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Eduardo da Silva’s full potential according to Football Manager…

Posted by James Dall on 2, July 2007

Hello there, well have announced we are due to sign Eduardo da Silva. I do not know much about him really so until I have time to write a proper blog here is what Football manager has to say about him. The following screens are taken when he has reached his full potential so ignore his age…




More to follow later.


70 Responses to “Eduardo da Silva’s full potential according to Football Manager…”

  1. Clearly this is only a bit of fun but ‘natural fitness’ 8 out of 20. That is a worry!

  2. troy said


  3. Harry Barracuda said

    How pathetic. And it’s “announced” not “announded”.
    Get on YouTube and watch the boy you useless twat.

  4. A great article about him here:

    The guy surely got gusto moving from Brazil to Croatia at 15. He will not be a whimp playing in the winter.

  5. Nathan said

    More importantly, how do you get the curremt ability and potential bility to show up on football manager?
    I cna only see it in the pre game editor.
    As well as the number rating for position and all the other hidden data

  6. Ola said

    Can you explain what that means to some of us who don’t play FM? Yeah, I know that’s shocking. I haven’t played it since like 2005 so I am not too sure I can trust my judgment…

  7. dilly said

    177 – bit small

  8. jammathon said

    Haha. Good humour in the post. Unlike some humourless twats. Loved the article. :p

  9. Harry – it is simply a bit of fun. You clearly were intrigued otherwise why would you even click on the headline. The youtube vids are there for everyone to see. Moron.

    Ola, everything is out of 20 so that should give you an idea. for example it seems he is quite a flair player. These stats though can often be way off the mark. I simply thought it might be interesting for people to have a ganders.

  10. If anyone finds any other good vids other than the ones posted, let me know. I will group them all together for everyone to watch.

  11. Matt said

    Funny article,

    But being serious – if this is the ‘super, super class’ player to replace Henry, then it is a TOTAL FUCKING JOKE.

    What has our club come too….

    We could sign nearly anyone, and we sign some nobody from Croatia.

    Piss take.

  12. Mohammes Aminu, Gunners for real said

    Well this may sound interesting, atleast wenger has brought dasilva, but i dont know much about him, I hope he will turn out to be a great star at emirate.

  13. Gooni said

    hey Matt, what do you mean nobody? I’m sorry to sound rude but you are probably just bloody ignorant. This guy has been quietly making headlines around for the last 2 years.

  14. Ola said

    Yea, I knew that. just kidding around…
    Isn’t it ironic that the first person to score a goal at the Emirates (who incidentally wasn’t a Gunner) is now one?

  15. kesh said

    lol – likes to beat man…repeatedly!

  16. Ausgooner said

    Not that much like TH….

    Exactly what we need from the look of the You Tube vid though – gets into the box, finishes well and not afraid of using his head. And can take a penalty or dozen. A good buy as Ali’s replacement.

  17. bigtimetopbanana said

    Ola, being pedantic, but the first player to score at the Emirates was actually Huntelaar…. and I know a lot of us want him to become a Gooner !!!!! I believe Da Silva scored the first ‘competitive goal’.

  18. Double98 said

    Do you think that Wenger uses FM to work out his signings??
    it would explain a lot Baptista, Aliadiere et al.
    Martin jol apparently takes advice from his Amsterdam Advisors “You must spend a fortune to get a Bent boy in london”

    But as the saying goes Arsene knows – Dudu to score 20 Goals from 20 starts including the winner in the champions league final against Barcelona

    hope he’s not really out injured until 01.12.2010 tho

  19. jammathon said

    Makes you wonder why we bother with all the rumours, then:

  20. Anonymous said

    Classic Wenger…..i do have a sneaky feeling that in Da Silva, Wenger has signed a gem….(
    He seems like an interesting prospect…not an Eto….but at least he comes without the HUGE salary, attitude, injury problems and baggage unlike the other candidates i.e. Eto, Anelka, Owen! PLUS, unlike Reyes he will not complain about cold weather! Seems a better prospect than the lumbering Baptista and is seemingly highly rated in Croatia ….. I can see him and Van Persie shredding defenses together and i hope he makes that big bafoon Drogba eat his words !

