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Merson negativity + plenty of links for all things Eduardo

Posted by James Dall on 3, July 2007

Evening, today was my first official day at It all went pretty well I think. My mentor says that I might be on football tomorrow or Wednesday. If I got to do an Arsenal article it would say by ‘James Dall’ above it, I would be absolutely buzzing! Considering I am now working all sorts of different shifts, I imagine the daily entries will become more evening based. We shall see though.

I better start wading through the news then. Clearly the signing of Eduardo da Silva is the main talking point right now. After my slightly daft blog entry yesterday, where I presented you with his Football Manager stats, I have yet to write formally on the matter.

Right then, here we go. Well the transfer has been officially confirmed, subject to a work permit (there will be no problems with that). The first real talking point was the fee. Basically the Dinamo Zagreb president said the following:

I think the transfer is worth €24million (£16.25million) from the money Arsenal got after selling Henry to Barcelona.

After reading this, I imagine the majority of Arsenal fans did a double take. The fact he says think pretty much discredits the validity of his statement. Sky Sports News reckons it is close to £8million (see bottom of page) while the BBC say the fee is around £7.5million. For arguments sake let’s call it £8mill. A fair price for a guy with some impressive stats. I am not sure any of us predicted his arrival but none-the-less I am pretty pleased with what we have got. That aside I do hope we see a couple more additions.

Our chairman gave us a little clue that we might well be in luck:

As always with Arsene there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes

Fingers crossed eh. I am not going to even bother trying to predict who we may sign next. After all our terrible guesses last time I think it is best that we sit back and wait. It seems Eduardo will play up top. Therefore once Reyes leaves, a left winger is should definitely be our next priority.

Some photos of Eduardo wearing our red and white colours can be seen here.

Arsene had the following to say on Eduardo:

We are delighted to have signed Eduardo Da Silva. He has great qualities and will integrate very well into our style of football. He is a very good finisher and although he is predominantly a striker, he is a very adaptable player. “I have known about him for a while but his performances against us in last year’s Champions League really showed what a dangerous player he is. Da Silva is a pacy, intelligent player. Also, he is hardworking and has a very good team ethic to his game. Eduardo will be a great asset for us and we are all looking forward to him joining up with us.

Excellent stuff. There is an interview with the Croatian here. Certainly worth the read if you have time. I liked this bit the most:

Well, I’d just like to say that I will try my best for everyone and try to win as many trophies as possible with the Club.

There is more interesting reading here. Jonathan Wilson answers some pretty intriguing questions on our new striker. The following one is important

Are there similarities between Eduardo and Thierry Henry?

“Eduardo is certainly not like Henry, who likes to drop deep and collect the ball. He sees his role as a scorer of goals.”

Exactly. This guy will obviously have a fair amount of pressure to perform but it is key for us not to label him as Henry’s replacement. No-one can replace Thierry, plus it seems Eduardo is a completely different player. It looks as if Eduardo is the type of player we really missed last season – the type that arrives late and finishes or is in the right place at the right time and 9/10 puts the chance away.

Paul Merson choes my point about not expecting him to be an Henry clone. Paul also has a bit of a moan and his comments are pretty negative. Pipe down Paul. At the moment the majority of us are feeling optimistic. You bringing the atmosphere down does nothing to help our mood.

Our little gem of a player, Cesc, has discussed the Henry situation and other bits and bobs. He is such a legend. The main thing to take from his chitter chatter is:

The summer is now over for me. I am going back to pre-season training very soon at Arsenal. My team. I am staying in London.

I love him. Right that is it. I am pretty sleepy. A bit of PS3 is in order I reckon, then maybe I will watch the F Word


51 Responses to “Merson negativity + plenty of links for all things Eduardo”

  1. AJ said

    That’d be Da Silva, not Da Costa!

    As for other signings? Well, why bother even guessing, eh?

  2. Jamie W said

    hes name is Eduardo De Silva

  3. Apologies, it’s been a long day. Why even bother guessing indeed.

  4. terry said

    good job getting da silva’s name right. hope youre more careful at sky or you wont have a second day.

  5. Dave said

    Ease up on the guy, we all make mistakes.

  6. Sorted, yawn… pretty tired. How about yourselves

  7. AJ said

    Eh, take no notice blogger…

    As for Hill-Wood though, sod knows what he’s talking about – I suspect he doesn’t know half of the time!

    Give me a winger, and I think we’re set for an exciting season. Couldn’t give a monkey’s about Sagna though – he’s a player we really don’t need.

  8. AJ said

    Yeesh, just realised I’ve been spelling the name of my own blog wrong! You’re not alone blogger…

  9. Dave said

    Sagna might be a smokescreen for what Wenger is actually working on. One thing Eduardo’s signing taught us is that we have no f-ing idea what Arsene is up to, so we might as well just wait and see.

