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A waffle/rant about the Henry situation

Posted by James Dall on 15, June 2007

Today is Friday. A day where most of us slack off a little in order to help us adjust to the slow pace of the weekend. Unfortunately the Henry rumours continue to emerge and if anything are increasing in speed and power.

The Times have run this story which explains how Arsene is now warming to the idea of an Henry exit. They reckon he is holding out for Eto’o from Barcelona as part of the deal. I think we are all agreed that if Henry does leave we want a world class striker to replace him. If Eto’o was part of the deal, I would go for it. Recently though, Eto’o spoke of his desire to stay at Barca. Selling Henry without an Eto’o or someone else shit-hot coming in would be met with much anger by the majority of Gunners.

I am so frustrated about how in the dark we all are about this. Last year we went through a sickening ordeal, which finally ended in Henry signing a new deal. The Vieira saga very much mirrors this situation of course. In the end we sold the big man for a measly fee. Sure he was just past his peak and we had Fabregas growing by the game but the fee left a bitter taste in my mouth. Patrick has continued to play at the highest level and has recently secured the Italian title. I guess I just worry that Henry might leave and then the responsibility of replacing him could well be placed up the shoulders of yet another youngster. Fabregas is a one-off, a player beyond his years. While we have Robin (who is top-class) and Ade (who will progress yet again next season) losing Henry would be a big blow to the club. He is a world class player, simple as that. World class players do not come cheap.

20 million pounds is the figure being banded about at the moment. Would that be enough for Arsene to bring a equal replacement? I doubt it. Who is on the market? Torres has been mentioned but for me, while he is of course a talented player, I can’t help but feel he is slightly overrated.

I don’t know, I am bleating on and for all I know Henry might be happy as Larry. Unfortunately his elusive statements have done nothing to assure me otherwise. While I am not afraid of him leaving, I am simply annoyed at how we are at the beginning of the summer and going through the whole cycle again. If he is to leave I suggest it happens quickly. The Spanish league finishes this weekend so in my mind, if something is going to happen, I would prefer it to happen in the next two weeks. This also would give Mr. Wenger more time to bring in a replacement if Eto’o is not part of the deal.

All in all I want Henry to stay. I want him to come out and say that he is 100% committed and he will be playing in an Arsenal shirt in August. Right now we need a left winger, that should be our priority.


There are a couple of other pieces to cover. I watched Justin Hoyte play at right back last night in the Under 21 England game. He was typically solid, without offering too much going forward. Defensively he has definitely improved a lot since September.

A player that many fans have suggested we sign has spoken of his desire to one day play for Arsenal/under Wenger.

Ryan Babel said:

If I get the chance one day to train with Arsene Wenger it would be a dream. From when I was young I supported Arsenal. I liked the style, the ambiance, how they show themselves on the field – everything.

He is direct, young and powerful. He can operate left wing or up-front. Time will tell as to if he is on Arsene’s radar.

That is your lot. Less of a rant tomorrow, I promise. Have a laid back Friday evening folks.


24 Responses to “A waffle/rant about the Henry situation”

  1. Line said

    yea to everything said

  2. AJ said

    Wrote a similar piece a few days ago myself.

    At the end of the day, Henry will leave eventually. Whether he retires an Arsenal player, or buggers off to Spain, we’ll be without him eventually.

    I had hoped that by the time that rolled around, we’d have been in a position where we could cope without him. But right now, we’re not good enough to sell players like Henry and expect it not to really hurt us.

  3. mjc said

    The Times piece was pure speculation and striaght from the pages of L’Equipe’s internet site, which is generally a hell of a lot less reliable than France Football (how they getting on with their court-case, by the way?) So relax and don’t believe a word of it, and don’t forget that the The Times is run by the same people who run The Sun and The News of the World….

  4. dan said

    the only fear is that wenger will not properly replace him (babel will not cut it), same thing happened with vieira and we never replaced him and it has all hone down hill since then.

  5. mjc said

    No doubt there be some numpties on here saying they are fed up with us signing kids – as though the signing of a teenager somehow precludes us from buying senior players! Well done Havard, well done Arsene. The future is Red and White!

  6. RvP said

    FK Haugesund just held a pressconference where they confirmed that the highly rated Norwegian defender Nordtveit (16) has been sold to Arsenal for a fee ’round £2 mill. Nordtveit will join Arsenals first team on 2. july. Nordtveits agent claim that he has recieved offers from Real Madrid and ManU, but he opted for Arsenal.

