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Tevez would be ideal

Posted by James Dall on 27, June 2007

It has been a while. Four days to be exact. Not since the Henry story broke but since I last formulated a blog post.

I am sorry. I have been an extremely busy human-being. A variety of things have prevented me from sitting down and letting my mind ooze through my laptop. Events over the pat few days include – arranging the month I am working at and being a victim of crime through ebay thanks to a fraudster/wanker.

Some of the dust has settled on Thierry’s departure. With so much having already been said on the Henry fiasco, it is almost impossible for me to write something which gives you a different angle. It is for this reason I shall not dwell or revisit any of the points you will have no doubt immersed yourself over the past few days.

I am simply going to slalom through some of the stories which have emerged recently. First on the agenda is Hill-Wood’s reaction to Henry’s comments relating to the lack of commitment from Arsene. Peter said:

I am not particularly worried about what Thierry said but whether it really influenced his decision or not we will have to wait and see.

I think our chairman has made a fair assessment of the situation. It was hardly a surprise that many newspapers jumped on Henry’s comments but I am calm about Arsene staying. He will definitely be with us for at least another year.

Unsettled Flamini has been linked with Birmingham. Wherever Mathieu ends up, I think a few million would be a reasonable fee. He can slot in nicely in midfield, he gives his all and certainly is proven at a high level. I wish him all the best. His sale will add to transfer kitty.

It seems to me that it is only a matter of time before we sign Sagna. He has spoken of his admiration for the club. I think a player who can operate at both left and right back would be a sound investment.

Ok now onto the striker issue.

It is what everyone is talking about – who will be brought in. It seems inevitable that that a severe amount of pressure will be placed on whoever is brought in. It is for this reason that we need a gutsy player who is supremely confident in their own ability. Someone who the fans will believe in. Is there pressure on Arsene to bring in a big name? I think so. I am pretty positive/hoping that Arsene would not have been happy with Henry leaving unless he had a few names in his mind to replace him. As my previous entry stated, we have been linked with every Tom, Dick and Harry. It seems that the list is being wittered down though. Trezeguet has just signed a new contract, while Babel has assured us that he will play for Arsenal but not just yet, the BBC reckon that Liverpool are in pole position to sign Fernando Torres. It appears that we can pretty much rule out those candidates. Who else then? Martins (we would lose him to the ANC) and Owen (injury prone?) are mentioned continuously. Furthermore other random players keep popping up. For example this fella who I know little about. Chinedu Ogbuke who currently plays in Norway is supposed to be a possible target for us. Hardly exciting stuff. I think he can operate on either wing or upfront. There is a fair amount of expectation from the fans. A big name is a must. If someone like this Nigerian fella was brought in many fans would be pretty disappointed.

Who do I want? Tevez. I think he is a brilliant player. He works his socks off, he is aggressive, explosive and would give the fans something to get excited about. Amid speculation, Carlos spoke out:

I know people are now talking about Arsenal and obviously that is something I am excited about. It’s another big club and the good thing is I wouldn’t have to move out of London. I also already know English football and I like it. Arsenal’s style is more technical than physical, so I could fit in no problem.

Inter are strongly linked with the Argentine though. Hmm it is a head scratcher. Tevez’s situation with his ownership is a pain in the arse. If Arsenal Football Club announced the signature of Tevez I would be over the moon, fucking chuffed in-fact.

Signing Tevez, Sagna and a wide player who hugs the line and beats people would turn this summer into one of glee. Right now things are up in the air. Those signings would ease our worries. Please Arsene. Pretty please.


51 Responses to “Tevez would be ideal”

  1. Franny Jeffers said

    Hey, can someone please start an online petition for Arsenal to sign Tevez?

    We could get thousands of signatures and send it to Wenger and Peter Cheapskate Hill Wood!!

