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Henry to Barca? There is something boiling inside of me

Posted by James Dall on 22, June 2007

Well well well, the following news has broken…

Arsenal’s French striker Thierry Henry will sign for Barcelona on Friday, sources close to the Primera Liga club said.

The 29-year-old will sign a four-year contract with Barca for an estimated transfer fee of 24 million euros (16 million pounds), the sources said.

Now before we jump the gun I have a few things to say –

This has all stemmed from one source. Is the source reliable? I do not know.

I just want everyone to realise that the press have leaped on this and it has now imploded. It is everywhere.

For me I need official confirmation.

The fact that his agent has apparently declined to comment is a worry though.

If it is £16 million I will be pissed off. More than pissed off, enraged. Why oh why would we accept a bid of 16 mill when last season, when he had a year remaining on his contract, was there an offer nearing 50? It just does not make sense to me. He has a four year contract with us. Argh

Charlton want 17 for Darren Bent for goodness sake.

I hope for Henry/Wenger/Arsenal’s sake it is a load of bullshit. Otherwise I fear some sort of mutiny.

Feel free to vent your anger/bewilderment/frustration/confusion etc


104 Responses to “Henry to Barca? There is something boiling inside of me”

  1. carlos kickaballs said

    Nah nah nah nah

  2. Anonymous said


  3. RJP said

    Shame on you arsenal, shame on you

  4. twotouchmiracle said

    i will be the first to predict that this is all utter bollox

  5. Jon P said

    Odds on Wenger managing Barca after next season anyone????? I think Wenger should go now before he strengthens his new team any more from our squad. He’s welcome to that little prick Fabregas though!!!!

  6. steve_gooner said

    henry is almost 30 . apparently the price can go upto 25 mil obviously depending on the contract so i hear, its probly something like GOALS SCORED or Number of appearances etc.

    But i cant honestly believe your shocked .. the writing has SOOO been on the wall for weeks now with henry really declining to comment .. Im just glad that its over .. one way or another ..

    Also , a rumour just in that wenger will be approached by REAL MADRID president for the managers role at Real ..

  7. we are so screwed said


    i mean if the f**kn french gay leaves, arsenal are fkn screwed to death, losing a captain and their greatest player. i know that wenger wont make a major signing, he will buy a 17 year old to replace him.

  8. Noodle said

    £16million for 29 going on 30 yr old, past his prime etc. Fair enough. Lets get on with it.

  9. Charlie Brown said

    This is the end of an era! Wenger will be gone next year.

  10. ish said

    16m for henry when shevchenko went to chelsea for 30m??!!! think you’re right though… can’t be 100% sure of what’s happening without official comment from the 2 clubs

  11. TK said

    Hope theres is a trade involved in this, would like to se Eto to AFC

  12. macca said

    it wasn’t nearing fifty mill at all it wes more like 5 mill!

    not stoped me being well pissed off, even tho i thuoght it wes on the cards!!!!

  13. albert said

    ha ha ha ha ha made up you cockney twats made up

  14. rico said

    Come on you dopes – one man doesnt make a team – isnt it more important that thomas, cesc, hoyte, kole, djourou, hleb, the mighty RVP, Ade, walcott, bendtner, dennilson, diaby and many more YOUNGER players stay – TH has been fantastic but he is obviously not happy – give the guy a break – h is nearly 30 and the best has been and gone – we no need a true leader to take the helm – then watch us fly

    also, this will give us money to strenghten our team, and allow us to play a different game other than – ‘ where is Titi”

    if you go – good luck thierry and thanks for what you have given our club

  15. bergy said

    i do believe this is true.not arsene nor henry has come out at any stage and denied these reports..

    with our top scorer gone..what next?

    viera left..cambell did pires and now henry

    what the hell is arsene thinking?

  16. bergy said

    are we turning into a selling club? and buying youths?
    rubbish this

  17. Alan Dublin said

    Henry will be 30 when the season starts. The days of Henry zooming towards goal are numbered. Think of Henrys bad games for France – that’s what Barca have bought. In 5 years they’ll be wetting themselves at the thoughts of signing our next ‘big player’. Remember Overmars and Petit.

