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A summary of Thursday’s Arsenal news – genius title

Posted by James Dall on 5, July 2007

Ergh I am tired. Loving working though so I cannot complain. To be honest after spending eight and a half hours a day writing about football I am hardly filled with motivation to do the blog. I think that is due to the lull of decent news following the bubble of after the excitement of Eduardo’ arrival.

Today will be a day for a bullet point summary, each point followed by a dash of opinion.

  • The lads started pre-season training on Tuesday. Here are some photos. I like the one with Bould and Wenger laughing, Steve probably just reeled off a naughty limerick.
  • Freddie’s agent has once again denied reports that he is set to leave the club. This time Fiorentina are apparently keen on the Swede. ‘Speculation’ says Ljungberg’s agent, he is probably right.
  • Five of our youngsters have signed on at the club. I am not entirely sure if any of them will cut the mustard as I have seen little of them. Maybe one you bright sparks can let me know if one or two of them are much cop? I think Rogers and Simpson are supposed to be pretty sound, Arsenal quality though?
  • Utter crap/balls/shit here from Real about Arsene heading off to Real. I wish they would pipe down.

There we have it. If I do not get time to do the blog tomorrow I reckon the next one will be Sunday evening.



22 Responses to “A summary of Thursday’s Arsenal news – genius title”

  1. Michael said

    Our first pre season friendly is just over a week away. Therefore I hope Arsene is working hard behind the scenes to sign a left winger before then! I hope all the Bagna talk is a smokescreen to through the media off.

    Have you had a chance to write your own page on yet James?

  2. How do you mean own page Michael? I have done loooads of article, from Bury to Manchester United but nothing on Arsenal yet.

  3. Michael said

    Do any of them say your name at the top mate? Hopefully the first one you do on Arsenal will be a player signing!

  4. Yer all the ones I have done have ‘by james…’ above them. If I got to write one about an arsenal signing I would be absolutely delighted!

  5. Chris Wright said

    I’ve only seen Paul Rodgers play once in the last five years, however I can tell you that I expect things from him. I went to school with Paul, and he was a great player, even then. He used to play midfield at school, but did often defend too, which was rare in our days of mad playground football. Personality-wise, he’s a calm, intelligent kid who always put others first. I have high hopes for Paul, as a friend and as an Arsenal fan. If he breaks through to the first time, I’ll be able to forgive him for being a United fan! I’ve not spoken to him in quite a while, though, so hopefully he’s seen the light since being at the Arsenal.

  6. Chris Wright said

    Bollocks, I meant “If he breaks through to the first team”, that’s what illness and not proof-reading will do to ya!

  7. daveross said

    As Arsenal fans I guess you’ve given up on the future of English football. Poor little Theo, hung out dry by the Swede, how long before the inevitable transfer to Everton. The game for English kids is dying on it’s arse and no-one cares. Preston can’t give Nugent away and one of the Bent’s, I don’t care which one, goes for £16 million, god help us all.
    At least your Croation/Brzillian will retain your interest in Euro 2008.

  8. Van Perry said

    Well Daveross, if you had the foresight to read further into the artcile, you would have discovered that of the youths we given contracts today, thereis a strong English contingent. When Walcott becomes the man and England’s saviour, all you sinics will be jumping on the ‘paedophiles’ lap. Wait and see…

  9. jammathon said

    Arsenal sign MacFarlane!!! –

  10. viper said


  11. I hope Arsene doesnt go to Real Madrid.

  12. optamistic said


  13. daveross said

    Well Van Perry, let’s see how many of your young English players start in anything other than the Carling Cup and how many more caps young Theo gets.

  14. steve_gooner said


    Why would we want a gritty over valued striker ?
    whos knob is owned by 3 different companies?
    (ok opta might be interested in owning the lower 3rd of tevez!?)

    we need class players , you ramble just dont get it .
    he couldnt be a part of the ‘BEAUTIFUL GAME’ he wouldnt fit in !

  15. Chris said

    Can someone please tell me what is going to be the starting eleven for arsenal????

  16. Leo said

    Eduardo RVP

    Rosicky Gilberto Fabregas Hleb/Theo

    Clichy Gallas Touré Eboue

    Fabianski(maybe not)

  17. Leo said

    Eduardo Adebayor RVP

    Rosicky Fabregas Eboue

    Clichy Senderos Touré Sagna

  18. optamistic said

    All this talk of Fabrigas going to go to Real Madrid is worrying. It would be a shame to lose him from the Prem to La Liga he is a good player

  19. Renzukuken said

    u must be a dick that cant understand english opt(i)mistic =)….fabregas told everyone he wants to stay at arsenal….he is looking forward for next season you fool….hahahahah incase u dont understand my english…go learn somewhere else 1st then read it again XD

  20. optamistic said

    read on newsnow its all over the place, I did,nt say Fabrigas never said he does,nt want to stay at Arsenal. Its just his agent seems to be very active in Spain at the moment, and this drip feed of Real want to….trying to, sign him…All i said was this talk of fabrigas going to Real Madrid was worrying and it would be a shame to lose him to La Liga. I do hope his head is,nt turned

  21. Chris Wright said

    Fabrigas can go to Madrid if he wants. Just as long as Fabregas stays at the Arsenal, like we all know he will for years to come. 🙂

  22. arsenalRFd said

    There is a fine line between arsenal and dog sht, and arsenals transfers are making that line get thinnner by the second.

    Not only are they a team having won nothing in 2 years, things are not set to change. I fully understand why Henry left and why Fabregas and Wenger will probably leave.

    Gallas was right, Arsenal have gone down the toilet….possibly for good.

    Looks like Spud fans will be over the moon.

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