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Strikers: van Persie, Adebayor, Bendtner, Walcott and ?????

Posted by James Dall on 23, June 2007

I said I needed official confirmation and I got it.

The transfer is all but done. Right now though I am not in the mood to write a blog detailing what I make of Henry’s exit.

I have pondered on it all day and plan to construct a blog on Monday briefly conveying my thoughts and feelings.

My mind right now is on his replacement. Clearly no-one can replace Thierry, however there is no doubt a striker must be purchased. The worry is that whichever striker we sign this summer (if we do not sign one I might combust) will be labeled as the replacement for Henry, which heaves extreme pressure on that individual. Hence we need someone world class who is confident they can deliver.

A few of the names that have been mentioned include:

Owen – injury prone? Extremely good finisher. £9 million for proven premiership talent.

Martins – fast and direct. A consistent performer? Rumoured to be available for £13 million.

Fernando Torres – could be pricey, I am still unsure of how good he is, I simply have not seen enough of him. Could be part of a deal involving Reyes?

Anelka – A quality player. Would you like to see him back?

What do you think? If you were the boss, who would you realistically bring in. Baring in mind someone like Villa would cost around £30 million.

Simply state the player you would like to see brought in.


122 Responses to “Strikers: van Persie, Adebayor, Bendtner, Walcott and ?????”

  1. Renzukuken said

    LoLx…trust me…this is not going to be a downfall for arsenal…unless if wenger goes…Theres still alot of people who can take over henry’s place…i would like to see Vela plays tho XD

  2. Alex said

    Tevez. More heart, less arrogance.

  3. How much do you reckon for Tevez though? Might be pricey. I think he is bloody brilliant though.

  4. Dazzy said

    Of course I’d like TEvez, but I can’t realistically see us buying him knowing le boss, but yeh he’s definitely a player that would rise to the occasion in terms of replacing Henry. I do thimk Anelka is a good option, he’s not as petulant as B4 and from recent temamates they seem to only hav gud things to say, and Wenger was the only one to ever get the best out of him i know he would want to come

  5. C P Haircut said

    RVP is the replacement! TH14 who?

  6. dj said

    anelka is the man . top draw and will score 25 plus goals. might even be better than henry for the team.

  7. donator said

    henry will b missed i love the man

  8. umayr said

    I think we should get diego milito he is quality or david nugent young, english and really talented.

  9. Wenger's Hat said

    How about Huntelaar? 23 dutch stiker how has had a great season with ajax, apparently priced at about 10 mill.

    Or else i say anelka, has settled well back into premiership football, suits our style, would hit the ground running.

  10. Kunle said

    I believe if Wenger brings in a new striker he would stay beyond next season, Henry’s reason for leaving is not real I believe personally he has pasted his best,and wenger knows that, we played most of last season without him that was a sign that he was leaving even b4 DD left.

  11. optamistic said

    there are reports wenger will be gone the end of July after he has sold Fabrigas. Look on newsnow french football leu quilpe news paper.

    And if im not mistaken that was the same paper that broke the Henry to Barca news last week. Just thought i would let you Know

  12. Anonymous said

    anelka or/and martins as they dont get injured much and have both prooved they can score in the prem

  13. Sankara said

    all we have to bring is anelka

  14. Anonymous said

    owen, we need someone to finish those tap ins, we have the flair of rvp, owen would be perfect partener for him.

  15. Sankara said

    and i like henry when he was in arsenal but now i hate the mother fucker…fuck him

  16. dj said

    ANELKA ANELKA ANELKA he is the one

  17. Mark said

    Very happy it was Tevez or Et’o. Probably with Torres or Anelka. Maybe with Martins. Not with Owen

    From what I recall reading at the time of the Madrid transfer, DD said he’d never have anything to do with Anelka again, but Wenger left the door open 🙂

  18. Nick said

    I think Martins or Owen would be very good for us. How about Darren Bent, good finisher but obviously not as good or all round as Henry?

  19. patthegooner said

    I think we should consider actually asking Wenger to commit or go.

    How can he attract a replacement whilst not being able to assure that Striker that he will be here after next season. Maybe we should take the hit now, so that if he does leave the replacement can spend the money on players that fit into his plans.

    Please do not take this as me wanting Wenger to go as this is the last thing I want, but if he is going to leave it maybe better to get it all out this summer instead of another painful summer next year.

