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The stiker options look to be down to four

Posted by James Dall on 29, June 2007

Alwight there pal. I will begin today’s blog with the BBC story that claimed an emergency meeting had been held in order to sort out the Director of Football position. The Grimster seems to be the man in-line to take the position. He may not be English but he is fucking cool, baring this in mind I would be happy with that appointment.

Freddie’s agent has reiterated the Swede’s desire to stay at Arsenal. I am pretty sure we will hold onto him. Wide players is the main area that we need strengthening. Selling the experienced Ljungberg would not be the wisest move unless Arsene had two targets in mind – to replace Reyes and Ljungberg.

I think the following comment is true of how the fans and players feel:

Freddie is very confident about what the future holds at Arsenal, despite Thierry leaving He is very confident in the team and the club and in Mr Wenger, so it is a very good situation to be in.

Bang on the money, Mr Wenger knows his stuff. I trust him.

I am pretty sure we will see Sagna sign within the next week. Auxerre’s vice president had the following to say on the matter:

Sagna has a deep desire to play in England and he genuinely wants to wear the Arsenal shirt. They seem keen to sign him as well. The conditions for him to leave have not all been met – at least not for the time being.

A few people reckon Eboue will be moved into right midfield. We have debated this before so I will not get drawn into the pros and cons of that argument again.

I think Sagna is a wise signing though. At 24 years-old he is at a good age and has played at a high level for a good amount of time. While I know little about him, it is handy that he can play at either right/left back. Eboue will be heading off to the ANC, plus at left back if Clichy got a knock I would not be too happy about Traore stepping up just yet. Gallas can of course operate there but with Sagana coming in we will be pretty well equipped at the back – Traore, Clichy, Gallas, Toure, Djourou, Senderos, Hoyte, Eboue, Gilbert? and Sagna.

Right then, we all know what is next. That’s right, the striker situation. There have been a few further developments.

First of all Tevez has turned down a move to Inter. Well kind of, more that Inter set a deadline which Tevez and his representative were not keen to stick to. Tevez’s main man, Kia Joorabchian, said:

Inter put a deadline on the decision and Carlos’ heart is really in the Premier League, so he was not prepared to meet that cut-off point.

I was driving home after dropping off my girlfriend and I heard this on the radio. Do you know what? I got a little bit excited. I let out a little roar of excitement while in the car on my own. Sad I know, a bit loserish if anything but still, I would be buzzing if we signed his man. Clearly for all you and I know, Arsene might not even be considering a move for Carlos. Apparently his owner is an Arsenal supporter. His situation is pretty complicated and I reckon Arsene would only go for him if he was 10000% sure that everything was above board. I have no idea how much he would set us back. Either way I really am a fan of the Argentine. How many players do we have that actually run at players and scare them?

That said, Allardyce has been fretting over the Martins quandary. A lot of Arsenal fans seem sure that he will be our man. £13 million would be the fee. He would be a good signing but Tevez would be better. Sign both? I do not think he have that much money to spend but that would be ideal. It is important to realise that the whole Martins being away for the ANC is a pain the arse.

I guess I see the list comprising of four key names. These names are based on speculation and/or on the desire of the fans –





There are advantages and disadvantages for each player. These points have been covered in other blogs so I won’t bother. I will say this, while a striker is a must, I still feel very strongly about a natural left sided wide player. That really is an area that needs to be addressed.

With pre-season training starting in about two weeks, confirmation of Sagna, a striker and a left winger over the next few days would make me smile.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday.


71 Responses to “The stiker options look to be down to four”

  1. Smith said

    I believe we may sign someone from the Copa America league – May be one more from Mexico

  2. well it would be brillant if we got carlos tevez and huntelaar, that would make henry exit even more forgoten

  3. Renzukuken said

    i love obafemi martins! his damn good…too bad ANC is coming OMG!

  4. ArsenalAdi said

    Signing Tevez would be exceptional. He’s probably the biggest star available in the transfer market, and it will enthuse the fans, the team and everyone around the club. It will send a very important message to everyone about our serious intentions. That would be magnificent.

    HOWEVER… We’re talking about Arsenal here. Who knows how this club operates in the transfer market better than us. When was the last time we signed a real superstar? It was Dennis Bergkamp, before Arsene Wenger came. It’s not AW’s style, he won’t spend 25m pounds and more on a sole player (not even Tevez), if he wants to sign a striker he won’t go to the big guns, but try and develop more talent. Or sign Anelka, who was developed by him.