  7. RvP said

    You’ll find pictures on these spots.

  8. Dave said

    Babel might be direct, but he is also very selfish. He has exactly zero assists in over 70 appearances in the league, he plays with his head down and tries to do it all. If Arsene could mold him into the system, then great, he has the physical tools. It is his attitude and mindset that I worry about.

  9. dan said

    clearly signing someone like walcott for 12m, Denilson for $4, has eaten into our limited transfer funds. equally two million for a 16 year old who will not see first team football for a few years will also affect what we can spend on other players this summer. if our budget is so restricted even the smallest acquistions are affecting the purchases of senior players who can help us in the short term (which is where our problems lie). there obviously needs to be a balance of where to spend money, but there can be no denying we have been spending the majority of our money on the future not the present, which added together with the departure of nearly all our core team in the past few years has left us where we are today.

  10. ethan_gooner said

    you were talking about the patrick – and soon possible henry cycle..
    well think a tad further ahead and realize arsene might also follow suit next season also , which surely means fab’s will go as well … fab’s is a great player for anyone his age YES .. but at the moment i would be happy for stablity, hes came out and said crap about if arsene goes so will i basically , and more recently im happy at AFC
    but if any major players left ( they dont get anymore major than the captain ) i would have to reconsider my thoughts again .. well i think its better just too fleece out all those who wont kiss the badge ! kissing arsene’s a$$ dont do it for me ! as much as all arsenal fans like to build the kid up .. he hasnt scored as much as predicted , and some people give him a hard time taking him out of the game purely thru experience and strength.that being said hes still a year or 2 off REALLY BEING TOP CLASS . and ok in a year or 2 it could be strike 3 with wenger leaving .. and others possibly..

    isnt it best to sell them now and build a team that will go the distance .. ive had enough of this revolving door .. i want player who are here for the greater good of arsenal !
    as im not sure if wenger will go or stay either ..

    he has already said that he is very very tempted by real madrid offer , that also sends off alarm bells to me !!!

    in short sell fabs (25+ mil)(and the henry 20 mil ) get someone like sergio ramos or kaka
    as for a striker S.Eto wont be comming NO CHANCE .. what would be the attraction .. ??? weve got a handful of youngsters ! and won nothing for the best part of 3 years !
    Im being a realist , i want this club to flourish but so far all we do is loose all our best players..
    just remember arsene could leave the following season
    season 1 excuse : pat left
    season 2 excuse : henry left
    season 3 excuse : manager gone + the boy wonder fabs .

    is there anyone left in the building ???

  11. goonergerry said

    The sale of Henry at this point is definately worth a serious rant- because it is the tipping point which confirms Arsenal’s continued downward trajectory as a team and as a club .The sale of Vieira was premature and a huge error and so is this.Henry is not just a great player he is or was our captain .It makes me angry to think we are now so desperate for money that we have become just a feeder club for rich European clubs. The reality is that we will be now even less able to attract established stars or keep our few remaining existing ones-and won’t even be able to compete with clubs like Bolton and Villa next season, let alone Spurs. Chelsea and Man U are clearly on another level to us- we have a squad equivalent to their reserves. Whilst he has done well to attract young talent,Wenger has absolutely no record of being able to attract a top striker-Eto, Trez etc simply won’t happen because we can’t afford them.Far from strengthening the side- we are about to lose our best player. The whole situation is very unsatisfactory.

  12. scotty said

    If Wenger decides Its time for Henry to go its time for Henry to go its as simple as that.We can try and recruit but we will never ,even with Eto ,find a prolific player as he has been to throw our jersey on.So all this talk as it is every season is rubbish we have back up with Van

  13. mjc-sensible article-for a moment there thought i was the only one aware of all this shit stiring by our arsenal hating media(forgot the times is linked to that man ure loving rag the sun)so you can spot the agenda how come all the rest of the gooner empire can’t??