  21. Aj said

    Well, this makes those of us who spent ages writing blogs detailing all the options for who we might sign look quite stupid doesn’t it! Even an avid blogger like myself didn’t see anyone at all suggest Eduardo as a possible signing!

    Still, good signing though I reckon, and pretty much anyone who wasn’t deluded enough to think we might sign Eto’o will agree

  22. steve_gooner said

    positioning and marking looks a worry also !
    especially when your a target up front in the arsenal gameplay books! nice stat breakdown however!and the finishing stat looks good also 🙂

    but he’s a brazillian if you read the bbc
    sports im happy i was crying out for a brazialian with flair and i got 1 !

  23. Imtiaz Wookay said

    LOL! I love the way Wenger did this one under the radar ! All the tabloids were outfoxed ! All that silly speculation amounted to zilch ! ha ha ha! I got a feeling he is more a replacement for Reyes though….with Van Persie and Bendtner up front…..Wenger probably wanted cover on the left and upfront which is why Babel was being touted….With Alliadiare and Lupoli gone we can perhaps expect a youngster coming in to fill those reserves spots…possibly Vela will finally make an apprearance at Emirates rather than hiding away in Portugal…

  24. Dickie said

    This is why I believe that Wenger is special!! He will not buy Tevez or even Oba but get someone out of the blues who got talent. Just look at his scoring abilities! Amazing!!!! If he scores atleast 1 goal in every match, then we are looking at another Henry in the making!

  25. jc said

    hey if his wages are only £23k a week when he’s fully developed that has to be a bargain 😉

  26. Matt said

    looks like someone cheats at Football Manager… how else would you get all the hidden stats!!

  27. Matt, it is not really cheating. It is simply a way of scouting for players. It tells you their potential ability and also how much they would cost you, rather than their value. You can get it from here…

  28. Pete said

    Hehe, brilliant, I’m glad I’m not the only one who takes a peek at FM – of course they can be wildly off, but not always.

    I always hate it when I have a player who turns out to be amazing and Chelsea buy them in real life. Makes me pray that the FM researchers are crap.

  29. Leo said

    I think his stats in FM should be higher than that it says there he is now injuried

  30. An excellent point Leo.

  31. Anonymous said

    hey”steve gooner”just thoought i’d let you know the fee for “dudu”is £6 million NOT £16 million which has widely been reported-i say this b4 the likes of “optapissdick” start shit stirring we’ve wasted all our money on a relative unknown..interesting gamble-what do you think?

  32. post 31 is from “the king”by the way!!

  33. Anonymous said

    Now Wenger needs to spend money on buying Babel, Huntelaar, Sagna, Eto, Tevez, and the Portugese fellow. With all these players maybe we have a chance of winning anything. I say splash out. However it maybe that these high profile players do not want to come to Arsenal as to the uncertainty of Mr Wenger

  34. steve_gooner said

    he scored 34 goals last season .. least he can find the back of the net, i actually feel quite good . theyve gone with a 24 year
    old,still 1 or 2 years off peaking .. NOT SURE THIS SEASON . but definately if you can score goals every week it must be a confidence booster to the lad.If He comes here and owns the role of henrys replacement,
    without stumbling id say a reasonable replacement . but then ON PAPER so did baptista look very good … only time will tell .. but 34 goals last season is definately a big, big factor to be excited about, lets hope he adapts quickly ! drogba only got 21 last season to win 1st place on top scorer’s LB . id say 34 croat goals = 23-24 EPL goals .. all in all not a bad days work .

    i think you take a risk any time you buy a player from europe…but arsene/the scouts would of looked at him from every angle and probly for a while .he is a superstar from where he is .
    and he isnt 29 -30 and past his peak .. i think you have to say good outweighs the bad on this one !
    and he scored on our ground before we did !

    sign him now 🙂

  35. steve_gooner said

    if your stats are correct above he has score in every 2nd international hes played in too ! YUP NOT A BAD PURCHASE !