    As for the Striker, I think we actually need two as we were calling for another world class striker before Henry decided to go. But I would like Miroslav Klose and Owen or preferably Anelka. Klose is available for around 4-5m and Owen has the 9m get out clause, I guess Anelka would be around 10m and I believe he has grown up now and is proven, I was gutted when he left so would love to be singing Super Nic again next season.

    And what about Reyes, it was obvious to see that he and Henry were not best pals, so I wonder if this affects his decision.

  20. sam nje ndu said

    i knew TH had reached and passed his peak, it is very impossible for him to do more than he has done. the best person to replace him is Teves or Anelka

  21. sam nje ndu said

    sammmmmmmmmm need to know who is comming, the early the better, sab crying

  22. Jimmy said

    Klose is available for 4-5m>>?? What planet are you on?

  23. oSSIE said

    Tevez. Match winner. Alot of heart an less arrogance!

  24. optamistic said

    Here we go again Arsenal fans! Lets get Owen….. Anelka….. Bent…… any body else with a suitable reputation to fill the void just vacated by the very very loyal HENRY

    The said above and the ETC ETCs will not be coming to Arsenal for the same reason why HENRY left…… UNCERTIANTY

    Things ar,nt going to get any better until WENGER EITHER LEAVES OR COMMITS TO arsenal


  25. dav said

    it is difficult to put into words the shock i had when i heard henry was leaving, it is a major issue now, who is to replace him, perhaps a step back is more appropriate at this time, let us analyse who is out there, who is available? i am not sure about owen, tevez, no, the wrong kind of player, anelka perhaps is the player who fits into the role more than anyone else.

    Is most important thing to address (if i was on the board) is nailing wenger to a new deal, if he signed for 3 years, perhaps until he was 60, that would put a lot of worry to one side and then arsenal could attract the kind of player it needs, then we could then move on to kronke.

  26. dily said

    well as much as i hate to say it it mgt have to be a spurs duo that we need to make us great again…
    AW become the director of football..and Klinsmen to take over from his as the manager….having seen what he did with gernmay he will be the one to continue AW great work and take us to the next level.. and striker it should be Berbetove… well id love to c Villa but he will be too expensive and Tevez brings buggae with hium we need the pair frm our old enemy to take us to the next level

  27. patthegooner said

    Klose only has 1yr left on his contract, 4-5m is the deal being mooted by Bayern Munich who are looking to sign him

    I did see the figure on the net but cant find the link

  28. Jimmy said

    blimey.. if that’s the case Klose is a no brainer.

  29. JEl said

    we should buy tevez & the agm it was said wenger had 40m to spend with henry,ali,reyes,muamba ,larrson all going thats got to be 80m to spend…

    also this 16m for henry is only initial fee ..could rise to 25m

  30. patthegooner said

    I have just been looking for the latest on the Klose situation. I think Bremen are holding out for 7-8m from Bayern, but remember that fee will be inflated as it would be to one of their rivals. I think he has stated that he would like to go to Bayern but I wonder if the premiership would tempt him.

    I would love to see a RVP Klose partnership with Anelka or Owen challenging for the place. Sorry Ade and Nic Bendtner but I am still not convinced you will be good enough.

  31. Femster said

    I just watched the U21 final, RYAN BABEL, he is 20 plays up front or wide left and already at such a young age looks like TH14.

  32. patthegooner said

    and lets get in Wright-Phillips we need a goal scoring winger. And Babel he does look good.

    I wonder how much we actually have to spend now given the Henry 16, Reyes 10ish, Muamba 4 and Ali 2 not to mention any funds that were already available. Surely we have about 40-45 to spend

  33. Jimmy said

    I know people will jump on me for this but if Bent goes to Spurs i would like to see Defoe come here. I’ve always liked him.

  34. truegunner said

    berbatov………….nothing would make me happier, we would get a proven premier league striker, and we f*ck over the spurs

  35. Jimmy said

    he’s one of the few natural predators in the league

  36. mim said

    Without the commitment of Wenger only disparate players (can anyone spell Baptista) will consider coming over.

    TH you made my son cry.

  37. JEl said

    berbatov would be class,hes as near as u gonna get to a bergkamp,cantona… also be funny

    we got 80m minimum to spend now…so id be amazed if we dont buy some1 massive,

    wenger has a plan

  38. Jimmy said

    did you notice how often he mentioned Dein in his statement. I think it’s as clear as day why he’s left. I’m kind of disappointed that it took so little for him to decide to leave.

