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Obafemi Martins: Henry replacement? Age? Top Speed?

Posted by James Dall on 21, June 2007

Howdy, I do hope you are well.

Where shall I start? Umm, well Vieira has been poking his nose in where it is not wanted. He, like every other person on this planet that claims to know what Henry wants, declared that we need to do the following:

If they bring in two or three big names it will show they want to compete against the best.

He then babbled on about the impact of Dein leaving:

I think it would be difficult to stay with what he had done with David Dein. Without David Dein I don’t think it would be the same for him. (Because) they started together and it will be strange for him to stay but you never know.

Eh? Pat makes it sound as if Dein brought him and Thierry into this world. Is Vieira aware that Henry can still spend time with David even though he has left? Blimey…

Part of the title of the previous blog was ‘media nonsense’ and how fitting that The Sun should print this drivel about how Wenger will probably be on his way out because the board have been tight on transfer funds. Nonsense. As simple as that. That is all I have to say.

The Aliadiere transfer that everyone seemed to know about three years ago has been 100% officially approved and confirmed. £2 million is the fee – sounds about right I suppose. Ali has spoken of his desire to get straight back into training. I wish him the best of luck, apart from when he plays against us.

Djourou has once again been linked with another loan move, this time to Toulouse. The article puts forward little evidence that Toulouse are even in for Johan so I think it is a load of cobblers. None-the-less as I have said before, we will need him next season, he is a quality player.

Our man Freddie is raring to go as he looks to begin his 10th season with us:

This will be my 10th season with Arsenal and I cannot wait to start the season with them. I am very much looking forward to the opening game against Fulham. It is great to start the season with a London derby.

There are a few cries to sell Ljungberg, I am on the fence on this one. Right now wingers is an area that we are really lacking. On top of my craving for a left winger to be brought in, selling Freddie would mean a second winger would have to be purchased. Finding one decent wide player, for the right money, is going to be a hard enough in itself. The Swede is reported to be on 70 grand a week – ridiculous. Has he merited that wage over the past two seasons? No, but injuries have really affected any sort of consistent run in the team. It is a bit of a dilemma. Once again I trust Wenger, he knows when it is the right time to let players go. If we can get the Freddie back that scored that wonderful goal against Bolton then clearly he could play a key role for us next season.

Fabs has defended our system of play. He tells of how we have simply lacked a finish to our brilliant moves. I do feel next season we will see a noticeable sign of progression throughout the team and in our performances.

Onto the Reyes situation now. His agent said that three clubs are in for him but was keen to make it clear that his future is in Arsenal’s hands:

There are clubs interested but it all depends on Arsenal and the offers they receive.

If the club do not receive an offer that they deem acceptable then he will return to England. If we were faced with that circumstance I really do not know what would happen. He bloody hates London/England but would be under contract to play for us. I am 99% we will not see him in an Arsenal shirt next season.

There is a cracking story here. Apparently super fast Martins has a £13 million release fee clause. It is rumoured that if Henry leaves the lightening quick Martins will be his replacement. Martins is a good player but not incredible, he is pretty speedy though, did I mention that? That is his main asset – being explosive. Furthermore isn’t there some dispute about road runner’s age, hasn’t he been around for 10 years but has only aged four months? In my opinion he would struggle to fill Henry’s boots. It sounds like more media shite to me. Certainly made me chuckle.

I think that is your lot. Tomorrow is my first of three days working at the Goodwood Festival of Speed as a “ticket checker”. I can hardly contain my excitement. Still, money is money. Expect another blog tomorrow evening or definitely Saturday evening. Cheerio.


51 Responses to “Obafemi Martins: Henry replacement? Age? Top Speed?”

  1. Franny Jeffers said

    I like Obafemi. I think he’s a good player.

  2. th14 said

    Henry aint going nowhere

  3. tyduffy said

    I think he would be a brilliant player to pair with Henry if he stays, not a replacement though.

  4. jim said

    Im sure he was about 22 when we looked at him at Inter a few years ago.

  5. I quite like him too but an Henry replacement I think not. I certainly would not be against us signing him though.

  6. Alf Ficinado said

    Martins AND Owen would struggle to fill Henry’s boots.

    £13 Million ‘Release’ clause. More like a feckin straitjacket if you ask me.

  7. Anon 1 said

    In terms of ‘Moments of brilliance’ I think RVP is the natural successor to Henry…If Henry leaves then we will need to sign someone with the ability to get in behind defences..we shouldn’t simply access this player in such black and white terms as ‘the replacement for Henry’ but rather as someone who fits in tactically

  8. chris said

    Obafemi Martins is 22. he just doesn’t age.