  18. One_Touch_Genius said

    Ok Henry has left apparently….this leaves us with RVP, Adebayor, Bendtner as our strikers. Not good enough in my opinion. Before this whole Henry fiasco we needed to sign 2 players to complete our team, now we need at least 4. Thats not 4 16-19yr olds either thats 4 21-25 year olds.

    Expect the signature of one Ryan Babel though

  19. steve_gooner said

    why on earth would ETO join us ?
    i mean join a bunch of AVERAGE PLAYERS ?
    or a STAR STUDDED LINE UP at barca …

    ooh hard desision .. NOT

    also he stated he wanted to play with henry

    my question is WHO WOULD WANT TO JOIN US >?

  20. South African Gooner said

    i think arsenal are doooooooomed… if its true it means david dein is definately not coming back and probably no american money man eather… another way arsenal are gonna be doooooomed is 1st if wenger stays no big name replacement… and 2nd if wenger follows henry to la liga bye bye gallas, fabregas, rosicky and da whole team

  21. Sex Fabregas said

    I’m sick of these stories.


  22. bergy said

    i do believe if arsene leaves nearly the whole team would leave..he has build this club to one of the best

    is he undoing it all now?

    we havent competed for the league since vieira left

  23. South African Gooner said

    wait … wenger already has the answer … gilles sunu (sarcastic and Very depressed voice)

  24. RWB said

    “Oh, we have denilson and Hleb” F-me, a 19 year old and the worst right winger in the Prem. Jesus, I don’t understand this, we are selling our best players and then buying 16 year old norweigians. WE AREN’T EVEN BUYING THE BEST YOUNG TALENT AS WE LET CHELSEA GET DRENTHE! He could actually help us, but NO, we’d rather have a 16 year old CB. WHICH IS BLOODY USELESS.

    BLAH BLAH, Arsene knows….yeah, he knows that PHW is a c*nt and that he’s be at Barca in a year with Henry and Cesc on the way. We better get used to that rivalry with Spurs, cause it’s the best we can do…..

  25. funchyman said

    my heart is bleeding…

    16 mill i just dont understand it…

    but im not surprised either..

    lets hope that arsene wenger still has the desire to lead the team in the yaers to come..

    gooner 4 ever…

  26. bergy said

    sa im from sa aswell…friends from manu giving me grieve cause of this..

    sunu is like teenager way he can make an impact…

    surely arsene should have a replacement lined up?

  27. Anonymous said

    why dont we just change our name to Barselona, pikey cunts.

  28. Nevie said

    if it is the case that arsene has sold henry without lining up a replacement then it is clearly time for a new manager. all the talk about potential is boring, we need to win things now or we will lose out good young players to more successful teams anyway. £16m is cheap for a player who will score goals for the next 6/7 years at least even if he has lost form recently. £16m for Henry + at least £10m for Reyes = £16m plus the 2transfer kitty”, surely he has to buy proven quality. Although, Arsene doesn’t spend anyway, he could have £160m and only buy a couple of unknowns for £5m. Eto or Owen or mid table and a FA cup run. Gutted!

  29. funchyman said

    years to come.. offcourse..

  30. bergy said

    i would buy owen….got all the experience in the league.. no time to settle in.. and maybe 1 striker more..

    maybe reyes coming back?cause think him and henry never got along..

  31. Pumpy said

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  32. macca said

    perhaps david dean is going with him so he can suck his knob again!!! good luck henry, give me a fucking break about 2 months ago he was sayin’ he was at arsenal for the rest of his career!!!

    well he can go and have a love train with eto’o goofy and co for all i care!!

    he was a livin’ legend now he’s a nobody in my eyes!

    in 12 months time he will be just like paddy and pires, saying all our best players should leave!!

  33. RWB said

    And why shouldn’t they leave? Who would you rather play with? Eto’o Messi, Ronaldinho, Xavi and Iniesta, or

    Hleb, Adebayour, Rosicky, Fab, RVP, and denilson. Sorry, but outside of Fab and maybe RVP, Not one of those players could even make the squad at Barca.

  34. woowoo said

    1) Hes almost 30 and relies predominantly on pace…hes past his best and £16m isnt a bad deal for us, esp as he was on £110k week.