  39. Arsenal_4_Life said

    fernando torres is a very gd player and we could get him in a swap deal for reyes maybe, altho we may need to pay a bit of money aswell

  40. JEl said

    i have to say Henry was class,but why bleat on about dein ??

    its a pathetic excuse, hes a footballer hes a member of a team,and hes been unsettled by dein leavin,what a load of rubbish,what about his mates i mean team mates etc….im sorry boys the vice chairmans off ..ridiculous

    lost some respect 4 him,also Wenger must be pissed off with him,saying about him not stayin etc,basically setting the press on him..cheers thierry…also complaining about coming 4th ,right & u really helped thierry,more i think about it…

    the more i think its a good time to get rid of him me thinks

  41. Ozzy said

    im not sure if torres is what we need, he seems overrated with no premiership experience and is not a great finisher. id be happy with either anelka or tevez. both are strong with pace, bottle and a good eye for goal.

  42. Jeton said

    I think Anelka will be replace very good Henry

  43. Anonymous said

    I would love to see Anelka back but I have to question what sort of partnership he will form with RVP. My instincts are telling me not very good. Even so he seems to be presented as the only real option. On the other hand, I feel Ryan Babel and RVP will pose a deadly strikeforce.

  44. Siamac said

    with 40-45 we can surly land Torres, even plus Babel and I’m truly convinced that only Torres is able to fill in the gap. just think of the FT & RVP pair up front!!! isn’t that amazing??!! 😉
    and well,…Babel is the future and considering the the vast prospect of potential talents already present in the club, that would be too much of the future presidents, minus TH14 experience! 😦
    Torres is the only guy,…and hell with Anelka. he’s already proven to be an a-hole,… you guys seems to forgot that pathetic Madrid story?!!

  45. MagicHat said

    Torres. Failing him, Martins. Either would be a good foil for RVP. I also wonder if Vela is able to play in England this year or not?

  46. balgill said

    henry u wer the best and i wish u all the best you given us 8 year of fantastic football.

    and now to move on, who should we buy?

    r babel
    f torres

    as we need a stiker also left mid-field player and babel can be used on both positions.

  47. mike said

    love 2 c villa or torres come into the arsenal strike force. still young and proven stickers at a high level. would b great replacements 4 henry.

  48. mike said

    oh and also sergio argreo if he is available would b a great signing as he is a very talented player.

  49. sav said

    Some papers are saying F Kanote is available. He will be a good buy I think.

  50. G-COOL said


  51. Justin Connor said

    get Anelka if he is under 10 mil. then get Babel as well as Malouda and Sagna and Curtis Davies, then the squad would be complete. Van Persie and Anelka would score 35-40 goals together and Babel can be groomed to take over up top or fill in as a winger in a pinch like Walcott. if Kanoute is available and we can swap him with J A Reyes, that would be ideal as well. Reyes used to play for Sevilla and would likely be willing to return since they will be in the CL next year.

  52. patthegooner said

    You are right Justin, if Arsenal play this well with the money from the Henry and Reyes deal and the already allocated transfer funds, we could buy some classy replacements to challenge for some silverware.

    I agree with Anelka, Babel, Malouda and Curtis Davies, but not sure about Sagna as we already have Eboue and Hoyte. if we did go for a right back I would like Micah Richards. I also think we could bag Wright-Phillips

    Kanoute, no thanks

    And no one has mentioned the Captaincy, will this just go to Gilberto or will he look at others. I would like to see Kolo get it.

  53. […] Strikers: van Persie, Adebayor, Bendtner, Walcott and ????? I said I needed official confirmation and I got it. The transfer is all but done. Right now though I am not in the mood […] […]

  54. Rachid said

    Michael Owen for me. Great finisher and for only 9 million. The only problem is how injury prone he is and we’ve had a bad history with injuries. I think we should do something about our physiotherapy system at the club and definitely sign him.

