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Spirit Sport podcast – Episode 1

Posted by James Dall on 26, February 2010

After dabbling in some of my own mini podcasts relating to Arsenal, I have since teamed up with Spirit FM’s sport editor Richard Newman.

The content sees us cover national and local sport in the Sussex area, with no less than four interview taking place in the debut episode.

And our first effort can be listened to by clicking here.


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Mini Podcast on Webb, diving Gerrard & Theo’s naivety

Posted by James Dall on 11, February 2010

Click here to listen to’s Mini Podcast reaction to Arsenal’s welcome 1-0 win over Liverpool.

Oh, and you can now subscribe to the Mini Podcasts on iTunes, so get clicking – just search ‘jamesdall’.

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Chelsea 2 Arsenal 0 – Mini Podcast reaction

Posted by James Dall on 8, February 2010

Click here to listen to’s Mini Podcast reaction to Arsenal’s painful defeat at Chelsea.

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Chelsea v Arsenal – Mini Podcast preview

Posted by James Dall on 5, February 2010

Click here to listen to’s Mini Podcast preview for the Chelsea versus Arsenal clash.

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Quiz the Mini Podcast

Posted by James Dall on 1, February 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, the first Mini Podcast for this site appears to have gone down moderately well, so I do believe this could be something of a regular feature on this blog.

Now, being the greedy bugger that I am, I wish to obtain more listeners/readers – hence the following plan for today…

I am off to the gym shortly and while I am there I invite you to pose some Arsenal-related questions you would like me to address upon my return.

I will pick a selection of the best questions/musings and give my opinion via the medium of the five-minute podcast, which I will publish later this evening.

Fill your boots.

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Mini Podcast debut – Arsenal v Man Utd reflection

Posted by James Dall on 1, February 2010

The title is self-fexplanatory. If you have time, please listen to the recording – it is only five minutes long – and leave a comment below.

Click here for Mini Podcast debut

Merci Becoup.

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Bitten by the Sol bug

Posted by James Dall on 13, January 2010

Well, I resume the blog and something happens on the transfer front.

Call it fate, or call it what you will. Perhaps I should bugger off and return more often – we could do with a striker, a defensive midfielder and a goalkeeper.

Now, money comes first, so rather than spill my guts on the Sol Campbell saga via the medium of this free blog, I have written something for my employers, Expect a shameless link to said story once it has gone live on the site.

Oh, here you go: link to article.

My piece on said website is absent of a conclusion, such is the beauty of impartiality when working for a company. However, here I can say pretty much what I ruddy well please, including the word ‘hymen’.

So, in conclusion, it’s a good deal, if it goes through. Everyone’s a winner, I just fear this could be our only move in the current transfer window; I’ve listed what we need in the first line.

Andrew Weber, from Arsenal FC blog, made a valid point that this move could confirm the second notion of Arsene Wenger’s altering of his ways: signing a veteran and also considering handing William Gallas a two-year deal.

Wenger has always been a stubborn, yet loveable, individual.

Moving on from Big Sol, there is not much else happening. I am yet to decide the direction of this blog, after previously reviewing the day’s news. So many blogs do that now, anyway.

So, I am off to the gym to consider life, religion and the path of this site while listening to Wild Beasts, such is my music taste.

Ah, I just remembered, if you have not listened to that interview with Robbie Savage, may I direct you this way.

Thanks for reading.


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Testing, testing. Is anyone out there?

Posted by James Dall on 12, January 2010

Khhhshrrrrhh, khchrrh, chhhhrrrrrggg. Testing, testing. Is anyone reading?

Am I on my own, like speaking to oneself in the mirror? God I am vain. At least I am having a good hair day.

Why am I typing this? In short, I have more time on my hands. This means I can write on this blog, the blog that has not been written on since May 2008.

In light of the time gone by, I should be better, the prose more readable.

What will I be discussing? Arsenal, mainly. And perhaps what I plan to eat for dinner, with which wine.

For now I need to gauge if this is worth it. Will my previous readers come back? Have they moved on, cheated on me? Or maybe new readers will take notice.

I don’t know. I’ll just stare at the comments section for a while, pressing refresh.

I do know some stuff about football. I care a lot about Arsenal.

Maybe another post will appear in an hour, or perhaps another 19 months….

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What would you ask?

Posted by James Dall on 9, May 2008

Hello all. It has been flippin’ ages since I last posted; however I thought now was as good as time as any to spring to the fore.

In essence, I am hoping to pick your footballing brains.

Next week, I am off to interview Patrick Vieira before heading to the Nike’s Cesc Fabregas Show, where I hope to get time with the Spaniard and possibly Arsene Wenger, and a few others.

I already have a number of questions swimming around my head, but I wanted to gauge your desires, thoughts and musings.

If you were in my nervous shoes, what would you ask?

(Reflections on this season, the next and Euro 2008 are the sorts of areas I wish to explore).

Post your comments below, and I will jot down the crackers and field them to the stars.

Thanks in advance.

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The end of Arsenal News Blog… for now

Posted by James Dall on 20, August 2007

The title says it all, really. Rather than give you some lengthy fable about why I am pulling my blog entries, I shall just tell you the facts. I did some work experience for (italicised for effect) and they offered me a job. I start in a week. There is no way I can continue the blog while working there – due to time and wordery in my contract. Depending on how long I am at depends on when the next blog will be. I just hope we have a terrific season (and Jens bucks his ideas up).

There are of course billions of Arsenal blogs out there (around five are actually decent though) for us all to read, plus my previous arcticles will still remain on the site – you can search for these, until your heart’s content, at the top right of the page or use the archives. One of my favourites is where I rip into Richard Keys – he is a willy.

Thank you for popping on for a daily browse and leaving the odd comment. I have really enjoyed doing the blog and to be honest, it is quite sad writing this note of leave.

Cheerio, oh, and COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!

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