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The end of Arsenal News Blog… for now

Posted by James Dall on 20, August 2007

The title says it all, really. Rather than give you some lengthy fable about why I am pulling my blog entries, I shall just tell you the facts. I did some work experience for (italicised for effect) and they offered me a job. I start in a week. There is no way I can continue the blog while working there – due to time and wordery in my contract. Depending on how long I am at depends on when the next blog will be. I just hope we have a terrific season (and Jens bucks his ideas up).

There are of course billions of Arsenal blogs out there (around five are actually decent though) for us all to read, plus my previous arcticles will still remain on the site – you can search for these, until your heart’s content, at the top right of the page or use the archives. One of my favourites is where I rip into Richard Keys – he is a willy.

Thank you for popping on for a daily browse and leaving the odd comment. I have really enjoyed doing the blog and to be honest, it is quite sad writing this note of leave.

Cheerio, oh, and COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!


40 Responses to “The end of Arsenal News Blog… for now”

  1. SwissGooner said

    Shame – yours was one of the better Arsenal blogs, but completely understandable with your move to Sky Sports. Good luck. Resist the temptation to give the clueless Keys a slap !

  2. Steve said

    I hope Richard Keys has forgiven you. Good luck in your new job mate.

  3. zimgooner said

    Pity, real pity…
    Liked the style of writing.
    Maybe I could write for you then mate ha ha ha

    Good luck all the same

  4. RvP said

    Congrats, mate. Nice to have an insider in the SkySports hierarchy. Please DO bitch-slap Keys a little.

  5. Good luck at SkySports!

  6. Gerry Gooner said

    Best of Luck

  7. Gooner for 60 years said

    Congratulations or commiserations? At least there will be 1 gooner at Sky!
    Will miss this blog. All best

  8. JLSgooner said

    Never contributed but I did enjoy the read, good luck at Sky and try and find out why Keysie is always fiddling with his hands as if his mind is elsewhere (Mars maybe).

  9. lc said

    Good luck; I guess it’s so much to do with your TH14 departure, so much you’ve been desperate to see Henry stay though!
    Be our spy at SKY anyway.

  10. THE said

    “I know so many things have happend at the club, DD has gone, karaonke wants Arsenal, henry has gone, Freddy, and even Jeremy have stepped out. But on top is Arsene not signing a contract. So for now you are an Arsenal blgger may be dont know what you will be doing in the future”.

    Or may be you started blogging for West ham, Barca, or Portsmouth, Inter, Good luck mate I wish i could be writting here while you are out. Cheers

  11. marlid said

    good luck mate all the best in what you do hope that you will come back.

  12. narziss said

    Good luck!

  13. hanady said

    Arsenal will be back soon

  14. That is great news even though I will miss this blog…come and see me some time “BabyBoomerQueen”…

    Good Luck…

  15. […] The end for Arsenal News Blog… for now The title says it all. Rather than give you some lengthy story about why I am pulling my blog entries, I shall just […] […]

  16. b falano said

    good luck for the rest of time, thanks for all the time you have given us

  17. amiripz said

    That`s nice to hear that you are moving to
    I am sure that will be a huge experience for you.
    Take care and all the best.

  18. will miss the blog-now won’t know where to find”optapissdick”any more-maybe he’ll try & infiltrate another gooner blog.the sad spud…..

  19. alain said

    good luck dude see ya!

  20. Keep up the great writing at Sky James.

  21. optamistic said

    Ill always be watching you King Goon. As to make you see sence and not to poison people minds with your endless drivel. What a shakey start you have got off to by the way, the skin of your teeth against th e Mighty Fulham, The game against blackburn just showed how lightwaight you are. Happy days

  22. yash said

    conrats dude .. a gooner to be at skysports ..great ..!!

    keep it up ..
    we will miss u ..!!

  23. Danny said

    Did ya know the new Arsenal boss is a mafia rapist who just took Craig Murray offline ? Not cool.

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    hope eduardo gets to play!!

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  27. Wow! What a job you got at

    Too bad seeing you leaving.

    But glad that Arsene and his boys are doing great job we all gooners can be proud of.

    Hope Arsenal can end this season with a treble… FA Cup, PremierLeague and Champions League.

  28. Megan said

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    necessary info on this blog.
    The message very desired.

  29. andrewThe Italien said

    good luck edu……and happy birthday……you are big!!!! Andrew…from Modena(ITA)

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  31. The Brain said

    fuck off

  32. Hope to hear something new from you again and good luck….

  33. MikE said

    are you still with sky?

    i am certain mr murdoch won’t fire you for a brief couple of lines ?!?!!?

    or will he?

  34. All the best and hope could hear again from you…………

  35. shame.hopefully you will write something good for arsenal if you’re going to.BEST OF LUCK.

  36. Chinedu Anderson said

    We’ll miss u bro. Make us proud. Victoria Crescent

  37. james zico said

    i wish u all best of luck .

  38. Essien isaac said

    Will miss u man, all the best… DONT GET FIRED! And if u ever do, … Well u can always come back here. Congrats!

  39. Essien isaac said

    Will miss u man, all the best… DONT GET FIRED! And if u ever do, … Well u can always come back here… Congrats!

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    The end of Arsenal News Blog

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