  55. Siamac said

    about Anelka,…well, hate to disappoint you guys but it can’t happen. not because Anelka and RVP are not good on the paper, the fact is nic’s personality sucks, only person who could ever pair with the guy was the Iceman, and i don’t know many icemen around, and i’m sure Nic and Robin will beat the hell out of each other, and Arsen knows that better.
    and about Torres, i said i love to see the guy here, and he’s the man!!! but is there any chance of landing him? absolutely not! cuz you know what, he must be crazy to drop Real Madrid for Arsenal, so that’s it.
    no harm in dreaming and I personally think these are all our sweat dreams, Arsen would do the magic once more, pires came for overmarse,gilberto for petit,cess for viera, TT for Nic,…and now a new TH14,..maybe this time an F16,…who knows,…definitely Arsen!! don’t worry guys, just trust him, sure he knows better! 😉

  56. Matt said

    Perhaps we badly needed some englishmen in the team to stabilize the whole situation. Players have been leaving like nobody’s business this few seasons. Both Owen and Gudjohnson would be a good deal. Babel will be useful. Hope Reyes would stay. Torres and Bent would be a big waste of money.

  57. mark the gooner said

    forgrt the past … we need anelka and take a gamble on owen he gareentees
    goal goal GOALS

  58. Radamantis said

    I think Martins could be a good replacemente, but someone like Fernando Torres would give more level to the team talking about marketing and prestige.

    Anelka is old now, Owen gets injured a hole lot.

    As mexican that I am, I would love to see young Carlos Vela returning to Arsenal now even if he doesn’t get to play that much.

  59. jdawgarsenal said


  60. chris said

    Arsene wenger would be looking for someone technical and french like usual!! so it would hopefully be anelka.

  61. Michael said

    Very sad to see Thierry go. An absolute legend.

    Players come and go but the club will always remain. We support The Arsenal not individual players.

    I think if we sign Hunterlaar, Babel, Wright-Phillips we could be onto something.

    I would also be great if we could get Torres on the cheap if we added Reyes as part of any deal.

  62. Passenal said

    How can people expect Wenger to sign a contract at a time when the board have only agreed not to sell for a year?

    Suppose they turn around and sell up? Where does that leave Wenger? How would he know that he would have the level of autonomy he currently enjoys with any new set up?

    I can’t see anything wrong with him waiting to see how the wind blows before committing himself, since he is the type of man who will not break a contract (unlike the players it seems!)

  63. Gunner99 said

    After yesterday’s sadness, today has given me a fresh perspective on the TH transfer.

    – Wenger’s timing on transfers out has been impeccable.
    a) He sold Vieira after he had passed his prime and couldn’t make the same amount and quality of tackles anymore. His engine wasn’t the same. Wenger studies stats on the player’s performance, so he knew this.
    b) He sold Petit after he’d passed his peak. His kneee had become dodgy and he was afraid of tackling.
    c) He cashed in on Overmars at his peak, Ok he had another 2 good seasons after he left but we got top money for him
    d) He let Wright go when he was still the BIG name player as he’d passed his prime.
    e) Anelka was becoming a liability and he went for top money again.
    The conclusion – NO PLAYER HAS EVER GONE ON TO BETTER WHAT THEY WERE AT ARSENAL, BECAUSE ARSENE KNOWS. Arsenal fans please don’t forget that.

    – Forget Henry’s talk about destabilising the club, Wenger decided to let him go. It was his long term decision to sell off a potentially destabilising influence on the team. Read the article in the Sunday Mail, which puts Wenger’s motives into perspective. Essentially they believe it was due to his lack of great captaincy, and holding back the youngetr’s development because of his sulking and scowling on the pitch (and off).


    – Again, he’s shrewd, know’s the market and won’t ever pay over-inflated prices for average players. He’ll either get someone like Trezeguet on the cheap or Anelka who’s a realtive bargain. He won’t, and has never gone for the over-inflated likes of Bent, who although good is not worth £17m compared to Henry for approximately the same.

    Conclusion – Arsene knows. Trust him!

    Keep the faith gooners!!!

  64. “optamistic”-arsene knows!!!!!

  65. steve_gooner said

    Arsenal news blog writer

    you have done a great job over the off season, never painting rosey pictures that dont exist , your writing in my opinion has always been accurate and a pleasure to read , i will say you shouldnt blame henry for leaving .. Arsene didnt show any commitment to his future , and on your blog i have used the term arsene football club AFC before. And if he isnt prepared to continue his contract which it looks like it from henrys banter that he isnt , there lays the problem .. you also know to with that lil spanish git will go also if arsene leaves but with reyes leaving and jeremies huge 2 mil 🙂 we should have 30 mil to spend .plus you would have thought they would have given him at least 10 mil for spending for finishing 4th + semis of the CL. we are looking at 40 mil to rebuild the club ,and now id like to respond to your questions of strikers ..
    maybe a top 11 choices ( based from europe and south america)

    6.maxi lopez
    10. ribeiro-

    also id like to see the preston pair sturridge and nugent signed to add that english touch ,and j. farfan from peru would be a
    huge asset as he can play pretty much across the midfeild as well as upfront . it would also be great if we could get van nestleroy
    not sure the van man would want to come however with his goal fest for real .. but he definatly can play in the EPL and would more than cover for henry and he would pair up exceptionally well with RVP.