    Real Madrid are still favourites to sign the Argentine.

  5. dom10 said

    in the light of Henry leaving there is a chance that Reyes may return. His agent hinted at this and no club in Spain has shown a keen desire to sign him as yet. If he were to return this may solve our problem of a lack of wide players.

  6. ma-Uganda said

    This is good news i would prefer Tevez

  7. Marco said

    Tevez has suggested he does NOT want to leave the BPL, and even more he doesnt want to sign for Real Madrid. I think there is a very slim chance of us signing him, if not, Please get huntelaar and Anelka, Martins not up to it i fear.

  8. Anthony said

    what about Owen, surely he is still on our radars, even if nothing is being published

  9. Mark said

    Is tevez a striker or a forward, i think he could play left for us in a forward three. Van Persie would play on the right.

    Huntelaar to me seems the perfect central striker, last season he scored loads of goals but did not assist in any. So by that i take when he sees a chance, he takes it. Something that has been missing.

  10. Williams said

    Out of the four Strikers listed,Obagol i believe is the best.He has seen it all.Playing in the Italian league and champions league for close to three seasons successfully tells us we Gunners should expect if we sign him.Fabregas will be most happiest colleague of obagol.The Blues are already in trouble once he is on our side.Europe should watch out for us. Wenger will have no choice. than to stay at arsenal because Obagol will become succour to him.This boy wto say aill beat Henry recoard.Nesta has this to say about him(Obafemi is the deadly striker i have marked)
    Willams Anthony .

  11. Browny said

    I agree with the above 4. Happy to let AW decide on that one. Only thing is I would prefer to see RVP take on more of the TH role i.e deep creative striker but with 20-30 per season. I think he can do it now TH has gone and he can step out of TH’s shadow and play more of the season (if he stays fit).
    With that in mind I would prefer the new striker to be more an in the box striker with a more guaranteed 20-30 per season. I don’t think we need another deeper striker. I think the combination of RVP, Ade, Bendtner and Walcott give us that. Even when TH was there I felt we had an imbalanced strike force as none of them were real box poachers. When RVP and TH played together (our 2 best strikers) they seemed imbalanced as they were too similar in dropping deep and wide.
    I think therefore that rather than Tevez I would prefer one of the other 3 to balance us out up front. Sometimes you can have a great and potent strike partnership even if you can say that on an individual basis other strikers are better, or you can have 2 gifted strikers that don’t compliment each other.
    I would also like to see McCarthy on the list. I feel he has a good record and got 24 in his debut EPL season at Blackburn. He is experienced and a real sniper in the box, good with his head and always looking to get on the end of the chances his team-mates create. Also has good technique and would be good for 4 seasons which allows others to develop but in 4 seasons will not be standig in their way (namely Walcott, Bendtner, Vela).

  12. Stats said

    Oba will not go back for the ACN based on the small fact that someone tried to kill him a few weeks ago…

    The Arsenal heirarchy wouldn’t touch Tevez unfortunately due to his ownership issues.

    Huntelaar is an interesting one because despite his record at Ajax, there is no indication he will succeed at the TOP level!

  13. Ashley said

    I still think we should persue the young lad Babel from AJax.. I am unsure of Martins.. would he not be in the same mould as Bapitsa.. I have a mate who is a season ticket holder at St James Park.. Martins is fast.. has a good shot on him.. but his close control is crap!! Not the sort of player for Arsenal I fear.. If injuries are kept at bay.. Michael Owen would be ideal.. How many chances did we miss last season.. simple goals at that.. West Ham game.. I rest my case… Wenger will stay.. Henry.. bless him.. was wrong to give the excuse he gave.. interesting times..


  14. optamistic said

    How much will Madrid need to offer arsenal to get Fabrigas. Word is he is upset oer Henry Leaving and maybe looking to go!!!

  15. Stats said

    Also, I doubt we’ll risk the work permit issues that come with South American players in the Copa America.

  16. luqman4arsenal said

    i will like arsenal to buy a left winger and a striker, this will solve arsenal goal problem, and also if arsenal can get maoluda and obafemi/huntelaar/tevez, all these players are world class. hope arsene wenger will sign players very soon to make all gunners fans happy. i remain arsenal for life

  17. Franny said

    Tevez 4 Arsenal! Click on my name to sign the petition!

