i hope-marvellous plan-will lead to world domination .forget the 3rd reich-the dawn of the gooner empire is near…next up”optamistic”my old spud-depends what you want to believe-i personaly refuse to beleve our gutter man ure supporting media & what they spout but i guess time will tell who’s right?

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