  66. optamistic said

    King GOON, so you dissided to come out that darkened room thinking it was all a bad dream yesterday. Well its not, and its going to get worst before it gets better

    Yes Arsenne knows…. He knows he is on his way to Madrid or Barca, and away from that sespit called the Emirates Stadium.



  67. steve_gooner said

    gunner 99 ,
    wouldnt that also mean (last sentance of your no. 1((The conclusion))
    that NO player would want to join us as we just sell them
    showing no loyalty too them ? i think we need to get rid of the arse, letting henry go IS JUST A STUPID STUPID MOVE !
    we could never in a month of sundays replace henry for 16 mil !
    all he had to do was sign a new contract (and im sure the board wants him too commit also) as like they said he buys the players ,
    and he’s left us with a bunch of young kids .. and a lagacy that might ruin this club just as easy as it might make us title contenders again ! the only difference is WE NEED HIS COMMITMENT
    or fabs – gallas – and probly rosicky will follow !

    hey king gooner .. ! what was that about you can assure me henry aint going anywhere 🙂 i lov rubbin it in 🙂
    i should of put a few squid on it 😉

  68. steve_gooner said


    regardless of kronke or hillwood remaining arsene is veiwed as a
    TOP WORLD CLASS MANAGER or why would ‘real’ or ‘barca’ be hunting for his signiture ! , his job is safe for as long as he wants it AND IF KRONKE came in which would be the only other choice he would 100% be giving arsene the transfer kitty he wants regardless of debt.and why is the arsenal debt any consern with a MANAGER?.It aint hurting sir alex or that portugal git !!! why not sign a 2 year extension ? ENOUGH time to work these players up ?? KEEP HENRY and show some commitment .

    . your in denial !

  69. Majestyk said

    Bring back super Nic, I would also love to see michael owen at the grove – proven goalscorer!!

  70. steve_gooner said

    optamistic you stirring fuck , just pee orf .
    go make your comments on your ‘man city’ blogs .

    did you buy your tickets yet to BIG GAL AL’S HOMOSEXUAL BALL ?

  71. jk_gooner4life said

    henry gone:(-absolute legend!
    thierry is irreplaceable-hovever, arsenal are goining in a different direction now-(top of the league instead of 4th)
    champo league 2008 final arsenal 4 – 0 barca (have some of that thierry)
    hopefully done with the help of anelka and tevez both proven quality players

  72. drew said

    hm..hope can get torres, babel n huntelaar

  73. markyidarmy said

    V good player, will be missed in prem, but sorry all you gooners, he was up his own arsenal in the end, he has had his day, will be interesting to see how he gets on, will he be as injury prone as last season, you have a good deal there, remember wenger is no mug, he will sort it, well not too good hopefully, see you next season, looking up at us!.

  74. Sebastian said

    I wouldn’t use the word replacement for Thierry, he is simple irreplacable and that would put too much pressure on the new striker. If I were Wenger, I would be a proven goalscorer with experience. Somebody like Trezeguet, who isn’t a blessed with technique or dribbling skills but will put the ball at the back of the net. Watched the Under 21 European Championships and Babel and Rigters, bet you only heard of the former, have been impressive.

  75. “optamistic”-you can gloat for now!but the fact remains th14 would not have left if le boss didn’t want it.thats a only grudge is perhaps we could have got more dosh-but for a 30year old,injury prone,disruptive influence on this young superstar team-£16 million is pretty good business in my book-now watch us fly-& dont forget the omens are with us for next year!!steve gooner i hold my hand up on this occasion-you were right!

  76. maxi said

    i think that the best way to replace henry (thank’s God he finally left), is to buy two strikers. best choice i think is owen, david villa or torres. two of them would be perfect for our team. maybe owen-villa, villa-torres or torres-owen. dont forget van persie is still there.