  18. Franny said

  19. “optapissdick”unreal madrid can’t afford him-it would take min £50 million!!& besides he’s a catalan-here we go!here we go!here we go!

  20. Anonymous said

    “optapissdick”-unreal madrid can’t afford him-it would take at least £50 million big ones & besides he’s a catalan so no chance!

  21. TerenceNo14 said

    of course the other option is we sign noone

  22. optamistic said

    Theres a couple of articles about fabrigas leaving on newsnow,just wondering what you thought thats all?

    All this uncertainty surounding the club cant be good for moral at the end of the day. Just an observation thats all, but if Fabrigas wants to go how can you stop an unhappy player?. Just look at Henry!

  23. Ashburton Mike-E said

    Martins would be good; he’s proved he can score in the premiership having come from Italy. Tevez would be good, too, but I’m not sure that either could give us that aerial threat we’ve lacked since I don’t know when. Dunno about that Huntelaar geezer, haven’t seen enough about him, but I am sure that I don’t want Anelka back. Granted, he seems to have become less of an arrogant, selfish to55er, but the way he and his brothers agitated his move to Madrid still annoys me. Tevez’s situation is complicated, so it doesn’t strike me that he is a realistic option.

    Madrid can take a running jump if they want Fabregas. It must be a relief if you support a poxy little club Shitespur since nobody is coming on to your boards and trying to wind you up about continental shysters trying to screw you over for your players. I guess Gooners will just have to comfort themselves with the spuds paying £17 mil. for Darren Bent. Spuds prove that you can’t polish a turd.

  24. Tombo said

    wot about Benni?

  25. Anonymous said

    “optapissdick”you really are the biggest shit stirrer this side of the equator-why don’t you become a sun journo-a match made in heaven!

  26. Bermuda Gunner said

    Im just wondering if anyone is still thinking about Malouda? Personally with Thierry leaving i think Reyes will at least think about coming back. It seemed to be Thierry who chased the young lad out to me. I would love Tevez but i have complete faith that Arsene will sign the best option up top for the best money. Anyways just wanted to know if people are stll thinking about Malouda at the Emirates? I quite like the player, and if his price can be brought down hed be a good pick up……any other opinions?

  27. Ashburton Mike-E said

    don’t reckon Reyes is coming back as I think his problem was the climate (and I envy you Bermuda Gooner!)and our 18th century opening hours. Tel’s sulking and dirty looks also probably didn’t help Jose, but there you go.

  28. Browny said

    I said it earlier (point 11) and Tombo (point 24) says it above. What about Benni? Does he not tick all the right boxes considering the other type of strikers we have. If not I would like someone to point out why he wouldn’t be good for us. If he can get 24 at Blackburn I think he would be more prolific at us. Comments please!

  29. Frank Turner said

    As there are too few good player of British birth who can play in that role, Aw will probably get a no one striker.
    Someone who ever football fan will say who the hell is he!
    Score a few great goals and flog him for an obscene amount of money.
    Why not give the youngster a chance what can go wrong?
    Arsenal to finish mid-table next year? it’s been going that way for the last few seasons, as much as I like the team, everyone knows that they are too shy to shot from distance, they prefer to walk the ball in the net no point is having goal poacher as he wouldn’t get a sniff.
    Maybe now we can let he boys lay football adn teh great man has gone, far too often was he moody when it didn’t go well. TH never liked Reyes, as for Reyes not man enough to stand up to TH whilst in the same team.

  30. Ad said

    eduardo Da DSilve from Dinamo Zagreb.
    73 goals in 100 outings for Dinamo make this guy a potential Henry topper.
    No idead how much he may cost but I’ve heard his name mentioned a bit and upon checking he seems ideal! Brazilian born but has Croatian nationality. I reckon he would fit right in!

  31. hassan said

    i think one striker is more then enough… tevez or martins… one or the other… they are both at a good age and both hungry for goals… however my fellow arsenal supporters please please please do not forget about the very special dutch striker robin van persie.. i seriously think he is our key replacement before anyone else… do not under estimate his talents… as henry said in the past he has the capability of become one of the best in the premiereship..