  2. dan said

    tevez aint gonna happen, no way wenger will spend that sort of money. in reality no one big is coming until wenger pulls his finger out and makes some statement of intent. the whole thing is a joke, wenger’s silence has been a disgrace after PV left he held a press conference to say all would be well and that we should trust him (obviously he lied about that one). his lack of comment to the fans shows a complete disregard to us or that infact all TH said was true and he can not face the media and tell the truth. Either way all very ugly and the board need assurances from him now or they need to get rid of him in enough time to build for next year. however sadly that motly crew have got no balls or any idea what they are doing. all very disheartening.

  3. noel reynolds said

    tevez? cannot see it happening and the proven striking options are slowly crossing themselves off the list ie trezeguet as are the unproven ones such as babel. the one i have a feeling for is huntelaar at ajax. he has a good record there and if we don’t get him this season he will more than likely end up at real or milan next season. although, having said this he will more than likely rule himself out of the running in the next few days with some kind of “i’m staying in amsterdam for foreseeable future” type statement. tevez, in coming from an english club, will have a prohibitive price and if we do enter into a bidding war we will only lose out to one of the continental giants. again a shame, as when we got the new stadium i was hoping that we would be classed as a giant.

  4. Bergs said

    Can’t we just do the Clock petition again? It seems a little tradition would be great amongst the era of these ‘loyal’ Gooners leaving our first team for only 1 other team!

  5. John said

    I think Tevez would be good for any team but I’m not sure he is what arsenal need. RVP is a very explosive striker who likes to roam about and come from deep. Playing alongside Tevez we could end up looking like we have no strikers as they both drop deep and out wide. (Much like when Henry and RVP played together) However RVP and Tevez either side of Adebayor could be very tasty with Walcott subsituting for either side and Bendtner to cover the middle. However this would require a whole change of formation. Although Wenger did mention a while back that a 433 type could help our width issues or something along those lines. personally tho i agree with Noel. i think Huntelaar would be the best choice. He has played with RVP before is the type of player we need to finish our beautiful passing moves off and lead the line. Because although Adebayor is a big guy he seems to like to play similar to Henry did. But again its all speculation. I would imagine Arsene will sign someone, after our injury record last year losing three forwards (Aliadiere, Baptista & Henry) and only adding Bendtner so far doesnt make for good sense. So it will come, i jus feel we have to be patient! oh and Dan. Wenger is on holiday at the mo. or perhaps he is off sorting out our new striker so when he speaks to the fans he can bring good news. because he knows all hes gona get is a load of questions about is this the end of arsenal. announcing a signing instead would make them questions take a back seat. anyways we shall see. oh and wenger out? are you a complete cock?

  6. Gooner Guy said

    I’ve had enough of some of the brainless comments on these websites. Why do people go on about a big name? was Titi a big name? Was PV a big name…Anelka, Pires, Freddie, Cesc. NO. Wenger will sign the right players at the right price. Anyone (proper Arsenal fans who know more than they read in the Sun)who watched the U21s recently would have seen glimpses of what Babel can do – this guy is the closest thing to Henry I have seen. As for Owen – please stop mentioning him in the same breath as Arsenal. He is not an Arsenal type player – far to one dimensional.

  7. ad said

    gooner guy summed it up perfectly. ask yourselves, when was the last time we signed a BIG name under wenger?……exactly, so why now? end of discussion

  8. dade said


  9. Zeid said

    It not about BIG players….we need experiance! we always signed unknown players but we also had other experianced players in the squad at the same time. When we got Anelka, We already had Wright and Brkgamp up front as well, when we got Henry…we had Brgkamp, Kanu, All we have now is Gelberto, toure, Gallas as experiansed players for the whole team.

  10. dan said

    John, not quite sure why name calling is neccessary. To say that he has not made a statement due to being on holiday is ridiculus, the story broke five days ago and i am gussing between him and arsenal football club they could have used some kind of technology to get a message from him to the web site. Maybe he is waiting on delivering some good news on a new player, that would be nice but lets face it if he is committed to the club and the fans wouldn’t it have been nice to have told us that he intends to stay so the clubs name does not get dragged through the media, so the chairman doesn’t have to come and sound like an idiot who has no idea if his manager is staying and that the rest of us can enjoy the summer. Equally you maybe one of those who thought henry leaving was a figment of the medias imagination.