    2)he does NOT want to play for us, his head didnt fit in our new stadium. do you all believe he was injured for the last 3 months of the season? like the board said, its wengers call and wenger decided 3 months ago he will not play for us again!

    3)Wenger has had the clubs bests interests at heart for 11 years, he would not throw it all away now. im sure he will bring someone big in to replace him and SOON

  35. sunith said

    the whole thing is caused by the bloody board of their f….ing attitude in not allowing kroenke invest……….

    i guess wenger, henry & everyone leave………….we r doomed….dead sure.

  36. South African Gooner said

    if you remember reports saying henry would leave is no big names where signed.. well hes gone so that clearly
    = no big names… guess that means get uses to names like jay simpson and vincent van den berg and rui fonte…

  37. RWB said

    We should burn PHW in effigy at what can only be referred to as Cashburden Grave.

  38. macca said

    i’m arsenal till i die
    i’m arsenal till i die
    i no i am i’m sure i am
    i’m arsenal till i die

    fuck henry and fuck all you hater’s 2

    arsene knows!!!!

  39. Heramb said

    16 mil. thats all less 4 our ace .
    that bent guy costs 17 .AV must b jokin
    i wud b happy if it sounds 16 mil + eto..
    wat say guys????

  40. RWB said

    Yeah, arsene knows that he’ll be at Barca next year with Fab and Henry and no bullshit board who will limit his chances. We’ve sold Vieira, and since, NO F-ING SILVERWARE. We now sell Henry. Unless we bring in WORLD CLASS TALENT. WE ARE FUCKED

  41. bergy said

    16mil + eto for sure

    think the chances are very slim for that 2 happen

  42. South African Gooner said

    yeah heramb a couple of weeks afo skysports said that barce were offering 17mil+Eto’o … maybe theres more to this deal than we know… well at least i hope

  43. Heramb said

    kkkkkkkkkk so hes gone .now wat???????
    “lets press da red button” nah.

    wenger sud get immediate replacement as in torres.
    martins is good but he lacks that spark
    owen ………well hes dead 4 me.

    da best that cud happen is wenger gettin Torres 4 reyes + some cash
    n gettin that old horse Trez 4m juve
    that wud prove a gr8 attack!!!!!!!!

  44. argh said

    FUCK WENGER, FUCK WENGER, FUCK WENGER!!!! how the fuck could he have let this happen? will adebafuckingyor and rvp score totally 30-40 goals next season? nah nah nah nah nah…

    This selling club is going the fuck down the drain

  45. macca said

    RWB, vieira has played about 20 games in 2 years, pires has played about 7 in a year, sol has got issues and can’t play with the pressure of a big club, yes thats BIG CLUB! if wenger goes, there are plenty of big name managers that would want to manage arsenal. don’t be so depressive!

    support your club or you might as well go and support the chav’s in kings rd

  46. big gordy said

    at least we wont have a problem getting tickets next season !!! £9.50 for the upper tier !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. RWB said

    I don’t give a flying fuck what they did at their new clubs, I care what Arsenal has done since they left. And the fact is that we are SHITE since they’ve left. No titles and barely above spuds. Sorry, that is rubbish. So, yeah, if you sell them and replace them with children, or rubbish like Hleb, well then. IT SUCKS!

  48. frenchgooner said

    The truth is there are 4 possible scenarios for next year:

    1. Henry adapts well to la liga (like Nistelrooy this season) & Arsenal doesn’t perform well (+no silverware).
    verdict: Wenger then leaves at the end of the year and Fabregas too, rough times ahead.

    2. Henry doesn’t adapt & Arsenal doesn’t perform.
    verdict: Wenger still leaves, rough times too. But at least we’re happy with that deal.

    3. Henry adapts & Arsenal rocks (with RVP, Eboué, Kolo, Cesc, Adebayor… all shining)
    verdict: Wenger stays and attracts top players, although Fabregas may leave.

    4. Henry doesn’t adapt & Arsenal rocks.
    verdict: same as #3.

    My bet: 3 will happen. I really think next year those I named above will be seen as big players: simple reason, Henry was acting as a prima donna and I think he was putting extra pressure on them.

