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Mini Podcast debut – Arsenal v Man Utd reflection

Posted by James Dall on 1, February 2010

The title is self-fexplanatory. If you have time, please listen to the recording – it is only five minutes long – and leave a comment below.

Click here for Mini Podcast debut

Merci Becoup.


7 Responses to “Mini Podcast debut – Arsenal v Man Utd reflection”

  1. arsenal tone said

    i enjoyed your mini podcast so thumbs up from me.

  2. blink said

    Well done, very decent summary of how most gooners are feeling right now. Like the mini podcast format as the file size is small enough for me to open directly without saving & it can easily be listened to in the background while browsing the web or doing something else.
    Hope you continue Thanks.

  3. Arsenal Tone and Blink, thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated.

  4. Surrey Gunner said

    Good first try, think you summed up everyone feelings about yesterday, and our fears for Chelsea.
    We will find out how good or bad this team is over the next two games.

  5. Not bad, Keep it up. Agree with your points

  6. […] Mini Podcast debut – Arsenal v Man Utd reflection […]

  7. goonercen said

    well yes, i think covered most things, however failed to mention our lone striker problem of yesterday,asharvin going left almost every time he had the ball, and as he was never able to hold up the ball to bring our midfield we lacked little or no penetration, their centre backs never seemed bothered by our attack and that more than our mistakes worries me!
    well done none the less, you did better then me nearly berried myself in the garden!

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