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Arsenal’s official site goes a bit mental

Posted by James Dall on 17, July 2007

Well Arsenal’s official website has gone a bit crazy releasing a plethora of stories and statements.

I shall work through them. First of all we had thole ‘I am 90% sure” Ljungberg will be with us at the start of the season from Wenger. ANR reported that Freddie did not board the plane to Austria so we might be looking at that 10%. As with all these things, time will tell but I guess if the Swede is not about during Thursday’s friendly then suspicions may increase.

Arsene said that without doubt the aim for next season is the title. I did not expect to hear anything else from the Frenchman. He believes in his squad, which is understandable. If we are to really compete for the championship then of course we need a left winger and maybe a striker but on top of that the areas of weakness need to be addressed. These have been trawled over several times since the end of the 2006/2007 campaign but just to remind you – defending set pieces, taking our chances, playing with more width, having a pop when the opportunity arises, improving concentration after going a goal-up and being more consistent against the ‘weaker’ sides. Quite a list but all doable, one of the most encouraging things is that our players will have naturally developed. Another season under their belts will have contributed to their progression so certain individuals should improve. In the interview Arsene also issues a call for his current strikers to chip in the goals now Henry has left.

Bizarrely we have only just received official confirmation that Baptista is not staying at the club. His smash against Argentina almost twisted Arsene’s arm in keeping the big lad but then he remembered some of his truly awful first touches in an Arsenal shirt.

Our chairman Peter Hill-Wood has released a positive and optimistic statement about the club’s current squad. Good on the man for not being sucked into the typhoon of dismay.

Arsene has revealed that our new signings will feature in the Emirates Cup. He plans to take the competition pretty seriously and it will be a good test for us as we will play some decent opposition. Edu and Vieira will play in-front of the fans and I imagine that they will get a rousing reception. I look forward to seeing Sagna, Fabianski and Eduardo all in action against some quality sides.

This piece is worth a read. Monsieur Wenger reckons we are settled at Ashburton Grove now and is pleased that our difficult first season in a new stadium is over. He also churns out some facts about last season and brushes over our positives and negatives.

Arsene has urged gunners fans not to compare Henry with Eduardo, he said:

Eduardo is a completely different player. He is less individual. Thierry Henry could take ball in the middle of park and score a goal that no one else in the world could score. Eduardo is more of a mobile guy around the box with a nose for a goal. He is more a team player but he does not have the individual potential that Thierry had to score from anywhere.

I’m sure by individual he does not mean greedy! In all seriousness I do agree with him, we cannot really expect any player to fill Henry’s boots. While I appreciate Eduardo is a completely different player I do think that we still need a player similar to Henry. How many players do we have that can turn a game on it’s head? Or beat two or three men? Robin is certainly capable but I do think the Reyes replacement is going to have to be a hell of a purchase. A fast and direct player. Fingers crossed.

Arsene has explained his delay in not rushing the replacement of Dein.

That is about it, oh there is the Palacio bollocks but I think we have all had enough of that. No blog until Friday as I have work tomorrow and then I graduate on the Thursday – woooo!



53 Responses to “Arsenal’s official site goes a bit mental”

  1. Arsene's Sack said

    Jaygooner – get a life, dude!! Seriously!

    Either write something of value or produce your own blog which I’m sure would be sooooo much more accurate and NEVER erroneous!

  2. Bigarse said

    Bullshit and Bullshit entertwinned!!

    Get back to the Student Union bar you spotty faced welfare state bludger!!

    Arsenal is for the rich now, no time for student tit tat!

  3. jrick said

    Any ideas for who could replace Reyes?

  4. James said

    Let me get this straight. You, a blogger, is able to identify no less than four perceived weaknesses in the Arsenal side that, in effect should short circuit their Premiership aspirations. Meanwhile, the coach, one of the very best in the business, has failed to address anyone of them. If that’s what you’re implying then we should all stop now and hand you the whistle. Here is a bit of advice: It is quite possible that the man who is getting paid to coach the team just may know a little more than you.

  5. Theo said


  6. Wenger's Hat said

    James is exactly right, some ppl think they know everything and arsene knows nothing. those ppl are called nuffers

  7. Chris Wright said

    Um, James, where did the blogger say anything negative about Le Boss?

  8. Precisely Chris, those of you that read the blog regularly will know I worship Arsene Wenger.

  9. monkeyman said

    Your exactly right.