  36. steve_gooner said

    oh and optapisseddick is out there.he’s affraid, and lying low .. reading , like a serial killer in some blackened corner , waiting for his time to strike again .
    the demon is wounded but he will be back… stronger , ruder , gayer
    than before but not today..

    today we celebrate 🙂

  37. steve_gooner said

    Mirko Barisic

    ‘Arsenal say the fee is undisclosed, though Dinamo president Mirko Barisic said it amounted to £16.25m.’

  38. Leo said

    According to the video in youtube, he likes to play short, simple and killing through passes into the box. that is exactly what we need. (Supply chances to Adebayor and bendtner)

  39. Anonymous said

    Post 33. LOL.

    Right, let’s start spending £50 million buying loads of strikers and one defender. Hahaha. Why would Wenger want to buy Tevez, Martins, Huntelaar and Babel when we currently already have da Silva, van Persie, Adebayor, Bendtner and Walcott? You can only have 2 or 3 strikers on the pitch at any one time. It’s not like each player would score 20 goals, because most would be on the bench half the time and that’s even using a 3 man striker force. LOL.

    Sagna would be a wise buy and a winger isn’t overly important, but it would be useful.

  40. steve_gooner said


    you sound slighty gay could you be ?????

  41. steve_gooner said

    Anonymous or optadik-ass

    theo and rvp can play midfeild positions, also de silva can play left wing ! thanks for comming looser !

  42. steve_gooner said

    wenger makes his players , play more than one position ,other than fabs and ade most player can cover other positions … and our new signing is no different he can play LW – FC 2 birds one stone .

  43. optamistic said

    The new signing on the face of it looks good, but when your playing in a league on a par with the secound division that this Di SILVA has, thats like paying £16 mill for Perry Groves! I wish you luck

  44. Darren said

    Excellent buy as expected. An unknown player to most of us but he has played enough competitive football in my opinion. I believe his adaptability would be better than Baptista.

    A good forward/winger with plenty of potential to be polished by AW.

    See what we got for 16M, M.Jols !! WAHHAHAA ..

  45. “optapissdick”i knew it would take you no time at all to start slagging our new signing-if you take a care to look at my post will notice the fee is not £16 million but £6 million-as explained by the croat teams president but lost in translation- typically, by our arsenal hating scumbag media who would prefer if we spent most of our funds on a relative unknown-it suits their agenda…

  46. Anonymous said

    The new signing on the face of it looks good, but when your playing in a league on a par with the secound division that this Di SILVA has, thats like paying £16 mill for Perry Groves! I wish you luck

    Believe it or not, most players started their careers at small clubs in lesser leaagues. What would you expect from a class player playing in a poor league? A goal every game? Because that’s exactly what Eduardo’s done.

  47. venezuela07 said

    and FM can not be wrong! :p

  48. Rachid said

    I don’t think it’s adequate to judge him based on Football Manager. Recently Adebayor scored 21 goals for me by December in my first season. That could not happen in real life. The point I’m making is that FM tends to stretch reality at times.

  49. […] Eduardo da Silva’s full potential according to Football Manager… […]

  50. steve_gooner said

    well faggapisdick,

    the new reports confirm what king goon has been telling us 7.5 mil !
    definately not 16.25 like the LE presidente said !
    good talent at a good price .put that in your pipe and smoke it !

  51. steve_gooner said

    34 goals a season in any competition is a good rate of fire for any player ..

  52. […] Eduardo da Silva’s full potential according to Football Manager… Hello there, well have announced we are due to sign Eduardo da Silva. I do not know much about him really […] […]

  53. Rachid said

    There are two things we need to take into consideration about him.