  77. Yomi said

    If the boss can only look very thoroughly before he leeps , two or three of Barbatov , Mccathy , Martins , Huntella(sorry if spelling is wrong ) etc will be ok . Maccathy’s season at balckburn is very ok while martins is also commendable . Huntella landed 37 goals in about 47 matches which is highly commendable . Yomi , Gunners 4 Life , from Naija .

  78. Renzukuken said

    i love arsenal! no matter what happens, ill still be arsenal fan ^^

  79. troy b said

    When is on loan striker carlos vela coming to arsenal

  80. steve_gooner said

    carlos vela is on loan until he serves 3 years in europe then he can get an EU passport . he is a great talent .. and hopefully (if arsene doesnt sell him )one day we all will see!

  81. steve_gooner said

    maxi – david villa has a 100 million buy-out clause !!

    also torres youll find if he goes to any EPL club it will be with chevs or THE SPANISH CONNECTION- raffa

  82. optamistic said

    KING GOON, you must stpo posting on this web site. Im splitting my sides with laughter. lets buy Torres… D Villa… Owen…. Berbatov…For gods sake man you have no money. the board can say what they like, like theres tranfer funds they for Wenger to spend. But thats so mugs like you go and buy season tickets

    Arsenal are skint

    Who is going to sign for a Manager who has not! i repeat, has not! comitted himself to the club…..No one, even if you could afford him

    Its wenger who is bringing that club to its knees

    Thats as optamistic as i can get

  83. The BBC are saying that there will be two strikers – Anelka and a ‘young talent’ for Wenger to develop as he has with Fabregas (etc). How he is planning to achieve this in one season is beyond the BBC’s omniscience, apparently 🙂

  84. Anonymous said

    arsenal for lyfeeee its al bout keepin the faith…….arsene knows…yes i said it arsene knowzzz….i lauf nex year if we win the chamions league….

  85. troy b said

    This is what wenger will do,
    Bring frans merida,rhys murphy & jay simpson into first team
    BUY Benni Mccarthy & ryan babel

  86. JayDee said

    I can not think of anyone we could bring in that would have the same impact as henry

    a goal in every 1.6 games…that’s more than chelsea’s drog-face

    the fact that were looking to go backwards and bring back old stars and not go forward with new bigger signings says everything about the state arsenal is i at the moment.

    If your a top team you DO NOT sell your franchise players, you just dont do it.

    bring on the american takeover, we need stars to attract stars who want to stay. not bargin payers who want to make a name for themselves in the premiership.

    I’d be happy to see darren bent come into the sqaud tho.

  87. brklyngooner said

    if you’ve got Torres in the mix, i’d say you’d have to consider Tevez as well (similar price tag, and its all speculative anyway).

    I think Tevez would add the most of any of the names mentioned, but he’s not exactly the main striker these others mentioned are.

    Martins in theory is the best bet I think, but the questions about his age (and now temperament – given suspicions that he fabricated story of the attack on his car) give me pause.

    I’d like the think Anelka has matured, and would view a move to Arsenal as finally getting his formerly promising career back on track. He seems to have been humbled in recent years, while still retaining hunger for success. I think he’d be a fine stop-gap for 2-3 years.

    Owen I do not want. Too many question marks. To injury prone, how much have his skill diminished? Just doesn’t seem an Arsenal player for me.

    Torres has too much hype surrounding him, and a consequent ridiculous price tag attached. Besides, shouldn’t Reyes & Baptista taught us to be leery of high-priced attacking talent signed from Spain?

    Bent for me is too expensive. Yakubu could be a cut-rate stop-gap option, as could McCarthy, but I don’t know how cheap they’d actually be.

    In the end Anelka or Martins as the “Henry replacement”for me.
    But, the squad desperately needed strengthening before Henry left, so in addition, I’d like Tevez and at least one, preferably two “old-fashioned” wingers.
    Don’t think we have the bank account for all this.
    Another struggle to 3rd/4th followed by a summer of speculation over Fabregas leaving seems to be on the cards.