  10. James said

    If Sagna can play centre-back then by god we need him – Toure & Eboue are missing for 6 weeks in ANC tournament, you expect Arsenal to challenge for anything with Hoyte, Senderos, Gallas & Clichy as a back four?? What if Gallas gets injured??? We desperately need some sort of back up to shore up the defence.

    So Sagna and a left-sided winger please. Then we can offload Ljungberg.

  11. AJ said

    Hoyte, Senderos, Gallas & Clichy as a back four??

    Yes – they challenged for a champions league with a worse backline than that.

    What if Gallas gets injured???

    Johann Djourou?

  12. AJ said

    And besides, have you seen the fixtures during the ACN?

    They’re pretty easy…

  13. Adam Francis said

    I have a feeling that the ‘adaptable’ tag from Sir Wenger will see him playing wide left – he is a leftie.
    As a seasoned fan as I’m sure we all are let’s not get too jumpy as we know how the club does business – only announcing signings. Arsene has never let us down yet & I’m not one of theose ar**holes that claims to know more than the Man.

  14. optamistic said

    Maybe this Dudu guy was signed instead of a big name because they have got a good idea that Wenger is off at the end of next season . So the Board would not sanction massive money being spent buy somone who is not going to be there long term. Just a thought

  15. Michael said

    The last thing wenger would see eduardo as is a replacement for henry.
    I think he will be a rarther lot like van nistilroy a goal hanging goal pocher and that is what we need.
    The left midfeild needs adressing and wenger has the cash to go for malouda.
    We also need cover for gail clitchy if he is injured then that alone can cost us silverware he is a great left back.
    Other than that i am excited about next season and i think wenger will be excited to.
    To here all these thierry henry fans saying arsenal is doomed without him is comicle.
    We never lost to any of the big team’s last season we finished forth 10 point’s clear of spur’s and we will do alot better this season with out henry also.
    I have the strangest feeling that we will do very very well and i hope we get barcelona in the champions league to please god please.
    It is one thing to be attacking in a arsenal team but it is quite another thing to be on the recieveing end of a arsenal attack.
    We will do just fine.

  16. Browny said

    Appreciate your optimism. I feel the same but many gooners were hoping for the BIG name. I don’t agree with that as I feel some of the so called big names, although good footballers, are over hyped by the media without great track records e.g Torres and Tevez. I believe this lad will ot-perform both those two next season. I don’t think AW ever thought along the lines of him being TH’s replacement. I think he maybe views RVP as heir apparant and what he has done has taken the departure of TH as the oppurtunity to bring more of an in the box goal machine rather than another deeper striker who can pick the ball up from deep. I think we have plenty of players to do that already and even when TH was there we had an imbalanced strike force with too many players trying to operate from deep roles. This lad will balance us out completely and it would not surprise me if next year, providing they all stay fit, that our strike force as a whole is the most productive in the EPL. Role on next season and shove 2 horses up that big mouth Drogba’s backside. At least I think that is what he said.

  17. rear-gooner said

    du du du da da da Silva wants to score for you

  18. Emkay said

    Let’s not forget that Thierry Henry over the last 2 years was not Henry of old. Forget the comparisons Eduardo should be his own man. Yes sod off Paul let’s have some positive vibes.

  19. Emkay said

    Bugger the big names. Was Henry a big name when he arrived? Was Paddy, Petit – I could go on . . . What’s the obsession with big names? Football is a team game and we will see some emerging performances from some many of players now they are out of the destabilising influence of Henry. Can’t wait.

  20. James said

    Hands up who thinks a defence of Hoyte, Senderos, Djourou & Clichy can sustain a title/champions league campaign? Utterly ridiculous. Senderos alone would guarantee failure – that dummy couldn’t defend his mum.

  21. Cecilia said

    James-Spot on Swiss Tony is a crap and don’t know why he’s not been sold. Can’t run, can’t turn. Check our matches with chelsea, blackburn, Boro etc. He should be shipped off. Djourou is far better. Sendy did well in the Champions league last time ‘cos Arsenal was playing 5 midfielders and got help from Gilberto. The only thing he does well is heading, even that Drogba beat him at the CC finals

  22. Muts said

    We need defensive cover at the back – i dont want to imagine how it will be like when players leave for the ACN!! senderos connot be relied upon, gallas might get injured…..blah blah…hope we could also get quaresma, wenger almost signed him b4 barca got thier dirty mits on him – sod ’em and henry too (fuckin snake)

  23. Muts said

    one more thing lads – “we love u Dudu coz u always score, we love u Dudu….” i have a sweet feeling about this guy, doesnt over celebrate(from youtube), focused …. a pure striker. cheers boys

