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Weekend round-up of news before the Real match begins

Posted by James Dall on 17, June 2007

Hello there, not too much going on. I think the quiet weekend news-wise is quite a relief after the downpour of rumours and speculation during the week.

I am just about to settle down to watch the Real Madrid match. I am pretty excited. No doubt I shall flick over to the England Under 21 game (Justin Hoyte is involved once again) to see how they are doing.

There a few stories to cover, I will present these to you in an efficient/lazy bullet point style.

  • It was only a matter of time before we wrapped up the signing of Norwegian Havard Nordveit, FK Haugesund yesterday confirmed a deal had been struck. He is 16 and is unlikely to feature for us for a couple of seasons. He is supposed to be hot property. I know bugger all about him to be honest and am hardly excited. One can only hope Arsene has now left Norway and is off to his next destination where he will wrap up a left winger.
  • Our  new centre-back has spoken of his delight of the move: “It was exciting, it has been a tough week,” Nordveit told Haugesund Avis. “Everyone believed it would work out and fortunately it did.” Good luck to the boy. He could possibly feature in the League Cup in the 2008-2009 season I reckon.
  • The press have jumped on these comments by our Managing Director, Keith Edelman: “These are decisions for Arsene, it’s his job to manage the team and it would be up to him,” said Edelman in The Mail on Sunday. “That’s how we’ve always worked with Arsene. He will decide about the players. The board would be involved but we will do what Arsene asks us to.” To be honest they are pretty standard comments. Keith is simply staying Arsene is in charge and if Arsene feels he should stay or go, they trust him. If Arsene envisaged an Henry exit and the board stepped in that could create huge friction so Keith’s comments are spot on.
  • Big Patrick reckons the players need some clarity on the future of the manager and Thierry. Yes the players do but so do we! Arsene is staying but until we know otherwise we have no real idea about the Henry situation. I have said all that I can say on the matter and until any new solid news comes in, I will remain quiet.

There we have it, a brief little summary. If you are watching the Spanish games, fingers crossed there are some twists and turns.


15 Responses to “Weekend round-up of news before the Real match begins”

  1. Alex said

    First again.. Big signing on tuesday, who is it??

  2. rico said

    i heard there ill be a signing tuesday………. me.. i think it may be more than one – but i also believe Titi ill go, and Eto ill come our way – at least all the crap will cease….

    Come on Madrid… well BECKHAM, i love him

  3. bergy said

    where u guys heard bout the tuesday signing?

    some say it might be owen…hopefully not another teenager :/

  4. optamistic said

    you,ve resigned POOM! only on loan though because your SKINT

  5. Guns said

    Nordtveit will feature in the League Cup this year. He is signed as a first team player.

    The signing on tuesday could just be Aliadiere to Boro.

  6. rico said

    Bergy – it was an interview posted on this site – just tried to look for it for you but cant find it – all to do with the ‘bungs’ and lord stevens and the man interviewed said that we sould sign a player tuesday but he wouldnt reveal the identity, all seemed genuine…. however!!

    come on madrid

  7. rico said

    Kirsty W said on Newsnight to Barry Silkman [scroll to 13th minute]:

    bergy – this is where it all comes from, barry silkman is the man who has stated e will reveal the new signing on tuesday……………….

  8. Nordtveit could well feature for Arsenal in the cup this season. Sanderos could be sent packing now.

  9. […] Weekend round-up of news before the Real match begins Hello there, not too much going on. I think the quiet weekend news-wise is quite a relief after the downpour of rumours […] […]

  10. abarclay12 said

    Are we signing Michael Owen or what?? The dude always manages to get himself injured.

  11. Pete said

    I’m not getting too excited about the ‘signing’ tomorrow, I wouldn’t surprised if nothing happened but we’ll see.

    Clarity would be nice, but that’s all – if we knew everyone’s plans we’d get priced out on some players and sniped by Chelsea for others.

  12. optamistic said

    Whats this i here King Goon not only was wenger over in the Nou Camp trying to sell Henry, but was also there selling himself

  13. Mickeyboy82 said

    Right people… It’s Tuesday! What’s the big news then?

    I’ve heard that Michael Owen is on the cards, but at the sametime I’ve heard it’s to show our new teen that we sign’d for £2m?

  14. Yngve said

    I can assure ypu that it is not the Norwegian Teen that will be shown today. He is in Norway preparing for tomorrows match for FK Haugesund, where he might be playing holding midfielder. He has also gat another agent than that Barry bloke that announced the tuesday signing

  15. Mickeyboy82 said

    What signing?!?!?!?!?!

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