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Sod off Gallas + round-up

Posted by James Dall on 9, July 2007

The current news is hardly captivating – is it? Most of us are hoping that another Eduardo is on the horizon – by this I of course mean a signing out of the blue.

Baring in mind that I am hardly jumping out of my seat to cover the recent stories I shall stick to the bullet point format.

Here we go –

  • Lightening quick Walcott is eagerly anticipating the start of next season, he has also set the target of scoring 10 goals. Walcott’s shoulder injury was a real shame because at the start of the season he was excellent. The League Cup final goal also reminded us of his potential though and I am glad he is 100% again.
  • New Real Madrid coach, Bernd Schuster, is keen on signing Fabregas. I am sure most teams want to bring Fabs in but he  is a happy bunny, plus why would he go to Madrid? Sorry Bernd.
  • Gallas is worried about how other teams are strengthening while we have sold Henry. While he has a point I agree with those that say he needs to pipe down. I could understand him voicing his concerns if we were right at the end of August but at the moment there is plenty of time. William moans a lot and often creates a lot of negativity around the club. I would not be disappointed if we sold Gallas and brought in Curtis Davies.
  • We have been linked with a Mexican central midfielder. He is young and un-heard-of so I am not too excited. We need a left winger, simple as that.
  • Speaking of a left-sided midfielder, Chelsea are soon to announce the signing of Malouda. £13.5million is the fee. I think Malouda is a sound player but I am not sure if he is worth that sort of money.
  • Babel is being linked with Liverpool. Interesting one considering Babel recently said he was staying with Ajax and declared how he would one day play for us.
  • It is rumoured that we are interested in this Italian striker. After all the speculation prior to the Eduardo signing I am not going to comment too much on rumours. No-one predicted Eduardo’s arrival, I fully expect another surprise in the coming weeks.
  • Gilberto has hit back at Drogba’s infuriating comments. Gilberto rocks.
  • Matthew Connolly has secured a loan deal to Colchester, good luck to the lad.

There you go, hopefully while I am at work tomorrow news will break of Reyes being sold and us bringing in a super-quick, full of flair, left winger.


29 Responses to “Sod off Gallas + round-up”

  1. AJ said

    Welcome back – a relaxing weekend I trust?

    Anyway, I picked this up a few days ago, and nowhere else seems to have it, but there are a lot of stories in Spain and South America at the moment that we’ve signed / are signing the U20 Left Winger Angel Di Maria.

    Have a read:

  2. Rachid said

    You mentioned Reyes, well there’s a rumour going around that AW wants an exchange deal. It’s rumoured that Wenger will let Reyes go to the Bernabeu permanently if he has Robinho for 10 mil in an exchange deal.

  3. Rachid said

    Forgot to post the link I found it at, lol.

  4. Kahlev Magnus said

    what he says is somewhaat true. unfortunately for him though i think gallas should go and arsenal should invest in a big defender like kompany from belgium. hes pure class

  5. AJ said

    Interesting post Rachid – I don’t want Reyes back, and I think Robinho is more talented. But I’m not convinced he’ll settle in the English league. He has the talent to get over his small frame, but I’m not sure about the temperament – still, if Wenger can wangle Robinho, that’d be a massive improvement for us on Reyes I think.

  6. 61 and never again said

    gallas is only saying what most paying customers are thinking!
    putting boys against men is ok for 1 or 2 games but not for the whole season….
    football has reached another universe since the utd kids back in 95/96 won the league.. it was only utd the spice boys and the geordies back then ..and the latter 2 were the eqivelent of bolton and us now(arsenal)nowadays challenging that utd team!
    so gallas has every right to say what he has!
    more should speak up…
    and if wenger doesn’t want to sign a contract should fuck off now!
    give someone a chance now!

  7. AJ said

    Gallas isn’t a paying fan though, he’s a professional – whilst he might be right, it’s not his place to make these kind of statements.

    I’d like to see the things Gallas has complained about change – but I don’t want to hear his moaning.

  8. optamistic said

    Gallas said on his website… several players are questioning the clubs future and ambition.Tch tch it dose,nt sound to good in the dressing room does it.

  9. AJ said


    Change the record.

  10. vill said

    William Gallas is an Arsenal Player and he has EVERY F*cking right to question the ambitions of the club. He wants to win NOW. Not next year, or the season after that. NOW.

    Arsene and the Arsenal board is allowing experience quality players every season and replacing them with young inexperienced players.

