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Bitten by the Sol bug

Posted by James Dall on 13, January 2010

Well, I resume the blog and something happens on the transfer front.

Call it fate, or call it what you will. Perhaps I should bugger off and return more often – we could do with a striker, a defensive midfielder and a goalkeeper.

Now, money comes first, so rather than spill my guts on the Sol Campbell saga via the medium of this free blog, I have written something for my employers, Expect a shameless link to said story once it has gone live on the site.

Oh, here you go: link to article.

My piece on said website is absent of a conclusion, such is the beauty of impartiality when working for a company. However, here I can say pretty much what I ruddy well please, including the word ‘hymen’.

So, in conclusion, it’s a good deal, if it goes through. Everyone’s a winner, I just fear this could be our only move in the current transfer window; I’ve listed what we need in the first line.

Andrew Weber, from Arsenal FC blog, made a valid point that this move could confirm the second notion of Arsene Wenger’s altering of his ways: signing a veteran and also considering handing William Gallas a two-year deal.

Wenger has always been a stubborn, yet loveable, individual.

Moving on from Big Sol, there is not much else happening. I am yet to decide the direction of this blog, after previously reviewing the day’s news. So many blogs do that now, anyway.

So, I am off to the gym to consider life, religion and the path of this site while listening to Wild Beasts, such is my music taste.

Ah, I just remembered, if you have not listened to that interview with Robbie Savage, may I direct you this way.

Thanks for reading.



2 Responses to “Bitten by the Sol bug”

  1. Ron said

    Nice to see you back 🙂
    As an Arsenal exile living & working in ROI it’s great to hear the views & news of a real Arsenal fan. Watching them play live is one thing I really miss since my job transfer.

  2. sujata said

    Good work!!!

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