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72 mins gone in the Inter game

Posted by James Dall on 29, July 2007

Just watching the Inter Milan game. Same old story? It feels like it. We have dominated but not scored, oh wait, Hleb just hit the back of the net. Get in there son.

Prior to the goal we had played pretty well. Eboue, despite his dramatics, has looked very dangerous. Gibbs has been bright, and van Persie has looked awesome. Sagan looks like a sound addition, he is solid at the back. Robin has had to labour on his own upfront, with Hleb supporting but the lads have done well.

I only watched the first-half of yesterday’s game and we were below average. Today our side seems a lot sharper.

Flamini does the ugly things ever-so-well.

Hleb has floated and been effective.

The crowd have been lively, hats off to them. It is only a friendly but the atmosphere has been bubbly. I reckon if we throw on Bendtner and go 4-4-2 we will win this game.

Fingers cross we bag a second and secure the Emirates Cup. Further thoughts will be added soon, what are yours?


The excellent van Persie should have just scored. His first-time shot was straight at Toldo. Toure then found some room but he drags his shot wide.

Bendtner on… the impressive Gibbs off.

When Hleb is on it, he is superb.

Our youngster Traore just robbed Adriano, unlucky pal.

Fabregas off, Denilson on (83 mins)


Robin picks it up on the right, everyone expects a left-footed effort but he drags the ball beautifully and belts it home with his right.

I have to say we look vulnrable on crosses.

Robin’s goal sees us top of the group.

Hleb’s work-rate has been terrific.

First bit of silverware for us in a long while!


The quality of van Persie’s goal has to be seen to be truly appreciated.


32 Responses to “72 mins gone in the Inter game”

  1. nick said

    I believe its 1-1 now. Please let us know

  2. nick said

    I believe its 1-1 now. Please let us know

  3. refresh page for updates

  4. optamistic said

    This competition Arsenal are playing in, why is it called the Emirates cup?

  5. …sigh

  6. GET IN!!!

  7. sig said


  8. 2-1 full-time

  9. Anonymous said

    2-1 to the arsenal. what a goal by van persie

  10. nick said

    Read the comments on

  11. Lovely stuff, the trophy means nothing really but it doesn’t half give the players a teeny ween taster of success and lifting a trophy.

  12. Renzukuken said

    omg…i cant watch the match!! missing an arsenal game means alot to me NOOOO!!!

  13. vj said

    Please please upload Persie’s goal; missed it!!!

  14. HorSinn said

    Helb look so effective and I think is his best position playing being lone striker.

    Van Persie is becoming a future legend.

    I think Pro Arsene Wenger heard me, LOL, he now play Eboue as a right winger, and he is such a constant threat to Inter.

    Helb, Van Persie and Eboue are all men of the match.

    Gallas, hmmm, keep complaining of not having big names, he is the one who let in 2 goals in our last 2 games. What a big name he is.

  15. nando said

    Horsin I agree with everything you said.

    Eboue ahead of sagna looks a lethal combination. On the other side it may not matter as much since clichy provides the width. Rosicky can still play there.

    Hleb in the floating role looks SUPERB.

    Also is it me or did fabregas look much faster than in the past….

    This set up also looks more flexible and solid on defense since eboue can act a 5th defender and hleb can become a midfielder that tracks back.

    Inter were not full strength but neither were we. Gilberto and clichy and rosicky would have played, and adebayor, walcott and diaby would have been the subs.

    tasty tasty match

  16. HorSinn said

    Hi nando, agree with me ya? Thanks. What about my comment about Gallas? hehehe

  17. Valentin said

    I agree with Horsinn including his comment regarding Gallas. Gallas was poor during the tournament.
    Van Persie is a future Arsenal legend. If he stay injury free, I can see him equalling TH record.
    Fabregas looked tired and was not as influential as he used to be.

  18. HorSinn said

    Great minds think alike!! cheers Valentin

  19. RJP said

    Just got home from the Emirates after watching the Emirates Cup. It was class.

  20. […] 72 mins gone in the Inter game Just watching the Inter Milan game. Same old story? It feels like it. We have dominated but not scored, oh wait, Hleb […] […]

  21. Rachid said

    I’m pretty pleased with our performance today. Sagna looks like a really great signing. He was a bit reluctant to go forward and attack at first but in the second half he was really playing his part in the attack. I’m also pleased with how much composure young Kieron Gibbs showed today, especially playing such big opponents. The fact that Wenger chose to play Mark Randall at left wing on the Austrian tour and Gibbs today makes me think he’s not comfortable with the left side, as he shouldn’t be, and he’s gonna be looking to sign a left winger. I would really love to see Quaresma brought in although I’m hearing word of Luka Modric. Personally I think Modric is over hyped, thanks to Football Manager.

    Great comeback by The Arsenal today though!

  22. Lucy said

    Carn the Arsenal!! Hopefully this might help spur the boys on for some more silverware this season!

  23. Renzukuken said

    gunners will rule next season!

  24. tonigol said

    I think both these teams will do will in all comps this season, both have the right players to win something

    ohh and if you want come join my football forum –

  25. steve_gooner said

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  26. marlid said

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  28. memey said

    bravo arsenal…..

  29. hussein said

    what if wenger will
    have martins
    hussein from tanzania

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