  24. Siamac said

    well well, guys,…I think the closest prediction was mine 😀
    exactly when all of you were choosing between Anelka, Owen, Martins, Torres, Teves,…
    I posted this on June 24th, 2007 at 2:56 am :
    “no harm in dreaming and I personally think these are all our sweat dreams, Arsen would do the magic once more, pires came for overmarse,gilberto for petit,cess for viera, TT for Nic,…and now a new TH14,..maybe this time an F16,…who knows,…definitely Arsen!! don’t worry guys, just trust him, sure he knows better! 😉 ”
    now I’m really happy with the signing cos u know what? he’s just the guy we needed for so long. A real F16, a versatile goal scorer who doesn’t hesitate in the box. the exact phuckin’ sharp edge we missed all season, we created more chances than anybody but they just didn’t go in.
    Another point is that just pay a little attention to his nice and smooth touch and compare it with craptista’s, watch that header between Terry and cashly 🙂 hell his the right guy!!!!!,….everybody in? …….the ceremony is about to begin!!!!! :D:D:D

  25. Dave said

    Although i’m not doubting this guy looks good and could be what we need, there’s one problem. Surely coming from the croatian league he’s gonna need time to adjust. DO we really have time for that? We could be out of the premiership race by then.

  26. Q said

    I personally believe that we are going to be stronger than ever – admittedly have reservations about Senderos – but i’m going to put a bet on us to win the Champions league! I’ll get great odds at the moment…

  27. mjc said

    Lay off Senderos guys – the last time he was fully fit, he played along side Djourou in the only defence that didn’t concede a single goal in the last World Cup (and scored a winner while he was at it). As for Drogba getting one over on him – who hasn’t Drogba done in the last 18 months. If he was English, you’d be calling him the next TA, so give it a rest – HE’S ONLY 22 YEARS OLD YOU TARTS.

  28. 5am said

    From Arsene’s comments he may not just play up top as he said – he’s “versatile”.

    Cos he uses his left foot I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger started putting him on the wing, perhaps giving space to bring in another striker too……

  29. 5am said

    I consider Dudu more as Aliadiere’s replacement but with the ability to find the net a few more times. That should hopefully keep the pressure off him!

    Have also noticed a few Pires characteristics about him too…….

  30. jammathon said

    Wenger is such a gem of a manager: – he should continue to be trusted, methinks.

  31. […] Merson negativity + plenty of links for all things Eduardo Evening, today was my first official day at It all went pretty well I think. My mentor says that I might […] […]

  32. finestcuts said

    Thank goodness we have all that Anelka and Martins nonsense behind us, they belong to the Aston Villa’s and Middlesbrough’s of this world….battling for a top 10 spot. And don’t laugh cos thats what half the Premiership only dreams of. Arsenal aren’t even satisfied being in the top half of the top half, y’know the score.

    Wenger’s comments about how he played against Arsenal in the Champion’s League game last year are key…..Eduardo has improved since then.

    You never know Henry might do a Shevchenko in Barcelona….but seriously good luck to him as well but lets remember one thing. He’s history and this is the new Arsenal, the best team AND without Henry.

    I hope Eduardo breaks the record for the amount of goals scored in a season by an Arsenal player, a record Henry would now never have a chance to beat even if he wanted to.

  33. 61 and never again said

    he’s bl@ck he’s bent his ass is up for rent darren bent darren bent…
    just a song to welcome the spuds record signing!!ha ha ha .
    sing in front of a spud!

  34. Renzukuken said

    we just signed Harvard Nordtveit!! although i dunno how the hell he play and how good is he XD no video of him in youtube nor a picture of him in google lolx…anyway welcome to arsenal!! do well and break through the 1st team hahahah =P

  35. Charlie said

    Firstly, Wenger’s team and style of play is constantly evolving. In attack from Wright to Anelka to Henri and now Da Silva. In midfield, from Viera to Fabergas. He keeps his system fluid. Opposition have been trying to copy him; but he is always a few steps ahead. such is the greatness of Wenger that the board and fans should go all out to make sure he stays.
    The manner of Da silva’s signing reminded of Llungberg. LLungberg an unknown who impressed agaist England and was snapped up by Wenger. Hopefully, da Silva will also be a success.

  36. adc said


  37. Denis said

    o my goodness!! i rushed here as soon as I could! I just heard that my beloved Croatian player will play for arsenal!!

    Let me tell you a little about him….
    He’s a Brazilian born Croatian player, he was born in Rio, Brazil…thats where all the great brazilian football players come from.

    This is what Eduardo Da Silva is good at:

    He is an amazing striker, he always scores every chance he gets. He plays very similar to Samuel Eto.