  32. hassan said

    *he has the capability of becomING one of the best in the premiereship

  33. jay said

    The fact that west ham will look for 25m for tevez rules arsenal out of the running for him. There is no way AW will sign him. He doesnt spend money like that, hes never spent 20m on a player. The most in 10yrs he has spent on a striker (reyes is a winger) is 13m on wiltord.Its a shame because hes a great player far better than Oba Martins

  34. steve_gooner said

    hey king goon

    why is optafizzdic so worried about Fabrigas ?
    is it ’cause hes a young boy ? I think he’s affraid that if he left arsenal he wouldnt be able to get autographs written on his spud shirt anymore ?! whilst LE arsene is here (cross fingers) the spanard is staying , cant you remember his statements ? if he goes ( arsene ) so does he ! .. how much will we sell him for ??

    more than real madrid will offer .. if torres is worth 27 mil .. im sure fabs is worth over 30+ .worth more than spurs FC total 🙂
    . besides he’d only goto barca ! AND WHY WOULDNT HE ! its got a great former-gunner there !

    as for striker replacements i was rather hoping we wouldnt get someone who is a ‘COMMON CHOICE’ i was hoping arsene would be inventive with his against just pick who the media tip us to get.. kluse ‘s just signed for bayern ! Edmilson is on a free transfer and can play defensive midfeild for gilberto or central defence . why not challenge newcastle for a free signing . the chevs have got some good free transfers this recruitment !
    fuck i hate them 🙂

  35. Zan said

    On paper, Huntelaar would be the best fit, as we are in desperate need of an out-and-out striker. Thing is, would a proven scorer in the Dutch league be able to hack it in the EPL? Mateja Kezman was also top scorer there for 2/3 seasons but left Chelsea with less than 5 goals to his name (correct me if I’m wrong)?

  36. steve_gooner said


    of course the dutch can play in the epl, i think their league is the closest to ours, look at names like db10,davids, rvp and even liverpoo has a reasonable striker in kuyt. and lets not forget van nestleroy whos providing quite an asset for real this season.he did excel at the red DEVILS.

    thats why we should get babel this year and Drenthe he plays left back and is also as a great left midfeild (that we need).

    this year while we have the cash i would splash !

  37. wayne said

    i think tevez would be best we could for but most unlikely. anelka would be the next best.i like martins too but not sure he’d have the same quality. i’ve not seen huntelaar. i hope we don’t sign owen. he’s a rubbish crock.

  38. steve_gooner said

    wanye i agree about owen too bigger risk , injury wise and faithfulness to his club . but i would like to see more english players .. not sure why we dont sign nugent .. i think hes about to peak ! I mean not a main striker . but remember we have lost baptista – reyes ,lets hope theo comes of age this year . im predicting it . but really . we havnt replaced so many players reyes, pires , lauren . sol / or cole .. ok we got gallas hes good but he cant player LB and CD .. at the same time . this sagna signing will ease or defence worries. but toure and eboue are gone for the anc. and i think MARK MY WORDS with 1 injury in defence , we will be streched ! YOU ALL KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN !!
    the defence will be tested when the ANC happens !

    thats why we should grab that barca player Edmilson on a free transfer , just to balance the books on henry !

  39. Wahyu said

    i believe i cant fly 🙂

    and i want to meet thiery hendry LOL

  40. finestcuts said

    Huntelaar is wanted by Manyoo and Liddypill as well as the Arsenal, and whatever you may think of them, their top level are pretty good at identifying top class talent, so there’s a clue. Huntelaar is who we need, the best of the bunch, and with a 15mil price tag it’s not without good reason. Why is he more expensive than seasoned EPLer Martins. Do Manyoo and Liddypill want Martins?

    Lets not mess about, we need his scribble on the dotted line sharpish cos he’s wanted and he’s quality. Dutch league not that competitive….erm lads, who knocked us out of the CL this year…thats it, the Dutch league is a good quality league, better than the Championship and we were happy yo buy Theo Walcott from there. Ajax are a quality team, have one of the best youth academies in the world so Huntelaar is well schooled.

    The only “negative” trait of the 72 goals he has scored in the past 2 seasons is…he hasn’t provided one assist. Get that greedy bastard over now, I reckon he would’ve done a better job than Henry against CSKA Moscow.

  41. optamistic said

    Theo Walcott, Signs for Arsenal because he wanted to play along side Henry, Then Henry goes and signs for someone else,(I wonder if he has any regrets) But at £12 million he has,nt exactly set the would alight has he. Thoughts?