  11. Meshack J.Moya said

    If i would have the final say/power i would brought in Tevez and R,Babel to strengthen the forward line and gorget thinking about N.Anelka,Trezeget and Owen because their football abilities is detorating and also are not the type of arsenal player.Tevez AND Babel are the younger player who can addapt easily Arsene Wenger coaching tacts/technics if he opt to stay with the club.

  12. One_Touch_Genius said

    Well chaps i can’t see it happening, we’ll buy a striker but whether or not its proven quality it remains to be seen, highly unlikely though. A young back up striker to play from the bench as back up to Adebayor and RVP as they’ll be our first choice next season. This means we’ll have 5 striker hopefully including Theo in that count. Not to forget by next season we should get Carlos Vela back now that kid looks quality

  13. Justin Connor said

    everyone is talking about experience, but after the season we just had, i think all our young players have acheived the status of “experienced”. these guys went up against most EPL first teams in the Carling Cup and FA Cup and beat them. These youngsters Beat Man U twice, liverpool 3 times and tied chelsea twice. they have the experience even though they are in their early twenties. everyone is forgetting that we went most of the season without our 2 top scorers. Adebayor came on strong in the end of the season and seems to have found his legs in the EPL. the only way he was able to do that was because he was playing instead of Henry, not with him. Henry was amazing, but i think he actually stunted the teams growth the last season or 2 because they felt like everything had to go through him. Wtih him gone, i think players like Rosicky, Hleb, Cesc, RVP, Adebayor will share the burden and take more shooting chances and get a ton more goals than in the past. Gilberto has proven that he is a quality captain and the team rallies around him. Cesc has shown some leadership, and hopefully he can keep his temper down (Mark Hughes…) The team is solid and will remain so if everyone stays. I would hope that Wenger will commit himself to the Gunners this summer in order to ensure to the players there and the players to come in that the club is stable. We need to sign Babel now before he gets too expensive and other teams get into the mix. Tevez would be very expensive and too many other teams competing for his signature. Kanoute has stated he wants to stay in Spain. Huntelaar would be good, but i think Anelka would work too. i know everyone is still sore from the way he left, but he has matured and has demonstrated he can be a model team member in the last few years. we could use another winger as well since Ljungberg is not getting any younger. on defense, Sagna would be nice as would C. Davies from West Brom. Malouda looks to be going to Chelsea. Torres to liverpool. i would love to see SWP out of chelsea and playing for the gunners. ho would be ideal for the wing, but Chelsea may price him too high and not want him to go to a rival. I’d even love to see Joe Cole at Arsenal. i’m not sure how happy he is at Chelsea. Anyway, that is my 2 cents from across the pond. i love the EPL and Arsenal plays the most beautiful football in the world. i hope to make it over there and see a game first hand.

  14. […] Tevez would be ideal It has been a while. Four days to be exact. Not since the Henry story broke but since I last formulated a blog post. I […] […]

  15. ARF said

    I don’t begrudge AW a holiday. With Dein’s departure Wenger has been doing two jobs. Now on top of everything we’re asking him to make a decision about his future simply because our former captain and star player puts doubt over his position (which I think was very selfish of Henry – designed to get him off the hook for changing his mind while creating disruption for the club, the players and the coach he claims are in his heart forever).

    Wenger signed his three year contract & recently come out and publicly expressed his commitment to it so as to apease the fans. Henry signed a contract and went back on his word 12 months later. I have no ill feeling toward Henry, but let’s cut Arsene some slack. Talk about the pressure he must be under!

    Let him take his holiday and decide what is best for him, his life and his future. Maybe he is taking this time to consider what is best for him and he will come back and make a statement about his future. Or maybe he will wait and see how he feels further through the year as the end of his contract gets closer (which is what normal contracting parties in business and elsewhere do) and will spend his time now focussing on what he needs for the team this season, or maybe he is just recharging before what will be another pressure-filled year.

    Speculation, fear and insecurity is being generated by the media and by us, not him.