    I like him, think he’s a brilliant player and he scored a cracker against spurs last season! so long as he scores against spurs he’s worth having for any amount of money.

    if henry really is moaning and his heart isn’t in it anymore then sell him, a bit of money can’t do us too badly.

  9. foluso folami said

    martins is superb but definately not up to henrys standard. we can buy him then pair with henry up front. it would be such a good combo

  10. Anonymous said

    martins will be 23years old for the next 5 years.

  11. Reddevil-Killers said

    Gooners,Hey ait we done crying over the “henry is leaving fiasco” the dude should leave if it pleases him,cos if he doesnt perform the “henry way” next season he’ll be worth a pack of i think we should cash in now.And on Martins,menh i dont care if he is 23,23,27,30,a player with his pace and ball control,would always be a fans favourite.However the chap is very left footed like a certain dutch amn on our pay list,so it doesnt make much sense signing him or babel another extremely left footed striker.Theo walcott on the other hand would be perfect,pace and ball control and the finishing he showed against chelsea menh,this kid is the real thing lets give him a shoot at this.all in favour say I.

  12. pooner said

    goodwood? i’m from near there ha! gooner in the hooood.

    i’m fed up with all this bull about arsene, dein, henry and so on. i just want everye to shut up! aaaarrgghhh!

  13. […] Obafemi Martins: Henry replacement? Age? Top Speed? Howdy, I do hope you are well. Where shall I start? Umm, well Vieira has been poking his nose in where it is not […] […]

  14. yoyo said

    i think obefami wud do great at arsenal…..his got bags of pace and strength to me at 22 obviously wun come in as someone hus at henrys level but lets face it…..ther isnt many strikers hu r currently out ther hu are!!! eto’o mebe? but as the rumours gather pace round henry jas seems even more unlikey that he wun b leaving the hole they call nou…at 13 million for a striker hus settled in england is a fair shout!!!not a player hu likes drifting out that much but a great target man!!!

  15. Anonymous said

    Think it’s about time to sell Titi.. he’s been moaning for quite a while.. why keep him!!!!

  16. Arse Whinner said

    The young ones like Van P, Theo, Fab will show us their full next season, though we need to bring in a couple of classy players to strengthen the squad. As for Reyes… sell him.. no point keeping him if his heart is not for Arsenal… and Henry too!.. Finally, could someone tells Paddy to just SHUT UP!

  17. Charlie said

    NObody comes close to Henri. He is special. The only player that is near Henri’s skill is a 15 year, currently with the Arsenal academy. Please give Wenger to launch another gem into the footballing world.

  18. jas said

    martins will make arsenal shine cause he will score goals. if he comes ofcourse

  19. Rass Henry said

    “Thierry Henry, (very creative & a real ball placer to the back of the net) replacement is Martins ? No, chance at all. Just get Nicholas Anelka back to the Arsenal Squad he is a hard & powerfull striker where he will be a good pair to partner our King Henry upfront. Trust me, it will be a deadliest strikeforce in the world whereby, can bring back the glory & silverware’s as well to the Emirates Stadium a.k.a. The Red Hot Gunners of Arsenal Football Club.

  20. kerp said

    henry leaves will made the youngsters suffer unless he is replace by etoo…no other person can replace henry boots except eto..i hope board will gave wenger money to buy etoo if wenger want to sell henry unless the gunners will be at top 10 next season

  21. magpieszone said

    Sorry guys, Oba has pledged his future with us 🙂

  22. Darren said

    Hope Henry can make up his mind and leave to Barca asap (if he decides to leave) so that AW has time to find a good replacement. If Barca is willing to pay Arsenal >20M, why not?

    He just talks s**t to the press. Go to learn from Gilberto.

  23. steve_gooner said

    yoyo talk english !!!
    ‘hu r currently out ther hu are!!! eto’o mebe?’ WTF ?
    ‘unlikey that he wun b leaving the hole they call nou’…

    WTF are you on about ??

    Anyhow ,no news about anything .. I heard juv are already
    hounding Obi .. So not sure what people are on about by the time henry STAYS or GO’S .. Obi will already be in Italy ..

    Maybe one day i will wake up and find we have actually SIGNED a player instead of 3 years of selling them !

    16 year old kids dont count, . neither do untested
    EPL goalies !!! Should of got carson or ANY ENGLISH PLAYER !

  24. DT said

    Reddevil-Killers, you do know that Babel is a right-footer? He just plays on the left side. Remind you of anyone?

  25. pires right?

    damnz, i miss the good old arsenal days…

  26. yoyo said

    can you believe this?

  27. testing2010 said

    Is there any controversy about Obafemi Martins age? I think the guy should be taken at his word. Why does he have to lie about his age?

  28. arsenalist said

    I’m all for Nicholas Anelka. He might’ve actually finished half of the chances Baptista wasted last year. Another guy I’d like to see at Arsenal is Rob Hulse, I think he’s a good player who’d thrive in our system.