    1. Those 34 goals were scored in the Croatian League so it provides no indication of how well he’ll do in England.

    2. I’ve been watching a clip of him on You Tube and his goals seem to be those of a poacher. He seems too reliant on his teammates to score so I’m a bit disappointed about that. He isn’t the type to run at defenders and take them on before scoring but the good thing about it is he’s definitely a finisher. He looks like the answer to our finishing problems last season but I hope we sign someone who will run at defenders because he doesn’t really seem to do that.

  54. syahid said

    if you don’t like him, you can actually change all the stats to 20 in FM. Lol!

  55. Gooni said

    Hey Rachid,

    you can probably watch this, a better indication that he can dribble and make assists.

    Arsene knows.

  56. shawal said

    I dont think that anybody can replace Hendry…

  57. adc said

    He is perfect replacement…
    Arsenal set to be champions now..bring on barca..and that disloyal henry

  58. mimi wenu said

    This is an excellent buy..
    His style of play resembles that of MESSI.
    Lets have SAGNA and another signing then we’ll be in business.

  59. […] Eduardo da Silva’s full potential according to Football Manager… […]

  60. Rachid said

    Gooni, thanks for the link. I agree he does look pacey. I guess I’ll just wait and see what he has to offer.

  61. Denis S said

    HEY!!!! What the F***! someone above said if this is the guy who will replace henry then its a joke!!!

    Hey Matt!! Thats the guy who beat England in the Euro Qualifier!! He is not better then henry but he can score as many goals, or more the henry did!

    This guy doesnt look special but he is! He is a true talent, once he has the ball near the goal there is a 90 percent chance that he will score!

    This guy is better then many forwards in england…. Let me explain how he plays….
    He is a mix of Rooney, Etto, and peter crouch… He is dangerouse from every angle.

    This guy is special for this reason! He just doesnt miss! Once he has the ball in front of him will score.

    Look at the Croatian national team! Croatia scored the most goals in their group! And who to thank is Eduardo Da Silva.

    This is what I think about eduardo Da SIlva playing for arsenal!
    – he will score lots of goals!
    – he will continue scoring goals!
    – he will win lots of games!
    – he is not one of those player that scores for a while, and then you dont hear about him for a couple months. This guys scores atleast one goal per game!

    His first game for arsenla he will score! I can almost guarantee you that! I know how he plays and I know for a fact Arsenal fans will not be dissapinted. And ne more thing, I have officially converted to a Arsenal fan!

    ( more consistant ) He scores an average of 2 goals per game…. ( thats was when he played for Dinamo Zagreb )

  62. Denis S said

    oops, I apologies for all the bad crammer on my comment I left above. Sorry 😛

  63. Denis S said

    grammer* 😦

  64. Denis S said

    By the way people! sorry to tell you but Eduardo was not bought for 7 million or 8! He was bought for the price of 16 million! Dinamo Zagreb couldn’t afford to let him go for 8 million. You see Eduardo da Silva is a legend in Croatia, the only reason why Dinamo succeeds and has a chance to compete in Europe is because of Eduardo. Letting him go will hurt dinamo Zagreb very much, only a huge amount of money could fix the damage….thats why his was let go for 16 million. Thats a fair price since that amount of money will give dinamo a chance to find better talent for the future.

    The only reason why Arsenal, and the media say he was bought for 7 or 8 million is because they don’t want to emberace themselves if they fail with eduardo da silva. You see if you say u spent 17 million on a loser, the fans might become angry.

  65. correcto!!dennis s(you sound suspiciously like optapissdick with that last comment(it’s not an alias isit)the fee is def no more than £8 million tops-yes dynamo wanted more & could have got more from russia as i understand-however,they were prepared to let the boy only move to the mighty gunners-this was as a favour to his loyalty-hence a much lower fee as confirmed by slavin bilic!!!

  66. parbutaran said

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