  16. dan said


    you post is correct the problem however is that if wenger waits for the year to be up and then decide, do you really think we can buy the players we need in order to ensure we stay in the top four or better. if not the waiting for a year and keeping what we have plus the added speculation of other current players linking their future to wenger’s is not really acceptable is it? if players would sign because they want to play for arsenal irrepsective of who is manager then great but sadly that does not seem to be the case anymore, especially with these foreign players. i think we need some clarity sooner rather than later and if that is what wenger is doing for few days away then fine, but i doubt it. what is of concern is would henry have said what he did about AW without AW being told in advance, if not TH has really stitched AW up and if AW did know what he was going to say then that indicates we have a problem with AW’s commitment. Considering what AW has done for TH i would assume TH would not have stitched him up like that.

  17. ARF said

    Dan, I completely agree with your words. I want AW to stay and I would like him to sign tomorrow. I understand his value to the club and the stability that his signature now will give to it. Perhaps it is that value to the club which is the problem? Your post suggests that Wenger IS bigger than the club. Let’s face it, Arsenal is Wenger’s Arsenal. He WILL LEAVE sometime and this problem will happen at that time. Perhaps taking away his magnitude is what is required but his autonomy is what is probably the most likely thing to keep him at the Arsenal.

    My previous post was simply saying that as for Henry, Wenger has done an enormous amount for this club and he is entitled to do with his life what he wants. Unlike Henry, I don’t see Wenger signing up for another contract and then wanting to move one year in. His word is his bond and that is one of the things I think wins favour with his players. So such a commitment is a big decision for him to make and I doubt he will rush into it. There have been reports that an offer has been made by the board to him (whether true or not who know?) so the timing of him going away to think mayeb fits with that rumour (if it is true).

    My gut feeling is that he is assembling a young team (a new team like his previous two) and I think he will see it through. A lot may be taken from who he buys now. Is he thinking long term for his vision or short term for success this year? Maybe him not signing a Tevez level player (& I doubt he will) should be taken as a better sign of his long term vision still being strong with him.

  18. AusGunner said

    If someone like the Thierry Henry of 8 years ago was brought in we might all be dissappointed, doesn’t mean it’d be a bad signing 😉

  19. steve_gooner said

    Arsene wenger is the key to all of this and quite frankly with grimandi only just installed as director of football its only natural that we havnt signed anyone yet. HOPEFULLY soon . but not yet.
    Also i heard that wenger is on holiday ?? not sure how thats happened . as he sent henry packing last friday and now is on holiday to reflect on his future maybe ?(but if i was him i wouldnt be around a pool sipping pinacoladas i would be panicing who is going to replace the best striker in the world) I have read so much BS recently i dont know what to make of it all ..
    one things for sure if my maths is correct, we should have 30-40 mil available in funds to aquire more players . Im not sure if wenger is committed to arsenal ,and i dont feel quite comfortable with him spending ALL these funds if he isnt going to stick around(past this year) to make them work as a team over the long haul.. Also we have CL football this year , (who knows about next year) So we have 1 chance to get these signings right .And 1 chance for signing big names. ibrimovich and poldoski are 2 names of great replacements , but you keep harping on the same names, and these names are running out .. it wouldnt suprise me if sign no one . i sure as hell wouldnt be on holiday at a critical time like this .. 99% of the other clubs are wheeling and dealing now AND WENGERS ON HOLIDAY ?.sounds like commitment too me ..

    torres = spanish connection raffa has that wrapped up
    owen = no thanks , hes getting on and for the past 2 years has been on the sidelines (everyone complained of henry last year and surely hes in better form than owen)
    tevez = italian clubs are circling for him and he does take time to adjust OBVIOUSLY we need to be quick before the boat leaves
    and arsenes on holiday !!!!
    anelka= no chance , been there done that . and i think the board will veto that if arsene even suggests it again .
    as for sanga, sanga WHO ? hes hardly going to set the world alight . similar player to hleb and rosicky and should not be considered .
    babel = seems arsenal gave him the cold shoulder , so hes given us the middle finger for this season !
    milorda = chelsea are planning to sweep him from under our noses just like ribery ..
    hope RVP is ready to step up .. as it seems he will be the only option !