  42. zorro01 said

    rellow baby

  43. Grahame of aus said

    Get Bellamy on the cheap,he will have a go .No holds barred with this little Welsh cunt………

  44. Joe Steele said

    Martins: No thanks, all he can do is run.
    Anelka: Good player but I’d prefer..
    Tevez: Just look at him, would strike fear into the heart of any opponent, he scored a fair few goals at WHU, but think about him having the sort of delivery that we can provide, he could easily net 30 a season.
    Huntelaar: I think he’s an amazing player, but still undecided over him and Tevez. Lots of Pro’s for each.

    Other than that, I’d love to see Gamst Pederson at Arsenal but thats not looking likely.

    Oh and Sanga. This would imply Eboue for right midfield. Would add a LOT of penetration to our attacking play.

  45. mood said

    I dont want Martins to be honest. Not only is he leaving for ANC, I dont think he’s really our man.

    Anelka is a signing I want. He’s experienced, and by the time he’s older our youngsters will be old enough to step into his boots.

    Tevez is another player I’d love to have, but I see him more of a second striker, and we have that in van Persie.

    Huntelaar would be great as well, he’s a goal machine.

    My preference and who I believe we’ll sign is still our old man, Nicolas Anelka, the guy who Thierry replaced & perhaps the man who will replace Thierry.

  46. GrisGris said

    I don’t think AW or Arsenal will sign anyone. So what about the money available. They are trying to run a business and have a huge load of debt right now. If they refused Kroenke’s offer of transfer money what does that say? It says that either they are unwilling to accept money from an American or that they aren’t going to spend anything anyway. Kroenke owns 12%, that’s not a tidbit, yet the xenophobic PHW is unwilling to accept some cash! They need to sign someone to restore some confidence but I don’t think they will. Of course, I could be wrong.

  47. […] The stiker options look to be down to four Alwight there pal. I will begin today’s blog with the BBC story that claimed an emergency meeting had been held […] […]

  48. warwoods said


  49. mark the gooner said

    rumour 48 says ita all

  50. nepalisitesreviews said

    48 really got to me. I am hoping that in a year or two we will have buttons everywhere we can easily read comments written in a different language. Digital age has advanced so much yet it still lacks people to know each other with the language as just another BRICK ON THE WALL!

  51. syahid said

    the arabic on 48 is nothing related to arsenal that is.
    i’ve checked it out with google translate beta.|en

    google is everywhere nowadays.

  52. Anonymous said

    Read all about it! Huntelaar scored the first ever goal in the Emirates stadium. Yes, he scored against Arsenal.

    The start of a new era for Arsenal and this chap is quality, Van Persie and Huntelaar up front = 45+ goals, the rest to be scored by midfield.
    Lets do it, lets get his signature, he’s a winner and belongs at the Arseal.

  53. Jezzy A. said

    I think now we need one left/right wide player, one front striker and probably one full back i.e Sagna.
    For the winger, we better look for Bable/Maluoda and I prefer Huntilaar or Martins can best play infront of RVP rather than Tevez or Anelka. and the signing of Sagna will strength our full back side.

  54. finestcuts said

    Watch these Huntelaar videos and see what he’s all about, this is the answer!

    Huntelaar for Arsenal!
    Get him!!!!

  55. finestcuts said

    Oh yeah and pass the vid onto other Arsenal fans……and lets hope Wenger obliges, he would suit the Arsenal just fine.

  56. viktor said

    Well, just remember that Huntelaar plays in the Dutch league. This is the premiership, muchmuchmuch faster. Martins Tevez Huntelaar are all below 24. Ade and Van Persie are also. That would be funny. But I would really prefer Anelka.
    As Peter Hill-Wood said: Wenger will not buy to please the fans or just to waste money.
    I would agree with that. Someone below 15million, an established striker, known but not a superstar. Tevez is out of that category.

  57. NorthLondongunner said

    Big up to Huntelaar.

  58. highburylegend said

    Here’s the goal he scored against us in the Emirates.

    Huntelaar is one of the greats, he is the way of the future.

    Can’t say the same about Martins or Anelka.

    Check this vid of Huntelaar, enjoy. Still want Anelka? Or Martins….when we can have Huntelaar?

  59. highburylegend said

  60. DamSki said

    I agree that the signing of Bakari la-Sagna will be exceptional cover for anyone in the back four. Lets just say he’s a bit
    like Thuram and was recently called up to the national squad. Most likely to be a future france international if he comes to the gunners.

    With Reyes definitely leaving, we will be signing at least one winger, as we already have Rosicky, Hleb and Walcott. I for one am not in favour of Rosicky and Hleb on the wings as that is not where they are most effective, but what the hell, where you gonna put em?