    William Gallas is F*ckING FED UP and SO AM I

  11. arsene wenger said

    about gallas,we should give him one more season to prove himself but if he doesnt shut his big fat gob we should get rid of him

  12. If Gallas had had a great season and showed any sort of leadership I could support his critisism. His mistakes contributed to a poor season and he is not a centre half. Toure & Djourou were far better. He would be no loss.

  13. 5am said

    Why is everyone so afraid to criticize and see what’s what? Basically people already seem to have forgotten we’ve sold a top world player for peanuts, where other clubs would’ve paid 9million more for the guy. Business is business and to sell soemone on their wishes and short change yourself of so many millions would leave anyone in their right mind asking what you playing at????! Has already been glossed over cos of a cheap purchase of a striker that so far seems a steal although we all know he’s not a replacement. So, Wenger better get on with it cos all the other clubs have sorted out their business whilst we still haven’t even got a Director of football in yet to be dealing with this….. A lot of fans wouldn’t mind if we don’t spend big but watching things like Liverpool consider Babbel where we could’ve purchased and loaned back is like seeing the whole Kewell saga again (although worked out us not getting him in the end considering injuries) A simple Fowler for experience cover without blocking youth was/is a free option and Pires has already intimated a return if we can’t sort Robihno (who’d anyway probably cost the same or more than Malouda who’s tougher for epl)

  14. AFC said

    Gallas is our best defender. Cant really afford to let TWO world class players go in the same summer! What kind of message does that send out?

    By the way, having seen Curtis Davies this season, i’d rather have Cygan. Another ridiculously overrated footballer.

  15. Sam The Dog said

    According to reports in France, Sagna is in London negotiating terms with Arsenal.
    I guess that means a fee has been agreed with Auxerre, so Sagna should become a Gunner very soon.

  16. John said

    Chelsea will be laffing knowing what we have found out about gallas be a whinger counter productive to team harmony no wonder they used him as a make weight in the deal for cole.he was causing enuff problems at chelsea
    however hes probably only expressing what all of us are feeling but hey what goes on behind the scenes should not hit the papers

  17. lc said

    Gallas can f*** off.
    I have never been convainced that he is a natural CB. I can understand why Jose Morinho prefered him at full back. His partnership with Kolo doesn’t look good and I don’t think it would be any sort of improvment due to Gallas’s arrogance. There’s no urgency in his play. He seems to leave things too late before he tries to act desperately. I will always be happy seing Kolo/Djourou or Kolo/Senderos as our CB. Gallas should be sold. He has lost in speed and lacks in concentration. I don’t like his passing either. Arsenal will do far better with Djourou and Senderos. They will improve.

  18. Grahame of aus said

    Much to my disbelief i actually agree with Gallas!!!!!!
    It is about time we started to keep up with the JONES (Chelski Mancs Scousers and even the spuds).For fucksake Arsene stop buying young SHIT.You have money use it!!!!!! I am sick of hearing we are in for this player then that player goes to a club that has the balls to spend on STARS.I would of loved to of seen maybe two of the following players sign for us :Tevez,Malouda,Torres,Owen ,Martins,Babel,Robinho,Davies,Niemi,Yaya Toure and of course TH to stay.But look what we have got or are chasing,Eduardo-Can’t break into his homelands team so he fucks off to play for a bunch of nobodys,a boy polish keeper.And now i hear we are after another YOUNG Mexican STARLET and low and behold another FRENCH left back.Get a life ARSENE or your fucking wallet out you tight french cunt………………….Very pissed off…………………..

  19. […] Sod off Gallas + round-up The current news is hardly captivating – is it? Most of us are hoping that another Eduardo is on the horizon – by this […] […]

  20. steve_gooner said

    Grahame of aus

    i agree with you and while your at it, arsene needs to commit 1 way or another .
    then this team can move forward.. also would you want someone to buy players with this cash whilst he ISNT commited to the club ??
    buying our future players probly knowing hes going to REAL MADRID NEXT SEASON ! if his contracted ended this year he would already be gone ! its noble to his future employers who get rid of managers every 2 seasons to show them some honour . and hopefully not be fired in 3 seasons .. but lets face it in the next 5 years i can see him retirering anyhow …

    and optamistic you little butt monkey ,theyve only JUST started pre season .. WHAT DRESSING ROOM ? go join your spud boards where your all having a w#nk over your OVER RATED ENGLISH players .