  49. breeze said

    Here we go again Paddy left we were left shattered now Th14 has gone what now another 2 years of nothing,,,or even more when Wenger goes next year,,the board has really fucked themselves with a 60,400 stadium and in debt,,i hope they have a plan B or the man in USA STEPS in and saves our sorry ass’s..fuck I’m sad

  50. Dave said

    An arsenal fan for 25 years – and my immediate reaction: excitement and delight. Don’t know why. Maybe I’d rather have a player who gave everything and didn’t strop.

  51. macca said

    you can fuck off and support the team thats winning stuff every year,i bet you complain if someone starts cheering around you at the game, or maybe you just sit at home with your prawn sanwich, arsenal needs supporters not knobs like you who fancy the henry,s of this world. we got the best stadium in the uk and in a few years we will be right up there again, that will prob be the time when you start supporting the mighty arsenal again!!!

    well piss off, cause with fans like you who needs opposition!!

  52. RWB said

    blah blah blah….You should also support and love your wife at all costs. BUT IF THE BITCH STARTS KILLING YOUR CHILDREN, SHOULD YOU JUST SIT BY AND SAY “oh well, it’s ok, I love my wife.” If you truly love arsenal then you NEED TO BE FUCKING DISMAYED BY ALL THIS. It’s a fucking disaster unless we start buying TALENT AND QUALITY.

    You big shit stadium doesn’t mean a thing because the prawn sandwhich eaters who it was built for (don’t fool yourself, they are the only ones that can afford those club seats) will never come and watch a mid-table club. AND THE DIE-HARDS ARE PRICED OUT.

    So where does that leave us??? No ticket sales to pay off debt, and not quality to put asses in the seats. THAT’S WORSE THAN THE GLAZERS……You’ll be begging for Kroenke then.

  53. bergy said

    so after a dissapointing last 2 season…is this the right or wrong way to go?

    wont help if we suddenly bring in loads of player…look at westham

    just a bit worrying the experience we badly need is gone..and we cant expect 18/19 year old to perform week after week

    still long way to go in transfer window…

  54. forgoodnesssakesgetoverit said

    how have arsenal “fans” forgotten that wenger is a hugely intelligent man who, if this is true, will have planned for this eventuality. he has already said that there would possibly be one maybe two super super class players and if henry is going then these signings would have been pretty much confirmed too. something this big would not be risked otherwise.

    my personal feeling is that if henrys not got his heart in it then it does lessen my opinion of him but will always respect him for what he has given the club. he had to go if he wanted out. no point in keeping him on a ball and chain.

    with the money coming in from this deal and reyes’ sale if i were in wengers position i’d sign tevez and malouda plus one of either babel, owen or nasri. rvp is gonna be a hero next season. a hero.

  55. optamistic said

    Something else to think about CAPELLO has left REAL MADRID

    ho hum

  56. macca said

    not a fuckin chance, you need to get to the doctors to get some happy pills, at the end of the day there’s no money to spend, henry, as good as he was is not the same player and how many games did he play last season on 110k a week? from what i remember he missed a chunk of the season before as well!!

    there’s long long list just to get aseason ticket and the corperate seats are on a 10 year deal by that time we will be flying again.

    of course its sad to see the top top players leave but at the end of the day if thay wanna go there’s not much arsene can do, and having a go at the best manager arsenal has ever had is just WRONG!!

  57. forgoodnesssakesgetoverit said

    and are ppls memories that short that they have forgotten that when henry was in the team we didn’t play half as well. ok thierry and rvp were there to convert the chances we had (mostly), but towards the end of the season with a player down for most games (i count baptista as a player down cos he was so stunningly useless) we played far better and should have scored far more. all we needed was rvp to finish the chances off. i might have a little pray for tevez to sign. him and rvp would be awesome together

  58. bergy said

    tevez wont be signed….got loads of xtra’s with him.dont need that kind of problems

  59. RWB said

    I ain’t having a go at AW. I am having a go at the worst fucking board in football. PHW can fuck-off back to Eton and die for all I care. They’ve ruined our club.

    If we sign replacements for Henry and bring in “Super-Super” talent, then I can deal with this. But fuck me, I have this sneaking suspicion that we are going to leave things as they are. WE FUCK THAT!

