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Testing, testing. Is anyone out there?

Posted by James Dall on 12, January 2010

Khhhshrrrrhh, khchrrh, chhhhrrrrrggg. Testing, testing. Is anyone reading?

Am I on my own, like speaking to oneself in the mirror? God I am vain. At least I am having a good hair day.

Why am I typing this? In short, I have more time on my hands. This means I can write on this blog, the blog that has not been written on since May 2008.

In light of the time gone by, I should be better, the prose more readable.

What will I be discussing? Arsenal, mainly. And perhaps what I plan to eat for dinner, with which wine.

For now I need to gauge if this is worth it. Will my previous readers come back? Have they moved on, cheated on me? Or maybe new readers will take notice.

I don’t know. I’ll just stare at the comments section for a while, pressing refresh.

I do know some stuff about football. I care a lot about Arsenal.

Maybe another post will appear in an hour, or perhaps another 19 months….


13 Responses to “Testing, testing. Is anyone out there?”

  1. Wonderboy said

    A pint of Guinness and i’m yours.

  2. Gunner boy said

    Welcome back

  3. Newreader said

    Bring us an exclusive on Arsene’s transfer dealings and i’m yours for life.

    • Even with a few contacts in the industry, second-guessing Arsene Wenger is like picking tomorrow night’s Lotto numbers.

      That said, you can probably rely on my next post – either this afternoon or tomorrow morning – to contain ramblings about what we need to this January and what I made of the Everton performance.

      Oh, and probably some snow-fueled grumblings.

  4. D said

    Theres about 50 Arsenal blogs….is there really a need for you? If you havent posted for over 18 months then why bother?

    • I am sure I can count on you to revisit after such a kind welcome…

      This was once a very successful blog.

      During my absence I have been working for, and still do.

      This blog will serve me with a therapy outlet.

  5. Mean Lean said

    Nice to have you back mate.

  6. Wonderboy said

    Oh, by the way, can we refrain from this 1st! 2nd! and 3rd! bollocks at the start of the replies, i hate that shit.
    Welcome back , i missed your posts.

  7. Welcome back. Always enjoyed your stuff, keep it coming.

  8. Paulyt33 said

    Always room out there for another good Arsenal site , so whats keeping ya ……….

  9. David Danskin said

    Ah, good news. I never got around to removing you from Google Reader, partly out of laziness but more in the hope you’d one day make a return.

    One of my favorite daily reads was this place back when it was still running.

    Been planning to open my own Arsenal dedicated blog/website, in actual fact, though finding the time isn’t easy.

    D – Oh there may well be 50 or so other Arsenal blogs on the vast interweb but why let that stop someone. Especially as this was one of the better ones. Alongside East Lower and Goonerholic, this was the best Arsenal reporting site on the net in my book.

  10. perrygrovesworld said

    keep at it, the world is catching up with you

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