  21. seether said

    I am beginning to get sick and tired of everyone we look to be signing being under 22! Surely experience counts for something? Look at the average age of the team that went unbeaten the whole season and you will realise there were numerous older players in the team/squad. As to why the management of the club think these kids-because that is exactly what they are-can bare the burden of replicating the success of yesteryears is beyond me. I have numerous video tapes of our matches from past seasons and the decline is evident. Last season some of the games we lost was down to lack of experience and relegation-quality-finishing. Watching some of the games we played last season on tape and thinking we havent added anything to the midfield in terms of older players who have a good goal scoring record from midfield areas is truly worrying. Saying that it is still early and hopefully in four weeks time we would have signed a number of players of that ilk and I will have egg on my face. The reverse is giving me sleeplesss nights. can I have some words of assurance/support pleeeeeeeeeese. Anybody?

  22. shooy said

    Not scared of criticising, 5am, just don’t see the point. Why worry about things you can’t control, unless of course ineffectual ranting is what floats your boat?

  23. Anonymous said

    Gallas is spot on….it is his right as a player at Arsenal to expect to win things.
    Arsenal have to purchase some top quality proven players to compete in the premiership and in the champions league. We are short on experienced quality players even though are youngsters do us proud.
    Gallas is a winner (just look at his CV) and knows that success breeds success.
    Fergie did not rest on his laurels after winning the premiership last season and in the same manner Arsenal cannot wait for a crop of youngsters to deliver because all will not peak at the same time.
    We have lost ground in the last couple of seasons and the gap is just going to get bigger if we dont recruit at a similar level.

    and he looks around at the activities of the other top 3 and sees that we have not invested in proven world class players in the same manner.

  24. Leo said


  25. Rachid said

    If only Wenger would see that Djourou is much better than Senderos and start giving him more playing time he would be able to push that twat Gallas for his game and pretty soon he’d be out the door.

  26. sunny said

    i have quite a few things to say.

    to start with gallas is one of my main concerns. when he first joined arsenal i was pretty excitied about having him here…but as the season went on i noticed that he would say these little comments about arsenal etc. that started to annoy me. He is right to say we shouldnt be playing for 3rd spot. but the other comments about other players looking at over options thats just shows how much of a idiot he is. Things like this should be kept behind closed doors. It doesnt make a situation better by publicly saying it.

    Arsenal sold henry. Without out a doubt he is arsenal best ever striker. I think arsenal let him go at the right time. besides he could hit the curse of leaving arsenal. (some of the players we’ve let go of have had some serious injuries like pires and edu hehe).arsene wenger wouldnt let go of someone unless he could come up with a solution. Arsene wenger hasnt let arsenal astray. he has set records in the premiership that no other arsenal manager has done. more people should have faith in him. Babel has recently stated that liverpool being interested in him could be tempting. theo walcott is a great player his shoulder movement is around 85% but i do hope to see more of him. in particular up front.

    i dont know what arsenal have lined up in terms of signings but it would be nice to see some new faces at arsenal. and also im hoping hte likes of rosicky does well this season. he is a great player and had bad luck last season through injury. i reckon if he can bring his A game he will be one of the strong players holding the team together.

    also to what rachid said. I dont liek senderos. he jus doesnt do it for me at arsenal. Djourou is good. Hopefully he will get a lot more games under his belt and improve

  27. seether said

    I swear if I see us linked to another player under 22 I will arrrrrrrrrrgh! Today we have been linked with another French Under 21 player Gouffran! We have enough youth players! What we need is experience particularly in attacking areas in midfield. Any more young players and we’ll turn into a bl**dy Kindergarten. Umm sorry just a little bit angry and frustrated at the moment.

  28. Rachid said

    Seether, I’ve been hearing we’ve already signed him on a 4 year deal but are gonna loan him back to Caen. His Wiki page says we’ve signed him as well. I checked You Tube to see what he’s like and he looks like a poacher just like Eduardo Da Silva.

  29. alain said


    I think that Cesar Villaluz (the mexican midfielder) is destinated to be in a big team,and if that team is Arsenal then that would be pretty good news.

    Personally im a big fan of the english premiership and i have a special sympathy for the gunners.

    Everyone in Mexico have their hopes on this U-20 squad (Vela is in this squad as well.)

    Good bye,and cheers for the gunners from Mexico!

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