    Chelski have already brought in 3 players and the best player at the U-21’s in Drenthe, while Man U signed Hargreaves and the next Ronaldinho……

    We sold our greatest player ever and bought a back up keeper and a 16 year old for 2 million quid.

    Yeah, we can compete for the Prem next year…..and I can fly…

  60. macca said

    tevez and rvp sounds fuckin amazing,if we do manage to rub 2 pennys together that is!!!

  61. optamistic said

    TEVEZ, TEVEZ, Come off it Teves will cost you £30 mill.

    The money from Henry has already gone on the intrest to the bank for the new stadium. ARESENAL ARE SKINT

  62. optamistic said

    CAPELLO HAS LEFT Real Madrid

  63. macca said

    i never said we would compete, next season, but we will in the not to distant future!! chelski have signed sqaud players and a kid man u have signed kids and the most over rated defensive midfielder since djemba djemba, so your killing you own argument on the kids thing!!

    the arsenal board have made a complete fuck up with dein and phw is such a cunt but better a cunt you no, say we sold to the yank how do you know he will buy top players, i ain’t seen liverpool buying much yet!

  64. optamistic said


  65. macca said

    cappello might have gone, but wenger will def be at arsenal next season!!!

    why would he go to madrid cappello just won the legue and hes been forced out!!

  66. RWB said

    Because Arsenal are of no fucking use to Kroenke if they are rubbish. That’s why. He needs them to be top class like the Glazers needed Man U to be top class. So THAT’S why he would pour money into the club. Just like Lerner is pouring money into Villa. The american owners aren’t stupid. Guys like Kroenke made their money with business acumen, unlike cunt PHW, who was just born into it.

    Oh, and if you think Anderson is just a kid like our kids…you’re “kidding” yourself. He’s a full member of Brasil now. A little better than a 16 year old norweigan.

  67. optamistic said

    MACCA Bigger club, mate, Bigger club

  68. optamistic said


  69. macca said

    what, like our dennilson who is also a full member of the brazil team and didn’t cost 17 fucking million, he’s already got prem experience unlike anderson, who could be another 1 who hates the cold days in bolton! like i said i don’t see liverpool buying and the only big money transfer to villa has be young, oh and he don;t look that good in a better side would you want him?

  70. RWB said

    Denilson is NOT the same as Anderson. Anderson was brought in as a full member because he will play a lot. Denilson was brought in for a friendly to fill a seat. I know about football mate, so don’t try and compare the two. No one who’s not a blinkered gooner would suggest that denilson and anderson are on the same level. The Brazilian’s barely know who denilson is, while everyone knows anderson is amazing. You are comparing apples and oranges. Be serious man.

  71. macca said

    not so optamistic, wenger would not like that cunt calderon asking what he was doing all the time, just like cappello didn’t like it!

    bigger club maybe but about 7 managers in 5 years, i can’t see AW going there.

  72. paul said

    i can’t believe what i’m hearing from my fellow gooners. Arsene has taken a club who were once on a par with Spurs and has now built a club who is on a par with the best in the world. We all know that it will take a while to pay for the stadium and recover from the demise of the ‘invincibles’. However, just look what fergie has done at united , Arsene will do at least the same, probably much better. Common sense says we have to support our manager and club especially in hard times. Get real everyone. Who do u want instead, Sven? Stuart Pearce? BE PATIENT OUR TIME IS COMING!! Thierry stay or go, i don’t care anymore, i’m sick of losing our best players, I dread every summer just like we all do. People stand behind Arsene and i’m sure we will one day have an even better team than before. My advice to unhappy gooners, get a tasty mistress and enjoy her fruits. Take your mind off things until we are back to our best!

  73. Anonymous said

    arsenal can do without thiery henry but arsene wenger most sign his replacement

  74. macca said

    i know thay are different players but we know that dennilson will put his foot in up north on a cold night, if you know your football you will know that reyes was gonna be the next big thing, what the fuck happened to him then, he was great for seville!! anderson has been playing in portugal for fuck sake! oh and what about the other dennilson who done 20 step overs a second, he turned out just a bargain at 18 mill!!!

    you should change your name to mystic meg, if you know that much!!!