  14. […] A waffle/rant about the Henry situation Today is Friday. A day where most of us slack off a little in order to help us adjust to the slow pace of the weekend. […] […]

  15. ethan_gooner said

    scotty / yogi ,
    If arsene is the man , he’s the man drivel !
    Oh come on!! he is on the same short list that henry and fabrigas is on .. WE DONT KNOW HOW LONG any of them will be at the club for SO EXCUSE me if im critical at how he sets the club up this summer !
    because next summer he could leave also, with US fans holding the bag !
    Until arsene COMMITS a FUTURE TOO ! im not prepared to LEAVE it TOO THE MAN ! , blindly leaving him to make LONG TERM DESISIONS!!!in a club he isnt showing much commitment too

    .. Also in a press statement after DD’s exit he explained just how influential DD was to the club, saying they worked hand in hand on the big name transfers, to get them across the line!.
    arsene said david dein was a vital factor in the claiming of our top name signings .
    who knows if arsene really has got what it takes to sign top class players alone .. HENCE HIS NEED TO SIGN A ‘DIRECTOR OF FOOTBALL’ TO THE CLUB…

    also what happened to appointing this director of football to aid transfers, surely if arsene was TRUELY sticking around past next season that position would already have been filled would it not !?

  16. ethan_gooner said

    Also to state that arsene is / is not committed to the club .
    If he really wanted to show his younsters the faith that most of you believe he has in them he would commit to a NEW CONTRACT ! sooner than later..
    before the start of the season preferably,so as to give the youngsters the cofidence they need to actually win something this year !!!

    managers are a bit different to players , its not like barca will
    publicly say we want arsene next season, as what would that do to the current managers cofidence at that club.How hard would that manager try to win knowing he will be pre-seeded by the arse next season.

    Hes not commiting because currently 1 year is too far off , and maybe something better will come along ..or maybe not .
    That will all depend on what big clubs flop in the comming season.
    And it very apparent that our youngsters play for arsene not arsenal , He is a fabulous manager/coach , great at youth production .. that is a 100% fact.. So the next issue will be about arsene and does he commit or not !..

  17. ethan_gooner said

    oh god king gooner the MAN that assured me henry would be here this season .. you called me all sorts of names , your still driving the issue home that EVERYTHING we read is untrue .. geez man !
    Unless you have henrys private mobile number its amazing you would even believe our new kit is white !!!
    We act on what the PLAYERS SAY TO THE PUBLIC in statements ..
    thats what this is all based on .. NOT fabrications .
    so stop quoting on every blog not to believe anything you read..
    why even READ the blogs then if you dont believe anything ..
    .either that or your totally tapped out , cause what your saying doesnt compute !

  18. A Spurs fan (honestly!) said

    Hoyte will get his chance during the African Cup of Nations. I hope he can retain it as he looks to have potential and could eventually replace the ageing Neville in the national team.

  19. correction ethan old boy-as i recall there was no name calling unless you are “optamistic”in disguise & i’m pretty sure you’re not!!- i have a complete & utter distrust of our man ure loving media i admit-perhaps it’s because they take every oportunity to have a pop at us primarily by sly mis- quotes-only when actually see & hear them myself do i believe…..

  20. ethan_gooner said

    ok you might not have sledged me directly, but you did state to me THAT YOU CAN ASSURE ME HENRY IS STAYING THIS SEASON !
    would you still like to make a wager 🙂 ?

    and told me to calm down as i shouldnt read and take everything people say in the headlines as gospel ! i aint stupid..
    I never do , and i can assure you i agree with you on 90% of the crap they write . but i only base my opinions on interveiws directly from the horses mouth ! i only then speculate on it ,as if i was in that position..

    you only have to see how people like gerrard and terry who are captains and how they act .. and tony adams in the past also, if ever there was anything to defend or stand up for they make statements to stem the flow before it gets outta hand. its their duty i think, and they know it. in the past henry has never been short of things to say.
    You are aware of all the papers writing about it , so when henry reads his paper everyday whilst drinking his coffee and sees that they are stating he is linked to a barca move. You think that he sits back and says nothing ???
    unless theres truth to the rumour and some of these sports writers actually do know things .
    (the other 10%)
    then henry backs up the rumours by avoiding the question whilst interveiwed in korea. and then people started actually questioning him
    once he said the Im an arsenal player ‘FOR NOW’ crap and ‘im still in the same position as last year’ crap .. none of that was made up by reporters .. they were words from our captains mouth ..
    So please before you shoot off your mouth , listen to what people
    are saying on the blogs , or if you believe we are worse for talking about the rumours of journo’s, then dont go on any of the arsenal boards or read papers ,BUT HOW ELSE DO YOU SUGGEST SUPPORTERS FIND OUT THE NEWS?? ring up the club and ask for henry?