  29. angrygooner said

    if it’s true what I just saw on sky news that henry has been sold to barcelona then screw him! He’s been going on denying denying and again denying, getting upset about newspapers suggesting the move and asking if he must print it on a t-shirt that he won’t leave and the he does it after all.
    No respect for that decision from me!
    nuff said

  30. steve_gooner said


    Striker Henry ‘joins Barcelona’
    Barcelona are set to sign Arsenal striker Thierry Henry for a fee believed to be about £16m, according to reports coming out of Spain.

    The player’s agent, Jeff Weston, told BBC Sport: “The SEM Group have no comment to make.”

  31. becki said

    i can`t believe he really is going i will support henry were ever he goes he is a good player and always will be

  32. steve_gooner said

    also im never going to let king gooner forget he told me (pederson post ) STOP RAVING !,HENRY WILL NOT LEAVE ARSENAL THIS SEASON

    bah !


    i also heard real is going to offer arsene the managers job .

  33. Belfast Gooner said

    If Henry goes and its looking seriously like it, then we need to replace him with real quality not the likes of Martins or the constantly injured Owen. Bring Eto the other way or Fernando Torres. We are becoming somewhat of a selling club and that doesnt bode well for the future!!! Cesc, Van Persie do they have a price too?

  34. deleted said

    thierry henry should go we wish him the best but arsene wenger should sign player like eto,o or fenerdo toress

  35. mikey toon said

    arsenal will be missin henry so much nxt year nw we will c the real arsenal 12th if ur lucky gooners will be goners .and in his 1st season henry wasnt half the player martins is

  36. kstar said

    who is this guy tryin to compare martins and henry. must be a car-toon. we shall never join the toon at the bottom. big sam cant help u mikey toon. more jeleosy for you next season. remember that.

    gunner 4 life

  37. taiye said

    I think martins will be good replacement for henry and 10 million will be good with other singning like babel ; maoluda ; torres ;or owen and good pafect midfielder and defender.

  38. chris said

    Martins would be a great player at arsenal due to his great finishing ability, shot power, goal instinct and speed he would be a great replacement for henry Arsenal cant risk using players like Bentner as those types of players are not good enough to make Arsenal win the premierleague.

  39. Arsenalmania said

    I think it is hi time Arsene gets it right, we need established players to win laurels. Enough of all the teenage stuffs. We desperately need players like Martins for pace and power in the attack if we are going 2 pose any challenge for the prem and UCL.
    TAKE ME BACK TO THE GOOD OLD ARSENAL DAYS PLEASSEEEEE(49 matches unbeaten, pires, edu, parlour, bergkamp…….)

  40. John Smith said

    Obafemi Martins is a great player, the fastest player in the world without a doubt. I think he will perform the same, if not better that Henry. surly a great replacment!

    Oba Martins has it all, PACE, STRENGH, YOUTH and SHOT POWER, he has what Arsnel needs!

    Arsene Wenger should definatly sign him as a replacment for Henry!

  41. Levi Collingwood said

    I like Oba Martins, he is a very exciting player to watch. I could see him scoring plenty goals for Arsnel due to his youth, pace and scoring ability. I think he could replace Henry and winning the premiership for us.

  42. Anonymous said

    i am highly optimistic that arsenal can do without henry if arsene will bring in big name like eto,o,toress

  43. big steve said

    Oba, if he is 22, would be a good signing, as Arsene would hone his talents, and the huge amount of chances he takes to score a goal would balance into a good ratio. My fear is, the man is considerably older than 22, so if 13 mil is the price, it may not be the value we are after. Now that the Yids have got Bent, maybe we should go for Berbatov. Just to annoy them. Seriously though, Inter have just made a signing up front, which put Tevez out of the frame. !3 mil for Oba, or 20 plus for Tevez?

  44. big steve said

    torres would be great, but I think Liverpool have the edge there. Eto’o is kinda a thierry clone, and has had his problems at Barca, ( and Real ) so I think we should ail our sights at him.

  45. eugene said

    i think martins is very replacement for henry.
    As he is still young.

  46. eugene said

    Peopel must stop talking what they don’t know about martins age.
    When he was in Italy we all know him so let Henry go and martins will replace him you all will see that we will not miss henry at all

  47. jery said

    i think martins is the best to replace henry

  48. Anonymous said

    i believe obafemi can replace henry if not better

  49. OVIE said

    Gunners need a guy of stamina and speed like Obafemi.

  50. Idetrorce said

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  51. Anonymous said

    obafemi is d right guy 4 arsenal if they really want trophy next season becos he is so sharp 4 d gunners system of play good in control ,fast shotpower etc. please buy him we need him.

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