  75. macca said

    all the fucking yanks want is to spend little and get lots, actualy that sounds a bit like the current board, shit we maybe fucked either way!!!!

  76. Anonymous said

    I think someone should tie Henry up behind his renault clio and drive the traitor down las ramblas to sign his new fucking contract!

  77. Who cares! Wenger must have some youngs to replace him…..agrrr!

    We need world class player this summer!
    Torres, Berbatov or Eto’? who else?

  78. josh said

    i dont believe it till i hear it from arsene himself. but if it does go down for that little amount then we better have someone that is on the list to buy as a replacement. for cheaper. i think babel from ajax would be a great replacement. anyone agree. i still hope henry doesnt go to barca though, i hate them!

  79. DAN said

    RWB Says:
    June 22nd, 2007 at 8:55 pm
    Denilson is NOT the same as Anderson. Anderson was brought in as a full member because he will play a lot. Denilson was brought in for a friendly to fill a seat. I know about football mate, so don’t try and compare the two. No one who’s not a blinkered gooner would suggest that denilson and anderson are on the same level. The Brazilian’s barely know who denilson is, while everyone knows anderson is amazing. You are comparing apples and oranges. Be serious man.

    Just to remaind you mister, Dennilson was the UNDER17 CAPTAIN AND IS THE UNDER 21 CAPTAIN. DO YOU GET THAT? THANKS

  80. steve_gooner said

    anderson and nani are fuckin class !
    if arsene recruited like that i would say the future is bright !
    kerlon would be a good target . but dont listen to me i just want arsenal to be great again !!! ALL WE DO IS SELL OUR BEST PLAYERS

    no doubt in my mind he’ll leave and the sooner he does the better !
    least we can get back on track again !
    all you wenger lovers need to open your eyes ..

    for the last 3 years we have been going down the toilet !
    there has been no upward movement ..
    NONE ! so stop kidding yourselves
    these youngsters choked last year due to NOT HANDLING PRESSURE
    gallas said so .. and it was so obvious on the feild !
    take off the rose tinted glasses and realize who ever is incharge
    of the club is taking it downward !!!!

    the proof is in the last 3 years so dont tell me otherwise !!
    and all this talk about henry isnt the player he was , well
    im sure he will prove you wrong next year ! he will be class until he is ready to retire .
    We just dont have the EXPERIENCE to make henry great ..
    all these youngsters cant even find the back of the net !

    id rather see the non signing manager piss off this season and start rebuilding this team now ..UPWARDS !

    besides who sacks there manager after winning la liga ?
    if they didnt have a replacement .. and arsene talked to RM
    the club a week or 2 ago ! 2+2 = 4

    and let him go .. as they made it quite clear (the board ) that wenger is incharge of hire and fire !
    so stop blaming the board for henry going elsewhere
    you can blame the board for not having any money ..
    but the desision obviously was henrys-arse’s

  81. Jezza said

    We all crave success, not just today but yesterday and to be fair as supporters we have every right to feel this way. We all love the club and we want to be competing for the highest honours. So, with that in mind I can completely except the criticism directed at the board, the manager and anyone else that is getting it!

    But I really am convinced there is another side to this which is quite easy to ignore when you’re absorbed in the current negative coverage surrounding the club.

    First of all Thierry Henry has been a great player for us and most Arsenal fans will
    except his decision and be grateful for his service and contribution up until the end of this season. He is 30 yrs of age and without doubt his BEST days are behind him now.

    No one could argue he has had a commanding presence on the the team to the detriment of some of the younger players in the dressing room. Yes, he’s iconic and probably a role model to many of the younger players but did the likes RVP, ADeBAyor and Reyes (in the past) really feel comfortable and perform to their very best when playing alongside TH14?
    It’s been mentioned before, but is it conceivable that by letting TH14 go the players that are the future of AFC will flourish without the added pressure that TH14 applies on them?

    My other point is this: As frustrating as it is to seee what was arguably one the best all time teams to have ever play in the EPL suddenly disintegrate into a promising youth team with huge potential.

