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World-class Fabregas: Future Arsenal captain

Posted by James Dall on 16, July 2007

The combination of working silly hours and my internet being an arse has resulted in four days without a blog – for this I apologise. Plenty has been going on, it is frustrating when I read a story and have a burning desire to voice my opinion but do not have time. I have a bit of time now though…

Sagna officially signed, that seems like ages ago to me but it only happened on Thursday. I am sure you have seen all this but on the off chance you haven’t we have his first interview here, Arsene’s comments on the fullback and some photos here, A French journalist’s opinion on him here and Grimandi’s say on him here.

We all knew it was going to happen so the only real questions now are – will Eboue/Hoyte/Gilbert all stay and will Eboue be moved into midfield. The answers for both of those will only come in time. There is a nice little piece from that has some stats on our right-backs (unfortunately I did write this article, I wish they had asked me to!). I am pretty sure we are going to see Eboue on the right wing next season. How do I feel about that? Better than I thought I would. He is a different type of player to Hleb, for me it is always good to have variation. In Hleb we have a technically astute player who plays short simply passes, in Eboue we have a powerful pacey player who can deliver a sound cross.

Hopefully Reyes will be leaving soon, I do also hope that we get a good fee for him. There has been some crazy money spent this summer, especially by Real who spent around £20million on a centre-back. Reyes is proven quality, I think £10million for him would be a reasonable price. Arsene said:

I think he will go. There is no way to have an unhappy player. Despite the global warming England is still not warm enough for him.

Fingers crossed Wenger already has a replacement in mind. Real Madrid are reportedly in for Quaresma and/or Drenthe – I would be happy with either of those. Please Arsene! If we don’t get one of them I suppose I trust our boss to get it right, he is a pretty smart cookie.

Moving onto the comments from Sir Alex. You know what, he has been a prat in the past but it is undeniable that this guy is a quality manager with an incredible football brain. His comments on Henry’s departure made extremely interesting reading:

They’ll be in the top four without question, I’m more convinced they’ll be in the top four without Henry. I just think it was time to go, I think Arsene knew that and I think they will be better.

Did you read that thing from Online Gooner about the leaked email? I was not sure what to make of it but I did wonder as to whether it was just a coincidence that Fergie’s comments correlated with the whole ‘Arsene had planned to get rid of Henry’ vibe from the ’email’.

Talking to the News of the World Arsene said:

Of course you don’t want to lose a world-class player without having thought about it. At the end of the day, it was his decision. He wanted to leave. You don’t make a decision like that in a minute. You check to see if the player is really completely sure of what he wants to do.

Interesting. There are rumours that Arsene and Henry put a front on for the media, that they gave the impression that Henry wanted to move on, when really Arsene wanted to get rid. I am not so sure. I guess it just shows you how much of a big player and character he was to Arsenal, considering that grumblings of his departure are still rumbling on.

Do you know who is a legend? Fabregas, that’s who. He is fucking awesome. Fabregas said:

I love this club, I believe a lot in this team and I feel we can do something special this season. We have been playing together for the last three or four years. We are very young but we capable of doing big things. Since the start of this project we all promised to be together. We have to stick together and make titles for Arsenal…I feel that I can’t leave the club that has done so much for me. I have a great responsibility this season and I can’t wait to get started and try to win things.

What a man, captain for next season? Probably not as he still has a short fuse, future Arsenal captain? I think so. We all acknowledge how good Fabregas is but seriously have a real long hard think about how good he actually he is. He would get into any team in the world and is 20-years-old. Central midfield is one of the hardest positions to play due to it’s congestion, you need to have a superior first touch one that takes you away from a player. Cesc will only get better and that thought fills me with an incredible amount of excitement. I really fancy the Spaniard to get ten goals from midfield next season.

On Saturday we had our match against Barnet. A match report can be found here and highlights here. We won 2-0 in a typically mediocre pre-season game. Eduardo observed and Fabianski got a half. I read that Eduardo is still yet to get his work permit, does anyone know if this is true?

Something I have noticed is that Denilson seems like a bit of a softy. Towards the end of last season, we were at home (I cannot remember which game it was) and Denilson got chopped, he went off on a stretcher and I feared the worst. After the game he was fine though. On Saturday the Brazilian was badly fouled and was stretchered off again, he was walking fine after the game though and is thought to be back in training in a day or to. I appreciate that often when you get a knock, initially it fricking hurts but if you give it a few mins it soon calms down. I think Denilson needs to do that in future – try and ‘run it off’. I am not having a go at the lad, it is simply an observation. He is a brilliant player, I have not forgotten that.