  10. jvgh said

    You guys are well harsh. I liked it – and I make a living from journalism.

  11. Alf Ficinado said


    What the fuck was all the criticism for?

    The only bad thing I got to say is;

    How the hell did you manager to graduate looking at your bollocks!!??


  12. Who do you work for Jvgh?

  13. Alf Ficinado said

    Ah like it Arsenal News mate! Networking, shmoozing, good work there.

  14. MK Gooner said

    Leave the kid alone! It’s no wonder there is no atmosphere at home games anymore with whinging twats like you supporting the mighty gunners!I can almost hear your groans now at any mis-placed pass!!bore off!!

    Nice article mate and links. I agree with you about our deficencies. I would like to see Theo play more on the left this season to create more width rather than Rosicky cutting in all of the time. I also think we miss Senderos for defending set pieces.

  15. Jvgh said

    Daily Mail, but thats another story

  16. Quartz said

    The whole point of a blog/fansite is for the author to state their opinions. Of course the guy who writes this is gonna say what players he wants to bring in in which positions. If he did not do this, I would be suprised. People criticsing him for doing it should not read the blog, and instead just read the match day programme (which is a decent publication, but non controversial).

  17. Rachid said

    Mk Gooner, no offence mate but are you crazy? Senderos is a big liability on set pieces!

  18. PaulO said

    Ricardo Quaresma will be having a medical at Arsenal on Monday. Just confirmed from his sister

  19. hboy said

    Any blogger putting out nonsense deserves to be criticised, being controversial isn’t enough. We’ve seen this week from the Argentinian scam, that any old thicko will believe anything they read, so the blogs have become powerful. To the extent that they are having a detrimental effect on the team – the fans going against the best interests of the team and wishes of the manager.

    Hleb is the prime example, who should have been roundly applauded for an excellent season, but has been roundly condemned and made unpopular with a large proportion of the thicko fan community.

    You ask in this blog who will beat the men, well, Hleb for one, if the only one, he’s been beating men consistently, game in, game out, for two seasons. And yet Van Persie is seen as the great white hope, forgetting that his performances and general contribution leave a lot to be desired. He’s a scorer of great goals, for sure, but not a producer of great performances. The published statistics clearly echo this, with Cesc and Hleb clearly our best performers last season.

    The second example is Alex Song, a 19-year old boy learning the game, boo’d off the pitch against Fulham
    because of blog-mob power. If he was English, had a big name, or had cost a big fee, there wouldn’t have been a problem, but thicko blogs caused a scandolous outpouring against him.

    So please, by all means be controversial, but stand up for the actual facts, the stats, and fairness, rather than merely repeating the uneducated ramblings of other blogs, it’s worthless tat.

  20. Red_Devilkillers said

    Menh you really are freaky!!!Anyways we have enough problems already.We can seem to want someone and get him.Torres[liverpool], Babel[liverpool], Tevez[man united], Malouda[Chelsea] and i’m really scared that we would loose Cesc next season,remember Viera and Henry,the season before they left they were hot on the market but they gave us[the gooners]thier word that they would be gunners for life but left he following season, Similarly Cesc has reassured us he isnt leaving, i probably can hold my breath on that one.

  21. […] Arsenal’s official site goes a bit mental Well Arsenal’s official website has gone a bit crazy releasing a plethora of stories and statements. I shall work […] […]

  22. Rachid said

    Well said, Hboy

  23. Anon 1 said

    Well said Hboy…Hleb is a key player and was a big reason why we were able to go to old trafford, stamford bridge and anfield(in the cup)and largely dominate…Van Persie undoubtedly possesses a wonderful left foot that shall win us games in the future but is clearly far from the finished article and still has to improve on several aspects of his game such as his tendency to disappear from games…his development as a player and partnership with Eduardo will make for interesting viewing.


  25. rjsportsandmore said

    I am not sure what to say. Wenger is probably the best, not only as a manager, but also as in putting the best talent on the pitch. His record is great, and he has made a few great transfer moves in his time. My question is would Henry be who he is without the belief of Wenger that Henry would make a great center striker? He did play previously for both Monaco and Juventus, with mixed results. At Arsenal, he becomes one of the greatest goal scorers in some time. After reading much on Wenger, and Arsenal’s policy of adding young talent, I think any tales of Arsenal’s demise are premature. I still love watching a Wenger managed side play futbol as it should be played. I also love the interjection of young talent into the Arsenal side. Arsenal will continue to be at the top. This is no time to cast off.