    My personal belief, for what it’s worth is we now have a fantastic world class stadium, one which any club in Europe would be proud of. So lets except a little bit of pain may be experienced whilst the future of this club takes shape. Finances will improve and funds will become available over the next few years. Coinciding with our team of young potentials gaining the relevant experience to mature into waht I believe will be some of the best players in the world. We really are blessed with some ofine young talent at the club and if Wenger continues to nurture them then I am completely convinced we will see a truly great team for the Arsenal. It may take a few years but the way I see it is this, we can either be a club like Spurs or Newcastle and have no real strategy to long term sustained success or we be patient except what comes our way in the short term but know (with confidence) that our club is building for long term success and will, in time turn us into a genuine giant of not just EPL but of European football. It will happen! Just be patient ignore the frustration and support the team.

  82. kstar said

    Im a gunner for life.
    do you really think that one man is greater than a club. let him go and let someone who wants to play and do good for us. trust there loads of them out. get em arsen

  83. indian gooner said

    assuming this news to be true 16m is a bargain for barca .
    but i would nt care as long as decent replacements were brought in ie. no 16 year old kids from some corner of europe .if this deal doesn’t go through(can only hope now !!!) we should strip henry of the captaincy . maybe the captain’s armband is a transfer curse , make almunia or someone the captain .
    the point is if henry doesn’t want to stay then it’s best he goes i guess that seems to be the case .
    wonder if this might affect reyes decision ??

  84. optamistic said

    There is a saying” be careful what you wish for”. Well you wanted him to go , now he has. now you think he had no loyalty. But lets face it he wanted to go last year.

    Fabrigas will be next, just before Wenger

    Just think how HENRY would have felt next year being beaten by sides like MAN U LIVERPOOL CHELSEA, with all there better players when he would be playing with substanderd quality at ARSENAL. It will be FABRIGAS NEXT

  85. steve_gooner said

    henry made a statement

    “I still must pass a medical on Monday but yes, I have chosen Barcelona,” the 29-year-old striker told French sports daily
    “I still must pass a medical on Monday but yes, I have chosen Barcelona,” the 29-year-old striker told French sports daily L’Equipe on Saturday.

    “Arsene has been part of my life for as long as I can remember,” he wrote.

    “Unfortunately and understandably he has said that at this moment he will not commit to the club past the expiration of his current deal which finishes at the end of the coming season.

    “I respect his decision and his honesty but I will be 31 at the end of next season and I cannot take the chance to be there without Arsene Wenger and David Dein.

    “This is solely my decision, no-one has forced me to do anything and I will represent myself in this transaction. I feel it is something I just had to do

  86. frenchgooner said

    This french paper l’Equipe also says that Anelka himself has confirmed he is the one leading the chase to replace Henry at Arsenal. The french right-back Bakary Sagna from Auxerre is also close to signing.

    These are two big signings definitely, I can’t wait for this to happen.

  87. Frattonchorus said

    It will be a severe loss to the Premiership. I hope for the sake of Arsenal you guys can replace him. No one player is bigger than your club, but Henry was the closest you’d ever get. Saying that Wenger will honour his deal and if anyone can make next season a success for you it’s him. It’ll be interesting to see how well the Arsenal board will back a man whom isn’t confident of his future at the club…

  88. heh no actually i think gallas will be out BEFORE fab =/

  89. josh said

    it is official, henry himself said he is going. he has a physical at the nou camp on monday. a terrible day in the history of arsenal and the epl.

  90. arsenal’s website has confirmed it too.

  91. vpatrickd said

    Sayonara, Henry..

  92. TT.Baby said

    The fans support is like an eleventh man for a team. Fan support could and would decline if everyone starts to believe that one man can make a club, and eventually lose any hope for the return of glory days. We can help our team by standing by their sides through thick and thin and giving them best support ever. Arsenal has great players who a very capable of winning us a title. We don’t need Henry but we need Wenger and if we want him to stay we need to rally by or team and give them the support they need. Our magic is not gone, its there, the players need to be shown that we have great faith in them…WE NEED TO MAKE THE WHOLE OF LONDON AND THE WORLD ROCK OFF THE MAP. I’m from Trinidad and Tobago and I’m a die hard Arsenal fan and I am sure as hell not giving up hope. OUR PLAYERS CAN BEAT THE ODDS WE DON’T NEED A REPLACEMENT FOR HENRY (RIGHT NOW) WE HAVE TO PLAY OUR HEARTS OUT AND WIN THE TITLE NEXT YEAR. WENGER WILL STAY!!!! AND THAT BULLSHIT OF A DEBT WE’RE IN WILL END…IT WILL END!!!!!