  21. “ethan” whilst i may disagree with you on whats legit when it comes from our so called impartial media-i am with you 100% when you mention the ambiguous statements he does make over his cofee & croisant!-we deserve better & you quite rightly point out the likes of gerrard who nip it in the bud staightaway-perhaph th14 siply adores all the attention-what do you think???

  22. making henri the captain was a mistake. he couldn’t cope with both roles and he knows it. The problem is you can’t take the captaincy from him now without him throwing his teddies de son landau :-). I agree, Henri is crap for not scotching rumours. Not sure what game he is playing. I wouldn’t rule anything out. Whatever happens it will be a relief. I don’t want anyone playing for the Gooners who isn’t 100%. That’s why I have plenty of time for players like Tony Adams, as he slept and breathed Arsenal.

  23. @James
    Right now we need a left winger, that should be our priority.

    I think that right now we need world-class player. Big star players like Henry,Gallas like to win all the time.And after they spend 5+ years in one club you need to keep them motivated to stay in the club.

    I’m sure that Ballack left Bayern because he needed new surrounding, Bayern offered him biggest deal in history and he rejected.

    I believe that if we bring someone BIG in club that would keep Henry and the rest of world-class players (Gallas,Lehmann) in the club happy. And the rest of players offcourse.

    We do not need new players because we lack of something, with players we have now we can “fix” everything where we are not good enough on the pitch,surely.

    That’s my opinion.

    Left winger is good solution for buying, but i think that we need something bigger.
    Because new left wing could be Babel who will not solve our problem next season i believe .

  24. ethan_gooner said

    King GOONER.
    I think markaleX above is right , we never should of made henry captain its proved our downfall , should of gave that title to gilberto or affects his play and he isnt good at handling the pressure of it .

    Also heard a rumour that arsene is pissed with the board for not giving him more funds to remain compeditive,
    and although it might be your media band wagon making up stories again , i would agree that this rumour has some substance.I think
    it all starts at the top .. and filters on down to the captain and then the players.(probable senario is arsene has already told henry we aint got 40-50 mil to spend even probly before the season was over ). if this plays out the way im reading it .. i really think we are in the shite.. thats why i said just get rid of fabrigas also .. im sick of our club becomming a feeder
    for the likes of clubs with a REAL TRANSFER BUDGET.
    even le boss,
    if he isnt commiting to the future he should go as well! i mean think about it , we have a manager who re-vamped the whole team with young fry, and now he’s not showing commitment past this season to them.its better just to
    grab a new manager or force arsene (if you were the board to sign a new 3 year deal ) or we could have 2 or 3 more transitional years to come (mark my words).. its time to clean house .. as a fan id like to see it done quickly regardless of the fallout .

    Im hopefully im wrong but to answer your question is henry toying with us .. NO
    He is considering leaving no doubt in my mind , not only has he not made any real statements regarding his commitment, the way he answers those questions .. especially the one that he states he’s in the same limbo as last year (after signing a 4 year deal ???), for a captain it isnt promising at all ! Its NOTHING LIKE LAST YEAR the guy signed a 4 year deal !!!! but in his mind hes still fighting the same demons obviously ! the only way i can see henry stay is if barca cant give him the wages he’s after . after all theres 120 000 reasons a week to stay at arsenal .. but i dont think he cares about money .. he wants glory !!!!
    and he doesnt believe in AFC ! so what hope has a fan !?!?!
    it doesnt help that now the rumours surfacing are the board has ok’ed arsene selling th14. I never thought they had a problem with that anyhow.. but the problem is arsenes commitment.

    he is making judgement calls that affect the long term direction of this club , a club that this time next year in all probibility
    he wont be at !!!! im not worried anymore if we sell th14 im more conserned about arsenes commitment. and that he balances the team out with the funds from reyes and th14.. i think babel is a good signing .. with the right club he can be a star, remember tony adams came out and said one day he would like to take over the managers role at arsenal .. i didnt think much of it at the time ,
    infact i thought YOU WISH ! ARSENES THE MAN !
    that was just after the end of season ,maybe he knew something that we didnt back then !!!
    but in all honesty it problably isnt a bad replacement , infact you can be assured of commitment to the club at least,and im sure most of the youth RVP ect, and the youth defenders he worked with in the past 18 months wouldnt desert us ( other than fabs !)

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