  88. optamistic said

    just seen henry on the TV standing beside the BARCA Badge, seems very very happy with his weekends work. Bet Fabrigas is thinking I could do with a bit of that, go and play for a club thats going places

  89. Tristan said

    the only player i see as henry replacement is sergio kun aguero its true he is young but he is a huge player and he reminds me of henry when he was at his best and you all remenber the best years of henry was at a young age so its not a big problem if wenger brings an other young player cos for me in that pos you dont need expriens just pure talent 😉 and the guy for us is sergio kun aguero i just hope wenger will try to sign him cos he can be as good or better than thierry 😉

  90. steve_gooner said


    maybe you should come and play for us..
    as you seem to be here more than on your on
    your own gay club blogs.(your club you barrack for must be so gay you aint got any spur balls to tell us)
    we could use a GAY embassidor to the club .
    infact we need someone so gay and useless at our club to balance all
    our GREAT young talent out. maybe you could sleep in the same room as fabs on our away games and teach him how to bend like you do .

    just a thought !

  91. troy b said

  92. […] to take my time in giving my opinion of the transfer. I’m happy to say that I’m not the only one who has chosen this method. As I said yesterday, I am currently working on an article that will be […]

  93. defjam said

    whell if wenger wud have kept anelka in arsenal , then by now he would have been far better than henry , i hope he mahes an immediate impact by grabbing the num 14 shirt ….

  94. patrick adedigba said

    1st thing is to convince wenger 2 sign cus without him,d team is dead.tevez or anelka.

  95. Renzukuken said

    our future is safe…no matter what happens…our youngster is really reliable…we got tons of future star in our reserve..can get a new henry from our own reserve i guess XD

  96. optamistic said

    Steve GOON. your starting to become slightly errational about Henry leaving.

    a good doctor will give you medication for it. your not making any sence at all

    and you seam to have an unhealthy fixation about gay people. while your at the doctors maybe have a chat with him about that as well

    just seen the interview of Henrys signing for Barca… did,nt mention your lot once

  97. steve_gooner said


    im just being objective henry is ‘world class’ and we lost him but ill get over it .AND WE WILL SIGN SOMEONE ELSE and i do agree with you wenger must go !.

    however you are gay .. its the 1st stage
    you must want to come onto the arsenal blogs where
    all the populous are men ..

    and act like a lil bitch ..

  98. steve_gooner said

    infact i dont see anything wrong with crying about henry. 16 mil
    for the best striker in the world currently .. if we where in the street id say we’ve been mugged and robbed !

    I was stating we cannot replace anyone of that stature for 16 mil !

    but i wouldnt expect you to care opta-pis-dic your just a sad lil man with nothing better to do but create trouble .i knew someone like that once ..

    he was gay 🙂

  99. “OPTAMISTIC” MY OLD SPUD only just had the chance to catch up on your latest jibberish & drivel..b4 you start accusing ME of let’s buy him or him or him..i’ve said no such thing -check your facts-but while we’re talking facts here’s one-we have shed loads of money plus an extra £16 million now & how i would piss myself laughing if we went & bought berbatov(for our reseves of course)what irony!all the yiddos taking the piss over th14 going & we usse the money to buy berbatov..also i would point out that even if we did have no money our exceedingly rich benefactor(kroenke)has offered to bankroll(big time)any transfers we don@t look so sad ahh!!!

  100. optamistic said


    King GOON: Do you need to be bank rolled? All ive been hereing for the last 2 years from Arsenal fans is how Financialy stable you are as a club, even with the new stadium and all that. If your not, Im sorry! I did,nt come on here to GLOAT

  101. “optamistic”if you’re not on here to gloat-what are you here for?why not spend your time on your spud webS?why worry about us?asfar as your concerned we’re doomed so why not leave at that unless of course you are here to GLOAT!!

  102. steve_gooner said

    king goon , hes been there and done him 🙂

    spud web hes a short black man who can jump very high NBA 90’s.
    i know that sounds good to optapisdic thats why hes here
    to check out the latest on the young spanard right ? and all our other young boys .. because either optamistic’s a woman or gay cause ive never heard anyone to walk into a room (blog) and just complain for the sake of it .. like the lil bitch that he is .. and yes you can bankroll arsenal anytime ..

    king goon he probly did a google search for young boys & arseholes and ended up here 🙂

    now back to the subject at hand !?!
    did arsene make a statement or is he too affraid to show his face
    because it would be covered in tomatos ?
    Or is he still waiting for DD to come back before he can make any
    signings ? Im sure arsene is one hell of a coach .but im sure he isnt the driving force behind recruitment ! now weve lost 4 players and gained 2 more youngsters , which im sure will please optamistic , but to just pick anelka again is just uninventive !

    why not pato – or kerlon . if you want youngsters or mc carthy if you want a proven EPL goal scorer . also get DRENTHE hes the best dutch player in years …

    but you know when you send out scouts it ususally takes weeks or months to compile reports – videos etc. if your just scouting for young talent and thats all he has on the books or in the pipeslines so to speak . i dont think arsene could pick a seasoned player now if one landed on top of him ..