  93. Justin Connor said

    i am sad to see him go. he has been a huge part of Arsenal history, but life goes on and Arsenal will continue to bring in talent and turn them into stars. Remember, Henry was considered a bust before Wenger transformed him into a world class striker. The same can be done for new players…like Ryan Babel. take the 16 million and buy Sagna, Anelka, Malouda, and Babel and we will be a much stronger team for it. Henry is going to be 30 and his best contributions are behind him. He will miss his Arsenal days when he is fighting for the ball with Messi, Ronaldinho, and Eto’o and losing in the Champion’s League to a young and fresh Arsenal squad. Go Gunners…

  94. Anonymous said

    barcelona is gona b even better now!!

  95. steve_gooner said


    we are allowed to cry over henry HE WAS THE BEST PLAYER THE WORLD HAS SEEN ! your the FAKE arsenal fan if you dont realize what sort of SPACE we have to fill now F*CKING TOSSER !

  96. Anonymous said

    barcelona u motherfukas
    we fkd up wid viera n henry cuz of da son ova bitch PHW
    bt if weger stays n dey realise dey shudnt sell der top players
    by 2010 onwards mst der players in der squad are gna reach there prime. come on dnt u remember van persies volley. i think the dutchman gna replace da frog eatin nigga. henry will fk up at barcelona injuries gna fuck him ova
    arsenal vs barcelona i rekon arsenal gna do em like dey did juventus
    however i wish henry sucess wen its
    chelsea vs barcelona
    bt wen has he ever peformed in top games sol campbell scored in the champions league final wer was henry answer blaggin a injury
    i think arsenal shud have sold to da owners of emirites
    then truly arsenal will defo be da biggist team in middle east deyll have ber money tooo spend
    but onli if they thort like me


    i think theyll be capable of winning all there cups they go for

  97. Anonymous said

    Wenger wants anelka!Who want this guy to play again for us after all the trouble he’s 8 yrs ago?Wenger should try to pursuade torres or david villa or even teves.these players could be the perfect remplacement for henry.If wenger doesn’t buy a class player then the time for things to arrange will be longer.With tottenham becoming stronger and platini’s idea of allowing only 3 clubs to take part in the champions league,arsenal is in a bad posture.

  98. JJ said

    You lot are all berks. Of course Wenger has a replacement lined up, i would bet on Anelka though the board wouldn’t like it. Thierry is one player, though he is excellent, he is one player. And tevez is the worst buy we could make.

  99. JJ said

    Oh yeah and this anonymous guy at 96 is a proper pillock.

  100. dav said

    i have just watched the barca press conference, was it me or did henry look as though he did not want to be there, perhaps he knows something we dont?

    i here that wenger signs a three year extension on wednesday on the basis that dein returns to the club, i also hear the kronke is being tapped up to invest money, hill-wood has had a change of heart.

  101. we are “the arsenal” never forget we are the aristocracy of english football- the rest are jumped up peasants with little or no class.arsene knows!!!

  102. larry said

    henry did well to leave when he is still worth a substantial sum.henry ,i luv u and will always support you wherever u in nigeria we call u IGWE meaning king.i hope u wld win the ucl,world best and nistelrooys pichichi in ur first season and consecutively

  103. arsenalRFd said

    Arsenal haven’t won sht since Viera left, arsenal are going down the toilet fast. They’ll be lucky to finish mid table next season.

    Man U – Tevez
    Liverpool – Torres
    Arsenal – da silva LOOOOOOL

    wtf? forget it, arsenal have NO HOPE of challenging anything in the premiership.

    I TOTALLY understand why Henry left, why Fabregas wants to leave, why Gallas say the team question the clubs ambitions, and why Wenger wont sign a new contract,


  104. rocket german

    rocket german

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