  20. The only striker that has been linked to Arsenal who could demand to start every single game ahead of the likes of Adebayor is Fernando Torres. Any of the other options (Tevez, Babel, Huntelaar, Anelka) I would see as one part of a rotational three-prong attack with van Persie as the number one.

    I think we DEFINITELY need a top quality striker but I would not be in support of limiting Adebayor’s playing time because I think he deserves game time based on last seasons performances. Having said that, you just can’t argue with the likes of Torres who is of such quality that Adebayor would be forced to take a back seat.

    If Torres came I would be thrilled but either of Babel, Tevez and Huntelaar are viable options that will give Adebayor the chance to shine.

  21. steve_gooner said

    Adebayor Had plenty of time to shine last season and in all honesty , he hasnt .
    he had plenty of chances on the ground and failed to make an impact last season , having said that hes the only player who looks comfortable with the ball at his feet . But he would have to lift drastically from last season to make any sort of impact this season .

  22. steve_gooner said

    and torres is liverpools target , our coach would have to become a spanird real quick to even have any hope of drawing him away from liverpoo

  23. steve_gooner said

    aus gunner ;

    th14 still cost 10 mil from juv even back then , so in short we wouldnt be dissapointed, what we are dissapointed in is bringing in more young players of 16 years of age.. i think we are faced with the olde french connection again .. anelka does seem to still be leading the race as far as a seasoned replacement . NOT THAT I ARGEE WITH IT , but knowing wenger hes the only french international who hasnt been offered anything better this season .

    id like to see y. gorrguff in the squad all others seem to be untried and untested .. as far as frenchmen are conserned anyhow .

  24. steve_gooner said

    martins i think youll find will replace th14 MARK MY WORDS

  25. adc said


  26. adc said


  27. adc said

    i think we are ok..we just need few people to stand up like..ronaldo..vidic for cud be rvp and gallas for us then we are ok..its not abt how much we spend else chelsea wud have won last year..but how well we gell and how badly we want..

  28. adc said

    i am relieved that henry is gone..with him even fans were under we can relax and enjoy..we have nothing to lose..and we cud just win something..

  29. adc said

    what we need is tempo to do well against lesser teams..we beat real..juventus a year before but last to psv last year..we beat manu and liverpool..but lost to fulham and west ham..our real enemies are lesser teams…and we were exceptionally unlucky last year..yet we were tied positive..

  30. adc said

    i think henry had lost his pace..he didnt make those runs he was famous for..only thing which will remain with him is his finishing and intelligence..if barca play him centre forward then he will score ..but left wing play and runs wud be missing..

  31. Please god … bring us Florent Malouda …
    Please lord … i want Klas Huntelaar …
    Please satan … bring us Samuel ETO-o

  32. steve_gooner said


    its hard to say henry didnt make his runs or looked slower ,
    why because HE DIDNT GET THE SUPPLY HE’s USED to !!!!
    you watch him at barca .. dont you remember gallas and henry both saying we lack the experience ..

    if you lack the experience how do you get the ball to your feet ?
    he still scored 10 goals from 17 games . i think your just listening to the other loosers that cannot accept the truth !

    what ever makes you sleep better dude!

  33. seems to me & i have been known to be wrong occasionally(so modest!)that sir wenger is taking a v.relaxed view on all this transfer hysteria-whipped up by a media frenzy i might add-(still on hols)until next wk-has he something up his sleeve that we don’t know about?while everybody else is running around like headless chickens- will it be obafemi “doc” martins-who knows??

  34. amiripz said

    I agree about Tevez – he would be ideal striker to already existing Adebayor, RvP and Bendter.

  35. AJ said

    So I hear a rumour (from a ‘source’, but not a good one) that Tevez may be very much on the agenda. So much so in fact that it’s almost a done deal.

    Any thoughts?

    I’d like to believe it, but personally, I suspect it’s guff.