  26. Hurley said

    Nice blog, your pointing out areas of weakness was actually, as you say, going over old groud. Ground in fact everyone is aware of, due mainly to the fact that Arsene himself and the team have brought these issues up themselves. Anyone wanting to moan at you is typical of the blog trawling fuck tards that love to spam their shite to anyone that will allow them. So all you haters listen up. Its you fucking plastic cunts that make the games atmosphere so crap, FUCK OFF and support spurs instead of moaning and whinging, you make me fucking sick. This lads done a reaosonable job with his blog and clearly loves the Arsenal. If you dont like it, dont read it, dont post drivvel, just FUCK OFF. Oh yeah, and by the way Hleb started out as one of the best players in the league, he finished it off worse than a wet toerag. He needs to fucking sort it out or at the end of this season Wenger WILL get rid of him. Mark my words the bloke needs to pull his finger out and stop losing the fucking ball in our half of the pitch. You didnt mention how many fucking goals we conceded from Hleb losing the ball i note, very balanced view you take obviously Hboy.!!

  27. seether said

    I still believe Walcott should be played down the middle as he is able to impact more positively on the game from that position. Carling Cup final remember? Two goals-quality goals- for the ENG U21s last season. I have watched him live play on the wing and because he is young and learning his trade, his delivery/contribution is average as he often looses the ball because the full back and midfielder double on him and close him down quickly or usher him wider nearer the touchline. A lot of teams have realised this works on him and I have noticed are adopting this strategy a lot when he is played out wide. I could be completely idiotic, well I am but I think now that Sagna has been bought why doesnt Mr Wenger play Traore on the left wing-midfield- good dribbler/quick and also will provide the defensive protection on the left when clichy particularly overlaps. Can I have constructive suggestions please???

  28. Hurley said

    Think Traore is too young and easily pushed off the ball to make a decent winger although the idea is a good one it lacks something for me. I do think Walcott needs to be played up front a bit more and see how he gets on, I agree his contribution out wide hasnt set me alight thus far and his crossing is pretty poor. Must improve this year.

  29. hedwigus said

    selling henry is a very very very big problem

  30. clockendjim said

    Here we go again with head-in-the-sand ‘supporters’ going bonkers because someone makes constructive criticisms. All the points above are very valid; we finished fourth didn’t we and did not win any cups!
    Anyone who could be happy with us missing dozens of gilt-edged chances, giving away sloppy goals, making pretty patterns on the pitch when it would have been easier just to deposit the ball into the net (some of you above do not seem to be aware that this is the basic aim of the game)is living in cloud-cuckoo land.
    I have the greatest respect for Arsene Wenger and truly hope he signs a long term contract. However he got a lot of things wrong last season, Baptista perhaps being the worst of them. I also agree with Hurley, the biggest disappointment last season was the deterioration of Hleb. Sure, he beats one man, he beats another man and then and then – he gives the ball to the opposition. It is not in Arsenal’s best interests to pretend these things didn’t happen.
    Do any of you actually go to any of the games? The frustration of the fans around me at the Emirates when 10 man Chelsea was giving us the runaround was frightening.
    However with our youngsters having one more year’s experience behind them and hopefully Da Silva and Van Persie putting away a goodly proportion of those chances, I think we are in for a great year.

  31. Hurley said

    I agree Clock, our best season in a while is coming up right before us, Babtista really was a disgrace, the fat fuck pulled the wool over everyones eyes. Shame but hay , Wengers percentage of getting it right must mean were bound to have a result with the new boys this year and others will come on again ::D Life and all that jazz.

  32. Harry Barracuda said

    Anyone who bases any of a story on the gibberish posted by that retard Palmer deserves all the piss take they get.

    Almost as much as someone who works for the pensioner’s toilet paper the Daily Mail and laughably tries to refer to themselves as making a living from “journalism”! 🙂

  33. Hurley said

    Fair point Harry but i fail to see wht the fuck difference it makes to this bloggers post, hes only giving you whatever the fuck he can and in not too bad a manner. Give the lad a break for fuck sake. PS Palmer is a cunt of the highest order.

  34. lee said

    worry ye not – we’ve got vanny p – trust me this guy will run the league if he stays fit.