    For me 4-4-2 needs to be the new formation. The last thing you want is Van persie playing behind another striker and endlessly supplying balls to him. We need to have two centre-forards that can share the goals, as we don’t have midfielders that are capable of getting 10 a season (apart form Gilberto, but he aint guaranteed to get that next season anyway).

    The 4-4-2 will create a better balance, with Gilberto playing just behind Cesc. That way he can break up oppositions attacks and set Fabregas and the rest of the team on its way.

  61. WalkinginaBergkampwonderland said

    Huntelaar looks like he can head the ball… surely this means Arsene won’t be interested in him…

  62. WalkinginaBergkampwonderland said

    Also, I don’t want Eboue to move into midfield, yes he isn’t great defensively, but he is still very young, and I don’t think he would be as effective playing in midfield. He is effective because with Hleb often coming inside, he has the space to attack the fullback, or even better, the oppositions left midfielder. As an out and out right midfielder, he wouldn’t have that. I saw keep him at right back…we have cover for him when he goes to the ACN, with Hoyte and if he gets injured, we have cover. As for left back, I don’t think we should be worried. Clichy is obviously 1st choice, but Traore is more than good enough back-up, and even someone like Song could play there, he played a full season there for Bastia (yes, they did get relegated, but by all accounts, he was their best player) I am still not sure about Hleb…he isn’t a right winger, he is a central attacking player, and he has many world class attributes, his ability to hold off players in tight spaces, and his passing is underrated, but noone will ever rate him until he starts scoring more goals, and even though I really rate him, I can’t ever see him chipping in with figures ala Pires or Freddie. I really have no clue who we should buy, Tevez sounds good, but I don’t know who we would play him with… Van Persie has to be first choice, but I don’t think Adebayor will be happy sitting on the bench for most of the season…its a difficult balancing act that Wenger faces. Could we play with Van Persie, Adebayor and another striker in the same team? Van Persie would have to move to midfield, I know people who say he isn’t pacey enough to play there, but I dont think thats a problem, he usually does his best work out wide eg against Blackburn.

  63. Anonymous said

    “optapissdick”you little shit stirring spud-eveyone else is on these blogs discussing who we might buy(if any)& you start picking on young theo-only 17yrs-we bought him for his future pottential you muppet!!!

  64. steve_gooner said


    set the would alight has he. Thoughts?

    set the wood alight ?
    set the wheel alight ?

    oh you mean WORLD ! no he hasnt yet he was injured and needed a shoulder operation last season IF YOU WHERE A FAN YOU”D KNOW THAT !. sometimes that happens optafizdick he was picked for the world cup .and is the most costly english player for his age on record.
    YOU WILL SEE THEO SHINE THIS YEAR , him and RVP will step up . as they arnt in the shadow of a big name player , this year we expect big things from them ..

    i hope that has answered your gay attempt to STIR THE SHITE !

  65. Darren said

    He will be an established striker in whatever unknown league which has escaped Chelsea, ManUtd, Liverpool scouting network.

    Who knew Anelka or Henry b4 they came to Arse ?

  66. Tom said

    isnt adriano available for £15 million?

  67. Anonymous said

    rumours appearing are saying arsene is after FRED , a reasonable player . so tom you are close to the mark !

    we need a brazilian with flair !

  68. Tom said

    fred wouldnt be a bad signing – also what happened to baptist? last i heard we were not gonna sign him but hes still on the team list on the arsenal website.

    personally i would love to see adriano in a arsenal shirt and i read reports a few weeks back that he was available for £15 mill.

    i think arsenal have about £35 mill to spend (inc money from henry) and with the rumours today of wenger offering £20 mill for eto’o – if both are interested i would say its worth splashing the cash on both adriano and eto’o beucase at the moment we will be struggling with the likes of spurs.

  69. Tom said

    i have also just read on another website that real are willing to sell robinho for 15 million

  70. Mike said

    Apart from tinkering at the edges (Pedro, Di Maria etc.) I don`t anticipate any more major signings; though I think Arsene was interested in Oba Martins at one point. So its van Persie, Adebayor, Eduardo and Bendtner, with Walcott, who may be played wide. I hear that one week after pledging his future to Bolton, Superprick now says he`d like to play in the Champions league. Loyalty, what`s that? is there anything in it for me? That waste of space can go anywhere as long as its not here.

  71. VidaVidana said


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