  36. sauvik said

    tevez would be too good…ust too good…


  37. Paul said

    Tevez would fit in really well, but i also think martins is a worthy candidate…

  38. Sofia said

    you all love sports. I àm madly in love with my own feet. hahaha greetings sofia

  39. FPB said

    i think tevez would be a great signing but would arsene spend the money on him? his track record on spending suggests not. nor, i’d suggest, do you need some player untried in the Premiership in the main striking role. Last year Man U got off to a flyer and russia FC did it the 2 previous years. You haven’t the time any longer to bed players in gently. not if you’re serious about winning the Prem’p next year. i mentioned 3 players who’d fit the bill at a decent price on my pasta paulie blog ‘so adieu thierry’. one of them is never mentioned but he’s a real handful – he’ll give you 20 goals, many with his head, physically bullying the opposition and allowing your more gifted players to exploit and play off the mayhem he creates. but arsene doesn’t seem to like that type of player but i suspect the fans might..?

  40. optamistic said

    Huntallar, Babal, Tevez, all say NON

  41. mayhew said

    Wenger would never go for Tevez because of the 3rd party ownership baggage. Wenger’s a very cautious, conservative man when it comes to dodgy stuff like that.

  42. It is always sobering when you find people who take the words right out of your mouth or say exactly what you are thinking. Read your mind. What am I talking about? The petition to get Carlos Tevez to Arsenal. Can someone start this please.

  43. steve_gooner said


    atleast you agree with us ! im glad that the 3 you stated are all saying NO because we dont WANT them anyhow .
    . MARTINS is our replacement .
    now crawl back into your little homosexual hole ,and leave the hetrosexual males to banter about replacements .

    king goon ..
    docter martins, doctor martins, ..docter martins GOLDEN boot !

  44. steve_gooner said

    sofia ,

    none of us want to buy your high heeled shoes , well maybe optapissedic will put in an order for 1/2 dozen pairs , but i can safely say the rest of us will tell you to F#ck right off track !
    Stop advertising here this is a serious board , with serious matters to attend too . this isnt ebay so NAFF OFF !

  45. adc said

    there would be no big signings…there never has been with arsenal..expect an unknown to join if at all..i think anelka wud do though..cause we have been creating chances…we just need to convert we need finisher..

    steve_gooner “HE DIDNT GET THE SUPPLY HE’s USED to”

    I dont think supply was problem last was converting the supplies..we had created so many chances ..cant even count..remember..cska..and psv..explain me how he didnt get supply…

    also we lost to lesser teams..not u think they created more chances than us..

    come one judicious..

  46. steve_gooner said

    in 17 games he scored 10 goals .
    if pires or dennis was on the ground those figures would have went up more !

    does that explain it ?

  47. steve_gooner said

    finishing off wasnt henrys fault , look at the likes of hleb , fabrigas ,ade , baptista , theo.. 17 games for 10 goals isnt bad when drogba got 21 goals to top the epl top scorers list ..

    henry cant take pressure from big games never denied that ..
    the captaincy was too much for him .. arsene bought all the youth that hasnt been seasoned what do you expect , why do you think henry had that stare ! anda inform freddie , pires , cole is the SUPPLY that is missing ..

    do you actually watch any of our games?

  48. “steve gooner”i have a feeling it could well be obafemi”doc”martins-seems the price is about rifgt-however,don’t rule out tevez as kooriabachin(right spelling?)his agent & owner is a mad gooner who ahs a box at the arse!it is poss though a long shot-optapissdick geta life-just heard fron sir wenger on the blower that the hols are over & he is about to commit to a new contract soon-how that!!!the omens are good-arsene knows!

  49. adc said


    stop living in past and look forward to future..u cant just go around saying if pires dennis cole wud have been there..during there times they made mistakes..we let them gear up for future..

  50. boixos nois said

    stop talking ’bout teves he had promised to red devil so face it wisely, henry is ur legend but he’s starting to be a new legend in barca. BARCA les kampeon!

  51. Видел что-то подобное в англоязычных блогах, в Русском инете про такое как-то не особо часто посты увидишь.

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