    I for one am looking forward to a season not based around whether Thierry is playing/happy/going to some wanky club in spain, and based upon us finishing off the work started last year by our wonderfully talented young players, who, as clockendjim rightly stated, now have the experience behind them.

    I think it’ll be between us and utd for the title.

    GO on you rip roaring gunners!!!!

  35. HighburyJD said

    I mostly agree with Hboy – apart frformance by Song at Fulham is one of the worst I’ve ever seen in an Arsenal shirt (yes worse than SuperKevin Campbell v Bolton in the FA Cup) and I never really heard much booing.

  36. jbo said

    h boy u have ney clue about arsenal if u think hleb had a good season last year, he was dreadful in most premiership games, and he gave the free kick away needlessly that put us out the champions league! Hleb is squad player not in starting 11. Weakness.

  37. Gunner89 said

    Lee, you took the words straight out my mouth. I have never said once that Arsenal would win the league in the past 3 years, not because i’m too critical of Arsenal, but it was obvious that Man u and Chelsea has the better squads depth wise, and hopefully most of you would agree. But this year, not having Henry almost takes the weight off of Arsenals shoulders to rely on him and i feel we could be challenging for the title next year, whether we be 4th, 3rd, 2nd or Champions, it is going to be very close next season, Man U look to have great attacking qualitites, chelsea is just chelsea, liverpool have added some good attacking options, but im liking what arsenal have got to offer. Since Henry has gone there has been such a big difference in the news and it feels more like a team effort already not just all about Henry. Van Persie is going to unstoppable next year like Lee said, he was injured for the latter part of the season, but still managed to be top scorer (i think, correct me if not!) but he defenitly was one of the top scorers and yet he missed the last part of the season. His finishing is quality and clinical, and his first touch and the way the ball sticks to his feet is amazing.

    Come on the Gunners (and all of you out there who think they know more about Arsenal Football Club than any of the owners, Wenger or the team, keep it quiet! :D)

  38. John said

    I also think traore can be a good left winger.He has the pace and dribbling skills that walcot lacks.Walcot cannot beat defenders he only has pace and we paid silly money on him.

  39. Dale Wright said

    Hey Lads,

    Give them a chance, Wenger usually buy quality palyers, Henry was a no-body when he was purchased from Juve, he’s now a world class player. Fab was a kid and still is, but he’s superb. I think we’re gonna surprise lots of teams this season.

  40. Kim said

    From Sweden:

    About Freddie, he’s allways messing around in Båstad before he joins the squad, so he’ll come from Sweden to Austria and that’s why he didn’t joined’em in London.

  41. “…Bullshit and Bullshit entertwinned!!…”


  42. Rachid said

    I disagree John, Traore’s crossing is not good enough for him to play on the wings. He needs another 3 seasons or so. He wouldn’t give us enough width as he’d just want to cut into the center like Hleb or Rosicky.

  43. limpar said

    you forgot the mostimportant one – the reason we were shit against the crap sides. we are a bunch of fairies who never get stuck in. play english football and we can’t handle it.

  44. hamis said

    what about a worild classa play in voca junior? he is arsenal kwon or is not in

  45. hamis said

    dear arsenal fans aroud the world arsenal is big club in the world but know is not a?

  46. hamis said

    me and kabiru from nigeria i can not long to staying in arsenal if arsen wanger in arsenal or is not bring to class play big play like eto”o or policio voca junior star or like diago, simio,beto,quresima, messi

  47. Rachid said

    Before you go criticising Wenger’s transfer policy go and learn English!

  48. Anonymous said

    Do you think the new 3rd kit looks like barcelona
    Don,t like that

  49. Rachid said

    Yeah I hate it too. Wasn’t it an FA ruling that the away kit worn the season before is to become the third kit?

  50. stix said

    hleb is excellent he turns quiker then you can say pancakes! give him time he will provide more assists then any other player in his class wenger is not stupid even tho sumtimes i question the scouting there are some great players on the cheap we could get like luka modic kim kallstrom or what about rafhael van der vaart he wud cost abit tho theres always the poss of a loan move for robinho if real buy reyes a player to watch next season believe it or not will actually be fabianski and i hope to see bendtner get a few games

  51. Lucy said

    I absolutely agree, the third kit is REVOLTING.
    Equally as revolting is the way that they’ve made poor Cesc pose in the advertisement you can see on the homepage.
    What confuses me – now the home, away and 3rd kits all have different collars!!

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