  103. yes, steve gooner with regards to “optamistic” i’m thinking your right what other explanation can there be??

  104. John said

    Torres- hes bloody excellent and could hopefulyl get rid of reyes in the deal. cost a bit, but we got tyhe cash so lets splash it!

  105. goooner said


  106. Jordan said

    Id love to see tevez come to the club but how true it is i do not know, Anelka done well for us at the time he was at the club but i wouldnt like to see him back, we wont get Klose, david villa or torres, we are 260m in debt coz of the stadium so we only have 16 to 20m to spend, tevez has already said a move to arsenal excites him and the prospect of playing for us is great and it would meen he could stay in london, tevez is a top class striker and would be a great replacement for Mr thierry henry although i dont think any striker will be able to REPLACE thierry henry he is a god and no striker is capable of filling his boots !

  107. steve_gooner said

    king goon ! he definately must be queer !

    my top 3 would be

    from reports i dont think westham will sell him for less than 30 mil
    and i cant see arsene doing that, or the board .. infact i cant see arsene DOING anything .. he actually made astatement re: henry on (what a cop out) you know how those guys interveiw ?
    i wanted some neutral to grine him over this future .
    also heard reports barca- real are lining up some sort of deal for fabrigas .. to be honest if they want him , let them have him
    im sure we will get stung on that boy anyhow .. we will give him the experience he needs to be the next transfer target .and like normal the board will see $$$ and cave in . babel is a youth target worth following as he claims hes been a childhood arsenal fan , i think there the sort of types we want .. ones that wont get itchy feet in a few years ..

    alot of media speculation at the moment and not many facts..

  108. we are THE ARSENAL”the aristocracy of english football-the rest are a bunch of peasants with no class.arsene knows!!!

  109. steve_gooner said

    hmmm arsene is leaving ! .

  110. sorry steve gooner have to disagree with you on that one-without wishing to give it the kiss of death ithink he is here to stay & you will hear this v.shortly.i’m just off the phone with him!!!arsene knows!!!

  111. steve_gooner said

    its been very quiet , sort of like henry just prior to his EXIT .he has had plenty of chances to come out of hiding and STATE SOMETHING !WITH ALL THE RUMOURS OF HIM LEAVING … other than talking to his nazi friends at arsenal .com he hasnt
    come forward to make any statement AT ALL !..makes you wonder ???


  112. so do i steve,so do i.i can’t take anymore of all this doom n gloom!

  113. optamistic said

    What is going on at your club ? A week ago it was anounced that the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD ( that only as far as the Arsenal fans WERE concerned) is to be sold to BARCA. Now a full 5 days have past and not a peep out of the Management, the board NO ONE. Allmost as though the people in the know, are quite happy to treat the people who go through the turnstiles each week the season ticket holders, (I did say previously henry would not be sold until the deadline to purchase season tickets had elapsed) to be treated like MUSHROOMS>

    I think its apaulling, a disgrace

    Seem to me like the left hand does,nt know what the right is doing. A complete and utter breakdown in comunications Inside the club. I cant see WENGER putting up with it for much longer. He is going to leave!

  114. Leo said

    Can I just ask why are u in this blog leaving stupid messages if u are not an Arsenal fans, optamistic

  115. Leo said

    Podolski + Babel + Schweinsteiger will do for the next season
    schweinsteiger did well in the World cup, I will love to see him play in Arsenal

  116. Jeffrey Salac said

    I would see Obafemi martins as the ace striker for Arsnel, filled with pace and power. He would be an ideal for Arsnel.


  118. said

    eto’o he is da man blud fuk adebyor

  119. “optamistic” my old spud-can’t you leave us alone?-sir wenger is on hols-he’s chilling-he has something up his sleeve no doubt about it-all will be revealed next wk-will it be obafemi “doc” martins-who knows??

  120. jimoh m. o. said

    I sugest arsene should opt martins/huntler

  121. Junisa Vandi said

    Arsenal management should move fast for Martins as he is strong and fast. He is also always determined when he is on the pitch for goals.

  122. bledi said

    i think we have to buy anelka or kanoute

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