    He is very dangerouse in the air! Which is very usefull in the english game.

    He is croatias highest goal scorer, he hold the record of most goals scored in the Croatian league…

  38. clockendrider said

    Re the Merson moan: Don’t know about you but I often find I listen to the advice of bankrupt, alcoholic, former drug addicts.
    Merson is the most odious kind of rentaquote. He has been left the club for around a decade now and is trading on his former glories. He has no more connections at the club than the man in the street. He will say anything to anyone if they pay his fee. In the interview he made out he had some inkling who Da Silva is while calling him “Da Castro”. How the mighty are fallen….

  39. shooy said

    Sadly the Merse has been left with an even smaller brain than when he was born (and it wasn’t that big to start with). A shame really, for such an Arsenal legend.

  40. steve_gooner said


    No you little master of bollocks , HE WAS SIGNED ‘CAUSE HE SCORED 34 GOALS LAST SEASON !!!! shame no one is capible of scoring 34 in one season here at EPL (drogba 21) hmmmm.. UNTIL NOW !

    ENTER E. DA SILVA goal scoring machine ! you should be sh*TTing in your bootz OPTA, you spud loving f*ck !

    Great signing arsene ! time to finalize sagna and get this 3rd player (LW)! if curtis davies gets bidded on is arsene still in the hunt 4 him ?

  41. Pete said

    On the Merson front, it’s unfortunately another case of ‘say something controversial and it’ll get on tv’.

    We’ve had the lot despairing. Say you think we’ll do well and the media ignores you, because that’s not the angle they’re going for. Say we’ll fail, especially as a former player, and they’ll print your name up in lights.

    Nothing like a balanced approach, eh?

  42. AJ said

    Hands up who thinks a defence of Hoyte, Senderos, Djourou & Clichy can sustain a title/champions league campaign? Utterly ridiculous. Senderos alone would guarantee failure – that dummy couldn’t defend his mum.

    They don’t have to sustain a title run though do they. Because they’re not our only defenders.

    All they have to do is play a few games against some of the mose mediocre sides in the Premiership in January. And then there’ll be William Gallas there helping them out.

  43. “optapissdick”you shit stirring spud-sir wenger is about to sign a long term contract v.soon-enough to keep you lot below us for another decade at least-just a thought!!!!wadd ya say steve gooner…

  44. Arsenal haggis lover said

    Personally, I can’t wait to see what da Silva is made of. It would be easy to make light of his goal scoring average due to the quality of the league he’s been playing in, but you can’t dispute his international record.

    We should definitely stick him up top. I don’t see the point in putting, what seems to be a lethal and natural finisher, on the flank.

    Give him some time and – at 12 mil cheaper – I’m sure he’ll turn out to be much better value than a certain F. Torres.

    Don’t agree with some of the Thierry bashing that’s going on just now, though. I realise he’s gone and we have to move on, but I think the 226 goals he scored for us should be treated with a bit more respect.

    Folk are kidding themselves if they think he’s over the hill. A fully fit Henry next season would easily bang in 25 EPL goals and put that big-mouthed Ivorian twat in the shade. It’ll be interesting to see how he copes in Spain, though. Too many egos spoil the broth, as it were.

  45. steve_gooner said

    well seems manURE is buying tevez..
    I DONT LIKE IT ! fergie has got a talented team i jealous ??

    maybe a little

    but i feel better when i think of how low the spuds are ? hey

  46. optamistic said

    king GOON Sound like Wenger is going to sign a new long term contract…. But with REAL MADRID. seems wenger and there president have been having a chat

  47. larry said

    i hereby denounce my association with arsenal with man u signing tevez.too much of everything is bad.sometimes u have to break the rule and spend big sum for outstanding talent like tevez who will greatly improve the team especially with the loss of a gem like TH.arsenal is heading downwards with rocket speed and i wont sit down and preted AW is another king solomon when it is obvious that he has lost the plot.maybe i will consder rejoining arsenal when a more pragmatic manager takes over at the end of next season.AW memory seems to be very short as he has forgotten the excruciating moments at west ham,fulham,psv,sheffield,his brawl with alan pardew etc.alex fergie won the league ,ucl semis,fa cup final and has purchased the best plyers he a fool??????i will consider joining almighty blues,the red devils or the ever improving and ambitious spurs.i hate arsenal.i hate AW for making me lrave the club that i loved so much.i hate the pack of craps called players ……..gilberto.adebayor,ljunberg,song,……….i luv spurrrrsssssssss

  48. optamistic said

    Larry has had too much to drink me thinks

  49. mike said

    Hey arsene is a good fan of Da Silva read the bios

  50. mike said


  51. hussein said

    what if wenger will have martins

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