There we have it, quite a long blog with a lot of words. Until the next one.


23 Responses to “World-class Fabregas: Future Arsenal captain”

  1. cuntybolox said


  2. Rachid said

    Hey James, no thoughts on the possible Palacio signing?

  3. 61 and never again said

    stop creaming your pants about fabregras, the cunt better score over 10 goals in the league or he can fuck off!


  5. 61 and never again said


  6. 61 and never again said

    that battyboy will never be captain or shouldn’t be allowed

  7. cuntybolox said

    are we making him captain just to try and keep him a bit longer before he fucks off to barca the cunts!

  8. kerp said

    go go go febregas.u will be arsenal hero

  9. Sta said

    Fabie, our guy!! your mental stability, character and clearsightedness will no doubt lead u to being one of the world’s greats!

  10. steve_gooner said

    Id like to think that Palacio would be our next signing ,
    da silva and walcott will do there time on the wings ,like henry
    and why not ! they will give us a pace injection down both flanks and eboue will probly move to a right midfeild role -when he gets a game .
    read this sagna link it hints eboues new role and if its on ARSENAL .COM it must be true ! those nazis dont print anything that might come under the spot light.

    1 thing is for sure Palacio if not scalped by us ,he will prob’ly find his way to the EPL (inferior epl managers like sven,moron’o will probly pounce on him ), just like babel and malouda rumours prior.
    both of them linked to us .. both unsigned by us.both then targeted by others. I wouldnt be supprised if it was just some blogger rumour gone ballistic, as funnily enough we are bidding against a barca target .. co-incidence?

    He is the quality that is needed ,still a bit of a future player
    not sure how much of an impact he will make in his 1st season .
    but his quality is undeniable, if he’s like the other argentines it will take a while to gel in the EPL. But he’s being touted as the new number 1 striker of argentina.
    and thats a good replacement for henry !

    baptista also shows you what i was saying about our youngsters last season not supplying the ball
    correctly upfeild(lacking the experience), which frustrated henry- is prob’ly affecting freddies preformances , and definately showed you that baptista is still very much quality player if supported by a reasonable midfeild with some experience .

  11. kevin said

    Sagna is going to be good. Arsenal will be on top once again in a year or so.
    I’ve a fan of your site. I’m going to put you in my blogroll. Can you put me in yours too?

  12. Kevoooo said

    The thing about eduardo de silva needing a work permit is true … check

  13. […] World-class Fabregas: Future Arsenal captain The combination of working silly hours and my internet being an arse has resulted in four days without a blog – for […] […]

  14. optamistic said

    Fabrigas of to Barca next summer with Wenger, like a couple of old mates laughing there heads off at the devistation they left behind

  15. “optapissdick”i,ve been on my hols so haven’t had the chance to keep an eye on your little shit stirring rants lately-but hasta la vista baby i’m back-now piss off & quick & stop talking shite!!!

  16. mohamud said

    iam here to support cesc to be arsenal captain next season so he is world classic player at this moment.
    so i would like to tell arsenal offical to select very intlligentplayer to be captain.

  17. No bird flow without wings
    Asenal startin line up are equivalent to 5 n cesc is representing 3 and rosicky 3 so i think cesc should take over n run da team

  18. No one like cesc so he should take da captain and rosicky should be da assitance capt

  19. miranda said

    lm sure that fabregas will be the future captain of arsenal because he is the best player in the world “FABREGAS NEXT ARSENAL CAPTANIN”

  20. Anonymous said

    Eduardo, Fabregas are going to be good. Arsenal will be on top once again in a year or so.
    I’ve a fan of your site. I’m going to put you in my blogroll. Can you put me in yours too?

  21. Ahmad said

    Eduardo, Fabregas are going to be good. Arsenal will be on top once again in a year or so.
    I’ve a fan of your site. I’m going to put you in my blogroll. Can you put me in yours too?

  22. Ahmad said

    Sagna is going to be good. Arsenal will be on top once again in a year or so.
    I’ve a fan of your site. I’m going to put you in my blogroll. Can you put me in yours too?

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